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HTML a Few Weeks Away?

Props to Hiro Pendragon for bringing it to our attention that not only did Cory demonstrate his SL Client running on  Linux while in Berlin, but he also announced that HTML for SL was only a few weeks away.  Whatever "a few weeks" means.  Forums discussion here.

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Six Swell Sick Sim Sex Sites

Our pal at Terra Nova, Ren Renolds, was kind enought to collate the new virtual platforms that are dedicated to cyber.  Yowzers, I’m begining to lose count!  But for the record we have… Heavenly Bodies Naughty America: The Game Rapture Online Red Light District Spend the Night 3Feelonline Sociolotron (actually already out of Beta) And [...]

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Avatar of the Year, Second Place: Anshe Chung

Second place in the Herald’s coveted Avatar of the Year award traditionally goes to the avi who has had the most impact on the virtual world’s economic scene. Last year’s winner, Sir/Father Callahan, was a master of the simolean trade in TSO, as well as a collector of rare cannons and press secretary for the [...]

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