Moth Wing Avatars Swarm In Memory of Osprey Therian

by Pixeleen Mistral on 14/12/13 at 11:12 pm

About three dozen avatars gathered today in Bodega sim to honor the memory of long-time Second Life resident Osprey Therian. Ms. Therian's real-life typist Vivian Kendall passed away December 9th after battling a number of health issues.  Her impact on the Second Life community - particularly older players - was significant, and she clearly planned for the future, hoping to live on as a fiction character with her own twitter feed.

a swarm of moth winged avatars take flight

I have attended my share of Second Life memorial services, and would like to congratulate Justin Esparza on a well run event. I particularly enjoyed watching the avatar swarm attach their moth wings and fly away - a touching tribute.

Osprey Therian memorial

The crowd included a number of SLebrities. Game god Torley Linden (cleverly disguised in a pink suite with watermelon tie) was present under the alt account Torley Sr.

Also in attendance was well-known entrepreneuer Stroker Serpentine, and internet troll Prokofy Neva Neva. The tone of the memorial was such that the excitable Neva somehow managed to avoid mentioning the menace of technocommunist conspiracies even once and instead distributed Osprey's moth feelers to augment the avatar moth wings used for the flight to Iris Moth Temple.

Everyone was on their best behavior, and discussed ways to allow Vivian Kendall's fictional character Osprey Therian to continue her virtual existence. Let us hope that Torley can help smooth over any problems that might arise with the transfer of control of Osprey's account and assets.

Torley and Prokofy stand united in advancing the Osprey Therian fictional character cause

[09:57] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Hey Ilia, Bixyl... :)
[09:57] Bixyl Shuftan: And yes, it's been a while
[09:57] Marianne McCann: A fine bunch of avatars
[09:57] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Tish!
[09:57] Holocluck Henly: heya Bix
[09:57] Justin Esparza wonders if Magellan Linden will show up today or tomorrow...
[09:57] Robin Sojourner: Lots of us never get out of our workrooms, I'm guessing.
[09:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: it is like a creative oldbie convention .. Os would ♥ it
[09:57] Marianne McCann: Avi, welcome
[09:57] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Kumi, I've always been, in one way or another. Torley Sr. was my original "form", and the first one I met Os in...
[09:57] Justin Esparza nods
[09:57] Tish (laetizia.coronet): I'm looking at th fine fleur of SL here. I shouldn't be among you.
[09:57] Holocluck Henly: He may be hiding between rocks discretely
[09:57] Kennylex Luckless: I has a bottle of rum, I may live dangerous if Magellan comes
[09:57] Avi Arrow: hi mari, thanks
[09:57] Kennylex Luckless: Hello Avi.
[09:58] NikoKito Aries: welcome Avi
[09:58] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): We used to be feted... or something... ha ha ha...
[09:58] Holocluck Henly knows most of these people
[09:58] Justin Esparza: Good point, Holocluck!
[09:58] Gomi Mfume: ah! so this *is* torley torley?
[09:58] Kumi Kuhr: FIC ㋡
[09:58] Avi Arrow: hi to everyone
[09:58] Gomi Mfume: hiya
[09:58] Kumi Kuhr: FIC as feeves
[09:58] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Gomi, well my Resident alt, but yes, certainly.
[09:58] Tish (laetizia.coronet): LOL Torley
[09:58] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Cultural references!
[09:58] Francesca Alva: heheh - long time since I heard that
[09:58] Justin Esparza: Couple more minutes and then I'll give a quick intro.
[09:58] Rhiannon Chatnoir: not sure I ever met the resident alt, but good to see you again here Torley
[09:58] Holocluck Henly misses HBA...
[09:59] Marianne McCann: Me too, Doc
[09:59] Francesca Alva: you were already a Linden when I joined Torley
[09:59] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Used to be that Lindens couldn't/shouldn't disclose their alts due to charges of favoritism. Long time, long time.

one of Torley Linden's alt accounts

[09:59] Justin Esparza: 2:00am for HBA or he'd be here.
[09:59] Bixyl Shuftan: I think when we met Torley, it was because someone from the Discovery Channel was taking a look at the Gris.
[09:59] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): You too Rhiannon.
[09:59] Justin Esparza: Is that right...
[09:59] Justin Esparza: ?
[09:59] Justin Esparza: Hmmm?
[09:59] Justin Esparza: No he's later!
[09:59] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): I have old pictures of many of you... haha... in my archives...
[09:59] Patch Lamington: hi avi
[09:59] Bixyl Shuftan: Grid, pardon my spilling.
[09:59] Justin Esparza: 6:00pm!
[09:59] Francesca Alva: hello Otenth
[09:59] Marianne McCann: Hey Otenth
[10:00] Otenth Håkon Paderborn (otenth.paderborn) waves to everyone
[10:00] Justin Esparza: Okay. Welcome everyone!
[10:00] Mossant Paravane waves
[10:00] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): still trying to figure out how to get my vewer larger on screen in mac
[10:00] NikoKito Aries: welcome Otenth
[10:00] NikoKito Aries (Q-Translator es->en): To welcome Tenth "," correction_type ": [1]}," server_time ": 15}
[10:00] Justin Esparza: Thank you all for coming together today to honor one of our friends, Osprey Therian.
[10:00] Kumi Kuhr: eek sorry LRacer!
[10:00] Justin Esparza: In the physical world was known as Vivian Kendall.
[10:01] Justin Esparza: You probably don't know me from Adam, but I am the creator behind the avatar Salazar Jack and the Forest of Kahruvel.
[10:01] Justin Esparza: My real name is Justin Esparza and I live in Washington State in the USA.
[10:02] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): HE IS EXPOSING HIMSELF!
[10:02] Ilianexsi Sojourner: :D
[10:02] Holocluck Henly notices it's a PG sim
[10:02] Kumi Kuhr: le gasp!
[10:02] Enjah (enjah.mysterio) faints
[10:02] Justin Esparza flashes for thecameras
[10:02] Marianne McCann: o.O
[10:02] Ilianexsi Sojourner: Think of the children!
[10:02] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): <.<
[10:02] Justin Esparza: I have known Osprey inworld since 2004.
[10:02] Tish (laetizia.coronet) covers Kennylex' eyes
[10:02] Holocluck Henly: actually your RL self bears a physical resemblance to sal except for the color
[10:02] Justin Esparza: But really only in Second Life.
[10:02] Lucy Tornado: lol
[10:03] Kennylex Luckless: I am just small ans silly, not a kid :-)
[10:03] Justin Esparza: I did not know her really well in the physical world.
[10:03] Justin Esparza: But I have visited her in real life on three occasions.
[10:03] Justin Esparza: And she was just the same there as she was here.
[10:03] Francesca Alva: hello Wild
[10:03] Molly Montale: I watched a video an hour ago, and one of the first thinks I thought of was "I need to send this to Osprey, she'll really enjoy it".

Vivian and her avatar

[10:03] Justin Esparza: Behind me is a photo of Vivian with her Osprey Avatar.
[10:04] Justin Esparza: And a photo of her as a little girl.
[10:04] Justin Esparza: Even at that age she was 100% Osprey, right?
[10:04] Robin Sojourner nods
[10:04] Lucy Tornado: she was
[10:04] Kumi Kuhr for sure
[10:04] Marianne McCann: mmmhm!
[10:04] Ilianexsi Sojourner: :)
[10:04] Lucy Tornado: a warrior
[10:04] Justin Esparza: You can click on the photo box and get some items that you can use today, if you don't have them already.
[10:05] Marianne McCann: Welcome, Prokofy
[10:05] Arrehn Oberlander: An adventurer
[10:05] Francesca Alva: hello Prok
[10:05] Justin Esparza: One is a notecard with some info about Vivian/Osprey.
[10:05] Justin Esparza: There are her Moth wings.
[10:05] Prokofy Neva: Hello
[10:05] NikoKito Aries: welcome Prokofy
[10:05] NikoKito Aries (Q-Translator es->en): Prokofy welcome
[10:05] Justin Esparza: Which you can also see behind you on the hill by Zayn Till.
[10:06] Justin Esparza: There is a landmark to the Iris Infohub.
[10:06] Justin Esparza: And a copy of this photo.
[10:06] Marianne McCann: Hey Thea
[10:06] Thea (theadee): Hi Marianne
[10:07] Justin Esparza: I think it was Holocluck who first suggested that he might wear her wings today and that lead me to think we could all do it as a trubute at the end of this gathering and fly up north to the Iris Infohub together.
[10:07] Tish (laetizia.coronet) whispers: (31 avis)
[10:07] Justin Esparza: Osprey would always do that on her rez day.
[10:07] Object owned by Justin Esparza. gave you 'Vivian Kendall/Osprey Therian Memorial Sat Dec 14 10am SLT' ( ).
[10:07] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:08] Justin Esparza: This land herre has been used by Osprey for as long as I can remember.
[10:08] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): yes she never moved
[10:08] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): was amazing to me
[10:08] Justin Esparza: I met with her about a month ago in real life and she wanted to know if I was interested in taking over her Art Westerburg account.
[10:08] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): YAY ART WE WANT ART
[10:09] Justin Esparza: Art's account is a lifetime account and controls almost all of the land here.
[10:09] Lucy Tornado: up with art!
[10:09] Francesca Alva: welcome back Holo
[10:09] Justin Esparza: So I said I would and keep her land herre as long as I could.
[10:09] Zayn Till: ART!!!!
[10:09] Holocluck Henly: ty. you had to mention me lol
[10:09] Holocluck Henly: (hope this is all going to be transcribed)
[10:10] Justin Esparza: We also talked about the legacy of the Osprey Therian avatar.
[10:10] Bixyl Shuftan: (yes I am taking notes Holo)
[10:10] NikoKito Aries: Thanks Bixyl
[10:10] Bixyl Shuftan: welcome
[10:10] Justin Esparza: And she was excited about having her avatar continue on as part of the world after she was gone.
[10:10] Holocluck Henly: Art = the giant Maria too?
[10:10] Lucy Tornado: that was brilliant
[10:11] Justin Esparza: So we decided to try and do that and pattern her activity a bit after Magellan Linden's.
[10:11] Kumi Kuhr: what a wonderful idea
[10:11] Marianne McCann nods in agreement
[10:11] Robin Sojourner: Thanks, Justin.
[10:11] Holocluck Henly: here here!
[10:11] Justin Esparza: It is my understanding that she has formally included these things in her will and I will be meeting with her executor later this month to begin that process.
[10:12] Molly Montale: I remember when There closed. Osprey felt very badly that her avatar could no longer exist
[10:12] Justin Esparza: As I want to work with Linden Lab, if possible, to accomplish that.
[10:12] Lucy Tornado: yes!
[10:12] Kumi Kuhr: it'll be a new situation for LL
[10:12] Justin Esparza: My first memory of Osprey was a photo she posted online in the Second Life forums.
[10:12] Marianne McCann: Same, I s'pect, in Glitch Molly.
[10:13] Rhiannon Chatnoir: there has been some passing on of assets/land before, certainly when The Sojourner passed on.. at the time Pathfinder who was still a Linden helped in that process
[10:13] Patch Lamington: I 'knew' osprey from her photos before I had my own rezday... when I was checking out SL
[10:13] Justin Esparza: She was exploring a cave in the Stinson region that my avatar, Salazar Jack, and another friend, Champie Jack, has discovered.
[10:13] Patch Lamington: her sailing photos always mesmerized me
[10:14] Justin Esparza: She posted a photo of herself wavng from the entrance to the cave and said that she was wearing steel-toed boots to protect her feet.
[10:14] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Patch, yes she went on these epic saling journies and documented her travels of the Linden waterways
[10:14] Justin Esparza: It was a runnign joke with us after that.
[10:14] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): I was often inspired by Os' photos of eclectic and bizarre attractions in SL... pieces of our unique culture here. Does anyone else remember her Roadside Attractions exhibit?
[10:15] Justin Esparza: I loved her sailing expeditions.
[10:15] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes Torley
[10:15] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): I DO remember yes
[10:15] Marianne McCann: Hey Fenix, Stroker, Mami.
[10:15] Ilianexsi Sojourner: I always enjoyed the photo contests at the gallery.
[10:15] Fenix Eldritch: Heya
[10:15] NikoKito Aries: yes remember
[10:15] Kumi Kuhr: hey Stroker ㋡
[10:15] Holocluck Henly: I was a noob when I found out about the photo contests and that's how I knew her :)
[10:15] Marianne McCann: Ilianexsi - that was when I first got to know Osprey. That and attending TSMGO
[10:15] Justin Esparza: I don't tink I saw the whole exhibit, but i have seen individual pieces of it.

Stroker Serpentine

[10:15] Stroker Serpentine: Hi Kumi
[10:15] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and the photo studio and book shop her and Enjah ran.. and those monthly contests where she would set up dioramas
[10:16] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): Osprey Therian = Force of Nature
[10:16] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): I thought about road trips and the kinds of unexpected landmarks you might see across the territory... and that kept me coming back for exploration inworld, so Os was a very positive influence on my early days inworld.
[10:16] Justin Esparza: I will be keeping a permanent page for Vivian/Osprey at
[10:16] Monty Talbot seconds "Osprey Therian = Force of Nature"
[10:17] Ilianexsi Sojourner: Yep. :)
[10:17] Kumi Kuhr: bookmarked, Justin
[10:17] Marianne McCann: Oh my yes
[10:17] Monty Talbot: absolutely Enjah
[10:17] Justin Esparza: At some point I will make it so one can add a comment to it directly.
[10:17] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): what will happen to her blog, Justin?
[10:17] NikoKito Aries: yes please
[10:17] Enjah (enjah.mysterio):
[10:17] Tish (laetizia.coronet): oh dear the vehicle/me petitions SL for an Osprey sim if not already done
[10:17] Tish (laetizia.coronet): oops
[10:17] Justin Esparza: But for now, you can send me a comment and I will make sure and post it there.
[10:18] Tish (laetizia.coronet) petitions SL for an Osprey sim if not already done
[10:18] Justin Esparza: I don't know about her blog, Enjah. I don't have access to that I don't think.
[10:18] Justin Esparza: Unless the computer she gave me can give access.
[10:18] Justin Esparza: I will check that out.
[10:18] Holocluck Henly: Does she own the domain? Maybe that's in her will as well
[10:18] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): I am sure it will in her blogger profile
[10:19] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yeah was wondering on that, some of it is on blogger, which will most likely stay, but anything that had hosting paid for it will probably go after awhile
[10:19] Justin Esparza: It may be. i will make sure to research that.
[10:19] Justin Esparza: Good points!
[10:19] Holocluck Henly: Well if it's hers then it can be transfered over.
[10:20] Holocluck Henly: at least long enough to acquire and archive
[10:20] Kumi Kuhr: Justin, I have a link to pix of the 2010 Duck Prank that Os organised for Lucy Tornado:
[10:20] Holocluck Henly: :)
[10:20] Lucy Tornado: *blush*
[10:20] Kumi Kuhr: it was such a hoot
[10:20] Ilianexsi Sojourner: That was awesome. :)
[10:20] Holocluck Henly: ducks have their own group too
[10:20] Justin Esparza: She has given me access to Osprey, Art both verbally and in emails. And she willed her computer to me. Which I have just set up.
[10:20] Lucy Tornado: ~*~OMG~*~ it was
[10:20] Justin Esparza: Thanks, Kumi.
[10:21] Kumi Kuhr: OMG Os is really going to live on
[10:21] Kumi Kuhr: in spirit
[10:21] Justin Esparza: But I will have to wait to talk with her executor to get the details.

a new team of typists are taking over

[10:21] Justin Esparza: Oh!
[10:21] Justin Esparza: Also...
[10:22] Justin Esparza: Tommorrow at 10:00 am SLT. The Osprey Therian character will be going through the unstable portal in the Rodeo region to search for Salazar Jack.
[10:22] Enjah (enjah.mysterio) is happy and sad all at the same time
[10:22] Lucy Tornado: me too!
[10:22] Ilianexsi Sojourner: Me too.
[10:22] Holocluck Henly: hugs Enjah
[10:22] Justin Esparza: So yes, her adventures will be continuing in a tangible way as well.
[10:22] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): That's so beautiful and fitting. The voyage continues.
[10:23] Francesca Alva nods
[10:23] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): yes she loved searching for people
[10:23] Tish (laetizia.coronet): second life, literally
[10:23] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): hehe third life
[10:23] Justin Esparza: And, sometime next year, there will be more activity all around.
[10:23] Tish (laetizia.coronet): right you are!
[10:23] Lucy Tornado: a new phase
[10:24] Holocluck Henly: Maybe something special for Nova's 10th?
[10:24] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:24] Justin Esparza: Does anyone have any questions that I might have missed or that I can possibly answer?
[10:24] Justin Esparza is not a touch typist
[10:24] NikoKito Aries: good idea Holo
[10:24] NikoKito Aries (Q-Translator es->en): good idea to Holo
[10:24] Prokofy Neva: Did you get the Lindens to allow you to continue her avatar?
[10:24] Justin Esparza: Yes, Holo, great idea!
[10:24] Stroker Serpentine: wb Rhiannon
[10:24] Holocluck Henly: Os used to organize the anniversary parades till she couldn't any longer :) it would be a perfect tribute
[10:25] Justin Esparza: I will have to contact them to find out, Prokofy.
[10:25] Lucy Tornado: she loved/loves parades!
[10:25] Prokofy Neva: Surely they will understand
[10:25] Kumi Kuhr: I'd just like to say what an amazing woman to have gathered such a divergent bunch of people ㋡
[10:25] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Ah! Justin, if you happen to find Os' Foot B Gone spray in her bequeathed inventory, can you please send me a copy? I was looking for it in my inventories but didn't find it. :(
[10:25] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Let me know if I... er Torley Linden... can do anything to help with that communication.
[10:25] Lucy Tornado: hahahahahaha
[10:25] Justin Esparza: The TOS does state that there has to be written permission from them to transfer an account.
[10:25] Patch Lamington: I wondered if we could submit pics for a show at the art gallery? don't know who has access for theland... but perhaps people might like to pick out one photo from their inventory?
[10:25] Tish (laetizia.coronet): I'll write the permission no problem ;-)
[10:25] Justin Esparza: So I will go down that path and see where it leads.
[10:26] Lucy Tornado: she could have a whole museum of brilliant creations
[10:26] Justin Esparza: I will Torley, yes.
[10:26] Kumi Kuhr: I'd love to give you a pic to display Patch
[10:26] Lucy Tornado: foot be gone reminds me of the spray can of STOP IT
[10:26] Ilianexsi Sojourner: That's a cool idea.
[10:26] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): In 2005 (long before any of this fancy Advanced Lighting Model stuff), I griped about the ugly avatar foot shadows and Os manifested a cure. :)
[10:26] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): That's some context.
[10:26] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Thanks Justin!
[10:26] NikoKito Aries: or a foundation with her name
[10:26] Lucy Tornado: lmao
[10:26] Marianne McCann: I beliebe I have some zom-b-gone here somewhere
[10:26] Mossant Paravane: We had such a great time working on Nova's 5th parade...Osprey has a wonderful video on her YouTube channel. Would be nice if we could honor her at the 10th.
[10:26] Holocluck Henly: lol
[10:26] Justin Esparza: And thanks, Torley. I will contact Torley Linden to get some bearings on that.
[10:26] Lucy Tornado: that was useful too
[10:27] Prokofy Neva: I must put up a photo display of our early Moth Swarms that was fun, Osprey made this Moth Staff for me, look at the level of detail, even little moth feathers
[10:27] Holocluck Henly: i love that video
[10:27] Molly Montale: my b-gone is no transfer
[10:27] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): mine too
[10:27] Vick Forcella: Looks amazing prok
[10:27] Ilianexsi Sojourner: I have the lantern she made, with the moths that come out at night.
[10:27] Justin Esparza: Patch, do you mean Osprey's photo studio in Grignano, Nova Albion?
[10:27] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Thanks for checking Molly!
[10:27] Prokofy Neva: She especially made those lamps for the Iris Moth Temple when the Lindens' lanterns disappeared mysteriously
[10:27] Patch Lamington: yes...
[10:28] Patch Lamington: I drove there today.
[10:28] Justin Esparza: The land is controlled by avatars I created.
[10:28] Justin Esparza: So yes, that is possible.
[10:28] Lucy Tornado: LOL monty, from the raindrops act
[10:29] Monty Talbot: my small tribute
[10:29] Justin Esparza: Prokofy, I love what you and Osprey did up in Iris to preserve and promote that area. Well done!
[10:29] Tish (laetizia.coronet): (34 in sim)
[10:29] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): anyone remember the UN-Linden Cards she made?
[10:29] Vick Forcella: Moth is truely Amazing
[10:30] Justin Esparza: A nice number, Tish.
[10:30] Prokofy Neva: It's jessica Ornitz's build and Osprey helped early on and then later when the lanterns disappeared
[10:30] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Yes Enjah! :D
[10:30] Ilianexsi Sojourner: Yeah, the Moth Temple is such a fantastic place.
[10:30] Rhiannon Chatnoir: And, I still own the old cathedral in Darkwood, you are all welcome to light a candle there for Osprey
[10:30] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): I remember when that northern area was first opened up and anew... my gosh. Flashbacks!
[10:30] NikoKito Aries: good place
[10:30] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): thanks Rhiannon!
[10:30] Marianne McCann: I still have an un linden card or two. I think the dispenser used to be over at TSMGO
[10:30] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Heterocera Atoll...
[10:30] Justin Esparza: A small sampling of Vivian Kendall's real life artwork is just up the hill here in a small gallery that Osprey created.
[10:30] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): yes
[10:30] Marianne McCann: Still have her ol roadside attractions plate and cup out, too.
[10:31] Francesca Alva: I have her runestones
[10:31] Holocluck Henly: flying from here to the temple is nothing :)
[10:31] Holocluck Henly: btw
[10:31] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I still have a notecard from her of her artist's statement from the first relay for life where I curated an art auction and had some of her work in it
[10:31] Molly Montale: the hitch-hiker's sign :)
[10:31] Enjah (enjah.mysterio) remembers when Osprey wanted her to make an avatar named Ted Wingnut, who made the pencil tree, supposedly
[10:31] Lucy Tornado: oh yes
[10:32] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): I happened to see Magellan Linden the other day, maybe Os and he will team up on some dynamic duo adventures! Like comic book crossovers. :D
[10:32] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): MAGELLAN?!?!?!?
[10:32] Holocluck Henly: :)
[10:32] Justin Esparza: That would be soooo awesome, torley!
[10:32] Francesca Alva: ㋡
[10:32] Mossant Paravane: That would be fantastic!
[10:32] Rhiannon Chatnoir: heh Torley
[10:32] Fenix Eldritch: Long time no see, Amulius
[10:32] Molly Montale: keep them away from the rum :)
[10:32] RacerX Gullwing: Well I'm sorry but I have to go. Thanks for doing all this Salazar Jack and everyone. I have a giant snail race I haveto get too. Osprey was one of our early snails 2004 2005 I hope she wont mind if I run off good seeing you everyone
[10:32] Holocluck Henly: Heya Fenix ltns to you too
[10:33] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): bye Racer!
[10:33] Justin Esparza: Thanks RacerX!
[10:33] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): good seeing you
[10:33] Marianne McCann: Take care, Racer
[10:33] Lucy Tornado: bye Racer
[10:33] Francesca Alva: •·.·´¯`·.·• Bye Bye! •·.·´¯`·.·•
[10:33] Francesca Alva: Racer
[10:33] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): RacerX my goodness, it's been ages! Take care.
[10:33] Kumi Kuhr: good racing Racer!
[10:33] Gomi Mfume: take care, racerx
[10:33] Stroker Serpentine: Cya Racer
[10:33] Patch Lamington: bye raacer
[10:33] Holocluck Henly: later racer
[10:33] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so good to see you Racer
[10:33] Lucy Tornado: kumi are you racing?
[10:33] Bixyl Shuftan: see you Racer
[10:33] Kumi Kuhr: not today Lucy
[10:33] NikoKito Aries: take care
[10:33] Frans Charming: Take care racer
[10:33] Holocluck Henly: I've taken to being a spectator ;) will wait for the video this week
[10:33] Tish (laetizia.coronet): I'll be off soon, I'm hearing kitchen sounds (dinner time here)
[10:33] Lucy Tornado: tsk tsk
[10:34] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): and here it is lunch time so I will have to depart as well
[10:34] Kumi Kuhr: shall we all have a fly before we bye?
[10:34] Justin Esparza: One of my favorite memories is participating in The Show Must Go On that first year. as Salazar Jack.
[10:34] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): Justin, this was wonderful
[10:34] Lucy Tornado: oh yes
[10:34] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:34] Holocluck Henly likes the video with sal and os dancing
[10:34] Lucy Tornado: that was amazing
[10:34] Prokofy Neva: yes I remember that show
[10:34] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): TSMGO was a huge high point of my life
[10:34] Lucy Tornado: we were terrified
[10:34] Marianne McCann: TSMGO was amazing
[10:34] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:34] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): I would be there with my entire screen filled with windows, trying to keep it together
[10:34] Justin Esparza: Let's go ahead and don our moth wings for those that are flying up to the Iris Moth Temple...
[10:34] Prokofy Neva: Where did you see Magellan?
[10:34] Lucy Tornado: yes
[10:34] Kumi Kuhr: I loved my short time with TSMGO
[10:35] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): I will fly with you then I have to go
[10:35] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:35] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): Another memory I have is Os doing Combat Cards with Doc Boffin, I happened to drop by in an arena match...
[10:35] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): oh yes
[10:35] Marianne McCann: That, the parades, and the photo gallery taught me so much about the world and it's possibilities.
[10:35] Tish (laetizia.coronet): have a safe flight everyone, and thank you Justin for doing all this
[10:35] Holocluck Henly: I've hoverboarded from here before. we use the passage at purple. many people here know it too :)
[10:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: nod yes
[10:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I am on a card!
[10:35] Prokofy Neva: I have osprey's moth feelers too if you want
[10:35] Giant Moth: Press the FLY button at the bottom of your screen and use keyboard ARROWS and PAGE-UP to move. Right-click to COPY these wings and drag out from INVENTORY to WEAR.
[10:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: she included her friends as much as she could in her adventures
[10:36] Marianne McCann: Please, Prokofy
[10:36] Justin Esparza: Oh yes, Prokofy. I do want!
[10:36] Justin Esparza: Thanks.
[10:36] Tish (laetizia.coronet): Fly on, little wing... I'm offline.
[10:36] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and never lost this amazing sense of exploration and play
[10:36] Vick Forcella: tc Tish
[10:36] Lucy Tornado: bye tish
[10:36] Marianne McCann: Take care, Tish
[10:36] Prokofy Neva: I will put them out in Iris
[10:36] Justin Esparza: Three cheers for Osprey!
[10:36] Monty Talbot: UNCLE JACK !
[10:36] Justin Esparza: Hip hip...
[10:36] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): HIP HIP HOORAY!
[10:36] Kumi Kuhr shouts: hip hip hooray!
[10:36] Molly Montale: \o/
[10:36] Torley Sr. (torley.olmstead): HOORAY!
[10:36] Ilianexsi Sojourner: Hooray!
[10:36] Prokofy Neva: hip hip hooray!
[10:36] Lucy Tornado: hip hip hooray
[10:36] Vick Forcella: Hooray!
[10:36] Monty Talbot: HORAY
[10:36] Enjah (enjah.mysterio): YAYAYYYYYY
[10:36] Patch Lamington: ooray!
[10:36] Molly Montale: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:36] Marianne McCann shouts: Hooooray!
[10:36] Justin Esparza: hip hip hooray!

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  1. Edna

    Dec 16th, 2013

    Sad stuff.


  2. crashprefect

    Dec 30th, 2013

    She was a good friend and fellow game developer. Was very supportive when we were closing darklife and leaving sl…had planned to help with her card game. Was very sorry to hear she was gone and im sorry I no longer have an sl account to have attended this event.

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