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Noam Chomsky, Anonymous Speak Out on Rap News

#Occupy2012 video documents live manifestation of Prophetseer Emeritus “Turn off your TVs for a start” Featuring a healthy dose of pepper spray – which sources on the UC Davis campus recently learned is basically a food product – the latest Rap News release from TheJuiceNews continues Robert Foster’s grand tradition of “turning bollocks-news into socio-poetic/comedic [...]

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SLCC 2011 Drama!!! Avatar Identity: Privacy and Transparency in Social Media

Mysterious threats leads to last minute SLCC program revision – a pattern of harassment? The first indication I would be playing another round of Second Life as a real life alternative reality game came a few hours before the SLCC 2011 panel discussion on Avatar Identity: Privacy and Transparency in Social Media. I was eating lunch, [...]

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PaleFire’s Open Letter to Kalel Venkman

Have griefers turned the JLU into a paranoid collective? When I approached Peter Ludlow at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies in May 2010, I never would have guessed that my research would cause so much concern among anti-griefing organizations, and by that, I mean specifically Kalel Venkman.  Here’s why I am writing this [...]

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National Geographic Channel To Feature SL on ‘Taboo’

More publicity for Linden Lab – what could possibly go wrong? Second Life’s well known sex-bed entrepreneur Stroker Serpentine, his Second Life virtual family, and his real-life family are to be featured Monday May 2 on the “Fantasy Lives” episode of National Geographic Channel’s Taboo series. Stroker Serpentine and his real life typist In addition [...]

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Tizzers Trolls Twitter: Microsoft <3 Second Life

Media depends on echo chamber for "news" 24 hours after Tizzers Foxchase placed a single post on Twitter – a little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered tp buy Linden Lab this week – the outstanding quality of reporting in the internet age is all too apparent. Tizzers Foxchase Trolls Twitter While [...]

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The Hall of Mirrors and The Real World

A note from the Alphaville Herald Editors Since the Alphaville Herald’s inception in 2003, we have covered the news of online worlds and societies like no one else. You’ve enjoyed tales of griefers, scammers, virtual mafias, virtual paramilitary organizations, epic trolls, perverts, furries, babyfurs, baby unicorns, goreans, elves, online Nazis, anti-Nazis, virtual communists, dirty dealing [...]

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Herald Survives Day in DNS Hell

Domain name denied — trusted servers play SERVFAIL card A pair of rogue domain name servers have been stripped of their authoritative status and permanently banished from the Herald DNS registration after putting the site through a nightmarish ordeal of DNS lies and deception that rendered the newspaper inaccessible to growing numbers of readers [...]

Full Story Folds – Slams Lab – Shuts Doors

SL-Newspaper today announced the end of their 4 year run covering Second Life, as editor Dana Vanmoer pointed out that real life might be more important than Second Life. This news may come as a surprise to some Linden fanboys and certain comment section sock puppets – but is a common enough reason to depart [...]

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SHOCK! Defne Demar Joins Herald Staff – Instantly Outs Herself!!!

by Idoru Wellman, staff writer In a press release today, Pixeleen Mistral and Urizenus Sklar announced Defne Demar has joined the Herald staff. Ms. Demar ended minutes of speculation by admitting her real life typist is none other than Burcu S. Bakioglu – a noted new media scholar who authored Spectacular Interventions of Second Life: [...]

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Virtual Vigilantes – Eggheads Are Watching the Watchers

Over at at Henry Jenkins blog and MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media site, part one of Herald founder Urizenus Sklar’s think piece Watching the Watchers: Power and Politics in Second Life traces the evolution of both the online world griefing phenomena and the virtual security operations that have emerged to counter griefers.  Posting the [...]

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