Sex and the SL Mermaid

by kris on 19/05/08 at 8:36 am

how does that work, exactly?

I remember staring at the label on the tuna can and pondering this very thing- Chicken of the Sea indeed!  How do they do it? Perhaps they grow legs on land and mate as humans; then crawl back on land to give birth?  Perhaps, much less romantically, the female lays eggs and the male fertilizes them after-the-fact.  But then why lure sailors into the sea to their deaths?  And how do they go to the bathroom?

To answer most of these questions, I sought out the author of the SL book entitled "What Mermaids & Mermen Ought to Know About…MATING", EmeraldEver Cline.

Kris Dibou: What Mermaids & Mermen Ought to Know About…MATING
Kris Dibou: I told my editor about your book, and she was excited to have me talk to you about it
EmeraldEver Cline: :)
Kris Dibou: I see from your profile that you like to write children’s books?
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes…
EmeraldEver Cline: Writing a sex education book for mermaids and mermen was a first for me.

EmeraldEver Cline

Kris Dibou: I thought it was very clever
EmeraldEver Cline: Thank-you!
Kris Dibou: I noticed you have the man carry the babies ;)
Kris Dibou: vengence?
Kris Dibou: lol
EmeraldEver Cline: Lol…no…
EmeraldEver Cline: I just thought it would give a new twist to the ancient practice.
EmeraldEver Cline: Plus, it was based off of seahorses.
Kris Dibou: oh, great idea
Kris Dibou: that was my next question
Kris Dibou: lol
EmeraldEver Cline: lol…
Kris Dibou: how have book sales been, relative to your other sales?
EmeraldEver Cline: Well, since I give the book out for free…the distribution has been a wide one.
EmeraldEver Cline: And they seem to go hand-in-hand with sales
Kris Dibou: ahhh…free mating book with each purchase?
Kris Dibou: :)
EmeraldEver Cline: Many new mermaids and  mermen also pick up a copy of the book.

mermating couple’s guide to better coupling

EmeraldEver Cline: Free for anyone, really, purchase or not…
EmeraldEver Cline: People seem to get a kick out of it.. :)
Kris Dibou: I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too long too
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes…
Kris Dibou: there is a shorthand abbreviation: tl;dr
Kris Dibou: means…
Kris Dibou: too long; didnt read
Kris Dibou: lol
EmeraldEver Cline: lol!
EmeraldEver Cline: I wanted to be sure to keep the attention of the readers.
EmeraldEver Cline: Especially when I chose the title…it stands out.
Kris Dibou: yes, reminds me of the books from back in the 50′s and early 60′s
EmeraldEver Cline: Nods..
EmeraldEver Cline: It was sort of a spin-off from that era.
Kris Dibou: they used to have those books, like ‘What Every Girl Should Know About Dating"
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes… :)
Kris Dibou: I notice that you handled the subject very tastefully too
EmeraldEver Cline: Thank-you :)
Kris Dibou: Have you written anymore SL books?
EmeraldEver Cline: Not at this time, but I have been asked to consider writing another…
Kris Dibou: perhaps a dating book for mermaids :)
Kris Dibou: lol
EmeraldEver Cline: Lol…yes…
EmeraldEver Cline: That can be a tricky subject…
Kris Dibou: lol
Kris Dibou: do you make your own animations?
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes, I do.
EmeraldEver Cline: And this sim that we are in…I made pretty much everything here.
Kris Dibou: Have you made a mating pose to go along with the book? where the tails entwine?
EmeraldEver Cline: No, I haven’t…but I have had some requests to make objects from the book
EmeraldEver Cline: And I have received news from readers that they have tried making their own items to go with the book.
EmeraldEver Cline: (Such as the spermasyphon)
Kris Dibou: where any successful?
EmeraldEver Cline: I didn’t ask to see their
Kris Dibou: lol
EmeraldEver Cline: But I have received letters…and in one, they are using the book as sort of a manual for roleplaying.
Kris Dibou: ooh, that is interesting
EmeraldEver Cline: I am not sure where they are located, but I expect that there are several pregnant mermen there.
EmeraldEver Cline: Merman sales went up dramatically after getting that letter.
Kris Dibou: lol
Kris Dibou: you could make pregnant merman bellies
Kris Dibou: like the pregnancy clinics in sl
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes…I have thought of this too.
EmeraldEver Cline: It really opens up a whole new arena.
Kris Dibou: it could pick a random number for how many merbabies they are carrying
EmeraldEver Cline: LOL! yes
EmeraldEver Cline: I think they would love that.
Kris Dibou: and they could all kick too….
EmeraldEver Cline: LOL…
Kris Dibou: 7 of your 12 babies are kicking you…
EmeraldEver Cline: *giggles*
Kris Dibou: lol
Kris Dibou: So if our readers would like a copy of your book
EmeraldEver Cline: They can go to, and find it easily in my shop online section
Kris Dibou: Great!
EmeraldEver Cline: It uses the SLX, but is more organized.
Kris Dibou: Besides the mer-equipment, did you make your own skins too?
EmeraldEver Cline: I made this skin I am wearing, but I don’t sell it.  It is the one thing where I remain greedy and selfish… :)
Kris Dibou: it is important to keep your individuality ;)
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes..
Kris Dibou: the illustrations in the book..did you sketch them yourself?
EmeraldEver Cline: Yes…that is all my work.
Kris Dibou: wonderful :)
EmeraldEver Cline: It is truly an original book for SL.

expert credentials

On a sidenote, we almost didn’t have EmeraldEver around to create all this.  I had inquired about her RL home, in the U.S. …

EmeraldEver Cline: I think I’ve only been to Kansas City once or twice.  Almost got abducted last time
EmeraldEver Cline: so I haven’t been in a rush to go back…lol
Kris Dibou: yikes!
EmeraldEver Cline: yeah
Kris Dibou: were you a kid then?
EmeraldEver Cline:
EmeraldEver Cline: in my early twenties
EmeraldEver Cline: just got grabbed by a very strong man while at a gas station
Kris Dibou: How’d you get away?
EmeraldEver Cline: I had a friend with me, and so she helped get me away from him
EmeraldEver Cline: she didn’t see him take me, until she turned around

20 Responses to “Sex and the SL Mermaid”

  1. Anon

    May 19th, 2008

    ….You know, last week I had a sudden thought come to mind, that being “How the fuck do mermaids have sex?”

    And then I find this.

    I hate my brain.

  2. Razrcut Brooks

    May 19th, 2008

    I was surprisingly interested in this article. Good job Kris and Emerald.

  3. Ava Cartier

    May 19th, 2008

    Don’t they have a blow-hole or something?

  4. KMeist Hax

    May 19th, 2008

    What the fuck? I thought dolcetts were the worst on SL. No. This is worse.

    So the chain of SL paraphilia goes like this? furfags > gorfags > dolcettfags > fishfuckers

  5. Fry

    May 19th, 2008

    Why couldn’t you have been the other type of mermaid, with the fish parts on top, and woman parts on the bottom?

  6. Bennie

    May 20th, 2008

    Obviously, merfolk are not fish but mammals (breasts on the mermaids) So I’d expect them to do it in much the same way that dolphins and whales do?

    But if the mermen carry the unborn merbaby, howcome they dont have the breasts instead of the mermaids? (now that I’d like to see lol)

    And, what’s the name for a mermaid if she had sex? She’s not exactly a mermaiden anymore afterwards is she? XD

    Another one… spermsyphon? Merfolk need tools to reproduce? How did that work with the first few generations, the mer-cave-folk, before they could make these tools?

    Questions, questions… Guess I’ll have to get a copy of that book for myself.

  7. Archie Lukas

    May 20th, 2008

    Btoom half a fish?

    The manual:
    female -swim over some rocks, release eggs

    male -swim over some rocks, release sperm.

    Hope thet get fertilised

    eggs – get eaten
    fry – get eaten

    remaining survivors, get eaten or make it to adult hood
    and see line one.

    Passion? Zero.

    Nuff said

  8. Anon.

    May 20th, 2008

    I was looking through SLH for the usual lulz and stupid articles that float around and found this.


  9. Corona

    May 20th, 2008

    Passion zero

    this would be true for a human meeting one

    but technically they are a different species with attraction set to those of their own species

    therefore the passion would be at the same level as any other species mating activity

    sexual competition for the males or for the females ?

    breasts on the pouched males – only true if the males care for the merchild after birth/hatched

  10. Dr. Internet

    May 20th, 2008

    haha oh wow.

    Just when humanity couldn’t get any worse.

    lol second life.

  11. Ava Cartier

    May 20th, 2008

    At least you got what you were looking for.

  12. Bennie

    May 20th, 2008

    “breasts on the pouched males – only true if the males care for the merchild after birth/hatched”

    Looking at all mammilian species, the one who gives birth to the offspring is the one with the milk producing glands, who raises or cares for the offspring, has little to do with it I think.
    But as far as I know, there are no mammals where the male gives birth to the offspring, only seahorses do that by my knowledge and are not mammals. Merfolk might be an evelutionary exception in this of course, just as seahorses pretty much are… Sealife is weird :)

    I should just really get that book and see what it says hehe

    (hugeass disclaimer: I have a limited knowledge of biology. Most I get from Animal Planet and National Geographic so I could very well be wrong about this all. And of course merfolk dont exist so it stays theory A to Z)

  13. anon

    May 21st, 2008

    >lol second life.

    basically this

  14. Alyx Stoklitsky

    May 21st, 2008


  15. Corona

    May 21st, 2008

    in terms of biology it makes more sense for the parent who produces the offsping to be the same as the one that supplies the milk because it removes the danger that the two parents would beecome separate

    from the above hints however a piscine/amphibian form of reproduction is being envisaged as applicable to mammals

    all other aqautic mammals are known to have evolved from terrestrial carnviores that returned to sea dwelling

    if the merfolk are mammalian then they are prob aquatic apes that went the other way
    (using Elain Morgan as the basis here)
    if so then live birth would be likely

    genetilaia do not have to be visible – they could be concealed behind a flap of skin

    (this dicussion tho is prob akin to debating how many angels sit on a pin)

  16. Corona

    May 21st, 2008

    hat’s the name for a mermaid if she had sex? She’s not exactly a mermaiden anymore afterwards is she


    take your pick

  17. Fishfucker

    May 22nd, 2008

    “what’s the name for a mermaid if she had sex? She’s not exactly a mermaiden anymore afterwards is she


    take your pick”

    I prefer MerMILF myself. lol.

  18. LOL

    May 23rd, 2008

    “I prefer MerMILF myself. lol.”

    XDXDXDXD! Yeah I’m going to go with that one too haha! :D

  19. Artemis Winthrop

    May 23rd, 2008

    >male -swim over some rocks, release sperm.

    >Passion? Zero.

    It depends… maybe merporn has a lot of money shots onto piles of eggs, instead of the mergirl’s face, or something. And to them that would be so hawt.

    >with the fish parts on top, and woman parts on the bottom?

    Why’d you have to say that? Now I’ve got that stupid MMMGMGRGGGRRRRGLLLGRLLLRRRR!!! murlock scream running through my head. Thanks! >:p

  20. velovan

    Sep 14th, 2016

    i think how mermaids reproduce depends on what type of mermaid they are for example a fish type mermaid would reproduce that a fish would reproduce, and if it’s a mammal type mermaid than it would reproduce in the same way a shark or a dolphin would reproduce.

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