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Noam Chomsky, Anonymous Speak Out on Rap News

#Occupy2012 video documents live manifestation of Prophetseer Emeritus “Turn off your TVs for a start” Featuring a healthy dose of pepper spray – which sources on the UC Davis campus recently learned is basically a food product – the latest Rap News release from TheJuiceNews continues Robert Foster’s grand tradition of “turning bollocks-news into socio-poetic/comedic [...]

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Teleplace/QWAQ Liquidated By Financial Singularity?

But transhumanists rejoice as open source software immortality saves Turing Church Online The assets of Teleplace are being liquidated after the business-oriented 3D virtual meeting place hit a financial singularity which prevents the venture’s continued operation, according to a mailing sent to potential creditors – including the Alphaville Herald’s own part time typist/technical advisor Mark [...]

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