Animal Auctioning

by walkerspaight on 23/01/06 at 11:58 am

Technical issues kept me from posting this sooner, but it wouldn’t be the Herald without a bulletin on the auction market that’s sprung up for stuff found in the Nintendo DS massively wifi-player game Animal Crossing. Thanks to a Faithful Reader for alerting us to where all things Animal Crossing can be bought and sold.

Child’s play? We think not. It’s 300,000 bells for a turban, 400,000 for a gold crown, and 500,000 for an "ultra rare tissue box." At those prices, who could be without one?

If you want something really cool, though, you have to pony up real cash. One Golden Axe recently went to player killer008r for a whopping 99 million bells. That’s a whole 25 bucks at the prevailing eBay exchange rate,though it seems killer may have overpaid due to his/her deep pockets.Quoth the buyer, "D00d im not stupid i just have alot of money andnothing to waste it on."

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  1. Urizenus

    Jan 23rd, 2006

    It beats digging up shells and delivering stuff for Hector the Chicken.

  2. Clickable Culture

    Jan 23rd, 2006

    NookBays ThirdParty Animal Crossing Auctions

    I have only recently begun to fathom what it really means that Animal Crossing Wild World for the Nintendo DS is internetenabled. Yesterday I discovered that users can make and share their own content using the game as a server. Today I discovered…

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