BUY BUY BUY!!! Uber-Authors’ Doomsday Book Debuts on

by walkerspaight on 14/01/06 at 4:25 pm

CoverWoot! If you didn’t believe it before, now you can actually feast your eyes: The Doomsday book recently penned by uber-authors Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace in a flurry of champagne, clattering typewriter keys and cigar smoke is now available for pre-order on

For those who aren’t already aware, the book recounts the adventures of virtual journalist Urizenus Sklar, who founded this very newspaper in The Sims Online only to be bounced out of the game once Electronic Arts got wind of the revealing stories the Herald was publishing. Bringing the reader all the way up through the Herald’s recent history, Ludlow and Wallace take a revealing look at what really goes on in the virtual world of massively multiplayer online games and environments like Second Life, and even dare to peek forward into the future.

According to the Amazon blurb, it’s "a real page-turner." Has higher praise ever been heard? Unfortunately, you won’t actually be able to turn the pages of the thing until April, but it’s never too early to start plunking down your hard-earned cash. Our best advice is this: To insure your supply won’t be limited, order early and often. That way we’ll have something to do when we’re checking our Amazon rankings twelve times a day. Once  you’ve done that, dial up this link for an excerpt.

8 Responses to “BUY BUY BUY!!! Uber-Authors’ Doomsday Book Debuts on”

  1. RB

    Jan 16th, 2006

    I ment to post the below here but forgot i was on Walkers blog after reading those chapter excerpts and thus posted it there too.

    Excellent. Look forward to what should be an enthralling read.

    p.s obligatory “down with EA” comment.

    - RB.

  2. Bob the Tomato

    Jan 17th, 2006

    Oh dear.

    “Online journalist who knew too much?” I don’t recall your allegations ever actually being proven except that you got kicked out of TSO for causing trouble and ban evasion.


  3. Urizenus

    Jan 17th, 2006

    Now Bob, to think I even thank you in the acknowledgments (but under another name). tsk tsk. Never fear though, all is documented in the book, including DNA evidence that is certified AOK even by the OJ Simpson Defense Team ™.

  4. RB

    Jan 18th, 2006

    Who needs proof, there were/are more scandals at EA than/in the Whitehouse.

    - RB.

  5. Bob the Tomato

    Jan 20th, 2006

    I get a mention in the book??? Where’s my free copy?


  6. Brookston Holiday

    Mar 26th, 2006


    I was looking through amazon for the book today and can’t seem to find it anywhere. When I clicked on the link above (pre order) Amazon said the page was no longer available… What gives???

    Still publishing this?

  7. Walker Spaight

    Mar 27th, 2006

    Still coming, Brookston, but there’s been a slight delay. More news as it develops.

  8. Bob the Tomato

    Apr 9th, 2006

    So…. still now news? I want to find out what’s said about me….


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