Flipper on MTV?

by Urizenus Sklar on 23/01/06 at 4:53 pm


Our friend Stephen Totilo of MTV.com has a story on SL resident FlipperPM Peregrine’s recent attempts to sell real world stuff for Linden dollars at his SLBoutique. It even looks like he will be selling copies of Only a Game for Lindens as well. We can see how the book might sell, but the rest of it…well, we wouldn’t be optimistic.

3 Responses to “Flipper on MTV?”

  1. FlipperPA

    Jan 25th, 2006

    Well, we’ve had a few sales already and many inquiries! This will certainly be an interesting experiment. Here’s hoping I can get a contact at Amazon to facilitate sales of Only A Game!

  2. Urizenus

    Jan 25th, 2006

    hang on, Herald T-shirts and other valuable pieces of merchandise are in production! We’ll hook u up as a distributor!

  3. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 26th, 2006

    May all your enterprises be successful, Flippy. You deserve it.

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