Haaaaar! Johnny Cheesedog Steps Forward at Last.

by Urizenus Sklar on 06/01/06 at 11:07 pm


Victim Number 26.  This isn’t funny, it’s mean!

In the early days of the Herald we posted a number BloodNinja cybersex chat logs.  Remember “say Harrrrr like a pirate”?  At the time we also posted a request that the author(s) come forward for their spanking.  Well, now they have, and per their request we have removed the logs from our site, but they are definitely worth visiting again. Most of those logs are available on the fugly.com site. Totally.  Below the fold I interview the typist for Johnny Cheesedog, perp of the talk-like-a pirate log.

Uri:  First question has to be this:  How do we really know that you are the author of those BloodNinja cybersex chat logs? 

Mr. Cheesedog: I’m not the author of them all, just the one where Johnny Cheesedog keept telling his victim to say, "HARRRRR!!" 

I have all the original material here including any Word documents I used to edit them.  You could also look in the Way Back Machine (  http://web.archive.org/web/*/fugly.com ) and see them posted at Fugly back in 2001. 

I did the first one in February, 2000.

People have copied all sorts of things that we’ve done here at Fugly.  It’s flattering.  And scary.

Uri:  Are they real logs, or did you make them up? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  Some are real, some are made up. 

Uri:  If they *are* real, then doesn’t that make you a kind of choad?  I mean isn’t that sort of mean? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  If you read them and then decide I am a choad (whatever that means) then that’s one of the ones I made up.  So no.  I’m no choad.  Unless choad is a good thing.  Then I’m still probably not a choad. 

Uri:  You currently have them posted on a site called FUGLY.com, can you tell us about the site?  Like WTF?  What is the purpose other than to make fun of people you think are ugly? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  That’s not the point of it at all.  In fact, there probably is no point.  Thanks for finally making me realize that.  I should probably just stop it all together. 

Uri:  Did those people give you permission to publish that stuff?  Did they really supply those pictures?  And why on earth do they do it? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  We usually have some other dirt on them as well.  If not, we’ll send them pictures of their children coming home from school with veiled threats of kidnapping and murder.  We don’t like to resort to that but some times you have to get rough. 

Uri:  Are you still doing these chat logs?  Explain how you go about your business.  How do you find your marks?  Are there a lot of dud convos that don’t go anywhere? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  Yes.  Yes there are. 

Uri:  These logs are all over the internet now.  Can you tell us about your efforts to track down all this content and get it to reference your site? 

Mr. Cheesedog:  Yes.  Yes I can.   

5 Responses to “Haaaaar! Johnny Cheesedog Steps Forward at Last.”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 7th, 2006

    Uri, I need a l33tsp33k thinger on this — what is a choad? what is a feeb? I know that Corey Linden uses these terms. I know they are bad. Like toads and feeble peeps. But…define?

  2. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 7th, 2006

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha too funny !!!

    I was thinking of sticking some of the Linden’s pics on fugly.com especially that fat ugly one with the fuzzy hair and super chubby chops !!!! ben or michael

    Robin is a babe btw, i just saw her on the BBC site, shouldn’t have bothered with that Rosedale geeza, that was just taking up BABE TIME !!!

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  3. Martin

    Jan 30th, 2006

    Just for your info “choad” is slang for a short penis that is really thick. Think a beer can.

  4. Cheezedawg

    Jul 4th, 2008

    WHAT IN THE FUCK???!!?? I didn’t do this interview at all. I’m Johnny Cheesedog. However, I usually just go by Cheezedawg. If you are wondering about the “bloodninja” chatlogs, yes some of them are all mine. And zero of them are frauds. I worked for fugly.com for years… and by work I mean gave most of it away for free. I was paid for two victims though. When someone is ready to give me a real interview, go to the fugly forums and ask me for my phone number. You will certainly receive the real story behind these now legendary victims.

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