Infamous SL Gangster Weds in Lavish Wedding

by pattherat on 14/01/06 at 9:16 pm

by Pat the Rat

Mars00_2 Infamous Second Life Gangster, but self-described "businessman," Marsellus Wallace, wed Mackenzie Draper today in a lavish ceremony on the island of Cameo.  In attendence were many of Mr. Wallace’s "business associates" as well as some of the underworld associates of the former Ms. Draper (indeed, she was given away by Galante Family member Ciara Lardner). 

Mr. Wallace is of course also known under his TSO Moniker of JC Soprano. He was famous for running the Sim Mafia on TSO, which had an early but ill-fated aliance with the Wallace family mafia in TSO — a family which would soon evolve into the Sim Shadow Government and become arch enemies of Mr. Soprano’s thug life and his business enterprises.  The conflict came to a head when both Mr. Soprano and the leaders of the SSG appeared on CNN to trash talk each-other.  He later achieved further notoriety with his corruption of Mr-President’s government in TSO.

As for the wedding itself, being a gangster wedding misunderstandings led to guns being drawn at the reception, but cooler heads prevailed.  Did I mention that Uri was the best man?  Bad publisher!


Ms. Draper and her bridesmaids.


Galante Family member Ciara Lardner gives away the bride.


Mars and his studly posse.


Even at his own wedding, Mars takes time out to conduct "business" with his "associates."


Mars enjoys a cigar during the reception.


Time to cut the cake.  Nice pearl necklace.


Some waste management consultants.


Uri hooks up with bridesmaid Sabrina Doolittle.  Talk to the animal, baby!


Wedding planner Jade Opel surveys the crowd nervously.


23 Responses to “Infamous SL Gangster Weds in Lavish Wedding”

  1. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 15th, 2006

    The furries are friends of mine, not “friends of ours” hehehe Anyway, thanks for best man Uri. Had a blast!

    Marsellus Wallace
    Waste Management Consultant

  2. Nice Guy 3nf0rc3r

    Jan 16th, 2006

    In all honesty, id rather see a true article. Not fluffing up all the stuff he does to make it seem all great and dramatic, when all he really does is talk a lot of shit and demand a lot of things he doesnt deserve. Back in TSO he didnt even fight with people, he reported them……..Honestly, how can a man who hides behind the system be called a leader of a mafia. And as far as i know, he still reports people in SL to this date. Come on people, lets be reasonable. This is no great man, hes a faux representation of a mafia boss who is living in the past on his past achevements when he really hasnt accomplished anything in this game. Id much rather see an article about this wedding, if it wasnt so blatently in disregard for the truth and so openly praising Marsellus. I mean, who came up with this drivel? Mars, or someone else? Because i seem to think that even if it was someone else he had an extremely large hand in writing this article. Fluffing it up to make it seem like this event changed everything and effected many people in SL. When in fact its just as important as any regular old Joe Shmoes wedding. Really, lets be honest with ourselves and not see this man as some sort of mafia legend.

  3. Killer Ingman

    Jan 16th, 2006

    I’m in the paper!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! : dances with joy :

  4. wyvern sieyes

    Jan 16th, 2006

    what are you implying about us being “waste management associates” Uri??

    i hope its not a jibe.


  5. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 16th, 2006

    Leave it to one guy to try and mare a nice event. hehe Hey anonymous, ooops I mean Nice Guy, all I did is report in TSO and I still do in SL? Nice! Hell, I didn’t even know this. Thanks for filling me in. Check out the Herald later today, you will see I generally don’t report as I have other means to get at people and if I do, you probably had it coming and if it takes you out the game, so be it. By any means necessary. If I can’t whack ya with a gun, I’ll whack you another way if I have to and the situation calls for it. Try to start thinking outside of the box if you can.

    So you don’t like the fact I am referred to as a Boss or a “legend” as some people refer to me as? Because you think I report all the time? Think is the key word as you have no proof and I have maybe reported 2 people in Second Life during my year of play there. Let’s also keep in mind that in real life, Mafia figures drop dimes in certain situations. I’m not talking about the Gravano’s of the underworld either.

    From your banter and raving I am assuming I have dealt with you in the past in some form or another and more than likely came out on top and you are still bitter about it. That would be the only reason I can think of for you to make the post that you did. Get over it and move on. You forget, people and comments like you and the one you left here just fuel the fire and keep me going. What you think is bad press I still call press and I am obviously more well known than you.

    Now let’s see if you are brave enough to reply back and if you can do it without coming off like a complete ass.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  6. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 16th, 2006

    On a lighter note… That one picture makes me look like a bobble head lol

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  7. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 16th, 2006

    One last comment before I get back to work. I just reread the article to make sure I didn’t overlook anything, but I don’t see any fluffing going on here. If stating my past history is fluffing, well, thanks for the compliment as I am proud of my past accomplishments lol

    And no, I did not write the story and Uri can vouch to that. I didn’t even know the story was coming out until I saw it posted.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  8. BigJim Ludovico

    Jan 17th, 2006

    i’d rather read an article about how much marsellus wallace blows

  9. Nice Guy 3nf0rc3r

    Jan 17th, 2006

    Gladly, I’ll reply back. The reason i can claim that all you did in TSO and SL is report is because i worked for you at a point weather you remember me or not. You told me never to get in confrontations with people and that i should just try to nail then for using alternate accounts. And as far as coming out on top goes, you didnt, i left your group under my own free will, and because of some other various RL reasons, but mainly because i realized that you really didnt do much for all the publicity that surrounded you. Thats my claim, as of proof, ill admit it really just is my word against yours.

    How i know you reported in SL, ive heard accounts of how you reported people in SL for various things. I wont bring up these examples because you already know what they are and who was involved. The only reason i said you ‘fluff’ yourself up, is because you havent DONE ANYTHING since TSO and i still wait for you to acually do something in SL worth recognition. It makes me sick that just anyone can claim to be a boss if they can make a couple groups and get a couple people added to keep the group alive.

    And as far as being more well known than i am, thats because i dont try to be well known. I try to keep my business on the down low where it doesnt attract attention. Ive been in the spotlight, and as far as conducting business with other people and other groups breathing down your neck, it isnt what its worth.

  10. Nice Guy 3nf0rc3r

    Jan 17th, 2006

    BTW, perhaps, if you want to contact me Mars, and try to find out who this is, or just contact me in general you can Yahoo me here: Nice_Guy_3nf0rc3r (P.S. I know Mars’ yahoo anyways, so if you are going to pretend to be him, dont try)

  11. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 18th, 2006

    Actually I don’t use yahoo anymore so you don’t know my ID and everyone else knows my ID anyway from a previous story when Uri posted it. As for reporting, let’s see… You’ve heard stories. Ya hard proof. Everyone talks shit about me, give me proof then feel free to talk the shit. =)

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  12. Ian

    Jan 25th, 2006

    I thought that JC was 12?

  13. pacman schnook

    Feb 5th, 2006

    “Very professional video gamer. Literally”

    Lol maybe one day you will be a very very professional video gamer. Or maybe you will stay at bigtime charlie patatoe, big bad mafia, all three of you, literally, lol. Looks like you need some smelling salts rather than that seemingly juicey jiff you pull out of your arse and snort. I dont know about bobble head, more like knob head. BTW marsellus wallop I notice you have both ears pierced, so you do take it through the tradesmans entrance then?

    arsellus wolloped, welcomer of the tradesmans entrance more like

    Do carry one oh mighty arse wolloped, you make me laugh, literally.

  14. not in SL yet from TSO gangster

    Jun 16th, 2006

    going back to his sight on services can someone tell if murder could be done like i mean die

  15. Marsellus Wallace

    Jun 17th, 2006

    If you think outside of the box, anything is possible. Even in a world where death does not technically exist.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  16. Teddy Cipriani (not in SL yet from TSO gangster)

    Jun 18th, 2006

    is it technically possible? i mean picking up a gun or murdering objec is simple but can the person die from the bullets?

  17. Marsellus Wallace

    Jun 19th, 2006

    There is no true death in that sense…

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  18. Masellus Wallace

    Oct 25th, 2006


  19. Celestial Bedrosian

    Dec 9th, 2007

    Congrats! ^_^ I had a few “business partners” of my own once. ^_~

  20. gabriela mtz lopez

    May 12th, 2008

    mi novio y yo nos queremos casar virtualmente me podrian mandar por favor la informacion completa de como hacerlo estamos decididos a hacerlo se los agradeceria mucho

  21. LOL

    Jun 14th, 2008

    LOL, You got married in second life and you think people care. WHAT A FAGGOT.

  22. vince vega

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Really – why don’t you all just to get a life – a real one.

  23. SLwtf

    Aug 9th, 2012

    bunch of fat nerds pretending to be mafia bosses and all rofl

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