Post Six Grrrl MissChivous Craven

by matthiaszander on 20/01/06 at 11:58 pm


I’m extremely proud to present to you this week’s Post Six Grrrl (and the first of these in a while).  MissChivous Craven is a DJ here in SecondLife who loves metal music!  Special thanks to Daphne Molinari for taking up the torch of the Post Six Grrrls after our previous photographer dropped the ball and quit providing us with pictures without any notification or warning.

M – Metal lover
I -  Intelligent
S-  Smart Ass
S – Sensitve
C – Comical
H – Honest
I -  Irresistable
V -  Vivacious
O-  Outspoken
U-  Understanding
S-  Sexy

That’s me, although some of the letters were filled in by my friends, because I just didnt know what to say about myself.  I love to DJ in SL and spend time with my friends.  I love being with those I’m close to.  I also like to build in any spare time I have.   Of all the quotes I’ve ever heard, this one seems to wrap it up pretty well:   

~Some people are like slinkies~
Not really good for anything…BUT they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

I’m honored to be picked as Post Six Grrl in the Herald.  I’ll make sure to add it to my SL Resume ha ha ha!



3 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl MissChivous Craven”

  1. Walker Spaight

    Jan 21st, 2006

    The return of the Post 6 Grrrl, woot!

  2. Urizenus

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Yay Daphne!

  3. marilyn murphy

    Jan 25th, 2006

    lets make it clear it was not me who dropped the ball here. with absolutely no help from any herald staff, no communication and certainly no support i carried on providing a weekly post sixx girl for many months. i passed it to a supposedly interested party who had been critical of my efforts being assured by them that they were very interested in keeping it going. the herald never even noticed i stopped and the new people seemed to carry on just fine.

    i applaud daphne for picking it up when apparently the new parties dropped the ball. daphne, i wish u the best of luck. these pictures are gorgeous and so well done. hopefully you will not recieve the strident criticism i endured month after month.

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