Post Six Grrrl Rhapsody Rutherford

by matthiaszander on 27/01/06 at 9:16 pm


I’m pleased to introduce to you this week’s Post Six Grrrl, Rhapsody Rutherford!  Rhapsody is a long-time SecondLife’er who owns two clothing stores and is always on a search for new knowledge.  Thanks again to Daphne Molinari, owner of Daphne’s Delights and the texture artist of Forever Yours, for these absolutely gorgeous photographs!

Rhapsody: a piece of music which has no formal structure and which expresses powerful feelings.
Wow! Where to start? Ive played SL for nearly 2 years now and have done alot of different things. I currently am the owner of two shops, Rhapsodys Boutique and Girly Goth where I make and sell whatever it is that interests me that day. I am still in awe at the amount of creative freedom we have here and I am on a constant search for knowledge, so if I ask alot of questions its not because Im nosey ;) .
I am flattered to have been asked to do this. I spent alot of time creating what I believe to be a sexy avatar, and to be singled out amongst so many others is an honor.



10 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl Rhapsody Rutherford”

  1. Angelica Carnot

    Jan 28th, 2006

    That’s my Momma and I am so proud of her !!!! She is one of the sexiest, down to earth, free willed , caring ladies I have ever met on SL, oh yeah shes fiesty like me also probably why we click so well lol .

    Love ya Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    Love Angelica

  2. Shifty Darkholme

    Jan 28th, 2006

    I gots to meet up with this fine woman!!

    Love you baby and congratulations. There isn’t anynthing I wouldn’t do for her. She is a firecracker for sure but that’s one of her greatest qualities. She’s my one and only pookie butt!


  3. Deo Donovan

    Jan 29th, 2006

    Hey girl looking good glad to see your still having fun,lol ((hugs))

  4. whatever

    Jan 30th, 2006

    Look, it’s Barrrrrrrbieeeeeeee.

  5. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 30th, 2006

    giggles I knew you were going to say that

  6. Hyranxin

    Jan 30th, 2006

    You are incredible and HOT doesn’t get much better in my eyes! :) Kisses

  7. Vicious

    Jan 30th, 2006

    Rhaps is one of the best you could know in sl…and rl for that matter. Creative, smart, funny and beautiful just to name a few of her qualities!

    love you ma! XOXOX

  8. Dianna Fredericks

    Feb 1st, 2006

    I knew Rhap in another 3d world she is a great and loving person proud to be her friend and SL sister

  9. Elle74

    Feb 2nd, 2006

    Hey hey…it’s the lovely Rhaps! Looking great as always apple ass!

    Loves ya momma- *and licks you in all the important places*

    Elle74 *assgirl* Zaftig

  10. Sammmy Stewart

    Feb 2nd, 2006

    This lady is more then a “FIRECRACKER”! She is Sexy,Hot, Open, & most of all Terrific! What a body! The photo’s are AMAZING! YOU GO GIRL!

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