Sex, Fame and PC Baangs

by walkerspaight on 04/01/06 at 11:24 am

Games journo Jim Rossignol recently traveled to Korea, and has brought back the first really in-depth story about PC gaming culture in that country, which he wrote for PC Gamer (UK) but which is currently available on Jim’s own site. For anyone even marginally interested in the future of gaming and virtual worlds, it’s a must-read. Rossignol hits the heart of the hard core — or wait, it’s all hardcore in Korea. Because the country has PC and broadband penetration levels to shame anything found in the U.S. or Europe, gaming and virtual worlds are woven into the fabric of daily life in a way most of us in the West only dream about (even if it’s in some people’s nightmares). We know it’s hard to read anything but the Herald, but we urge you to cast an eyeball or two over Jim’s piece. Our only quibble: it’s Asia now, Rossignol, not the Orient. Sheesh.

2 Responses to “Sex, Fame and PC Baangs”

  1. andrew

    Jan 7th, 2006

    actually Asia is kinda offensive to people in korea, tiawan, etc. they’d prefer you just say korea or if their adamant about it “corea”. They after all different countries. It’s like saying extending aspects of U.S. culture to Canada and Mexico. Anyway, yeah Korea is pretty crazy when it comes to broad band and their pc bars are very well run.


  2. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 8th, 2006

    I couldnt pick a korean out in a crowd, well maybe 50/50 chance and id be guessing. When im not sure which country a person comes from and they are of obviously of that race I call them Asian in an effort not to offend them by guessing wrong. If its not intended to insult, humilate or intimidate then there is no reason to nitpick over labels. Ive been called alot of things and usually people have no idea where i come from or what my heritage is. Ive been called French, Italian, Mulatto, Halfbreed, Biracial, Hawaiian, Mexican, German, Oreo etc. etc. sighs fortunately who I am is not determined by a label. Call me whatever you want but be sweet baby. Be sweet.

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