The Island of Dr. Zamboni

by walkerspaight on 07/01/06 at 11:51 am

Okay, so they’re not trying to push democratic governance in virtual worlds, but over at Democracy Island, which opens today in Second Life, the virtual world may may come in handy in settling governance issues in the real world. Under the tutelage of the New York Law School’s Beth Noveck and the guiding hand of SL resident SNOOPYBrown Zamboni (aka Jerry Paffendorf of the Acceleration Studies Foundation), the NYLS is launching its virtual-world experiment in "online rulemaking." In other words, if you want to stand up and be heard the next time the Man is trying to keep you down, you may soon be doing it in an online world like Second Life, if the NYLS has anything to say about it.

Of course, many Second Life residents are sure to mistake this for an attempt to put a government in place in Second Life, which is never a popular topic. For a better view of what’s actually going on, visit Democracy Island anytime today, as there’s a full schedule of edifying events to check out. Voting optional.

3 Responses to “The Island of Dr. Zamboni”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 7th, 2006

    Walker, you don’t get inworld much, and you don’t realize that in fact the Democracy Islanders *do* have very grand notions of promoting protypes and models and activities than in fact very much *do* want to govern our Second Lives and even First Lives. It’s very problematic in many regards. They plunk down a prototype of SCOTUS and the next thing you hear that they are contemplating how they can settle disputes inworld in this fancy building.

    I hope to be writing about this at length.

  2. joe public

    Jan 7th, 2006

    oooo…I can’t wait…another scintillating whinescraper from the mistress of misinformation!

    >>I hope to be writing about this at length.

    as if you have not written a couple of rolls of toilet paper on it already already….yawn.

    Suggestion: try some deeper penetrating analysis and constructive criticism for a change, instead of rehashing your soviet paradigm analogy…your persistant negativity and constant vituperative putdowns of anyone who disagrees with your theory (there is only one theory at the core of your whole philosophy I gather) is rather offputting, old girl!

  3. Catherine Cotton

    Jan 11th, 2006

    Oh Joy! Lawyer Kiosks can’t wait.

    Read their business model here:

    lawyers, middlemen, oh joy. Golly that sounds like a lot of fun. /end sarcasm


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