419 Scam Rocks EVE Online

by walkerspaight on 06/02/06 at 5:05 pm

MosesinfoEVE Online, the virtual world where scams and double-dealing are all part of the starscape, is now the target of the latest manifestation of the "419 scams" that originated in Nigerian some years ago. 419 scammers commonly claim they’ve got a whole sackload of money tied up in a Nigerian bank, but since the money belongs to a dead relative, they can’t get their hands on it without paying a hefty bribe. It’s up to you, the recipient of the heartfelt 419 letter, to come up with the bribe money, send it to the bereaved, and then twiddle your thumbs while you’re waiting for your cut of the take. A surprisingly large number of people have been taken in by such scams in the real world. Now they’ve hit the metaverse.

MosesNot only does scammer Moses Odiaka make his plea in his in-game bio, but he’s also been sending EVEmails to select players whom he apparently thinks might be susceptible, according to the EVE forums. To add insult to injury, the name of the corporation he belongs to is 419 Financial Enterprises, a sure tip-off, to those who are familar with the scam, that something fishy’s going on here. Of course, those people aren’t Moses’s targets.

The Herald has put in a request for an interview with Moses via 419 Financial’s public relations staff, but no response has been received, as yet. We expect the interview to be amusing, as we’re sure Moses’s rap is only partly designed to soak pod pilots of their hard-earned ISK and is really an entertaining bit of tongue-in-cheek role-play. Still, it’s interesting to see the real world leak into an MMO like this. We look forward to further examples of emergent scamplay.

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  1. Urizenus

    Feb 7th, 2006


  2. whatever

    Feb 7th, 2006

    You have got to be kidding me? People really fall for this shit? If they do then they deserve what they get, which is nothing other than an empty bank account. These people probably really believe in the Tooth Fairy as well. LMFAO

  3. Mr. F

    Feb 8th, 2006

    From what I could gather off the player formus is the mails is ciruclating but there are no know accounts of it working.

    There are some famous scammers in Eve however and would make excellent interviews.

  4. mmm

    Feb 8th, 2006


    Zeppo is a famous Eve scammer from way back.

  5. RB

    Feb 9th, 2006

    This is rediculous. lol. Considering only mostly big noobs would fall for this in game, i don’t see a great amount of ISK being ‘lost’ .

    Let them have thier fun. EvE is all about unparalelled depth of roleplay.

    - RB.

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