Confessions of a Gorean Slave, Part 2

by Urizenus Sklar on 22/02/06 at 10:30 am

In our last installment, humdog took us from her introduction to Gor to her collaring. In part two, she talks in more detail about her Master, why she was so taken with him, and the psychological devices he uses to control her. –Uri

Diary of a Goran Slave, Part 2

by Humdog

A kol’lar is either given, or requested – in RP Gor, however, even though the Gorean Master will offer the kol’lar to a desired female, the kol’lar is said to have been “begged” of a Master. I didn’t know this until I found it out later on in the most unfortunate way possible.

Prior to my submission my Master and I had these discussions primarily because I found that I was very intrigued and charmed with the way he appeared to spontaneously express himself like an old Scottish ballad at times. It is very true that I have always enjoyed listening to this man talk. It was clear to me that Mr. Forsyte was not from Mainstream America, that he did not think every-day thoughts, and that he had clearly experienced life in a completely different way than had I. He was, when he wanted to be, articulate and eloquent. He seemed scrupulously honest. He was perceptive and intuitive in the extreme. He definitely understood, and raised to art, the act of seduction and he also scared me. A lot. The thing that finally made him irresistible to me was that he was clearly very strong-willed and emotionally intense, probably even more so than I am. It was my intuition that I would never, ever, be able to out-will this man that pushed me over the edge into submission. Nowadays I think that this man must have been extremely charitable in outlook to accept me, because I had absolutely no clue about what I was signing up for. Later on, I’d find out that he knew exactly how clueless I was, but that he also had more patience than a whole handful of saints.

About 3 minutes after the collar locked around my neck, I learned that there was a further cost of entry into Gor, or in fact any kind of D/s relationship. This cost of entry to accepting/choosing/begging a collar is, in fact, any and all constructions of personal identity, habit, and/or personality that are deemed undesirable by the Master. The psychological and emotional requirements exacted by the collar are such that they are also not easily left in-world, if, in fact they can be left in world at all. One astute Master has written: “You should realize that when you put a collar on somebody, even online, you are, in fact, fucking around with a person’s real life.” I am not going to dispute the words of an experienced Master. I am just going to say: so much for the myth of in-world only.

I think it is important to say at this point, that most of the writing I have seen about D/s around here has been horseshit. When I say this, I am talking about the long-winded essays against D/s that only seem to make real discussion of D/s ridiculous, and degrade what is really a serious, and in the wrong hands, dangerous practice, into something you do on Saturday afternoon instead of watching a football game or something.

Dominance/submission (D/s) is called a “power exchange” because it is a kind of relationship between consenting adults that is difficult to describe. I mean if you know absolutely nothing about it, you can describe it for sure. You can say oh yeah, D/s is like, He/She says “do this” and she/he does it and its exploitative and all that. OK fine. Probably if you know nothing about Mozart you can tell me that he writes nice music and how he was a smart kid, too. In both cases, obviously, you have missed the point if you say stuff like that, and nothing shines like ignorance.

D/s is a highly mediated, highly negotiated relationship between two persons, and it is absolutely not a transparent relationship. In D/s it is absolutely not clear to persons outside the relationship what is going on in the relationship, and in D/s, appearances are absolutely deceiving. In the course of studying under my Master, I read about, I think, five books on D/s, and wrote a journal of approximately, I think 300,000 to 450,000 words or maybe even more, in total. (I think that’s about the size of a doorstop by Tolstoy, but maybe not.) My writings were read every day, and when deemed necessary, I received feedback about my writings. My Master was very careful about me, and his punishments were devastating precisely because they were specifically designed with yrs truly, here, in mind. He was also extremely sensitive to the fact that I had a real artistic calling in the performing arts, and was, in fact, the best psychological personal performance coach I’ve ever had. I am saying this so you know that I am not talking about some run-of-the-mill jerk. I was very fortunate. Some are not. Most are not, actually.

In D/s, with a good master, the slave or submissive, may appear to, and does in fact, give up control over the process of personal identity construction to the master. This is called “training”. However – and this is important – the Master is held to a much higher standard of self-discipline and self-honesty than is the slave/sub. The Master is also held to a higher standard of self-responsibility. A responsible and experienced Master will never ever inflict anything on a slave/sub that a sub/slave does not know about, and has not agreed to, even if only in a general way through use of some written protocol or contract. The Master is honor-bound not to violate the limits of the sub/slave, and He/She knows exactly what they are.

A D/s relationship between consenting ADULTS can be a relationship of deep emotional mutuality that requires a level of communication and trust that most people can’t do because either they don’t have the skills, or they have blocks. I failed because of blocks. I have lots of abandonment experiences in my childhood, and they basically overwhelmed me because I had put them away in a box, kind of. It is not unusual for this to happen to people because of the emotional intensity of D/s. When emotionally threatened, I would become the five year old girl I had been once, whose mother kept telling her that someday she was going to come home from school to find nobody home. Finding this five year old alive and well in my psyche was a devastating experience for me, and I paid for it in a big way.

I am saying this so you know that D/s is a real process of inner exploration. It is not about showing up in SL, sliding into buffness, putting on a titler that says Master and then telling some cute toon to suck your cock. No serious, responsible Master is going to be that kind of fool. No serious, responsible Master is going to sign up for a case of what is called “top-drop” over some toon. No self-responsible slave/sub is going to sign up to be psychologically abused. But this is not what happens in SL. In SL any jerk can put on a titler that says Master and any airhead can flutter her eyelashes and :smile sweetly: There are, at this time, at least three organizations in SL dedicated to cleaning up after the SL Master and his airhead. These organizations are probably able to speak to cost of entry. In Japan, at least one person has committed suicide over his/her experiences in virtual worlds. Several people in SL have commented to me that they expect, at some point, to hear that someone has committed suicide over events/relationships in SL, and they say that because it is their feelings that the Lindens appear oblivious to human cost of entry/experience in SL. Think about it.

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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Feb 23rd, 2006

    “the Lindens appear oblivious to human cost of entry/experience in SL”

    And many other “liberals” in SL including yourself? It’s odd, hummie, your “confessions” are more an apologia, but then the truth shines through here and there.

    It’s a cult. But there’s help. can start at least the identification process.

  2. humdog

    Feb 24th, 2006

    it is my deep desire, prokkie, that you go soak your head in a solution of ammonia and chlorine bleach. you have no clue what you are talking about, and yet you talk. incessantly.

    thank you.

  3. a new Master

    Mar 6th, 2006

    Very well written article. I am a new Gorean Master – you have captured the essence of the relationship beautifully in your article. The power exchange results in a very, very deep relationship that is not otherwise possible. I treasure my kajira since she completely gives herself to me at all times. In return, I think about her all of the time, teach her new things (not sex-related), and listen to her deepest thoughts and desires (since she *must* tell me about them when I tell her to do that).

    I used to look in from the outside and wonder how a power exchange like this could enhance a relationship – I used to think it an indication of a relationship that’s very much out of balance. Now that I am living the lifestyle, I can see how much was missing. As Master, I should be rather cool about my kajira, but I honor and treasure her so much – she willingly gives me all of herself – body and mind – what a beautiful and honorable thing to do — the ultimate gift.

    I look forward to you future articles as you complete your training and enter into day-to-day life.

  4. MagnumSerpentine

    Mar 10th, 2006


    Interesting URL… Funny that they do not mention Gorean. Maybe the reason for that, Prokofy is that GOREAN IS NOT A CULT.

  5. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 10th, 2006

    Uh, no, Scientology is a cult, for example, but they strenuously fight any effort to call it that, getting critical sites shut down and making phony critical sites to siphon off critics — anything but let the word get out. Still, the word gets out, and it will about Gor some day too. Despite the constant efforts of Goreans to keep trying to suppress it.

    Kinda like Goreans wrote to tripod and got my one-time TSO site shut down, hmmm? Kinda like that lol.

    More and more critical writing is appearing about Gor, thank God, like this:
    which doesn’t even go far enough in examining the RL consequences, but of course, we’ll all be told that this journalist didn’t get the facts straight, or can’t grok the transcendent experience, or whatever the lame excuse is for her being critical of Gor.

    And no, I wouldn’t expect that Rick Ross would have an entry on Gor yet because the Gor phenom is relatively new, and they haven’t gotten to study it yet. Their site is also are not known, as I’ve often discovered, by victims of Gor who wish to go somewhere to tell their tale. So they haven’t appeared yet, that’s all, but all the hallmarks of cultism, and all the known remedies against cultism, are still available to be applied to it. Rick Ross tends to go by reports from victims, though not exclusively, as well as reports from journalists outside the cult, so in time, their site will fill up.

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 10th, 2006

    Re: “it is my deep desire, prokkie, that you go soak your head in a solution of ammonia and chlorine bleach.”

    See, that’s one of the root problems with these ideologies and cults and role-plays, is that they think that others will consent to their violence, and they use their consensual tactics of threatening violence like soaking your head in chemicals as some kind of “power exchange” thrill, thinking this is appropriate outside their context. It isn’t. And I reject it.

  7. Draco Zhukovsky

    Nov 2nd, 2006


    While I respect other people’s opinions in general, I dislike ignorant babbling.

    Gor is not relatively new. The books are over 20 years old and the scene of Gor has been around since the books began. So using the “relatively new” arguement is utter ignorance. Furthermore, the site you mention,, has determined that the The Mormons and the Amish are cults, so I really have to wonder if they think that everyone not subscribing to their own ideology is part of a cult. Hmmm wait, sounds like what a cult would do, no?

    But wait, the one topic you always seem to fail to address…
    BDSM, Gor included, is CONSENSUAL. The slave can, at any time, just cease to stop their submission and get up and go. It happens, usually because of reasons like humdog stated above, but also for a breakdown of the trust between Master and Slave.

    I don’t know anything about your tripod site, but given your pattern of posting here, I would say your site got shut down for being inflammatory, inaccurate, and insulting. But again, that’s My opinion, and you have a right to yours, however misguided I may think yours may be.

    I at least went to the sites you mentioned, and read them, keeping an open mind. Pity you can’t seem to bring yourself to do the same.

  8. S. Ferraris

    Mar 30th, 2007

    “Gor is not relatively new. The books are over 20 years old and the scene of Gor has been around since the books began.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What are you, like 12? You could put another 0 on the end of that, and it would still be a relatively new idea. Go back to playing Warcraft, Cheeto boy.

  9. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    Profofy Neva wrote: “But there’s help. can start at least the identification process.”

    Hah lol. As if you and are not hypnotizing people. :o ]

  10. hypnotist

    Jun 4th, 2007

    Profofy Neva wrote: “But there’s help. can start at least the identification process.”

    Hah lol. As if you and are not hypnotizing people. :o ]

  11. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    Prokofy Neva: “It isn’t. And I reject it.”

    Nice to know your personal opinion. Now go back home and ask your mommy, she’ll tell you all about respecting other peoples opinions and why that is important.

  12. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    Profofy Neva wrote: “doesn’t even go far enough in examining the RL consequences”

    Why in the hell are you so interested in what other people do in their free time? And how the fuck do you explain why you constantly are desperately trying the get control over other peoples lives? Get a life of your own. You yourself are the type of control freak you’re fighting against!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    To phrase it in yet a different way: “You’re having a problem with Your Self, we’re having fun with e/Each o/Other” ;o)

  14. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    S. Ferraris wrote: “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What are you, like 12? You could put another 0 on the end of that, and it would still be a relatively new idea.”

    So you’re like what? 2000 year old, Jezus? You must be wildly excited every time you see a car pass by!

  15. Anonymous

    Jun 4th, 2007

    Profofy Neva wrote: “doesn’t even go far enough in examining the RL consequences”

    Way to go, let’s fight everything that produces RL consequences which you –being the psychological instable psycho that you are– don’t like. That’ll be fun, especially if we take a look at RL consequences that have rendered people dead, such as normal RL relationships. Let’s rule that all out and let’s all go live in your little narrow-minded world. Or NOT?!

  16. K. Jiro

    Jun 4th, 2007

    If Linden Labs wants to play God by creating a Second ‘Life’, they’ll for sure be facing Second ‘Death’s. No Jin without Jang right?

  17. P. Iemelmoes

    Jun 4th, 2007

    We cannot go and live in Profofy Neva’s world. It is too narrow-minded for everything to fit in there!

  18. Lamborginis T.

    Jun 4th, 2007

    We shouldn’t blame him, it’s not his fault that his mind is too narrow. I heard he was born that way. He’s special.

  19. Friends of Flesher

    Feb 28th, 2008

    Slavery is being made a part of SL. Right now it is all just a game, but as millions of people from all over the world join the metaverse what will be the consequences of a few white people in America and Europe establishing slave slave patterns on thousands of young women in the third world who may find themselves enslaved in a anarchist culture that has established slavery as a norm.

  20. B. Lindman

    Feb 29th, 2008

    I’m sorry, but Gor is DEFINETELY a cult.
    You all seem to say that Gorean are willing. That is not always true for the /s part, the kajirae. Indeed, at first, Gor looks like an innocent roleplay game. With some sex here and there. As innocent as would be, on the smooth part, Ithilien, Azuria, etc. and such, but also far harsher sims like Toxian City. However, the woman (the ‘pet’), might at first find it ‘funny’, and it can be of course, when both participants are lovers or just feel something together. Now, as time goes by, and if the kajira doesn’t put an hold (“I am roleplaying. I am not Gorean in RL.”) on Gor, Gor will truly enslave her. This is the first reason it is a cult.The slave will feel she got to play Gor, to please men. First point, she will be hooked by Gor, and later ready for even more. Indeed she will then think unclearly, and stay Gorean, not seeing she is being drained her life. And she will finish by spending all her time on Gor. Truly enslaved. Second point : Gor restricts liberties of speech and mind, before granting no freedom at all. She will be ashamed when she decides not to go on Gor, will begin thinking Gorean OOCly, will not be allowed to keep her IM list, or they will be tracked; and she will end up a nobody. A pet. She will be punished and that will hurt her in real life. Third point : Gor is a cult because they now have total control over the PERSON behind the kajira avatar. Now everything is possible. Perhaps she’ll even make it a real life lifestyle. Now, if she does want to be submissive in real life, I do agree. But if she has been trapped, as I described above, then she is NOT willing. I cannot count the times I heard about Gorean villages in real life. One responsible says that they are all willing and can leave whenever they can, but this is false, for they are hunted down, sometimes even killed, as they flee.

    This is what is dangerous about Gor. As a roleplay it is fine. A roleplay is usually nothing of a cult. People are truly willing. Problem with Gor, is that the roleplay is too often one step to the Gorean lifestyle. A Gorean roleplayer is to a lifestyler no more than a “dumbass” (quoting a real-life Master), or, more commonly, an apprentice to Gor. There comes the fact Gor is a cult.

    Oh, also, the article is nicely written. I congrat the author, and that proofs that a kajira can escape the Gorean system and thinking of her own, what most Gorean men denay, of course.

  21. Escobar Gagliano

    Mar 21st, 2008

    First, I need to say that you have a very very good posting here. You Master was wise to have you keep a journal and I have since implemented that for my own pet. Next, I have to say that the very first poster on your comments is a douchebag. He should go back to campaign headquarters or lesbian central where they belong and leave the rest of us alone. Last, the poster that thinks Gor is a cult…you too are a douche. Go do some research and try entering the lifestyle for a bit before posting such drivel. You are right…in some cases the pet is the epitamy of the slave. My pet is not allowed to speak in public unless I tell her it is ok. This is not because I commanded her to do so…it is because she wishes it. She feels safer knowing that I have her leashed and collared and I make her decisions. I do not tell her who she can and can not have on her IM list, though she and I HAVE had that conversation. Pets don’t get “enslaved” by simple roleplay turned beating as you described it. Most are are turned on by it and are gently trained, assuming they have a good Master, to fill the role. Gor is not a cult for rape and don’t kid yourself into thinking you know how it is. If there was as much communication in a normal vanilla marriage as there is in a D/s relationship, there would be 95% less divorce. Period. You vanillas piss me off….woman beating, abusive, then you up and leave. You’re a bunch of wimps. In a D/s relationships, sometimes a little pain brings a lot of pleasure, and with that, a lot of emotions. Unlike the vanillas, we don’t up and leave our pet to suffer, we reassure them and console them after the fact….assuming we’re a good Master. I also disagree that an RPer is a “dumbass.” Many of the roleplayers want to fully get into the lifestyle, but can not because of other relationships. Here again, we show the tollerance of the vanilla…”I want to shave my pussy and have you chain me to the bed” to get the response of, “You are a fucking pervert and I never want to hear that from you again.” In which case, the poor willing sub has to do without a Master AND no sex because her so-called loving partner is too narrow minded (dare I say, Republican) to deal with her needs. Don’t push your narrow minded problems off on us. We’re the ones that have stable relationships. We’re the ones doing what YOU wish you could. A D/s relationship is one of extreme trust and love. If the Master does not love his sub, then there is really no point and that’s where the danger can begin…not from a cult, but because of literal injury. Even with a contract, I’ve heard of some Masters becoming “abusive.” Yet all of them honored the contract when the slave said, “I’ve had enough” and left. Usually, these Masters are left looking for a sub for quite awhile….word travels. A submissive gives us a marvelous and unparalleled gift that most vanillas could never understand….she/he gives themselves 100%. Not even GOD and marriage can claim that, as shown by divorce rates and the decline of the christian church (most of which just likes to try to beat women into submission as opossed to letting them make up their own mind). Don’t post and make yourself sound so righteous. 99% of you out there are vanilla and it is YOU that are making up the statistic. This posting was to show that there is an alternitive and it is working AND to give you insight. Again, another gift. Learn from it rather than being pricks about it.

  22. hmm

    May 1st, 2008

    I must say that you article is written better than maybe any other I have seen, good job.

  23. hello

    May 1st, 2008

    and kudos to Mr. Gagliano!

  24. hmm

    May 1st, 2008

    or Mr. Lindman, I can’t tell who posted the comment. Please pay no mind to the losers who make stupid unfounded comments. Your article was beautifully written. Only a few who understand can apprecaite your incredible intelligence and writing skills.

  25. Lykurgus

    May 30th, 2008

    Flesher… Lindman*… yes, you…
    Try not to take this amiss, but are you some of those evangelical Yanks that kept calling Dungeons and Dragons a cult throughout the Eighties? And referring to TSR Ltd (its creator) as a “religious organisation”?

    No, really.
    Are you?

    Didn’t work then either.

    ProKKKy, Rick Ross does not twiddle its thumbs waiting for cult members to stampede toward it with their stories, largely because they have more initiative than you. They study it themselves. And significantly, your Herculean efforts have, after at least two years, still not cracked it for even a perfunctory entry on their list.
    Hang your head in shame.

    *(it’s not working B… we aren’t mistaking you for a Linden)

  26. dedicated sub

    Jul 3rd, 2008

    I am not yet collared, but I do have some experience in the D/s world and I can say that it is all about being a willing participant. I haven’t done a lot of research on Gor, either, but the main difference seems to be that men are always Dom and women are always sub, with a little more extremes.

    In my current relationship my boyfriend inspires me to submit and obey him. That may sound odd, but it’s a good thing. I like to please people. Making him happy makes me happy. There is a lot of communication in our relationship. He encourages me in so many parts of my life.

    Gor and D/s is not a cult. Anything can affect a person’s way of thinking. That doesn’t make it a cult. There are people who go to a regular church and end up losing their own way of thinking. Some people are highly impressionable. There is always going to be some abusive jerk who wants to take the title of master and will probably find an insecure sub to take advantage of. That doesn’t mean every Master is like that. A good Master encourages his sub/slave and helps her grow in herself and the world around her.

    It’s a trust thing. And it can change a life for the better.

  27. Sheraka Sirnah

    Aug 4th, 2008

    To add some fuel to the discussion:

    I just setted up a blog where you can follow the live of Shekara a character set up for gorean role play.

    Have a look:

  28. Solar Legion

    Aug 4th, 2008

    Some of us that despise Gor and such relationships do so for other reasons.

    I have had friends that were into the D/s lifestyle who were very badly abused by the one they trusted to be their Dom/”Master”. I have even dated a person who was abused like that as well.

    That first reason is why, when I meet a D/s couple in Second Life or anywhere else … My first reaction is to be disgusted. I do hate how this sounds but to me a D/s relationship is guilty of being abusive until you can prove to me that it is otherwise.

    A few of my more recent friends have done so.

    On to my other reason: A personal one.

    Everyone is aware that the human mind and psyche contain some very base and very dark segments that are best left alone if they cannot be controlled. In some these segments are far worse than they are in others.

    Why do I bring this bit of psychology 101 up? It ties into my personal reason.

    I am, by some D/s definitions, a Switch. I am capable of being Dominant or Submissive as my mood changes. Now, I personally use the terms “light” and “dark” to define which properties contribute to one of these two poles: Dom/Sub.

    “Light” is defined as having pure affection, the need to please – essentially nothing at all I’d expect in a Dom. At my lightest I am shy as all hell and easily hurt.

    “Dark” is thus the total opposite.

    Of the two defined above, I HAVE been at my lightest before, several times in fact. I have little trouble trusting my closest friends and the one that has my heart when I am like that. I have, however, NEVER been at my darkest. I won’t allow it … and I have good reason to repress it.

    I know myself rather well when it comes to these two poles: I know what I am capable of. My lightest moods do not cause me any problems …. I have only ever been CLOSE to my darkest and even THAT scares the living hell out of me.

    You see at heart I am very gentle, even when in a darker mood I am this way … However my darkest extreme is certainly NOT gentle at all. I have only seen the points that are close to this extreme in Role Play (I do place the tiniest bit of my personality into some of my characters, more when it is someone I actually know and care for). to be rather blunt, I know I am capable of the same kind of abuse that I abhor in others … and it scares me.

    I do not ever want to be like the assholes that have hurt mr friends and loved ones … hence why I repress that darkest part of me … and hence another reason I detest Gor. It is MADE to bring out the darkest in people.

  29. pet

    Sep 19th, 2008

    I play a pet in an SL RP, but not in a Gor RP. While I would enjoy being a pleasure slave for random men who wanted to play with me in a Gor SIM, I’ve determined that there are too many people who cannot leave it at an RP level.

    B. Lindman IMO makes some very good points. I’ve noticed that people very often in RP cannot separate IC from OOC. It gets personal in SL. And it’s goofy.

    As someone who lives in a real life real time consensual slavery arrangement AND someone who plays as a pet on SL, I can say that the SL experience while it can be fun, if it were truly controlling outside of just a fun RP way, it would be deeply unsettling and unfulfilling. Why? Because online is online and it’s at most a hollow expression of a more full and sensory experience. Say you get caned in SL. you can write it out and fantasize and role play about it all you want, BUT you aren’t getting the actual feel of the cane on your backside. You aren’t getting the real sting followed by soft words and touches. You aren’t getting the ACTUAL catharsis. It’s like a lifetime of porn instead of a real sexual relationship with someone.

    You aren’t getting actually petted or cuddled, you aren’t getting actually dominated except psychologically. For some people this is enough. And that’s fine. But you aren’t getting the full experience and you ARE enslaving your real life person into a slavery situation in a virtual reality. By not being with this person in real life in real time, you have NO IDEA who this person really is. It is so easy to lie online, to mess with people’s minds online. It’s especially easy in such a highly anonymous place as Second Life.

    In a real life situation there is a level of accountability that you don’t get online. There is a courtship and getting to know you phase. There is trust that is built up over time. Sure a real life master can still screw with you. In some ways you are far more at their mercy than online, but we’re talking about psychological enslavement here, and it clearly does happen on SL to some people.

    If you HAVE to play in Gor on SL, because it pushes a particular kink button for you, fine. But put some real life safeguards in place:

    1. Establish on your profile that you are ROLEPLAYING Gor only. If someone thinks you are “Lesser” and a dumbass for that, you can question their sanity cause they are spending all their time in a fake virtual world being a Gorean Master. Give me a freaking break! And YOU are the dumbass for roleplaying online instead of trying to be a “real kajira” online?

    2. Have a real life person who knows of your activities who can pull you out if someone sucks you in too far.

    3. Have an alt. Someplace that you can retreat and play elsewhere however you want. Do not tell your Gorean master about your alt, no matter what he says about being a true kajira or whatever other stupid manipulative crap he wants to give you. He doesn’t own you IRL, and if he cannot take that responsibility you owe him nothing more than the RP you are engaged in.

    4. Remember if it goes too far for you, you do not have to accept it. Break the chain before you are psychologically compromised. Remove the collar, and mute the master and TP out. If that’s not enough, go back to the other alt and disable the Gor account. Do not allow yourself to become the psychological puppet of someone who will screw with your mind, but cannot give you the kind of actual fulfillment you are looking for.

    5. If you really have genuine deep submissive needs and want to do more than role play…find a real life master. But note that you have to be even more careful there, because more than just your mind is at stake if you choose unwisely. Your life could be. I would also personally discourage against finding a real life master who is Gorean. Mainly because I have an automatic distrust of the reality button for individuals who live their lives based on a series of Sci Fi novels. That would be like enslaving myself to a Trekkie.

  30. inida

    Sep 30th, 2009

    Hi, I post this comment on SL Forum. and I us to invite to slaves to left the game like ‘slaves’ and to convert to panther women or to make an organization to fight with gor men.

    Hi Everybody

    first: sorry, my language is not english :s

    I want to make an observation that I can’t be silent anymore about Gor Lands.

    I know the lands are private and I have no obligation to visit them but:


    ok, it’s a game following the rules from Gor books.

    Now, change the word ‘females’ and write ‘Black People’. What do you think now?, isn’t it aberrant?

    why it’s not aberrant when the slaves are females. Are females different from black , asian or white?

    I think Linden Labs should take action about this aberrant rules.

    Gor Books Rules?, ok, change that rule for SL, it’s easy.

    Remember that Gor World was written, only, by one man.
    Why not to change and make our equality world in SL, with the same different tribal people , with different culture BUT WITH


    if you want to have an slave and she/he want it, do it, but not under a world rule.

    Thank You

  31. Jeff

    Oct 4th, 2009

    I have just found out that those in Gor sometimes are not allowed to keep their friends or even talk to them anymore…I have created a way around this for anyone interested! The link above will take you to my little stand where i sell a Change Your Name Hud. With it you can say anything you like to anyone in SL and it will show up in local chat for THEM ONLY! The kicker is that you can send it from any name you like! simply rename the HUD to whoever you want the message to be from, click on it…type in the name of the avatar you want to talk to and then your message…thats it! Only they will see your message…and nobody around you will see that you sent it in either local chat or in Instant Messenger…it’s scripted for only the sender and the receiver to see the message…check it out for only 100L

  32. Jeff

    Oct 4th, 2009

    Sorry the link didnt go thru with the above comment…for the Change Your Name HUD…here’s the slurl

  33. JJ Enderfield

    Jan 31st, 2010

    Speaking as one of the pets who is repeatedly unfortunate enough to almost never find a good master, I must comment on how lucky that you are. A good master is indeed hard to find. And as for those who fail to see the point of all of this, who claim that I am trapped in a slavery because I feel I must be GOR to make men happy (B. Lindman >.>) . . . I must assure you that you are mistaken, though you’re correct on one point, I am a sub in real life after having tried it first in my second one. You really cannot understand how it helps to explore the depths of trust and love in a relationship, nor do you know what it is like to suddenly find yourself blooming in more creative areas at your mind seeks outlets for expression. I find that being a sub can be the one of the most liberating experiences.

  34. Kara

    Feb 15th, 2010

    The idea that Gor could cause RL slavery is insane. Im sorry but really can you believe that? And if you do they have nice little white rooms for you people, with big guys to stop you from hurting yourselves or anyone else with your stupidity. Gor is not a cult so get off your high and mighty better than you horse. In SL Gor yes you can leave, you can be pursued if your leaving for another Gor sim duh. if your leaving Gor completely then you just leave, go, be gone, noone can stop you. you can teleport away and never talk to them again, if your leaving one city for another then yes expect to be pursued since in Gor you are a slave and you dont get to just run from one city to another. if you dont like it then either leave it or dont play it to begin with. NOTHING IN SL CAN STOP YOU FROM LEAVING. NOTHING. if you have rlv you can still log in without it and get past the restrictions and leave. I was captured by someone i didnt know and i dont know how they even did it, but when i didnt like them i left, not hard to do. So people that dont like it just shut up and go play your own sims. usually im very respectful but you people dont deserve it so go and stickyour oversized heads in a toilet like you did in high school and leave other people alone. stupid Freaking busybodies

  35. pp

    Apr 27th, 2010

    Prokofy Neva (and likes)

    There are real prostitutes being abused in every city of the world. Prostitution is legal in South America, Canada, Europe.
    Go out of your air conditioned room and solve some real world problems instead.
    Let us play the *GAME* in peace.

    If you are bored with Gor talks, why don’t you go to Counter Strike forums and eat their brains out? Run along or they will take AK-47s and play havoc in public places!!!
    How about targeting Tom and Jerry games? They sure are violent and kids like them.

  36. Gundel Gaukelei

    Apr 28th, 2010

    Never argue with the crazy cat lady. She will drag you down to her level and beat you with experience.

  37. Curious

    Apr 28th, 2010

    Most of them in gor are a few cards short of a full deck anyhow.

  38. Dev M

    Nov 5th, 2010

    I have very mixed opinions about all of these postings so far. One word I keep seeing appear from both side is “pet”. First let me address that because it is the most superficial of my opinions. A slave/sub/kajira/kajiru and whatever else you can come up with is by no means a pet. For the BDSMers I can overlook the term, for the so-called Goreans I cannot. A pet is an animal that you take care of, it entertains you, when it takes a shit you scoop it up and toss it in the trash. While I can understand the similarities between what you roleplay and what you’ve been taught, calling a devoted slave or even someone who is role-playing as one a pet in Gor is quite insulting.

    On to the point. I can see validation in both arguements. Is Gor role-play? Yes absolutely. Is Gor a cult? Yes it definately has that potential. I (a 6 year veteran of Goran RP both as slave and Free Woman) have seen good role-play taken too far. When the line between RP and RL blurs and the “Gorean Master” begins to believe his own bullshit, it’s disturbing. I scoff at the “Real-Life Goreans” the term is an oxymoron. There is no planet Gor, no Priest-Kings, and no Acquisition ships coming to take you away. I understand adhering to some of the ideology of Gor, however isn’t that exactly what scientologists do, adhere to the ideology of L. Ron Hubbard?

  39. Dev M

    Nov 5th, 2010


    I know it’s hard to believe but there have been cases of Gorean slave rings being broken up all across the United States. One case that stands out in my mind is a case where a woman entered her slavery willingly and once the lifestyle became too much for her to take psychologically she requested to leave and be set free. The men running this particular ring refused to grant her freedom and she was held prisoner (mostly by her own fear) simply because in her mind she could not leave unless her “Masters” allowed such. When she finally got the courage to run away, she returned with police, the men were arressted and the women were taken into custody. The case was eventually thrown out because the woman as all the women entered into the slave ring willfully. The other women testified (suspectedly under the orders of the men) that they were all living that way of their own free will and nothing out of the ordinary aside from some alternative lifestyle actions were being done. The woman herself told a much more vivd story of prostitution, drug abuse, and many other things that she had been subjected to. When asked why she submitted herself to this type of life she could only respond that she met one of the men on the internet and he was her Gorean Master. Once the case was over the slave ring quickly packed up shop and relocated to another unknown location. One thing that did come out during the trial, by one of the men’s admission were that they were just one location of an entire network across the country of “Gorean Lifestylers” and that they believed in living “by the book” in their daily lives.

    These kinds of horror stories do happen, not often, but it does. It is reasons like these that many people have such harsh views on what we consider simple role-play. To those of us who are not so engrossed in the fantasy of the RP it is a healthy way to release steam and tension from a normal life. However, there will always be extremists and there will always be victims. To those people who believe that it is healthy to live Gor in the real lives, I firmly say no thank you, I don’t want to join your CULT. I am perfectly happy being Gorean in character alone and that is enough for me. I can live out my Gorean fantasies vicariously thru my character.

  40. Mr Dexler

    May 25th, 2011

    I wanted to suggest if you wouldn’t mind visiting the following store

    or find nadi’s notions inworld

    for some of the most affordable and seductive silks in Second Life!

  41. aideenTsu

    Aug 28th, 2012

    Prokofy and B. Lindman,

    Cults pull people away from their families and friends and isolate a person so that no one can contradict whatever they intend to force a person to think, so can you please explain to me, if Gor is a “cult”, why have my personal and work relationships improved so much since i submitted a few years ago?

    Also, why did I go from barely getting through my classes to graduating with over a 3.5 GPA and being a member of 2 honors fraternities, as well as, scoring in the 95th percentile on my Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT)?

    My life has improved immensly since my relationship. In fact, there has really been nothing destructive about it, but then we have built a lot of trust over the years.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are pleanty of online Gor relationships that can go really bad, however, just because some relationships don’t go well, doesn’t mean that all of them are bad.

    Gor, overall, is not a cult, though Goreans should continue to be safe and consensual in their relationships, as i know that they tend to.



    I understand why you tend to see that as far fetched, but, unfortuanately, some people do use things like Gor, D/s, and BDSM as hunting grounds for what they consider easy prey.

    While i don’t believe that Gor is a cult, as some suggested, relational abuse is a very real and dangerous thing, and when proper precautions aren’t taken it does happen. Psychological abuse, in particular, is the most common, and, yet least known form of abuse and it can get very intelligent and sane people to do very stupid and crazy things.

    Just as the others shouldn’t assume that something’s a cult just because they don’t agree with it and some happen to go too far at times, you shouldn’t assume that if someone gets abused that they deserve it either. You have no idea what you’ll do in a given situation, until you’re there.

  42. EndOfStory

    Aug 28th, 2012

    Old story, fresh butt hurt.
    Autism never learns…

  43. Your Computer

    Feb 19th, 2013

    oh good grief.. people tap the screen.. its a computer.. secondlife is a computer generated roleplay game.. NOTE the word game.. and as far as sucking people into gorean life .. take a turn researching the reality of those playing online gorean whether Jarls/Masters/Mistresses.. or bondmaids/thralls/kajirae/kajirus they choose to be whe and what their character is.. most pick something that they aren’t for a flipping reason.. when was the last time anybody saw a 7 ft or 8 ft man the size of a mountain swinging a battle ax save for lord of the rings movies or thor???? sheesh.. or men running around dressed like spartans from 300???
    tap the screen reality is outside of the computer people not inside it..
    those who live Gorean philosphy I wish you well and blessings.. for I understand the truth of honor and its core value that stands within the codes.. but for the rest of you fanatics.. which by the way a great many gorean’s believe in Christ and His dying on the cross for their sins and use His example as how to be a Man and live a honorable life not the gorean fiction.. but hey.. wouldn’t want anyone to just actually do research and make an informed decision.. gotta love the internet and the ability to pass along misinformation and others run with it making it even a deeper bog of nonsense..

    tap.. tap.. tap.. hello the computer is telling you to go outside and get some sunshine and live life…

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