First Cast of SecondCast Catches a Few FIC

by walkerspaight on 19/02/06 at 10:21 pm

SL resident Johnny Ming’s new Second Life podcast site,, went “live” today with a podcast featuring four of Second Life’s famous Feted Inner Core — including yours truly, for some reason.

Johnny gathered Aimee Weber, Cristiano Midnight, Lordfly Digeridoo and myself on Friday night for a two and a half hour session that roamed from the ResMod program to the new SL developers’ circle that seems to be forming, The Happening (which I’ve just gotten home from), and various other issues, including Aimee’s monitor-licking and Lordfly’s public debt. I’m listening through the thing now, which Johnny must have worked his ass off to edit down to an hour.

It’s pretty entertaining so far, but let us know what you think. And let Johnny know what topics you’d like to hear covered in the future, as this is apparently going to be some sort of a regular gig, to almost everyone surprise. Talk to you soon, I guess.

10 Responses to “First Cast of SecondCast Catches a Few FIC”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Feb 20th, 2006

    Um, “for some reason”? Gosh, Walker, didn’t you get the memo? You are at the center of the FIC now, dude, with the direction the Herald is taking. Enjoy!

  2. Urizenus

    Feb 20th, 2006

    Man, you should have given those fictards a good bitch-slapping Walker. “The Herald is unbalanced.” Geez Amy, people can learn that by reading the masthead. Remove the post six girls???? Is there no sense of tradition anymore?

  3. Walker Spaight

    Feb 20th, 2006

    I prefer to kill ‘em with kindness, ignore the deeply misguided bits of criticism that crop up, and just plow on as I see fit. No matter what direction it goes, the Herald will *always* be fairly unbalanced, no worries there. And Post 6 Grrrls ftw!

  4. Brace

    Feb 20th, 2006

    “fictards” I love it – Uri have my babies?

  5. Urizenus

    Feb 20th, 2006

    Well you can be kind to them if you want, but someone has to point out that what is important from where they sit may not be so important or –believe it or not — interesting, from where other people sit. In particular, while their efforts at content creation may be interesting in a way, a case can be made that what really matters in the long term success of these social spaces is not who makes the coolest content, but rather the nature of inter-user behavior and conflicts in virtual spaces and if and how they can be managed.

    I think it is also telling that the Cristiano hurls the greatest insult he can muster — “you won’t be taken seriously” — somehow losing track of the point that this is still in some form a video game and should actually be… *shockers* …fun. One might retort that *some* people in this game (won’t say who) take themselves far *too* seriously.

    And on the subject of taking shit seriously, I wonder how many trillion synapses must up and fail before one decides that fansites like the Metaverse Messenger are taken seriously and the Herald is not. I mean, call me back when one freaking story in the Messenger gets picked up by, The New York Times, the BBC, NPR, CNN, Gamespot, The Boston Globe, Izvestia, El Mundo, C|Net, Wired News, The Independent, New Scientist, etc etc etc and then Drudged, Slash/Dotted at least 5 times and discussed in some dozens of other blogs.

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Feb 21st, 2006

    Thank you, Uri. Thank you. Now, will you PLEASE come back??? That was fun while it lasted, ok, take another 30 days, puke on your shoes, but please come back.

  7. Cocoanut

    Feb 21st, 2006

    Uri, you should have folded the Herald. You should never given it over to these guys who will just preen each other and the same group of people endlessly. It’s a travesty to watch.


  8. Aimee Weber

    Feb 22nd, 2006

    Walker, I may not be able to make it tonight (or I may jump in late.) But please remind Cris and LF to chant the following for you…

    One of us
    One of us
    gooble gobble!
    gooble gobble!

  9. Walker Spaight

    Feb 22nd, 2006


  10. Kelly

    Mar 22nd, 2006

    Yeah, but the M2 is just starting out, and they started with who they could get to write for them. Now that they are up to 7000 readers, the writers are getting better and better. Their stories will get better, and more newsworthy, too.

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