Real-World Music Festival to Fund SL Events

by walkerspaight on 17/02/06 at 9:33 am

The Foundation For Rich Content — which we covered when it started up last year — is now inviting Second Life users to an Alabama of the mind. The FFRC, which provides private grants to SL residents to help fund “events and projects that enrich the cultural scene of Second Life,” recently teamed up with a real-world arts organization that’s interested in helping to encourage the same, and is now accepting applications for projects that will be funded with that organization’s cash, administered via the FFRC.

Birmingham, Alabama’s non-profit music festival, City Stages, is now working with the FFRC to fund new grants for the creation of SL events that will be associated with the festival, according to the FFRC’s Persephone Phoenix. City Stages (the Web site will be updated on March 1 to provide this year’s details) will provide grants of up to L$3,000 for PG events including live music and other cultural riches.

Since its establishment last fall, the FFRC has funded projects like the Payment Podium at the Shelter, the Holoball League, the Nightshade photography contest, a roller derby, and more.

For more information on City Stages, contact the festival’s in-world representative, Zenigma Suntzu. For more information on the FFRC or for a funding application, contact Persephone Phoenix or Gabe Lippmann.

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