SecondCast, Round Two

by walkerspaight on 26/02/06 at 9:44 pm

The SecondCast crew gathered again a few nights ago to talk past each other, courtesy of the talented Johnny Ming. I call him talented because he manages to edit down our unabbreviated gumflapping into something at least halfway intelligible each time we show up. In Round Two, Aimee, Cristiano, Lordfly, Johnny and myself are joined by SNOOPYBrown Zamboni (aka Jerry Paffendorf) to chat about scripted cameras, The Happening, men’s clothes in Second Life, and why you don’t need to hide your key under your virtual flowerpot. Hear it here and let us know what you think. (Johnny’s cut us down to half an hour this time, for those who may not have the attention span for more.)

3 Responses to “SecondCast, Round Two”

  1. Cocoanut

    Feb 27th, 2006

    Get somebody on there besides the same old same old and I might listen to it.


  2. Cocoanut

    Mar 2nd, 2006

    Update: Johnny Ming has put out calls on the Linden forums for more people to be on the show.

    He still refers to the usual same-old same-olds as the “regulars,” though.

    I would love to be on this show myself, but I don’t have that voice thing (or know how to set it up) or skype or anything like that.


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