SecondLife Game Developers’ Expo: Participants Chosen

by matthiaszander on 08/02/06 at 8:57 pm

As Hamlet Linden posted within the past hour, the participants of this year’s SecondLife Game Developers’ Expo have now been chosen based on the number of nominations they received on the forums.  The Expo, which unlike years past will not feature a professional game developer coming in to evaluate the games and help choose the winner, will take place from March 20th until May 10th in the Arcadia sims, featuring what look and sound to be eight very unique and different games.  This year features the largest range of games of any of the three years of the contest, including many games that are already fully-developed and played by many daily – something that some have already argued is an unfair advantage over games that are still in development.

In the end, the list of the eight games in the Expo and the number of nominations that they received (in the official tally – unofficial tallies have shown very different results) are as follows:

- Tech Warfare by Eckhart Dillon – 47 nominations
- Boogie Board by Hox Hauptmann – 39 nominations
- The Collective by Grim Hathor and Matthias Zander – 38 nominations
- Danger Zone by Rifkin Habsburg – 38 nominations
- SLictionary by Salem Penguin – 38 nominations
- Dark Life by C. Prefect, Mark Busch, and P. Cotton – 35 nominations
- Castle Wars by RacerX Gullwing – 32 nominations
- BloxSL by Moriz Gupte – 31 nominations

From the descriptions given from the participants, this list contains RPGs, word games, action games, classic games, strategy games, and a trading card game.  It will indeed be interesting to see what turns up on March 20th in Arcadia.  Until then, I suppose we wait and let the developers do their developing (or whatever it is they have to do before the opening).

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