Herald Downtime Requirements Exposed!

by Urizenus Sklar on 24/03/06 at 11:59 am

Not just rock stars and Vice Presidents have special needs when they travel. Perhaps you wondered about the “Downtime Requirements” of the Herald Editorial Board when they stay in their l337 diggs at the Driskill in Austin or the Tribeca Grande in New York. Well, in a spirit of full disclosure, and so that the little people might have a glimpse into the lives of jet-setting virtual journalists, we give you…

Second Life Herald Downtime Requirements

+ 2 King Sized Beds Covered in Plastic Sheets
+ 3 Alienware Computers
+ Large Jacuzzi with 3 bottles of Cristal at arms length.
+ All televisions turned *off*
+ One case of Jolt Cola
+ A six-pack of Tab
+ An espresso machine with an Italian barista flown in from Puglia.
+ Repair kit for Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners.
+ Goldfish

(I can’t believe that U2 requests that Moet crap!

6 Responses to “Herald Downtime Requirements Exposed!”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 24th, 2006

    Why do the Cristal bottle’s have to be kept at arm’s length?

  2. Urizenus

    Mar 24th, 2006

    ok, *within* arms reach.

  3. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 24th, 2006

    What a waste of space. I mean I notice lately no comments hardly lately, hardly any stories being posted and now this? Obviously this isn’t real and is making fun of Dick Cheney’s tour rider information that was recently published, but still… What was the point of this?

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  4. Bob the Tomato

    Mar 25th, 2006

    Perhaps the Herald has finally jumped the shark? No doubt when the Stratics forum is opened that’ll be news again.

    There’s plenty going on in SL, if you look for it. You could always advertise for some more staff.


  5. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 25th, 2006

    >ok, *within* arms reach.

    ah, that’s better! Except, you know, Wyborowa is much better, as is Stoli. The Cristal always seems to have this flat snap to it I don’t like.

    Well, I don’t know why you boys are all pouting here. Why don’t you just write an article for the Herald? I’ve just been too busy but hope to come through for them soon.

  6. Brace

    Mar 27th, 2006

    I second the motion. Would love to read an article by Mr. Wallace
    This shit is getting booooring around here

    “What was the point of this?”

    got no damn idea

    I’ma get back to not reading this zine till it get more interesting

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