Post Six Grrrl Rebel Hope

by matthiaszander on 07/03/06 at 2:13 am


The Herald is happy to introduce this week’s Post Six Grrrl, Rebel Hope!  Rebel is a noted clothier in SecondLife, who together with her husband, RH Engel, runs RH Designs!  Thanks to Daphne Molinari, creator of Daphne’s Delights, for this week’s Grrrl.

Who the hell is Rebel Hope?  I am a clothing designer here in Second Life and have been doing that for about a year.  I own a shop called RH Designs with my SLhusband RH Engel.  Most of my RL days are spent designing, making textures, creating new things, building and running all there is to run with our shops. 

I found SL through a friend in another online community similar called Worlds.  He brought me kicking and screaming and I even left and he drug me back by my hair the second time.  Being Rebel Heart in the previous game the name wasn’t available here "yet"….lol I have it now!  I started out as a dancer/manager at the Edge.  Became friends with Jenna Fairplay who was my original inspiration to make clothing.  She used to design and photoshoot and I watched.  I knew I had to at least try my hand at fashion design.  Along side my partner RH Engel we have learned and built our business what it is today.  As Rich designed and learned jewelry making I explored Photoshop.  What a trip it’s been and now totally addicted with the whole process.  Each design I do I think gets a little better and more fun. 

I’ve made SL my RL job now after being in the retail management field for over two years.  This is far better than the office politics and fighting over who is going to get the parking spots closest to the door.  My parking spot now is labled CEO and damn right it feels good.  I have to thank all those who are faithful customers as I could not have done this without you.

Some of my most favorite things about SL are my Starax wand, meeting new people, racing my Dominus, shooting my guns (at Rich), riding my Harley, hanging with my SL family and spending time with Rich.  My personal life is just that so no need to go there.

Many thanks to the Herald for asking me to be a part of this.



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