Capital Punishment for RMT in RF Online

by walkerspaight on 17/04/06 at 1:11 pm

Banning, crucifixion and cornfields are too good for gold-traders in the new MMO RF Online. Though the company recently banned more than 150 accounts for botting currency, a couple of game-masters also treated the transgressors to some in-game punishment, climbing into some pimped-out mechsuits to deliver swift one-shots to the criminal characters. Not only that, but they got it all down on video, which you can watch via a link at this post. RF Online is also putting the strongarm on anyone who’s bought gold or other items from the botters: “In the next few days, following the 150 RMT accounts, we will be visiting YOU, atleast if You bought things from RMT traders. If You had to re-read the last sentence twice you might want to contact us via PM before we reach you. If you reveal the delivery guy, the price you paid including the RMT site and the date you recieved the money we can most likely work something out.” It remains to be seen how many players will be willing to rat out their suppliers in a world where justice and revenge can be meted out so harshly.

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  1. Terra Nova

    Apr 18th, 2006

    Crucifixion is soooo 30AD

    RF Online, an MMO which combines hack-and-slash Tolkienesque fantasy elements with the BFG-goodness of Mechwarrior (Q: What’s not to like? A: Well nothing, as long as you’re cool with the fact that the servers are called “Earth”, “Wind”, and “Fire”)

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