The Nutty Professor on TSO and the Second Jessie War

by Urizenus Sklar on 14/08/06 at 1:13 pm

Oh baby, when will they retire that nutty professor? Herald Paparazzi caught up with him at the Computers and Philosophy conference at RPI, expounding on the history of Evangeline’s Hotel Erotica, the Sim Sorority House, the Sim Shadow Government, the Free Money for Newbies scam house, Uri’s banning from TSO, One Song, the WWIIOLers, the conflict between FalconHawk and Pancake Stryker, the Second Jessie War and on and on and on and on.

To see the Nutty P ramble on endlessly click this link and advance past the 20 minute commercial/talk by the guy pitching lego robots.

4 Responses to “The Nutty Professor on TSO and the Second Jessie War”

  1. 26minutes

    Aug 16th, 2006

    26 minutes in.

  2. RB

    Aug 21st, 2006

    Very good speech in general there. Covers alot of history and up to the present day. I found it quite interesting given the number of subjects involved. Speaking of a certain catastrophic failure, is TSO even still operating these days? or is it funnily enough still running at a loss?

    I still follow the activities in SL on a regular basis through this blog just out of sheer curiosity as i have done since SLH started. Mainly because of former friends and associates from the tso days years ago moved into it. It’s good to keep tabs on what people are up to in a “where are they now?” kinda way.

    Good to see your still active in SL as well as giving speeches and stuff Mr L. Keep on plowing along.


  3. Van

    Aug 23rd, 2006

    Good Job Uri. but.. the names pronounced EvangelEEn not EvangelINE

  4. Uri

    Aug 25th, 2006

    Hey Van, you were recently on my mind. I’m proposing a panel for SXSW that will bring together grieferlebrities and former grieferlebrities with game company reps, and of course you (and JC and Plastic Duck and One Song and BallerMoMo) came to mind. If this panel gets approved can we get you to come to Austin Texas next March?

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