Crocodile Tears in Baku

by Pixeleen Mistral on 25/09/06 at 9:01 am

Lindens claim 60 banned, yet W-Hat’s can only find 22 “missing”
Linden leaves memento at goon gravesite
Banned avatars use IRC Link to chat in-world

by Pixeleen Mistral, Herald National Affairs Desk

The W-Hats remember their own

I arrive in Baku sim and meander over to a small goon graveyard, when — right on cue — Mephiston Loschmidt shouts, “I HAVE NO SON!” and flies down the hill toward me. We are immediately joined by Shaomao Faulkland, Dano Plisskin, and over the next hour an ever growing group of “grieving” (not griefing) Something Awful goons, who wish to share a tale of shocking harm and woe — and never mind those jarring inconsistencies. Not surprisingly, with a reporter arriving on site, it is showtime in Baku — we are only lacking a virtual curtain-raising to complete the scene. The goon community’s impromptu theatrical troupe is reacting to the Linden crackdown early in the week in which 60 avatars were banned. Their graveyard stage set includes homey touches such as a case of Budweiser on a grave, which gives the graveyard a fine college dorm room feel. Is Bud the official beer of the W-hats? The assembled crowd unconsciously arrange themselves into a sort of Greek chorus configuration, and are grieving, swearing to “never forget”, and bemoaning lost inventory now that the Satyr sim has been reclaimed by the Lindens, with all prims of Satyr either deleted or returned. Sophocles was never so eloquent.

Mephiston Loschmidt

I had been to Satyr earlier and found it closed to all, so either extensive delousing is required, or the Lindens are addressing the current server shortage Repo Man-style. The Satyr repo job may advance the Linden goals, but they unfortunately had to delay the drive for 1,000,000 accounts by deleting 60 citizens deemed to be a menace to society — at least according to CEO Philip Linden at this week’s town hall. Perhaps the Lindens have become less than amused with a series of grid-wide crashes.

Still, I was troubled during a followup visit to the graveyard, when I noticed an unusual offering along with the other expressions of sympathy: Sabin Linden had left a simple plywood cube at the grave site. The Baku residents were pleased by this, and when I contacted Sabin, he said, “It’s me playing around, think nothing of it. :) ”. For all the compaining about struggling under the boot heel of Linden oppression, the Baku goons seem honored by a humble plywood cube left by a grave. You have to take your support where you can get it, I suppose.

Sabin Linden’s plywood salute

Signs and Portents

There were signs that something awful might happen, when the Herald obtained a picture on September 17th of a number of Voted 5/W-Hat/Something Awful/pick-your-favorite-goon-group-name avatars wearing group tags that might be considered provocative by some: “Master Gridcrasher”, “God of all Gridcrash”, “Gridcrasher”, and so on. These accounts and others were suddenly removed from the metaverse by Linden Lab on September 19, in an event the Baku residents refer to as the goon holocaust.

While LL code jocks like Andrew Linden are working at fixing grey goo fences, the residents of Baku commemorated the occasion with their own user-created content such as graves, limited edition collectable t-shirts, and a monument to mark the event. I suggested that like other groups in SL they might raise funds by selling the “I survived the goon holocaust” t-shirts, but the Baku group told me that their honor and principles are more important than micropayments in L$. In an impulsive gesture of kindeness — or a blatant attempt to influence the media — my hosts in Baku gave me a couple commemorative goon t-shirts. Unfortunately they are set as no-transfer, so I can’t sell them at my marathon yardsale to augment my income from the Herald. SL and digital rights management systems can be so unfair, at times.

Goonhill graveyard

Starved for attention

After Friday September 15th’s apparent grey goo attack passed without official Linden acknowledgment for the grid crash, one might suspect a certain level of frustration set in for those taking the grid down. What’s the point anyway, without at least some credit? A tactical escalation was inevitable, and Monday the 19th, two self-replicating object-induced grid crashes complemented other sorts of user activities in Second Life — mostly by curtailing them and encouraging residents to seek other forms of entertainment outside the metaverse. No word at press time on whether Philip Linden includes grey goo prims in his impressive statistics on the number of objects created by residents. In any case, this was finally enough to get visible Linden acknowledgment, and start the perma-ban stick swinging. To help advance their political case, some of the banned griefers, including Feem Lomax, wrote confessional postings to raise sympathy for their plight, which they have circulated at the Second Citizen forums. The theory advanced by the Baku crowd is that the Lindens banned too many, and got the good with the bad. But the bad will be back.

Dano Plisskin told me, “The ones that should be gotten rid of, (and this is a so called fellow griefer saying that), a ban won’t work”. We discussed the ease of getting alt accounts, and the likelihood of evasion of the mysterious “hardware hash” that is meant to uniquely identify computers. Then I realized: now it’s the goons who are complaining, too. As I cover the SL Herald National Affairs beat, I have noticed a near universal concern with the ease of unverified entry into SL these days, for some reason. What will happen when Linden Lab resorts to the old AOL marketing tactic of mass mailing everyone on earth three free accounts every two weeks? I suspect we’ll know by sometime around Christmas.

In any case, with threats of FBI investigations seemingly having lost any deterrent effect on grid crashers, and the supposedly “good” goons telling us that bans only egg on the worst offenders, what should the Linden Gods of metaverse do? Mephiston Loschmidt suggested, “They should have a good long look at what the griefers are actually doing, and maybe try and get rid of things that are getting exploited.” This made me think about creating 10 more alts to vote yes on a “fix the security” proposal in the feature voting tool, but I suppose that approach has already been tried. Maybe if we all are postive and only vote yes, good things will happen? Unfortunately, I was in Baku, and these residents are not completely positive. Torley might not like it here. The Baku crowd’s grievances were neatly summarized by Dano Plisskin who said, “LL ban people for political reasons for things that happened in the past and had been let slide until now- what’s the point of making things if LL can just make it all vanish with no explanation”.

Speaking to the otherworld — via IRC

While Feem Lomax was meant to be banned from SL, his chat seems to be arriving in-world even while his avatar is M.I.A. in the find people tab. Just a short walk from the goon graveyard, there is a large prim through which chat moves between an IRC channel and the normal SL chat tool. So while going without an avatar is a drawback because Feem is restricted to talking near the Baku IRC link, he does OK for himself — when someone will pay attention, that is. The [IRC] tag in the chat log below is for people who are not in-world but are hanging out in the IRC channel instead. And so, I found that Baku is periodically haunted by the ghosts of the damned banned:

[20:18] [IRC] feem: listen to me
[20:18] [IRC] feem: stop ignoring me
[20:18] [IRC] feem: hi
[20:18] [IRC] feem: can you guys in sl hear mer
[20:18] Dano Plisskin: pix:
[20:18] Kotaru Orman: Yes
[20:18] [IRC] feem: i mean me
[20:19] Mikko Kralomoc: More like “Lindens ban 60 innocent people, completely miss the real grid crasher”
[20:19] [IRC] nex: i dont think etna-2 has ignoring
[20:19] Sera Ersetu: YES FEEM

At first, I was a little disconcerted by the disembodied Feem and others chatting in Baku, but later I found it useful, particularly when I needed to summon Dano for a followup interview for this article. This tight link between the IRC channel and Baku seems to be part of how the goons coordinate their efforts in-world. Of course, being tied to an IRC link prim is limiting, so when IRC to in-world chat became inconvenient, Feem logged in with one of his alts.

Having someone who is banned log in with an alt might make a some readers feel that the goons just undercut the argument that grevious harm was done in the September 19th account closures. Certainly it is inconvenient to lose land, prims, and avatar in Second Life, but some might think of this as more a fine or tax on certain activities rather than a death sentence.

A certain amount a skepticism comes in handy in our metaversal world, so I politely asked the goons if they could possibly name the names of the 60 or so accounts which had been closed. This would certainly help bolster their argument that innocent bystanders were taken down by the Linden’s blind justice. After the first few names were offered, it became more and more difficult, but within a day they had constructed a monument to the fallen. It is left to the reader to reconcile the 22 closed accounts the goons could recall with the Linden’s claim of 60. Were other innocent bystanders caught up in the Lindens’ sweep?


In any normal sort of justice system, this inquiry would not have been necessary, but the LL police blotter does not publish avatar-identifying information about disciplinary actions, and excludes any mention of perma-bans, so we are left to our own devices in the search for truth. This impacts goons, since they are never quite sure what is barely acceptable behavior (their goal) and what is out of bounds. In an astute or perhaps cynical attempt to broaden their rhetorical appeal, Dano Plisskin said, “If they’re trying for a real economy, a real bill of rights is kinda a good accompaniment to that”. Indeed.

Coming attractions

With my hosts in Baku keeping a relatively low profile for the time being, their speculation turned to what might be in our future. There was a suggestion that the 4chan /b/ griefers might get bored with Habbo Hotel, and pay Second Life a visit. Apparently this group specializes in pool closings, which, given the number of pools and water features in SecondLife is a truely chilling prospect. As Dano Plisskin said, “never underestimate the power of retard in large numbers”.

Given Linden Lab’s preoccupation with expanding Second Life as quickly as possible, dealing with retard in large numbers is going to occupy more time and energy, and it is difficult to see how the current kindergarten justice system can possibly cope. But look on the bright side! Perhaps we will learn if the 4chan crowd has any affinity for Budweiser and can sell that information to some trend spotters. Until then, “This goon’s for you!”

51 Responses to “Crocodile Tears in Baku”

  1. King Frederick

    Sep 25th, 2006

    What about those of us that were . . . Left Behind

  2. Mr. F.

    Sep 25th, 2006

    “If they’re trying for a real economy, a real bill of rights is kinda a good accompaniment to that”. Indeed.

    Once again with the editorialization, Pixaleen?

    Can the Herald hire a goddamn REPORTER, please?

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 25th, 2006

    I think the reason that Philip could say “60 accounts” and this list can only have 22 is that probably many of them have alts, and Philip may have assumed that the alts got banned, too, attached to the same account. Another possibility is that many people not known to be associated with W-HAT or v-5 or any of these groups may have suddenly been discovered as implicated in grid-crashing, too, and removed, and the v-5 people wish to remain silent about them.

    Among the mysteries of this article is why the gravestone says “T. Numbers” but inside the picture live, post-ban, is “Terrific Numbers”. Comments?

    Some names I know from frequent-flying harassment that are missing now from the people list, and are associated with the Satyr game/v-5/w-hat, are:

    Somethingawfulforums Gunes
    Dishko Gunes
    RuthBader Ginsburg
    Haddock Guillaume
    Silly Enzyme

    Funny how the Lindens put the last name “Gunes” in the list during that period, eh? lol They jumped right on it, lending credence to my hypothesis that the Lindens use the last names to social-engineer the population.

    And among the new alts that have appeared and are already documented as griefing and abuse-reported for things like spamming Craig Kamenev psychological help cards, repeated TP’ing, and placing offensive statutes of furries holding bloody, cut-off heads, etc. on property:

    Cutten Paster
    ProCoffee Zhao

    A new hidden group they have is called “Human”. A lot of them continue to remain in “Gay 4 Philip”


    Sep 25th, 2006

    barbeque and virtual pets

    i’m currently working on a big interesting blog post, but in the meantime… here’s some pictures and things.

    first life
    i’m completely updating my photo album and it will take a little while… but i did manage to put all the new photos from our

  5. Royal

    Sep 25th, 2006

    “the Lindens use the last names to social-engineer the population”

    With all that is going on in the world, with wars, coups, political uphevals, revolutions etc. you are spending all of your energy muckraking about a virtual tempest in a teapot.

  6. Brace

    Sep 25th, 2006

    *Yawns…half wakes up.. stretches..then rolls over and goes back to sleep..*

  7. Secondcast #34: Grief Counseling

    The Secondcasters do the news the only way they know how not safe for work. Topics include the recent grid crashing, the eventful Town Hall meeting last week, the Hamlet video interview, and the monthly Machinima Festival.

  8. Walker Spaight

    Sep 26th, 2006

    If you think that’s the only example of editorializing that ever appears in the Herald, Mr. F., then you’ve never read any of Uri’s pieces. He’s the biggest editorializer of any Herald contributor. Pix is only following the editorial policy of the paper: “Always Fairly Unbalanced”

  9. Mephiston L

    Sep 26th, 2006

    –Among the mysteries of this article is why the gravestone says “T. Numbers” but inside the picture live, post-ban, is “Terrific Numbers”. Comments?–

    Sure, i may as well address this as i have no shame in doing so.

    Terrific Numbers was indeed an alt of one of the banned. However, mr numbers decided that rather than bring the wrath of the lindens down on those who were left, decided to leave.

    However, the lindens found out about the account anyway, and had it banned. In a way, it was a case of no harm / no foul.

    Those of us that are still around appreciate the steps that people like T.Numbers are taking to ensure that the rest of us do not get blamed for the actions of others.

    He certainly isnt the only one taking a step back, and respecting our rights to play the game undisturbed, and we cannot help but feel pride in saying that despite what they may or may not have done, we were honoured to know them.

    Despite what you may or may not think, prokofy, the vast majority of us wish to be left alone, and we do not support any sort of denial of service to other residents, however we do feel that handing over anyone that we catch wind of doing anything silly as a betrayal of kinship, of sorts.

    I’m sure that had you not been banned from our sim, you would have at least seen a few common names from your master griefers list on our parcel ban list, as we tend nowadays to not tolerate dramabombers on our land.

    And yes, those bans have been there since before the 19th of september. LONG before.

    In closing, and on an un-related note, i’d like to thank pixeleen for stopping by our sim and taking the time out to have a chat with us about current events, and all the people that have stopped by to pay their respects. We had a blast, and we hope you enjoy your t-shirt, pix :)


    P.S. I am in no way an officer or boss of w-hat. I am, however, a member of the group, and my views are supported by the majority of my groupmates. I do not claim to speak for everyone, but having the chance, i’d say they would agree with me.

  10. Silly Enzyme

    Sep 26th, 2006

    To Prokofy:

    I can’t speak with certainty regarding whether or not -everything- you write is untrue, but I am Silly Enzyme and I can assure you right now I had NO ASSOCIATION WHATSOEVER with W-Hat/V5/Whatever. I visited Baku once and was even given an item by someone there who found me amusing.

    If that makes me an “associate” of their institutions than that makes you one, too.

    Please stop lying. I am not proud of my rampant idiotic actions in SL and I do not want them associated with the groups which were subjected to this ban. If I am no longer on the people list (I haven’t attempted to log in in quite some time), I am willing to bet I wasn’t in it on 9/18 either.

    -Silly Enzyme

  11. Dano Plisskin

    Sep 27th, 2006

    HYPOTHESIS! thankyou prok, i have been trying to remember that word all day.

    it’s funny you mention ruthbader ginsburg, really. just after the bannings she was loitering around on the edges of baku and TPing away whenever one of us went to see what was going on. i thought it was one of your alts hoping to catch our masterplan for vengeance or whatever. *shrug*

  12. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 27th, 2006

    I’ve never been to Baku. I’ve never found W-hat amusing. Nor willingly taken any items from them.

    Silly Enzyme is on record in the Something Awful forums showing his affiliation and planning. *Shrugs*.

    Some more names to watch as W-HAT revived accounts/new alts, all involved in continuing to grief me:

    –Grid Apocalypse — now WHAT were those funny Lindens thinking of when they put in THAT name? Are they trying to TELL us something with this social-engineering name list???
    –Procoffee Zhao (hey, now THAT’s clever! Pro-coffee get it? har har)
    –Cutten Paster
    –Mephisto Louch
    –Major Senior – he’s contemplatin buying Satyr back
    –Mikko Kralomoc
    Hernando Ricardo

    Here’s some of their actions, abuse-reported:

    o putting an effigy of my RL self as a purported cat lady in the form of a Prokofy bear, and putting a furry bearing a cut-off bloody furry head and a big knife, on my lawn and tenant’s lawns
    o spamming me with Positive Mental Health cards
    o god-mode stalking me and harassing me while AFK, taking pictures, etc.
    o joining groups with ill intent, not to rent but spam group IMs or bother people

  13. Silly Enzyme

    Sep 27th, 2006


    Yes, I am a SomethingAwful member. No, I am not nor have I ever been a Voted-5 or W-Hat “associate.” I have never been “affiliated” with either of those groups. Posting something in a message board thread does not make me an affiliate, associate or any other synonym you’d like to employ of those groups.

    Are you aware of how many tens of thousands of people are members of SomethingAwful?

    Does it make me an “associate” of yours if we both have Yahoo accounts? No.

    In point of fact, the one time I went to Satyr as Silly Enzyme I was specifically told not to associate with them because they very understandably didn’t want my kind involved with their group. This doesn’t exactly track with your assertion that they were some kind of terrorist training camp.

    Do you realize how completely irrational and insane — and I apologize for using such strong terms but this absolutely fits the definition — it is to damn Voted-5 and W-Hat for -my- actions when my “association” with them has never extended further than the fact that I hold a membership to the same massive message board that they all do? My griefing activities couldn’t have been further removed from these people. I’ve never had any instruction from or contact with them beyond the one time I was told that they didn’t wish to associate with me.

    Hey, we’re all here, posting on the SL Herald. By your logic, that means we must all be on the same team, right? Because all the people who use a specific message board MUST be united in their beliefs and intentions, right?

  14. Major Senior

    Sep 27th, 2006

    Uhm, I would like to clarify something. Someone is apparently slightly paranoid, highly uninformed, and apparently prone to jumping to conclusions.

    1) I am not in W-Hat, nor am I an Alt of any sort. I guess technically I could be considered an Alt, but that is only because my proper last name wasn’t available when I first created, and it hasn’t been available since I created. Still waiting the slow run.

    2) I have been looking at picking up a sim for a while. I currently hold a huge section of land, but it is surounded by 1st land parcels. Most annoying, 1st landers tend to have poor scripts and consume the sim dillatiation. So yes, new land available makes me curious.

    What sort of person attempts to black list/attack people on the premise that they are picking up land? Is this the SL’s version of the Red Scare? Has Prok taken up the roll of a repeat in history? Is it Prokovy McCarthy? Do humans learn so little from their past that they are willing to create another blemish on their history by listenint to paranoid fanatics willingly point the finger of accusation at innocent people with nothing but circumstantial evidence? Come on now, innocent until proven guilty.

    If Prok has some sort of valid evidence that doesn’t fall under the titles hersey or circumstantial, I would be open to hear about it. Should we form a jury? Please, I am more then willing to be subject to peer review for my contributions to Linden Labs, SecondLife, and the OpenSource community at large.

    Quite frankly, I find it interesting that the script likely used in the grid attack was originally hosted on the SecondLife Wiki and apparently has been removed since then. The original script was an artificial life script part of the EcoSystem project, but had the core generation code removed so people wouldn’t abuse it. It wouldn’t not have taken much for someone to have kick started the whole process. I am rather interested in finding this script as people did come to me asking me to revive it and I blatantly turned them away.

    My only question now is, why did someone apparently remove it from the Wiki and then fail to mention that anyone publicly could have triggered the grid attack with a script hosted on a linden server using an anonymous account?

    And for the record, I think the W-Hat group are good people. I have yet to see them do anything that I would consider to be malicious in my opinion. Certainly not nearly as malicious as the slander Prok is attempting to spread, because that is what it is Prok, slander. Is there a rule against that?

  15. Urizenus Sklar

    Sep 27th, 2006

    excellent story Pix. Freakin’ classic!

  16. Silly Enzyme

    Sep 28th, 2006

    One last comment from me, Prok — I’M NOT EVEN BANNED YOU DISINGENUOUS LITTLE TADPOLE. IM me sometime!

  17. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 29th, 2006

    Major Senior is absolutely, totally full of shit up to his eyeballs.

    There would be no good reason to join my group, or come to Ravenglass in the company of an obvious W-hat alt who was in all their little grief-groups like Gay 4 Philip, Positive Mental Health, etc. if he was just on a land-shopping tour. There isn’t any first or “new” land there.

    Major Senior and Mikko hung around stalking me while I was AFK, chatting. Major remarked that he’d like to buy Ginsburg, the renamed sim of Satyr. Nobody who needs new land would think to buy the cleansed and renamed sim of Satyr, a flat, nothing atoll continent sim, unless they were up to no good. It’s a bragging, malicious act trying to thumb your nose at society and prove you are above the law.

    Today, Major Senior was hanging around Ravenglass again, minutes before the tub-girls script when flying all over. Coincidence? Not. This time he was caught. He then spots a Linden and launches into the usual W-Hat Eddie Haskell routine, “Gee Mrs. Linden, pretty dress you have on there.” He flaunts his coding experimentation and drops the names of Sabin and Thrax Linden. No accident, comrade.

    He then beligerently starts up a whole load of crap about being banned for merely saying hi, moving from parcel to parcel and taunting — which is of course what griefers do. He claims he’s there to speak about a “misunderstanding,” but if there really is something, you IM someone politely and discuss it in IM, you don’t stalk them to their sim and then gosh, minutes later, the tub-girl ugly particles come raining down as you laugh sitting on Governor Linden land. Uh-huh.

    Major Senior is either in on it or witless if he claims that W-Hat hasn’t done anything bad. Of course it has. It’s amply documented. I expose it. And that’s why they attack me. It’s sick.

    Invoking McCarthyism is as phony a gambit as it comes. There’s no McCarthyism, but documenting of crimes and abuse reporting them as they occur. They occur, we have witnesses, we abuse-report them — we don’t make up stuff.

    Lindens have all witnesses how stuff is put on the lawn like the cut-off furry heads, and the perpetrators lurk nearby, and they see them — what, this is mere coincidence? They see the names on the cards spammed. They see them in the area seconds before the tub-girl appears, and seconds after the leave the group which they just joined to exploit.

    Besides, during the McCarthy era, whatever hysteria and witch-hunting there was, there were also plenty of cases of actual communists who did actual damage was could be seen by the Venona files and many testimonies later from former KGB agents who ran them. The M.O. was always to hide out in front groups that had a neutral or even good reputation and use them as operational bases to pursue their own agenda.

    Please open-source your way off my sim, you little scumbags and put away your tub-girls or you will lose your access like your little partners in crime.

  18. Major Senior

    Sep 29th, 2006

    Actually Prok, I am not banned. I was given a 1 hour timeout for saying “hi” to you. It is terribly impolite to give falsehoods to people, though at this point I am fairly certain you are far enough along in your McCarthy’ism to not care about any truth but your own.

    Yes I know of the W-hat group, I have been hanging out with them quite extensively as of recent. One of their members wrote a very nice tool called ‘lslint’ that is simply wonderful as a scripting aid. I myself maintain a collection of Second Life tools for the Linux community, as well as maintain syntax rules for the ViM editor to make it work with ‘lslint’. So my knowledge of W-Hat, and my association with them, sort of has a natural root.

    Your claims about my want to purchase ginsburg are quite humerous. As you have mentioned, land is land. What is/was/can be purchased is completely irrelivant. My logs show, as do yours .. though I do believe you would never admit it to public, show that I did not inquire about buying Satyr directly, I mentioned that I was looking for land. The person whom I was with (someone who was trying to locate you to talk to you for whatever reason) mentioned I should buy Satyr and told me its new name. Also, my logs show that I was not capable of locating it in the search under its new name, or its old name. I was really curious as to where its location was more then anything. Honestly I think in the long run I will end up picking up a region somewhere off of the mainland, likely to do continent building. But that is neither here nor there, and who wants to let the little things like facts get in the way of the religious march you have taken up so vigerously.

    This is quite a curious situation really. I reread this article a few times and decide that there was just some misunderstanding at this point. So I did a Search for your name, located your favorite picks, picked the first one, and flew to the green dots on the mini map. Lo and behold, there you where. If you wish to avoid being found, you might want to think about not advertising your favorite hangouts in your profile. Anyway, I said “hi” and you banned me from the parcel. I was rather shocked really, and tried to express my shock when I said ‘excuse me, you seem to have banned me from your parcel”, when Teeple Linden appeared. You made quie a few rude remarks and accusations, and flew away, Teeple Linden teleported out, and I was about to teleport out when you flew towards me again. So I waited, and then I was kicked from the grid. I suppose you will call me a liar and a skum bag some more, and I suppose you wont produce the logs to disprove any of it, after all, it wouldn’t disprove anything but your own claims.

    If you want I can produce the logs for everyone else to look at and decide, or you can. I assume that if we both post logs that no one can be accused of modifying them. I somehow dobt you would ever do that though, as it would be blatantly clear to all involved that you have no basis for any accusations. Just as it was blatantly clear that McCarthy was a dillusional paranoid when they started airing his “communist trials” live. People stopped believing in him or his accusations after that. One of the reasons I am more for open disclosure on these issues. Frauds and liars are made apparent when the evidence is made public. I hate to break it to you, but having a belief is not against the law. Communism is also not against the law. Also, you should likely go re-evaluate some of your history. Communism wasn’t what the real problem was, the problem was the Soviet espionage ring. Such a ring could have existed under any form of goverment, but it was communism that was singled out. I suppose you will be trying to convince people next that Eric Blair (aka George Orwell), Donald Trumbo, and numerous others should have been persecuted and burned at the stake because they where admitted communists/socalists, and thus must have had something to do with Russia and the KGB. On the other side of the coin, you would be having to admit that W-Hat itself is not necessarily a bad group, or a problem in an of itself, but that it may have some people in it that are of less then savory charactor. It does open up a rather interesting can of worms I suppose, denounce some rather interesting figures in history, some of them quite awesome and beneficial, or acknowledge that a groups design, charter, and goals should be the basis for passing a personal judgement against a group. While an individuals words, actions, and reactions should be used for passing judgement on an individual. I for one am not fond of groups, or people, who single out any other group of people as a soul subject of ridicule (technically I am not really fond of groups in general, or social circles, or crowds, but again I digress). I am certain you know of a few famous groups in this area. If you are incapable of thinking of any I can give you some hints. White sheets with hoods, burning crosses, swastika’s, blue eyes, blonde hair. Quite frankly my current impression of you from how you have treated me alone, puts you pretty much in this sort of ball park of mentallity, though really, the McCarthy’ism in the second Red Scare wasn’t much different in the end. Let’s just crucify all groups of people based on the acts of a few! Does anyone trully want this sort of behavior to become common place in Second Life. I for one am very concerned about the idea that someone can point a finger, and get someone banned with no evidence. No Judge, no jury, just execution, and no disclosure. Let the Second Life Witch Hunt begin? I might beed to improve my castle defenses against fascists and biggots.

    I also do not recal saying W-Hat has done nothing bad. Quite to the contrary, I never mentioned anything about their behavior as a group except that I thought that they are decent people. My exposure to them is indeed quite limited though. A few of them claim I am “weird”, and more then once they have proclaimed “he’s deffinately not a goon”. Not that any of that matters to you apparently, all must be guilty through association. I suppose you will need to work on getting Sabin Linden and Thrax Linden banned by the way. By your own guilt through association, they must be W-Hat “goon’s” and taken care of as quickly as possible before they bring harm to you. I mean goodness, they actually touch the code that Second Life runs. Think of all the bad things they could nest in their in their attempts to be malicious!! Please, when will the stupidity of blind, baseless accusations end?

    Oh yes, and I suppose you should be happy to hear that I have gone through due process and filed abuse reports against you for intolerance, as well against Teeple Linden for abuse of liason power. Logs of the matter will show that I am indeed telling the truth. Though I trully do wish there was better disclosure. It seemed like the only proper thing to do really, someone breaks the rules, you file the report and go about doing your own thing again. The past is dead, let it die. Spend to much time living in the past, and you will find that you aren’t living at all in the current, which leaves nothing for the future. By the way, if you or your Linden friend end up banned, please let me know. I find I am curious if Linden Lab’s actually holds Linden’s accountable for their own actions.

    Anyway, as it is painfully apparent that you are a person who is not about to let little things like logic, reason, or thought, stand in the way of your tacit assumptions. You seem to find more self justification for whatever personal problems you have by pointing fingers at innocent people. So, I will gladly stay back in my castle in Tidbits doing my own thing. If you should decide you do want to talk, please feel free to stop by. Everyone is always welcome, and I have never had to ban anyone yet for any reason. Odd how that works out I suppose.

    P.S. What are tub girls? Sorry for my ignorance, but I rarely get out much. As I mentioned before, I tend to stay locked up in my castle writing scripts for people and acting as a private tutor for those willing to learn and improve their personal skills. Though I can assure you, whatever tub girls are, I had nothing to do with it at all, not that i expect you to believe me. As I mentioned before, you aren’t about to let little things like evidence, thuoght, logic, or reason get in the way of your religious mission .. whatever it may be.

  19. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 29th, 2006

    Gosh, just out land shopping and just happen to go to Ravenglass out of 3500 sims and just happen to discuss buying, gosh, of all sims, the deloused sim of Satyr, renamed Ginsburg because gosh, you just need land, and land is land *shrugs*. It’s just data.


    “W-Hat itself is not necessarily a bad group, or a problem in an of itself, but that it may have some people in it that are of less then savory character.”

    It’s interesting that W-hat, which engages in all the classic “Big Lie” and other Bolshevik techniques, also is an apologist for communism and whitewashing the Soviet Union. Curious, that — but perhaps not, a Leninist group is a Leninist group, even if the ignorant young people who participate in them now don’t even know anything about Lenin. I guess they don’t teach history in schools to young people anymore, and they don’t read books.

    I’d like to see their supervisors — if they have them in that funhouse — take a closer look at the activities, groups, and friendships of Sabin and Thrax Linden with an aim to ensuring that even the *appearance* of collaboration with griefers is removed, if in fact not the *actuality*. WTF is Sabin doing rezzing prims on graves of asshole griefers? Why is Thrax in a communist military RP group? Huh? This is “for work”?

    Your endorsement and name-dropping of these Lindens sure isn’t a good advertisement for their bona fides, that’s for sure.

    SL is a big place. Your being found in a sim twice within 2 days, each time at the time of tub-girl attacks, is a pretty funny coincidence. And you’re that stupid and ignorant and self-sure, that you think people will buy your Eddie askell routine?

    Oh, I’m not at all afraid of posting logs, and submitting them to abuse-report, because they are damning, especially in the pattern of activity you’re shown.

    I hope your hour-long time-out has sent the right message — stop fucking with me and my tenants and breaking the TOS if you wish to remain in SL playing script-kiddy.

  20. Royal

    Sep 29th, 2006

    Someone recently floated over into Prokofy Neva’s land and said “hi” to them. They were immediately banned.

    But *we’re* the Leninist fascists.

    (p.s. you do not have a penis and you never will, you are an elderly woman)

  21. VerBANa

    Sep 29th, 2006

    I finally figured Proko out, and now I feel bad for all the bad things that we have done to her. The poor woman has spent countless hours translating Russian books…so she is quite learned in that subject. Anyone who spends that long wading knee deep in Communist propaganda, though, is going to come out with issues.

    BTW, Prok, how’s the water today?

  22. Major Senior

    Sep 29th, 2006

    No, I wasn’t out land shopping. I was out hanging with a person, the person was looking for you. So we looked you up in your favorite picks, flew to the green dots, and there you where at yor first pick. You where AFK, so we politely talked to eachother waiting for you to come back. You will know this is all we did, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to harp on something so bizare as my inability to locate a single sim to check out its location. There was nothing else done. Yah I was tagging along, yes they where looking for you to talk, yes I hopped around your favorite picks. I don’t know who you are, and I am prone to do things like travel around peoples picks when I am outside of my land. It is an oppertunity to see new places and meet new people. See what sort of things people like, what they enjoy. I have run across a number of really neat places that way that I have placed in my picks. Humerously, my picks list is longer then my folder of landmarks. Doh .. I am distracting myself again.

    As hard as it may be for you to believe it is still the truth. I have been pondering picking up a sim for quite a while, as was mentioned before. Nothing you have said makes any sense in that regards. Humerously, I still never found Ginsburg in my search. Go figure. Idle curiosity is hardly a crime, and as mentioned, I still expect to do region building off the mainland anyway. Though I am still curious as to where Satyr/Ginsburg even is… Hmm .. wonder what is up with my search. Oh well.

    I really can’t help but point out your sheer ignorance in matters concerning other people. I mean, here I am, not a W-Hat member or anything, being attacked by you with baseless claims. Time and time again you claim to have logs that will validate what you say, and yet here you are just making noise. The empty can rattles the most I guess. Are you trully this self-concious and insecure in your own personal image that you must lash out at others around you in order give your existance justification?

    Yah, not realy odd that you show yourself to be what you appeared at first, a simple minded paranoid dillusional McCarthy’ist. Let not facts of events, or the baselessness of you actions stand in the way of the rightness of your self-indulged personal opinion. You do realize that anti-communist statements such as yours fall under the violation of the ToS for Intolerance and Descrimination right? Must file up some more Abuse Reports I guess, would hate to think that people would actually allow someone to express such descriminitory statements in public and not be reported for it. It is up there with hate crimes, in fact, I think it is a hate crime. Getting some new AR experience though, never really was much good with it before, but goodness can I whip them out now.

    Sabin and Thrax both stopped by at seperate times while I was visitin the W-Hat’s in Baku. In both occurances there was much discussion, and Sabin was none to pleased that they where being treated as an “ear” .. regardless of the last name they wore when arriving (Sabin, if you end up reading this .. you might want to hang out in Baku as an alt if you don’t want to be treated like a Linden when you arrive :>). In both cases there where discussions about fixups to the grid code to handle some fundemental issues. Both Thrax and Sabin told me to turn in my resume to Karen. I am not certain if this was a compliment, or to stop me from talking about doing priority driven 0(1) scheduling with the scripts in the sim’s. I have a strong background in operating system design development, as well as large scale super computing work. I have also had conversations with Karen Linden asking her if it was okay for me to sniff the Second Life network to retrieve the HTTP URL data for streaming audio, you can find discussions about these subjects on the Linux Alpha Client Forums. The Linux client at the time didn’t support audio, much less streaming audio. She said she didn’t know and forwarded the data elsewhere, and I never got a reply, so I never wrote slstream. Someone else did though after a short discussion in IRC about how to do it. But, now the Linux client supports streaming audio, so slstream is no longer needed.

    In the end, I like to think that Sabin and Thrax stop by for the same reason, they recognize that W-Hat as a whole isn’t bad, that by and large they are just a large group of creative people. Sometimes what they create might be a bit shocking to me, or others, but I believe in the freedom of expression, one of those rights we have, or are supposed to have, in the US and in Second Life, so long as you are not violating someone elses rights when you do it. Sabin and Thrax, and as far as I can tell anyone else not on the Baku ban list, seem to be welcome at Baku. Constructive creative conversations go on there, it is quite a rereshing place. At times though one does get the idea that they have stepped directly into the workshop of Eris’ Muses.

    By the way:

    Parody is not against the law. You are quite a celebrity with all the kindness, forgiveness, and carrying you have shown others, like a good and proper christian. Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you, that was sarcasm. You reep what you sow Prok. You have sown a field of hate, dillusion, and paranoia around you, what more can you expect from the crop then the shadows you yourself have created. Jesus taught that the path to heaven was to find inner peace in ones self, and in traveling that path, learning to forgive others for their indiscretion, attempting some level of empathy to see things the way they saw them and forgive them of their crimes. Forgive and forget, live and let live. Hmm, anyway, sorry to bore you with christian teachings .. its obvious you are not a christian anyway.

    Communism is not against the law. Implying that it is even a negative form of goverment or using it in a negative fashion only shows that you must have trully grown up in the McCarthy era during your strongest imprinting period and where brainwashed into a paranoid state by society’s stupidity of the time. Communism is taught about in US schools as being a very good form of goverment on small scales. It has a large number of benefits and is quite popular among hundreds of thousands of US citizens. Or did you fail to notice the similarities between commune and comunism. Next thing you know you will be trying to convince people that the CIA killed JFK and you have all sorts of news footage and and documentaries and newspaper clippings, and that they did it because JFK was going to shut the CIA down.

    Association does not imply guilt: I am not W-Hat, Thrax Linden is not W-Hat, Sabin Linden is not W-Hat. Many people show up in Baku just to see the place and to buy stuff or to have conversation, to brainstorm ideas and get feedback. But myself, Sabin, and Thrax have been to W-Hat recently. Oddly, Teeple Linden was the 3rd Linden I had seen in as many days (kind of natural for me to mention Sabin and Thrax at that point .. 3 days .. three linden’s .. new record for me :>). The other 2 where *drumroll* in Baku. Curious how that works, and we where talking about *drumroll* fixing up the Second Life server code. Crazy, so yah .. Linden’s who have access to the code where hanging out in Baku, talking about putting changes into the code that where discussed about in Baku. Good stuff, I really hope they work on the code as well, no idea how the dev politics go inside of LindenLabs. From an outside point of view so far though, I would say it blows. Users should have a certain range of things to vote on in regards to steering dev, and some things should supercede ANY wants by a user. These things are stabilty, and security. I don’t even want them to be a ballot entry, I want them off the voting list and anything that falls under that should be made highest priority. But alas, they don’t, they listen to, well, the unwashed ignorant masses who want security and stability ignored in favor of .. LSL enhancements to fix up their vending tools, or the pie menu needs to have some changes made .. with .. placement of the pie components. Basically .. they are over worked doing frivilous code instead of working on anything important. This implies upper management is heavily steered by marketing personal who tend to be more reactionary then rational. I really don’t think I would be happy coding for LindenLabs .. having to focus on such insipid user requests when important issues are left to collect dust and be exploited. Grueling hours with no real time to do anything for ones self. Want a script, would end up having to *shudder* hire someone else to write it because there was no time to do it ones self. *bleh* horrible. I also don’t have much faith in upper management, they have taken the stereo-typical approach of ignoring problems until they are pegging the profit margin. They have no clue that fixing a bug because it is a bug, and NEVER having the bug hit by anyone is something to be proud of. To them, its not a problem until someone exploits it and crashes the grid. In that regard, I blame the grid crashes on Linden Labs. Quite frankly, the code to have stopped such a scenerio is quite basic. It was pointed out a few times to Thrax that much of what we where discussing in regards to the script scheduling is basic Computer Science corse material. A point he willingly conceeded. Linden Labs doesn’t use even the most basic solutions taught for a particular problem case even though the solutions are well documented, and well understood. People can claim SecondLife is new and unique, but from a code point of view, its the same old problem space, with the same solutions. Yes, pretty certain working in Linden Labs would be very unpleasant. My sympathies to Andrew, Sabin, and Thrax .. I feel your pain, but am not willing to join you in your suffering.

    People are a part of socal engineering. I was actually quite curious about the statement by you before, on the last names and the Linden’s attempting to do Social Engineering. It screamed out at me, and I couldn’t figure out why, but I know now, I understand it. Do you REALLY think that a body of people who have this many problems just working on the core system, that they have enough spare time to sit around and spend ten times then effort to do Social Engineering? You really are looking for Big Brother aren’t you? The goverment brainwashes people, schools brainwash people, commies brainwash people, so on and so forth, all that paranoid dillusional propiganda. Steering society as a whole this way or that way to try and do .. whatever. Implying the goverment can get a budget correct, or a war correct, much less take on something so awe inspiring as trying to do large scale social engineering .. haha .. this isn’t Civilization, you can’t just click a button and have things change.

    The reason for Gune showing up I suspect is either:
    a) your ignorance of last names
    b) someone thought it would be funny, and yer to blind to see the humor (yay for humor)
    c) all of the above.

    It shows something about you though .. that you aren’t like that crazy old person in some TV show living as a shut in, likely with relatives bringing you food while you tend to an overwelming number of cats that you think need you, even though they are just simple minded creatures who just hang out near you because of *drumroll* free food. Yer not like that crazy old person on TV .. yer that crazy old person in real life. People don’t know how to react when they actually have to interact with the real-life incarnation of something they thought was urban folklore. *shrug* Bit like my grandmother really. Oh well, how many cats do you have anyway?

    Your insistance that these points are false, and in fact completely backwards, only expresses yourself as a dillusional fanatic. Over time you will find that everyone will try to distance themselves from you, a person who emmits nothing but wrath, hate, and fear. I suspect your initial friends will be those sympathetic few who misunderstood your rants as honest frustration, not the ramblings of a paranoid who actually thinks the real world is endanger of being taken over by communism, and thinks “goons” are the Second Life equivilant of a Communist (this is kinda funny .. the two aren’t really related .. even pretending it makes me wanna giggle due to the number of things you have to add to rules on the goon side to make a communist). How long do they hang around you before they stop saying Hi to you anymore? Maybe they fake even being online and just ignore your IM’s. Goodness, what a sad life that would be. Driving all the people away over time by acting like a Hitler Youth.

    Oh well Prok, its your Second Life, may you reep what you sow, and may your bounty be plentiful indeed.

  23. Walker Spaight

    Sep 29th, 2006

    Wow, this is awesome. That is one toilet-choker of a post, Major. In fact, I am happy to announce that Major Senior hereby is officially the new recipient of the highly coveted Herald Windbag Award!* Prok had held it for the last three years, but you seem to have out whinescrapered him right here in the Herald! Congrats!

    (*) The Herald Windbag Award is given solely on the basis of post length, timing and density, and should not be construed as a value judgement on the content of the post, which, chances are, the judges haven’t even read.

  24. Major Senior

    Sep 30th, 2006

    Gosh! I am overwelmed. I won something… I knew all those minutes half awake with too little caffine intake to start the day would pay off. All those seconds are for not! I feel so vindicated, and justified, and .. uhm .. hmmm.. Whichever…

    Anyway, I would like to thank all those people who made this reward possible.

    Prokofy, whom w/out their paranoid dillusion and baseless claims, I would never have bothered to write any of this.

    To nex, who tried to convince me to simply ignore Prok and spend my wasted minutes doing something else more productive, like scratching myself, whom I calously ignored.

    To all those who suffered in physical or mental anguish at the hands of narrow minded fascist radicals with no tolerance for other peoples opinions, points of view, beliefs, or values. The holly wood 10, santa clause, the easter bunny, blacks, furries, coders, witches, alien invaders from mars, characters in anything written by Shakespear, anyone of any religious belief, or lack there of, ect..ect..

    To all those who caused unnecessary suffering on others and set an example to the rest of the world at what it trully is to have the manifestation of evil living amongst us.. people like Hitler, McCarthy, Stallin, Prokofy, and Bill Gates.

    And to W-Hat, V-5, and Something Aweful, without their undeserved reputation and list of enemies, none of this would have been necessary.

    Thank you all!


  25. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 30th, 2006

    The lengthy protestations coming from Major Senior let us know how implicated he is, and how duplicitous, and what a troubled individual he is.

    I’ve come to realize this in spades with W-hat and all its “associates” over time. When I first heard about them in the Herald, I thought nothing of it. So there’s a group that does wierd art, even offensive art? That’s life. It’s like “piss Christ”. You can’t really object to it if you support the ideals of a free society. I never focused on them. Plastic Duck then began personally to attack me merely as a visible figure, in the controversy about the black boxes of death and white towers of doom and such in Calletta. I still figured it was just garden-variety griefing by juveniles.

    As time when on and I saw them get involved in the WTC installation that got many people angry, again, I didn’t think to cross the street to comment — you can have whatever art you like on your parcel. I did comment on the forums eventually, when I saw such lack of insensitivity, and such nihilism, that I thought it was hurtful and tasteless. Next thing I know, I have a WTC avatar knocking me over on my property and disrupting my event with repeated attacks.

    I then didn’t see any huge deal about them, but they decided to focus on me as an easy target. When I happened to catch Griefer Overlord and his group defacing Anshe’s land, I reported them and the next thing they were spewing my RL picture all over. At any rate, it then became clear that a group was crashing the grid.

    Next thing I know Verbena Pennyfeather is coming into my groups, getting involved in all the Metaverse Justice Watch open discussions, etc. He’s an intelligent person who styles himself as a mediator. He makes intelligent and useful comments and tries to make peace, but in repeated and lengthy conversations with him, I point out that he is merely playing a role that enhances his own reputation to achieve his own agenda. He endlessly tells me in lengthy private and public conversations, including my open public discussions on Fridays, about how he is going to help “get the W-hat griefing problem under control”. He’s making a group that helps keep them usefully occupied with “art” or whatever.

    He goes on and on, trying to convince me of his theories about how there’s only a few bad eggs, but he, Verbena, can manage them. I’m skeptical. He also uses silly techniques, trying to flatter me, etc. I shrug it off — he seems intelligent and perceptive, and at one level there seemed no reason to disbelieve him, but yet his persistence in trying to whitewash the group is a red flag.

    I’m then repeatedly attacked in various ways, and Verbena is always there to express his woe and regret. He’s so sorry this happened. It was beyond his control. It’s just a few bad eggs. He tried to reason with them, but what can you do. But it’s not the whole group. That would be wrong to judge a whole group, including him, Verbena, the leader, wouldn’t? Just because of a few bad apples. He keeps up this relentless (typically Leninist) drumbeat for weeks, coming and going.

    When the bust of my RL head was made and defaced in Satyr, there was Verbena, Iming me and clucking and expressing regret. So sorry. Such an awful thing. He’ll make sure it won’t happen again. Of course, I’m rolling my eyes by now because through keen observation, and getting various takes on the situation I see that it’s all fake. He’s running it. He’s doing it. *He’s* instigating it. Then duplicitously going to me and others and putting up this fake face of regret and woe. So insidious and malevolent.

    He’s finally caught wearing the title Gridcrasher, which of course may be a red herring, but also caught planning to execute an attack on me by putting a maze up somewhere or something, and also caught cynically discussing the “bust artwork” without the woeful regret he expressed to me, making it clear he’s in on it. Bits and pieces come together — I confront him, and I expel him from some groups, included one trusted one.

    Soon enough, independently of me, because I can’t abuse-report Verbena directly for anything, and have no way of complaining to any Lindens about him, he’s banned from SL for gridcrashing. He doesn’t seem to deny this. So here’s a study in an entire charade where someone makes a fake group that supposedly cleans up another group but in fact is even worse, and is only using the plausible deniability as an elaborate ruse. Leninism. All the Bolsheviks had body doubles, fake groups, front groups — it’s an old communist revolutionary tactic (and not only communist, but they were masters at it).

    So now the picture is pretty stark to me. Where once I, too, could have credibly said, with the gullible masses, oh, W-hat is just kind of a wierd group off Something Awful, oh, they just get up to some hijinxes but what can you do, the lads are boisterous and among them are some really talented people, etc. — today, I can surely no longer do that. Because I’ve followed from start to finish the malevolent antics of Plastic Duck and the elaborate apologies given for him by people like Huns Valen, and I’ve followed from start to finish an entire caper edited and produced by Verbena Pennyfeather, the lovely little furry girl, claiming that W-hat is good, the few bad eggs are under control by someone who a) pushes W-hat as good and b) claims to control griefing but then…proceeds to do some of the worst griefing ever done in SL himself — and get banned for it. So…it’s all fake, and you can’t trust any of them as far as they can be thrown.

    Thus when someone like Major Senior comes along, he can only be looked at with the utmost cynicism and the absolute unwillingness to take a thing he says on good faith. Ever. He’s larded up his screed with all the old classic Bolshevik arguments, justified the group, justified even communism itself, and those are all red flags.

    His suspicious appearance not once, but twice near Ravenglass right before the tub girl goes flying is more than a smoking gun — it’s a gun. What is he doing there? Following someone else? But…they are coming there…why? they are a member of all the typical griefing W-hat groups like Gay 4 Philip — curiously, what you see now is that person, Mikko, as having no groups at all. Odd, that. Maybe Positive Mental Health and a few others managed to expell him — he’s an alt, though still in the list. And while one visit might be a tag-along that is “innocent” the second visit is…why? For what? You don’t say hi by stalking a person. That’s ridiculous.

    Their purpose in “coming to talk to me” is more than bogus — I’ve had plenty of tps, offers to “talk,” offers to come in some sort of IRC or Ventrillo chat to “work things out,” but after the obvious Verbena tactic (typical for malevolent groups) of “let’s gain your trust then screw your further” you can be absolutely sure that I’d never get involved in such “talks”.

    Thrax and Sabin Linden should not be coming anywhere near these groups. Even the *appearance* of complicity and sanctioning is a huge enabler now. Major quickly began a patter about Thrax and Sabin when another Linden came up to investigate what the hell he was doing in Ravenglass *again*. All of this banter about NMC and all the rest is sheer speculation — we have no evidence he’s really related to them at all, because one of the things that pathologically insecure and disturbed people who harm others do are keep up their lies, deep lies, and they even begin to believe their own lies and grandiose thoughts that someone is actually going to hire them for some big programming job, etc.

    Association in fact *does* imply guilt when you have enough documentation. I wouldn’t have ever thought of Verbena as a griefer. He was in an objectionable group; but hey, objectionable groups abound in SL, you have to be tolerant. I invited him to my home, we had many interesting talks. I sympathized with his story (possibly fake, we can’t check it) about serving in Iraq. Possibly serving in Iraq, especially after this second or multiple tour of duty and being injured to boot may have made him unhinged.

    He’s now (or perhaps always was) an unadulterated griefer. He’s threatening that someone will be put in the water; and it is; we spent hours searching through water to get rid of nasty tub girl scripts once again tonight, with Verbena getting off his sick rocks with glee at causing suffering not only to me, but innnocent people who had never heard of him and therefore have no quarrel with him — that’s how terrorism works.

    Now we no doubt have a first — a banned SL resident using the pages of the Herald to issue a threat and organize it within SL on alts or with accomplices, and making good on that threat.

    Another tactic common in those trying to apologize or push extremist agendas is bullying another over their own beliefs, trying to trap them or humiliate them with what they imagine is some big hole in their beliefs, or some huge discrepancy between their beliefs and behaviour. Hence the frequent tactic of people in extremist groups saying, oh, you’re a bad Christian. Why, Jesus Christ would have turned the other cheek. Such extremists themselves don’t believe in Christ; don’t follow His teachings one whit; have no idea of the whole of the ideas, but merely try to bludgeon an enemy with what they think is some sort of shaming technique.

    When Christianity fails them with metaphors and means to shame, they turn to Buddhism. Now it’s karma — and the idea that you reap what you sow, that your allegedly bad actions to them in particular — all bogus — are now going to cause “bad karma”. Of course, the bad karma isn’t administered from the universe or God; it’s actually just deliberate griefing engineered by VerBANa and others lol — hardly karma, when it is planned by humans who have arrogated to themselves the idea that they can dispense retribution to others.

    Now comes further grandiose thinking, and imagination of great powers of insight, over even an entire software company with dozens of the country’s best gaming 3-d programmers inside it.

    “Linden’s who have access to the code where hanging out in Baku, talking about putting changes into the code that where discussed about in Baku. Good stuff, I really hope they work on the code as well, no idea how the dev politics go inside of LindenLabs. From an outside point of view so far though, I would say it blows.” And further claims to be oh-so-knowledgeable — more knowledgeable than Lindens! — about the code.

    This always makes me chuckle. It’s so juvenile, and such a male machismo type of thing — trying to best someone on the knowledge of some arcane field and prove you know better. This is so common in SL, and one has to laugh at the childish assumptions being made.

    Imagine, a low-life asswipe like Major Senior, some kid with insecurity problems, low self-esteem, and a propensity for griefing and serving as an apologist for griefers, dissing someone like the brilliant Andrew Linden. Another red flag.

    The Lindens do socially-engineer with the names, quite deliberately. Gunes is Gunes. God knows why “Apocalypse” is in the list now, but perhaps some of them fear LL is going to be forced to close or sell out.

    I’m not sure how the idea that I’m a “cat lady” got any traction — I don’t like cats. I find them annoying, and barely tolerate them.

    If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have any. It’s really none of your business how many cats I have, but I don’t care about cats so I don’t mind saying that my kids have two, one for each of them. They take care of the cats — I ignore them. One of them was found as a newborn kitten somehow separated from her mother with her eyes still shut in a parking lot right before 9/11, and my young daughter clung to her for days as something to focus on during that tragedy. In fact, on 9/13, we followed Mayor Guiliani’s advice to go about business as usual and go and buy stuff, and we went out and bought things for that kitty.

    The other cat was abused evidently and was found in some house cowering and not even meaowing. She was given as a present to my son when he got out of the hospital once to help him also focus on a fun thing during recovery. Both my kids spend a lot of time playing with the cats, they love them, as little kids do. So I keep them because they’re important to my children.

    Just as your story about me being a “cat lady” is false, so are many other crazy notions about me. But my notion that the W-hat factions and their insidious tactics are like a virtual equivalent of Bolshevik tactics isn’t crazy at all. It’s merely recognizing some of the classic historical means of evil that some people have used to harm others.

    I’ll tell you what blows — Lindens hanging out in Baku before, during, and after the mass banning of what they claim is 60 people (seems more like 25, but each likely had other alts). Why are they doing this? I think it’s pretty bad politics for them to be doing that now. I realize Philip may have as much trouble as Verbena *cough* reining in his creative and fun lads in the dev department *cough*. But really, a little more discipline is in order.

    I’m also quite certain that Lindens on a mission of good-faith just to see what these W-hat people are up to and try to thwart them from griefing could easily be characterized falsely by those griefers as somehow aiding and abetting them. I guess we’ll never know the truth about this.

  26. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 30th, 2006

    Hey! I never got any Herald Windbag Award! That sounds fake! *Narrows eyes suspiciously*. I want a prim sculpture of a windbag, please. In goldplate. Delivered to my inventory. *Taps foot*.

  27. Major Senior

    Sep 30th, 2006

    I dunno Prok, you ramble a lot, but you aren’t saying much. If you are telling me you don’t teleport to people to go see whats up, I think I would have to call you a liar. Yes sometimes I message people, sometimes I IRC with them, sometimes I send email, and sometimes I teleport in. Pretty much plain and simple, sometimes I do different things. I actually think it might be partly tied to if I am hanging out on my land or not. Spend weeks there building, when you decide to take a break, IM’s and stuff are not the flavor of the week. Oddly, I havn’t been much in the castle recently, not certain I need to explain much more, its a stupid subject and there is no point to keep harping on it. People go places, you do, other people do, whichever. If I am directly teleporting TOO a friend, I might check with them first, since teleporting directly in on someone is a bit rude. But teleporting to someones favorites to go fly around and find them on the map? You are claiming that is rude to teleport to a public location, and just go fly from place to place? Find an argument that holds some water please.

    As to my programming abilities, I did not say I was better then the Linden’s. Though perhaps it could have been interpretted that way. I believe my point was made quite clear, that solutions to some problems are well documented, and well outlined, and taught in schools, academics, ect.. You fail to realize that what a programmer is capable of doing, and what a programmer are told to do don’t necissarily produce the best results in code. This would be a lesson in life experience a programmer would have, and sadly understand. It is one of those pouring of the beer onto the ground situations. We try to do our best, and we know what the RIGHT way to do something is, but sometimes you get stuck working with someone elses very wrong code, or you have to complete a deadline and you end up using dirty *hacks* instead of the right solution hoping you can get rid of it later, but you ran out of time and it is stuck there for good. Maybe now its some other poor suckers job to come along and try to clean up your dirty hack before some deadline. Thats the way of it. Very few companies .. and I mean .. I can think of maybe 1, encourage an environment that developes code differently. The rest .. well .. thats corperate programming. On the other hand, I have only been programming for 22 years, so yah, what do I know. Doh .. I think I just let out that I am not a kid either. Oh well, another of your baseless claims gone.

    As to my comment about them us talking about code, this is entirely true and accurate. Thrax and a number of us talked about a variety of things that could be done in regards to scheduling script execution. I am rather family with scheduling work and message passing due to fairly extended experience in writing operating systems. It is funny how you ignored my comment of “3 linden’s in 3 days” and instantly pointed out that what I said was apparently beyond your understanding, and decided I was trying to insult you, or act superior in any way. Terms like 0(1), 0(n) are mathmatical terms for time complexity. Its not high and mighty, its an expression of effeciency. If it confused you, ignore it and move on. The point is, I do hope thrax works on what was talked about because I believe it would be beneficial to the core system as a whole. Unfortunately, any such project wouldn’t see fruitation for quite some time, but knowing it is being worked on, is just sort of comforting in some odd way.

    As to my knowing anyone associated with, or affiliated with NMC, yes, you only have my word on it, and my group membership. You will find that I am a member of Leper Colony, a group started by me, and Thought Crime, a group started by an NMC member. Yes, I know, I hate to put you on a spot for pointing out something so obvious, but you did walk into it. Congradulations, you made my point for me. Oh yah, maybe you could look at the other members of Thought Crime and tell me how many NMC members you see?

    Lastly, I never told you to care about W-Hat, or V-5, or anyone else, or forgive them. Your opinions are your own, and I don’t really care much about someones opinion who doesn’t care about mine. Its pretty cut and dry. Hate who you want, dispise who you want, nothing I say or anyone is going to say will change that, and I don’t think I really ever tried. If you read my words that way, then that was your own misunderstanding. I simply stated a truth, as I saw it, and oddly, as apparently the Linden’s see it. But since you are apparently slow and think this is something else, we can start over:

    1) I am not, and never have been in w-hat, v-5, SA, or what ever. I didn’t even know about the other two outside of w-hat until recently. And I found out about w-hat via lslint. The lslint tool happens to be on the Linden Wiki by the way. Just thought I might want to point that out for you incase you want to continue insisting W-Hat hasn’t done anything good. Or incase you decide you need to persue your religious stupidity further.

    2) You keep insisting that 2 people, sat next to you you, while you where AFK, for how many minutes, and did nothing to you, except talk to one another, and that is griefing? If you where away, wouldn’t it have been possible for someone to do something? Push you, put you in a trap, decorate your body with prims, anything? Does the logic in your mind convince you that 2 people sat talking to one another harmlessly waiting for an agent to log out is now a form of griefing, that we had nothing better to do? My oldest doesn’t come up with this sort of labotomy logic. You yourself has said it, we sat there talking to one another, waiting for you to come back so they could talk to you about whatever. I never asked what they wanted to talk to you about, and quite frankly, I never cared. Others peoples biz isn’t my biz. I didn’t ask, they didn’t offer, end of story.

    3) After you, apparently, blacklisted me in your own apparent way, I came back to where you where before to try to smooth the waters. And as I have said, and as you have failed to deny, all I said was “hi” before you parcel banned me. Is this not the truth, did I say a single thing that was slanderous, rude, cruel, did I even say anything vulgar? I didn’t ask you to be my buddy, I certainly wont lie about the fact that I don’t think I would ever ask you to be on my friends list. Your narrow minded behavior is in short appalling. Besides, I like my nice closed up time away from people. My friends know where to find me, if I have an urge to go somewhere, I usually do. But the last thing I like is someone tossing around my name with false claims. You posted my name after I did .. uhm .. what was it again? Oh yah .. fly next to you talking to someone else harmlessly, while you where AFK. And I ended up on your hatelist. Hmm, yes, thats right, thats how this all got started. By the way, it is terribly rude to ignore people, so I felt obligated to reply to your paranoid dillusional lies.

    4) Did you bother checking to see who the owner of these tubdoll things or whatever? Did you know you have this ability to do exacly that with the right mouse button on your mouse? Oh, let me guess, you never brought that up because, low and behold, it wasn’t me. I am pretty certain I can tell it wasn’t me because, oddly, I don’t have any such items in my inventory, and never have. Heck, I barely have any objects in my inventory at all. Including the Linden Library, I carry right about 1600 items total. Why is this? Oh, did I mention, I suck at building, I only program, and all my scripts are local on my machines. Recently I did manage to make a semi-decent shotgun to go skeet shooting with, but I havn’t finished the scripts yet. The only further evidence you need that it wasn’t me is that no further action then your buddy Teeple Linden’s temp ban was taken against me. Nor will it, because as far as I can tell, you are making it up. If it is more likely you where upset that you couldn’t kick me off the Governer Linden owned property next to yours and you spawned the items just so you had something to claim I did so Teeple would ban me.

  28. Anonymous

    Sep 30th, 2006

    Major Senior continues to protest too much and only raise more problems than he solves with his conflicting stories.

    1. Twice, he was seen in Ravenglass before the tub-girl particle script went flying, and he is known as a sympathizer with the W-Hat faction (formerly V-5, now it goes by the ill-named “Human” and also hides out in other groups). So his role is ambiguous at best. Perhaps he dropped the script. Perhaps he merely served as a decoy to tie up a Linden and me with arguing while somebody else dropped the script. Perhaps his role is merely to go spouting endlessly of the injustices of Prokofy and his McCarthyite accusations. Whatever. His role is not clean; he has no business coming twice to a sim that’s been under undiminished attacked for 3 days by W-hat with the tubgirl script, and even really juvenile forms of griefing like bashing into your avatar (which is what his friend Prokofy Apocalypse is doing).

    2. Nobody in those groups that have been harassing me for months comes just to visit, or look at picks or anything of the sort. The mission of the ill-intentioned Mikko is never mentioned. But he’s in all the same griefer groups, and he and others like Cutten Paster and such are all entering and leaving my groups to drop scripts.

    3. Scripts, when dropped in other objects, by their nature become hard to trace. Yet, they are indeed traced. Which enables disciplinary actions to be taken.

    4. I have no idea what information Teeple Linden acted on. He certainly can’t merely act on my concerns about someone in my sim whom I’ve banned, who remains in the sim taunting me from Governor Linden water and not leaving. Any notion that it’s ok to do that is completely in tatters — it’s not. Teeple has sources and tools and controls to get other information, which he obviously can’t disclose when he’s investigating a griefing incident, and he acts on that. I think it’s safe to say, having talked to him and given him all the supporting evidence I had, that he acted on the basis of his own information for reasons he can’t disclose but which are probably not going to be very exonerating for Major Senior and his pals. Sometimes Lindens kick people simply because they refuse to cooperate, and Teeple had made it very clear in chat that if Prokofy didn’t want Major to be there in the sim, he needed to leave, since he was banned, and camping on Linden water and taunting was just not on. His refusal to immediately fly away then may have been all the grounds Teeple needed to kick him for an hour — I just don’t know.

    5. Coming into my sim and coming up RIGHT on top of me (I have the picture) while I’m AFK and talking about Satyr and such is not an innocent act. Definitely not. There’s no need to stalk someone to a sim. In fact, there’s no need for them to be contacting me at all, full stop.

    6. The notion that after you’ve been banned, because you’ve been shown to associate with a group whose members crashed the grid several times and also harassed me and my tenants numerous times, to stick around, to return, to put out some lame-ass story about “smoothing the waters” is completely unbelievable. Trust me, I know how the waters of Ravenglass were “smoothed”. Verbena threatened that something would be put in the water to grief me — the tub girl – and indeed it was.

    7. Your feigning ignorance of what the tub girl is, when the particles with the gross picture were blowing all over Maryport and Ravenglass while you floated around there, is well, mind-boggling to say the least. Um, right-clicking on particles from a malicious script imposed on a prim doesn’t “work”. It reveals nothing. That’s not the mechanics of the operation — but of course, you know that full well, being a programmer tossing off your knowledge of Sun server that and Red Hat this and whatever — not impressed. Suddenly, you become ignorant of the basic facts of particles in SL? Suddenly, you know nothing? Please.

    8. Teeple isn’t my buddy. I’d never met him before in my life. I had never talked to him. I literally never focused on there being a Teeple Linden. He was merely the Linden who answered when I called Live Help to help me get the particles out of several sims.

    I didn’t spawn any items. That’s gross. I respect my tenants and work hard so they can have a nice place. They were hugely upset by these attacks. Some moved out. There were side dramas with some of them angry and refusing to understand that removing prims or booting some of them when they refused to leave were necessary to make the Lindens be able to find the particles — they were covered with particles on their own avatars and completely threw off the search.

    I don’t ever want to see you on my property or in my groups again. Ever. Get out.

  29. Random Writer

    Sep 30th, 2006

    And this one still going on too…

    Someone please put out a story that doesn’t include griefing so the novels don’t abound.

  30. Major Senior

    Sep 30th, 2006

    Prokofy, to your points, I shall keep this simple.

    1) Perhaps I have no knowledge of the script you are speaking of what so ever. Has this thought trully never crossed your mind? I suppose you can’t really allow this without some form of double think, since the entire fact that you are dead wrong on this matter implies that you have been wrong before, and will be wrong again.

    2) I am not in those groups, as has been covered. What I do is my own business. Since you are not trying to claim that you do not TP around or look at picks, then you must be admitting that it is perfectly fine for me to be doing that. Any claim that W-Hat or anyone else doesn’t do that is irrelivant since I am not in w-hat or any of these groups.

    3) Scripts when dropped in other objects? Are tracable to the object owner. The only time someone else can drop a script in some other object wontonly that I know of is if the object in question has been settup to allow it. Further more, scripts dropped into other said object that has been configured thusly is dissabled by the sim, and will not execute. This is rather well documented on the LSL Wiki. Said script is not hard to trace, its traced to being owned by the same owner of the object that the owner put the script in before dropping the object. So, you are saying that the object owner was indeed you then, but you have no idea how said script got into it?

    4) Teeple has no resources for looking up anything for an investigation. Teeple is a Liason, not support. Teeple has the same information you do, and a few more commands for enforcing rules. Thusly, any information Teeple had could only come from you, since Teeple teleported out before doing the 1 hour ban. Which is why Teeple was abuse reported.

    5) Yes, comming up to someone and talking while they are AFK IS an innocent act. I was talking about buying land, someone else mentioned Satyr, I still never found it on the map under any name. There was no “stalking” because you never moved, you where ni “public airspace” as it where. There was no crime done, no harrassement done. Though it is nice of you to acknowledge this while trying to cast it as some evil deed. You finally have admitted that I did nothing what so ever except talk to someone else and say “hi” to you.

    6) Sooo, me comming to you because you made some completely false claims about me, which you admit where completely false at this point, to talk to you to let you know you where wrong, that I was not with W-Hat. That was some bizare way of griefing you? By the way, I suppose as a land owner you are aware of this feature called About Land, you can go to objects, and see who has objects on your property. Which of corse, wont show you anything if its your own object and script and the whole thing is a charade.

    7) Hmm, particle script. Fun. No I never knew it was a particle script. Particles are a prim property, they can not operate without an object. Further more, they can operate w/out the script once the prim property has been enabled on the prim. The real problem you will find at this point is that 1) its not at all hard to find said object 2) said object has to be owned by the script owner so it isn’t hard to track down. I suspect if you enable your debug menu and disable sky, water, clouds, terrain, you should be able to find the emitter fairly easily. That is how I locate rouge little things like that, usually takes a few seconds, even if its buried underground. In the end, it does not take anyone long to locate a particle emitter. Particles have very predictable behavior and movement. Any failure on your part to do so is a sign of your own short commings.
    8) Ahh, so what Thrax said makes more sense. Due to the anonymouse issues and with griefers cropping up non-stop, the liason’s have become trigger happy, particularly after the grid crashes. That is most unfortunate, that implies some really bad problems for the current system really. You made false claims, and Teeple reacted blindly to said false claims. One would expect some sort of inquiry to investigate the decision to use the ban command at all and decide if it was necessary. Any Liason who continues to react in such a fashion should really have their Liason status taken away. Its like allowing a soldier to continue working even they they keep randomly shooting innocent people.

    That last bit there Prokofy is uhm, kinda crap. So you kicked and banned yer own tennants in order to locate a particle emitter. Particles are client side only. Read this again, Particles are client side only. They do not occure on the server, the server has no real knowledge of particles. You unjustly kicked your tenants, as removing them would never have helped you find anything. Finding an emitter is not that difficult, the only way it can be made really interesting is by using a huge burst radius value and a small cone size and placing the emitter long distances away. But even then a short time of watching the particles can tell you which direction its comming from.

    The only way you wouldn’t have been able to locate the Object acting as the emitter in your Objects menu for your About Land is if it wasn’t on your land. And it can’t be in another sim that I know of. So you needed only a few seconds to make a simple decision by looking at the Objects list, if nothing was odd there, then check out the land in your sim not owned by you for objects. Piece of cacke.

    OMG .. HAHA .. the emitter was owned by your ex-tennants you kicked out I suppose. Some random bit of trash they where playing with and it accidently zoomed off. They where confused about the big deal over it and trying to say it wasn’t a big deal or something, and you kicked and banned yer tennants in your holy mission to find the griefer objects. You can try saying someone else dropped the script into the object all you want, but thats simply not possible. Scripts are disabled when dropped into another object, they will never run, and the object had to be settup to allow the drop anyway, aka Donation Box. So if you or your tennants owned the emitter, then they put the script in it. There was no one griefing anyone here except you griefing your own tennants. LOL! Wow that is hilarious.

  31. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 1st, 2006

    Erm, brainiac, you need to study Second Life a little more.

    Re: 3) particle scripts are different. You drop them in, the particles go flying, then you pull out the script, the particles STAY flying until a “kill particles” script is put in the object. That way, the people doing this can leave no trace; they just take out the script, duh.

    So you are a raging, fucking asshole to suggest that I’d put scripts in my own object, traceable to me, and grief my own tenants with it. I do no such thing. Griefers exploit objects, put in scripts, take them out, particles remain.

    Ask Lindens if you need proof of this.

    And if an object is put in “share with group” or deeded, it can be accessed by anyone who joins the open group, and edited, such as to drop scripts. Like the open group libsecondlife *coughs* can access anything in the group.

    4. Actually, Teeple has access to more information than I do, and proved it. I suggest you not remain so sure of everything you say; it will become your downfall.

    5. The name is easily found on the map list by spelling it right, “Ginsberg,” dumbass. It’s been purchased by a land baron already. And of course it’s stalking to repeatedly come to the same sim out of 3,500 sims. Duh. What a fucking, raging asshole.

    6. About land cannot solve the problem of an object someone has taken which is in *share with group*. Duh. Are you uneducated about this exploit? It’s not a secret. So no outside prims show on the about land. That’s why it’s used. The only “cure” would be to close groups and remove all group objects just in case, neither of which I plan on doing, because it only inconviences tenants. And even when the group is closed and they are expelled, the attacks continue, so it’s not a solution.

    Furthemore, I haven’t admitted any wrongdoing on my part with regard to you, or any lack of evidence. I have plenty. Twice you came to my sim. The first time you discussed with a w-hatter buying the banned sim. The tub girl particles followed right after. The second time you game, ditto, there were the tub girl. So gosh, this may be a coincidence, it may not be, but your complicity is not eliminated by any stretch.

    7. Listen, dickhead, DUH we know how to hunt for particles. I’ve been doing this with Lindens for months. You turn on view/beacons/particles. Like…that’s rocket science?

    But once again, asshole, it is an exploit — they join the group with malevolent intent, you can’t always distinguish them from genuine tenants. With their obvious griefer groups, you can expel them, sure. But they use moles too. They go to a share-with-group objects — that’s why it shows “group owned” or “created by X” and not the griefer name DUH.

    They drop the script in that — so you can eliminate shared objects, cease collaborative builds, cease customer services like moddable houses — I did that months and months ago. But they may occasionally still find a door. They can also go after some deeded object like a TV which is harder to stop them from because you have to deed tvs on land to get them to work. Anyway, I’ve been dealing with this for months, I’m quite briefed up on the subject, and you are not — or lying and trying to point the finger at me as supposedly a “self griefer” which is of course what w-hat was trying to do before being banned Sept. 19 by exploiting a texture and putting it out as “mine”.

    If you have further concerns about your “wrongful punishment” take it to the Lindens.

    8. Um, I don’t know what your friend Thrax is saying — they really should fire Lindens who contribute to the griefing of residents — but Teeple did not act on any false information or do anything wrong. He shouldn’t be dimissed whatsoever. He did the right thing — he kicked a resident who refused to follow orders he was giving and was also, in addition, suspected of a particle attack that was going on right then.

    You twice came to a sim where you were banned. Yuo kept prancing around on Governor Linden land to taunt. You were asked to leave by a Linden and didn’t leave. Hence, you were kicked. Very simple story here.

    Your notions about finding particles are misinformed. Beams do not show them easily — on a sim it’s a faint line. Many OTHER things have particles — even avatars — and confuse the search for the griefer particle. Furthermoer, they can push the item down into the water, land, or another object, making it hard to locate.

    There aren’t any ex-tenants who griefed like this. This is solely w-hat using this technique with the tub girl. It’s their M.O.

    Your zeal to try to find some other explanation for this attack and find some way to blame me for it lets me know even more detail about how complicitous you are in it. Thanks!

    Finally, you have still a lot to learn about the basics of Second Life. Scripts aren’t disabled at all by being dropped in an object on share, or an object where you have the permissions to edit from a friendship card. They work find. Scripts keep running. As I’ve explained, the particles keep emitting even after the script is withdrawn. Everybody knows that who ever struggled with these things.

    I never kicked and banned any tenants to find a *particle emitter”. Particles cannot be bound by kicking or removing tenants per se, or by removing builds — that won’t help unless you find the object with the particle in it per se.

    I did two things on one occasion:

    1) immediately removed prims that I had no record of a tenant for, because i saw that person in the group IMs talking strangely, and the M.O. of people who have griefed is sometimes to come in the group and do victory dances — and since some other griefing attacks involved also putting out griefer objects that were in addition to the script, I removed suspicious prims first on the parcel where a tenant had urgently called me to complain of a griefer attack.

    2) I also kicked a builder of a tenant who had particles on his avatar, who was asked to leave so that the search for particles wouldnt’ be confused by his avatar and him constantly grousing about why he and his friends had to leave and why prims returned. He refused to leave, after being asked several times politely, and got ejected. Some people just are so fucking selfish they can’t get out of the way in an emergency that way and keep insisting they should be rubber neckers or get special treatment.

    Once again, you are a total, raging, fucking, asshole. Anyone reading the insane accusations you make in a wild effort to justify your own griefing actions and the griefing of your chosen w-hat group and factions can see right through you.

  32. Major Senior

    Oct 1st, 2006

    Goodness Prok, you sure sound well thought out, mature, and full of self-restraint. Perhaps we can help you with some deductive reasoning.

    1) Major doesn’t do the group thing much. Thusly, Major has no need for group owned items. This can easily be followed to a logical conclusion that Major has no need for any experience with group-shared objects. Yes, you are correct, I was ignorant of the ability for scripts to continue running after being dropped into a group shared object. If anything, this highlights my lack of grouping, and further more, my lack of experience griefing in any form. Your statements do little to bolster your baseless claims that I did anything wrong, if anything, they highlight that I was pretty much incapable of doing anything wrong given my lack of experience to act upon.

    2) Govenor Linden land is not your land, and it is legal for anyone to sit around on Linden land doing anything they want to for whatever purpose, so long as it isn’t directed maliciously at another person or violate the sim’s maturity setting. Humerously, when you parcel banned me and I flew up trying to understand why you where irrate with me, on Govener Linden land, you accused me of bipassing the Parcel ban to Teeple trying to get me banned. Hovering over Linden land is not prancing, and it is not against any rules. You will notice Teeple never bothered to tell me to get off Linden land, he didn’t even bring it up.

    3) Teeple Linden told me I should stay away from people who do not wish my company, and to that they where correct, that is what one should do. Had I known you where a raving dillusional fanatic ahead of time, I might have done that. But I did not know you, and I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when I do not know them. I deffinately know you better now, and must say I am quite the wiser for the wear. Teeple certainly did not kick me for not following orders, Teeple gave me advice, and their advice was sound, and Teeple left because I was not violating any rules. It was not until after Teeple left that I was kicked. Logic assumes that you told Teeple false evidence at this point, particularly since I have no other understanding, or evidence, as to why Teeple would have kicked me when they where not in the sim. The only one who gave “orders” was you, and they where not enforcable, so if Teeple was kicking me for not following orders, it was your orders that where not followed. So you are saying that you do have Teeple in your back pocket after all?

    4) Your entire level of evidence still comes down to “major said ‘hi’, prok banned him, prok called Linden, linden banned him because prok made false claims.” You tried to make false claims about me bipassing your parcel ban, and you are making false claims again. There is no evidence, and will never be any evidence, that I have anything to do with your SL wordly woes, because I have nothing to do with them. It is rather humerous how that works out. “The universe exists because if it didn’t we would not be able to measure its existance.” I have no past indiscretions, and so far as I can tell, this 1 hour ban that Teeple performed wont even go down on any permanent record, because it was unfounded and lacked any investigative work. Goodness, Teeple wasn’t even in the area when Teeple triggerd the ban, they had just teleported out. Hard to fathom them having any investigative abilities from outside of the sim, especially since Liason’s don’t have access to any logs. I expect support will be the ones to sift through it and find out who was associated with the assault on your parcel. But rest assured, they will not be pointing any fingers at me. You might as well get used to the idea ahead of time that I am innocent. I am still interested if they will so much as let Teeple know that they handled the situation incorrectly and that I was completely innocent of any wrong doing. That sort of feedback would at least teach Liason’s some caution, especially if they had a chance of losing their Linden status as a result. Since I did nothing wrong, our argument is a civil dispute, you making false claims against me declaring my innocents. Linden’s have no place in such a dispute. As to your particle problem, I do hope they find out who did it and take “appropriate” action. All decisions must face their consequences, even bad ones. I am certainly accepting my punishment of having to talk with a raving dillusional fascist fanatic as a result of trying to clear up any misunderstandings about who I am or what my roll in SL is.

    5) Your inability to read is interesting. I pointed out that you could nuke scripts from the prims and the particle effects would still be active in my previous post. Take more time to read “what is being said”, and less time twisting it to your own point of view.

    6) I do indeed lack anything in the way of experience in trying to locate rogue scripts shuved into group shared objects. The reason for that was already outlined, I don’t have any need for group owned anything, and certainly not anyone elses scripts. In fact, I don’t have any scripts in my inventory written by anyone else that I know of. It really wouldn’t be hard to track down scripts written by me, they are well watermarked enough. I was quite shocked when I found out one could do this at all and already thought up a number of malicious ways in which that particular ability could be abused. It is most disturbing really. My advice to people would be to not allow groups to be open-join, and not use group-shared objects in open-join groups. There might be some better alternatives that are less Brute Force and Ignorance, but as noted, I lack the experience with the group stuff, and am not about to go digging into solutions for problems that I will likely never run across.

    7) You are 100% in error any my guilt. Oh well, people make mistakes, though you seem to be making a lot of them at this point, more mistakes then lack there of at least. I find it humerous that as you continue this corse, you will continue to place false blame on a larger list of innocent people, and will only make your claims seem weaker and weaker.

    Are you really certain you wish to continue this path? I mean, you have only continued to outline your blind rage and fanatical religious movement. You are on some Holy Jihad against anyone that talks to, hangs out with, or associates with specific people on some mysterious blacklist you have going. Whats worse as that people added to the blacklist just increase your web of descrimination and intolerance to including more and more innocent people. You are like McCarthy, you are pointing fingers at innocent people that you have decided are guilty of everything, with only the evidence of association. This is trully unnacceptable behavior really. Do you have family in the Klan as well? Where you raised to judge people on a group status instead of as individuals? Can you even look at your behavior and see what you are doing? Or has your Holy Jihad blinded you from the inability to sit back and look at yourself and recognize how insane this trully is?

    I think perhaps the most humerous thing at this point Prokofy, is that you can not win this argument. You can never prove me guilty, and all your evidence only shows my innocents. You would never dare disclose your logs, not without at least heavily editing them, becuase they would show just how baseless your claims are. I continue to reply to you for this simple reason, it is just impolite to ignore someone when they are talking to you. Humerous how that goes. I made a single posting to refute your baseless claims, and here you are, digging yourself a hole as a result. Make your life easier, give up, admit you made a mistake with this, and that you likely made a number of them in the past, and will make a number more in the future. Mistakes are human nature, it is how we learn. Failure to learn from our mistakes is what makes a retard.

  33. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 1st, 2006

    We could amply sum up this last rant as “Crocodile Tears in Baku”.

    1. Do you deny that you ever joined the group Ravenglass Rentals?

    2. I certainly don’t have Teeple in my back pocket; I never dealt with him before that, and after I flew away to deal with the tub script I don’t believe he was even on duty. Lindens can’t kick people on the grid based on a mere complaint from a resident, don’t be ridiculous. You’ll have to take this up with and stop spouting nonsense. Lindens perform actions for cause. I don’t pretend that their justice system is at all sterling; I’m a frequent and vocal critic of it. I have no idea what information they gather. That they have more information than my mere complaint, however, is something I have ample proof of. I don’t see any injustices here. Tell it to the judge, as they say.

    3. Lindens can and do tell people to leave when they aer clearly misusing Linden land as a “safe area” merely to keep taunting, placing prims, intruding with voice, etc. They’re well aware of this and there’s no alibi you can raise on that one. You’ve never EVER been able to adequately explain your presence in my sim either the first or second time.

    4. Linden liaisions do indeed have investigative abilities about which you are unaware.

    5. You said no such thing, don’t be silly.

    6. I don’t expect to keep my groups closed just because a few asswipes grab group-shared objects — we’ve removed them anyway.

    7. Family in the Klan? That’s a funny one. I thought you were all about not having any sort of “libel” and “guilt by association”. I have no such thing lol. Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a fanatical religious nut or a jihadist; I’m merely abuse reporting griefers who come and stalk me in my sim, and who just happen to be in place there taunting me and moving from one parcel to the next as they are banned, then hiding on Governor Linden land, then just happening to be there before the tub-girl script goes flying everywhere. Coincidence? Perhaps. Foil or decoy? perhaps.

    I’ve not made *any* mistake in my judgement of you and my abuse report to the Lindens. If some investigation exonerates you, what of it? You are part of the cheering squad, the enabling environment that enables this group of fakes claiming there are only a few bad eggs to thrive. You’ve come in a sim where you are not wanted, with no clear business. People don’t settle misunderstandings by stalking, by not IMing first, by appearing malicious as they taunt from Governor Linden land. All your posts here are all part of the post-modernist word-salad as Urizenus once so inimitable put it.

    Stay away from me and my tenants, full stop.

  34. Major Senior

    Oct 1st, 2006

    1) Yah, I did join, and quickly left. In fact, I left before I ever visited your property. I was mostly curious about what sort of information one gets about a group as a member vs what non-members get. It was a whimsical thing and I acted on it. Didn’t see anything interesting and left. I havn’t played with the group stuff much to begin with other then the first couple of days after the huge group rolls change. People who know me know that I tend to easily follow tangents on things with no particular goal or aim. I don’t really see any harm in it really.

    2) Yer right, typically Linden’s can’t kick people based on a complaint. But oddly, this is exacly what happened, which is why Teeple was reported. You will notice that I am still not banned, no further action was taken. And I did take it up with The problem here is that I did go to the judge and jury with the information, a point you have obvious failed to notice when you passed a guilty verdict against me w/out just cause. You say one thing and do another. In your own words, the Linden’s are the judge, not you. So stop passing judgement, and stop preaching your baseless “opinions” to others. That is all they are, baseless opinions w/out supporting evidence outside of your own paranoia.

    3) If a linden had told me to leave Linden land, I would have done it, but Teeple linden never told me that, as was pointed out. They simply told me that I should not bother people who do not wish my company. If he had wanted me off linden land, he could have ejected me from it. He did not do that.

    4) Ahh .. this is humerous, the old “magical witch” approach. “Linden Liason’s indeed have abilities that you are not aware.” So does Nostradamus, Bugs Bunny, and Santa Clause. This sort of rhetoric is childish at best and simply acts as a last ditch effort by someone to try to strut up their failing argument. Liason’s can’t view logs, period. All Teeple had to go on was your complaint. Thats it, nothing more.

    5) Wow, either you failed to read twice in a row, or you simply don’t feel obligated to make the effort, so self assured in your own rightness. Lets quote it for you shall we?

    “Hmm, particle script. Fun. No I never knew it was a particle script. Particles are a prim property, they can not operate without an object. Further more, they can operate w/out the script once the prim property has been enabled on the prim.”

    Again, you dig your hole deeper and support my claims.

    6) Good for you

    7) Your not a fanatical religious nutcase? Excuse me? Are you not pointing fingers at innocent people making baseless claims? Are you not making blind accusations w/out evidence? Are you not persecuting people based on association? Are these not the sort of things one would expect from something like the Klan or someone on a religious Jihad? I still think based on evidence it is more likely you planted these so called tubdoll things when you knew Teeple wasn’t capable of ejecting me from Linden Land. You certainly seem to know a hell of a lot more about planting evidence that seems to make it hard to track down. Doing something like that and getting people banned for it seems like someone with your attitude is likely to do. These things you claim people are doing to you are just as easily done by yourself with false claim in an effort to get people banned from SL.

    I am person who believes in freedom of expression so long as such expression does not violate the rights of others. I never violated your rights, you violated mine. Its quite simple, from my point of view, you are the griefer here. And so far as I can tell, you are fabricating evidence to have people falsely punished simply because you do not like them.

    I told you my business, I was attempting to talk and be civil. Had we agreed to never talk again afterwards that would have been fine. Had we agreed that you wrongly accused me w/out just cause, that would have been fine. Instead you continue holding on to the rightness of your ignorant tacit assumptions and continue trying to persuade others that you are the one who is hurt by this, when in fact it is you hurting others. I do not try to force my opinion on others, or persuade them that their opinion is in some way wrong. But I will stick to the facts. You banned me when I said “hi”, and nothing more, you called a linden, and the banned me based on your word, and nothing more. That is the bottom line. You can tell long sob stories of violated friendship and everything else all you want to, and it doesn’t change the facts, that I was attacked by you, with out cause, with out evidence, and with out justification. You are the attacker, I simply said “hi”.

    To that, you are the religious fanatic. You are up in arms, demanding people like Thrax be punished, that anyone who associates with “groups” you do not like be punished. You are on a Jihad, you are fanatical, you are a blind zealot. You have amde that painfully evident in your tone, your language, and your histerical accusations.

    From this point, probability simply points at you having planted the tubdoll particle thing or whatever in order to try and get someone else punished. It is blatantly obvious you are a reactionary person who is likely to do extreme things to fullfill your hate and anger towards others. Apparently Teeple telling me I should simply leave you alone if you did not wish to talk was not good enough, you certainly where vulgar enough with me after he said that, even though I was in no way vulgar or rude to you. I was recieved with undeserved words of hate, with out cause. Teeple did nothing, so I must side with the theory that you have resorted to planting false evidence that you know is difficult, if not nearly impossible, to track down, as a new tool in your Jihad against those whom you do not like. If that is true, then you trully should be removed from SL before you do real damage to the people and environment there.

    I said it before, and I will say it again, you reap what you sow. You have started this, and you continue to drag it along. My claims have stayed the same, and yours continue to slightly varry trying to find some leverage by which to topple the truth. You should give this up before you find that the Linden’s have grown tired with the ripples you create and remove you from the system. Eris knows how much it would save them on support hours alone.

  35. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1. The record will not show any quick departure from my group, and your joining it, as so many other griefers from w-hat have joined it so as to be able to edit group-objects and drop scripts in them, is pretty damning. I think your memory is um, failing you on the multiple times you joined, and were kicked.

    People do all kinds of outrageous stuff and the Lindens sit on their hands. They don’t always act. They may be busy. They may build a case. It’s not evidence of anything if you are not instantly disciplined.

    2. Linden land is not for taunting and griefing from, and Lindens make that pretty clear.

    3. Your portrayal of what Teeple said is tendentious and incorrect. He made it clear that you were to leave the area, not stay and taunt on Governor Linden land. This kind of literalist word-salad parsing may get you giggles on the IRC channel, it doesn’t fly with Lindens.

    4. Actually, Teeple *does* have more, but there’s no need to compromise the investigation eh? : )

    5. This line (“Further more, they can operate w/out the script once the prim property has been enabled on the prim.”) is said in a context in which you are supposedly “thinking out loud” about what an “impossibility” it could be for anyone to edit a prim not theirs.

    But as I laid out, it is possible. When you a group member. And it is set to group. And… finally admitted that indeed you were a group member, and had no good reason to join the group — none. Your word-salad about needing to check out the “group thing” is as thin as a reed.

    6. I don’t plant tubgirls on my tenants to lose them, don’t be ridiculous. The Lindens know full well I’ve done know such thing. And they knew it before the 19th of Sept on this and other particle and texture attacks trying to use this really lame method of portraying something as being done by me.

    For you to try to imply that you think I did this to myself is further damning evidence of your own culpability.

    The record stands:

    o you joined the group
    o you stalked me to my sim
    o you hung out there and kept returnig when banned
    o the tub girl flew right at the same time

    Whether you served as a decoy, a cheerleader, or an actual executor of this evil act, you are still in on it. A person who was truly innocent wouldn’t have so much to say, about so little.

  36. Major Senior

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1) Lol, I was never kicked from any group. You have the wrong person. You should reevaluate your logs :) Oh yes, you have already shown you do not go back and rethink anything once you have made an assumption. I joined once to one group, and left it after checking out the group tabs to see if anything had changed. As mentioned, I have not joined any groups since well before the roll switch over and was curious. Go figure, me in a curious mood doing little odd things like checking out favorite places, groups, noticing friends names in groups. Who woulda thought someone might be curious in SL. I can’t begin to count the number of random invites I have had from people I never talked to, much less the number of open groups I have joined to see if it was worth joining. I am quite surprised you would claim this to not be normal behavior. It seems to be fairly previlant in most of the rest of SL.

    2) Your right, Linden land is not for taunting or griefing, and I hardly qualify “hi” as griefing. Again, your continued failure to refute this single point is the most humerously damning thing against you.

    3) No, Teeple never said anything about leaving Linden land, and if he had ment to clarify anything unsaid he could have said it more clearly, or ejected me from Linden land. Again a point you continue to try to dodge. He did neither.

    4) Oh yes, lets not forget the ability of a Liason to look at no-mod scripts and such. Of corse, they can’t view logs which is what you keep failing to acknowledge. If Teeple had found some rouge script with my name on it, why then would it have taken you so long to find said script and disable it from your property? Please use “supporting” evidence, not vague useless evidence with no bearing.

    5) It looks pretty apparent to me, it is a sentence talking about both ways in which the prim effect of particle emission can be enabled on an object/prim. It states quite clearly to me that a particle effect can be enabled and that once enabled the script can be removed and the particle effect will continue. This is because particle effects are much like the prim type, size, twist, cut path, ect.. They are prim properties that are set via paramaters. The statement look like I was rambling in thought with a flowing conciousness is quite accurate. That is indeed how I write nearly everything, in fact, it is quite litterately how I think of things. One of the reasons I am prone to being distracted on tangents. Did I mention I am a James Joyce fan? Ulysses is one of my favorites.

    Anyway, as mentioned before, and will apparently have to be rehashed, I was indeed ignorant of the behavior of scripts in group shared objects. You knew more about said effects. I have never placed a script into a group shared object, and I have never had anyone place one into one of mine. I have never had a need for such sharing as I do all my own scripting anyway. As it has also been said time and time again, I am pretty much a loner in many regards. Introvert, isolationist, hermit, ect..ect.. I don’t do the group thing terribly often. I like my “away from the stupidity of the masses” time thank you very much.

    6) You have no evidence that you did not plant the script on your own land, and everything allows for you to have done it. Since you are going to use such stretched out circumstantial evidence on me, it might as well be turned around into something more probable to give it a bit of reflection.

    As the record stands

    a) I joined a group a friend was in, and left it

    b) you kicked someone else for joining and rejoining your group, not me

    c) I was talking to someone and mentioned that we had been looking to pick up a sim, someone ELSE mentioned I should pick up Ginsberg. (by the way, apparently the Ginsberg sim-sale never showed up in the Land Sale search, which is why I was incapable of finding it. Curious, never thought to look up something for sale in the main map. Oh well). Talking to someone doesn’t count as “stalking”. You where floating .. AFK, in a public space. No one did anything to you the entire time you where AFK.

    d) You posted false claims about me online after said AFK event in which nothing happened. I replied to said false claims.

    e) I teleported to the location where you had been AFK to talk, and said “hi” and you banned me. I flew up and said something to the extent of “uhm, excuse me” and you banned me from another parcel.

    f) Teeple Linden appeared and told me that I should leave people alone who do not wish my company and left. At which point you tried to claim I was evading your parcel ban somehow, and I pointed out that I wasn’t evading it, that it went around me, that the parcel I was on was not yours. You continued to be vulgar, rude, and mean. I said nothing impolite, rude, or mean. Teeple left and you flew away.

    g) I was about to leave when you flew back up to me and so I faltered in pegging the teleport button. For some reason I was still thinking that maybe you where going to talk. You flew away, and I was banned.

    I saw no particles occure except for the ones on my wings. Teeple was not in the area, and I hadn’t said anything or done anything except try to figure out where to go from there. If Teeple made a decision to ban me, he only evidence he had was what you told him. A linden reacted to the complain of an end user w/out any evidence. Period. The best part is your FIRST accursation of me clearly states that my ONLY indiscretion was that I had tried to locate Satyr under its new name because someone else mentioned it. Now you try to tack on these false claims that I was joining and repeatedly kicked from some group, which is a blatant lie. This was never something you claimed before, and it is certainly not something I did.

    Some curious observations though, I never mentioned anything about IRC in regards to anything relivant to this discussion. Certainly no more then I mentioned email, or IM, or anything else. How long have you been hanging out stalking people in IRC anyway? Making a statement about me jumbling words getting giggles in IRC, you would have to be in the same channels. You would also know beyond a shadow of a dobt that I never did anything to you. Which only further enforces the evidence that you know full well that I am innocent of any wrong doing, but that you blatantly do not care. This is further proof that you are the sort of malicious person that would in fact plant a script on your own property in order to get someone else banned.

    Upon further investigation of this page, my only communication with you, I find that you mention NMC first, but refer to my “banter”. Further evidence that you are in fact stalking people in the IRC networks. Fun! So you really are this sort of malicious person.

  37. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1. You lie. Curiousity about MY group right after Sept. 19 is more than suspicious. The record shows how you joined my group, were kicked, and joined again. If you left on your own one of those times, what of it? You were pegged as a problem from the get go, being in the convo with Mikko. And what of Mikko? You have curiously little to say about him, eh?

    2. Perching on Linden land AFTER you’ve been banned from two parcels, continuing to hang around isn’t “hi,” it’s griefing. We all know that.

    3. Teeple kicking you from the entire game for an hour *is* kicking you from Linden land, dumbass. You didn’t get it the first time.

    4. I don’t divulge information that may be relevant to the investigation : )

    5. Your familiarity about the workings of particles indeed looks damning when this is a discussion about tub-girl particle attacks in my sim, eh? Lest we forget.

    6. No, I didn’t plant the script, and the Lindens know that. Unfortunately, you just don’t have all the facts in the case. They do.

    7. Once again, try spelling it as “Ginsburg,” duh.

    8. You stalked me, gabbed about buying Satyr (we never did learn about this curious obsession with buying Satyr — was that on behalf of your banned friends? we’re supposed to believe that out of all the sims out there for sale, including fresh, fast sims for wholesale off the auction, you’ll buy THIS sim that is already older, laggier, and cut up and overpriced by a land baron? or buy it for more on the auction because there might be a bidding war for W-hat memorabilia? hello? — then you refused to leave several parcels and camped on Linden water like it was a safe zone, spouting taunting crap about how I needed to figure out my parcel lines. Teeple was having none of it, and urged you to go. You didn’t. There was a tub script flying — strange coincidence. You were then kicked. Good! If you’re innocent, you wouldn’t need to be spouting here even 1/10th as much as you are.

    9. Um, I never go on IRC. I went on it long ago when it was easier to clink on a link on the forums and go there, and merely made an account in my name there. I wouldn’t have a need to stalk or lurk on a tekkie channel. At those times important events have occurred there like the time Pathfinder plotted with the FIC to get me banned, I had 8 separate people send me the transcript.

    I invoked the IRC channel because we know all you creeps hang out there. When my “bust” was shown in Satyr, within seconds, all those fellow-travellers of the w-hat like Belaya were there in a flash — due to the IRC. They all glom on me out of the IRC channel whenever there’s some titilating thing to ask. Like they all came running to Tuliptree to ask if my blog was hacked. I’m quite familiar with this cult, without having to ever set foot in it.

  38. Tupac

    Oct 2nd, 2006


  39. Major Senior

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1) Uhm, no, I am not lieing. I was never kicked from any group. I am not even certain which group I joined. Litterately, I saw a friends name in a group and wondered what the group stuff looked like since the roll updates. Nothing more, nothing less. There was one join, one leave. Period. If you have me confused with someone else and some other group, that is your own problem, not mine. Again, you still never accused me of that to begin with, so I must assume at this point you are making it up to shore up your ever crumbling bit of claims. I should likely go back and see if I can locate which group it was to see if you even had authority to see me join at this point. I am suspecting you didn’t. Not to mention that whole group I joined was well before I even talked to anyone about Ginsburg, much less being well before I was banned, and even more so, well before I had even “seen” you. Your petty attempts to even bring it up are mind numbing because it doesn’t help your claim that I placed anything in any object, because I had already left whichever group I joined well before this whole episode with the particle effects ever happned. Though quite frankly I am still trying to figure out the exact when of it all. Your claims on the event have been sketchy at best, if not out-right contradictory. You never mention it with your first post that I recall, in fact, you don’t mention it until AFTER you banned me from the parcel, and then LATER you claim that it happened on both events, and then at various points you illude that it happened before I was banned, and then later you illude that it happened after I was banned. I am confused, are you certain these things wheren’t completely made up by you? A bit to much doube-think with yer caffine?

    2) You know, if I had a stop watch I could have timed it, but I am pretty certain “perching” would require more then a half a minute, of which I wasn’t given. I said “hi” you parcel banned me instantly. There was no perching. You are saying someone shouldn’t be shocked to be banned for no reason and be expected to say “excuse me” afterwards? That saying something like that is “griefing” ?? I suppose if I had teleported out when Teeple appeared you would just claim you where right because then I would have “fled before the powers that be”. Are you seriously going to sit here and be so childishly simple minded.

    3) No, Teeple has an “eject from land” command, there was never any reason to “eject from game”. You are having a hard time grasping the definition here. I know this comes as a shock to you, but again, you have not denied that Teeple never told me to get off the Linden land. I broke no rules. Plain and simple. Teeple told me to leave you alone, not leave. There is a huge different. Your claim that him kicking me out of SL because I didn’t leave also flies in the face of the fact that he teleported out and did not ban me. The banning happened later, pressumably because of something you said. Again .. Teeple reacted to you, not to evidence.

    4) As if you had anything to divulge. Again you try the same “mystic smoke and magic” claims. You are starting to give the image of a leper trying to perform a magic show for children. Give it up already.

    5) Not really no. As was pointed out, I wasn’t aware of the group share ability. And I just recently was informed of what you have been talking about with this “tubgirls” thing this whole time. It indeed sounds rather vulgar really, glad I have never had the misfortune of seeing it. You might find it humerous, but I have never uploaded a single texture into Second Life. Do I get to be called more vulgar names for the truth? Better yet, never uploaded any sounds either. As close as I have ever done is uploaded keystrokes via the XSendEvent, and cut-paste buffers from my editor. Funfun. Oddly, the Linux client doesn’t support uploads. Crazy, fathom that hmm? No sounds, no textures, nothing. So to that, I have never done much in the way with particles and textures. Hate to break it to you, but yer still on a loosing streak. You picked someone with no upload ability, who doesn’t group with people, a social introvert programmer, to try and point some guilty finger at and claim that they uploaded a ton of stuff. You know whats better? Up until recently Linux didn’t even support properly loading textures onto the objects correctly, so most of my builds have no textures on them, I rely on the bump map feature and prim colors. Better then that? Non of my particle effects have textures. Ta ta, have a nice day. Dig yerself a deeper hole here.

    6) And the linden’s know that because, they can now track these sort of things? But according to you, these sort of things couldn’t be tracked.. Hmm, oh yes, thats right, you where also trying to shore up some mysticism with your claims. Fall back on the good old Crowley Left hand Path. This single statement is quite damning to you you know. If you are right, then the Linden’s know who did it and have taken care of it, and if they don’t know and can’t figure it out as you are implying, then you are lieing and admitting to being a liar. So you are either lieing, and you DID do it, or the linden’s do know who did it, and it wasn’t me. Either way, I am innocent. You really should learn to stop, while your ability to spell words is admirable, your ability to follow them falls quite short of being remotely acceptable.

    7) Yah, still doesn’t show up in any of the Search categories. Funny how that works, and you still can’t read. You have a future as a spelling nazi though.
    8) Obsession? What flavor crack are you smoking may I ask? Stalked you? I was tagging along with someone else who was waiting for you to come from AFK to talk to you. That is hardly stalking, that is “chatting with someone”. You realize that you are making yourself look quite the fool here. “Urge to buy land” is not “urge to buy ginsburg”. I don’t think I have ever even BEEN to Satyr before. A small hint as to how you can tell? I couldn’t find it in Search, I didn’t know where it was, didn’t have a landmark to it, ect..ect.. Hello? The logs clearly show that I had mentioned picking up more land and someone else mentioned Satyr. If we have that bit of stupidity cleared up, maybe you would like to explain to me why a single sim is so stupid special? Its just a stupid piece of property, the only thing remotely interesting about picking up a sim is its location relative to surounding areas. Have you abandoned all sense of logic by putting such a huge deal on a piece of land for sale? Do you mainline kitchen cleaning products to get yer brain to function this poorly?

    8a) What banned friends? I don’t think any of my friends in SL are banned. In fact, I know I don’t. You keep making these long effort stretches like this and yer gonna have an annurism.

    8b) me looking for land and mentioning it in friendly conversation is not a crime. When someone else I am talking with mentions some bit of land that just went up for sale, what is the crime in looking at that? Hello? Reality check. Zero prior knowledge of Satyr here or anything that went on there. Hint Hint. Knock Knock. It was only a name with someone saying “its gone up for sale”. Realize that and you will be much better off. Say again “Major didn’t mention satyr, someone else did!” because that is the truth, and you know its the truth, but oddly, you are trying to avoid this bit of the truth to try to pain a picture that isn’t the truth. A picture you want to pain soooo badly, that you would try to frame that person with a planted particle script.

    8c) Your desire to try to put Teeple in a good light is quite humerous. Teeple broke the rules, plane and simple. I have no idea how Linden Labs handles that. But the bottom line is, I did nothing wrong, and Teeple did not investigate anything. Liason’s do not have any real power to do anything in regards to investigative work, unless you are counting some oija board action or something, which you might as well be with the rest of your left hand path mysticism claims. If they did, they wouldn’t need the second line people looking at the evidence and deciding if the Liason acted accordingly. This doesn’t take a huge leap of logic. 1 + 1 = 10

    8d) Taunting you with parcel lines? You tried to accuse me of hacking by claiming I was avoiding the parcel ban. I simply pointed out you should look at your parcel lines. If you count that as a taunt, you have some serious insecurity issues. You litterately tried to accuse me of hacking to Teeple because I was over Linden property? Where you just a wee bit pissed that you where made to look a bit stupid by your own statements and actions and maybe you decided to take it out on me by planting some particle script with some texture I have never seen, delted the script, and then claimed I did it, and Teeple banned me for an hour w/out ever teleporting in? Hmm .. really, that is something you seem to be capable of.

    8d) Up until VERY recently, I had no idea what this tub girls thing was, and at this point I am very glad I have never seen it. I am even more tickled that I never saw this particle effect you did to your property. How can you live with yourself, banning your own tenants, tossing around these scripts and then claiming it was other people. Really quite malicious of you.

    8e) Oh .. so if I was innocent I should roll over and willingly accept wrongful punishment for something I never did? I should allow you to run around making false claims about me? What a humerous idea… Tottaly bogus, unbelievable, and simple minded, but still humerous. You going to tell jokes next? I got one. Two avitar’s walk into a bar, the third one ducks.

    9) I hate to break it to you, but IRC is a big place… like .. really big .. bigger then Second Life. Lotting up all of the IRC networks out there as a single place is rather, humerous at best. But on that note, perhaps you CAN explain then how it is you mentioned stuff in this forum before I brought it up. My saying “hi” was first brought up by you, not me. My supposed “NMC banter” first mentioned by you, my twisting words and getting a giggle in IRC? I dunno, it sounds a little bit overly convenient to say the very least. Three things mentioned in IRC, and only IRC that I know of, that you posted about here first? Sorry, not buying it. Got some little people running around collecting data for you then I suppose. Just Like McCarthy, pointing fingers at innocent people with secret little spies running around, trying to create a huge black list. So yer a paranoid dillusional fanatic who stalks people?

    So .. lets rehash for you again… I was never at Satyr, I had no prior knowledge of Satyr, I was talking with “someone” .. I can’t even remember who, about picking up land, and they mentioned that Satyr was up for sale, and I couldn’t find it in a search. There was no “eager” to buy it scenerio, carved up or anything, and I didn’t even bother looking for it again until you brought it up here. But you heard all this, and flagged me guilty through association. A total stranger, with no idea what Satyr was, a person who’s only real connection with W-Hat is a piece of software called lslint. A piece of software, that I might add, is quite heavily used by a lot of people in SecondLife, well outside of the w-hat group. So you make some baseless claims, against a completely innocent person who never had anything to do with any of your worldy woes, and so you feel obligated to make up some crap story about some particle scripts in your objects that YOU put there because Teeple refused to do anything to me. Teeple had left, teeple was gone, teeple told me what teeple wanted to and took off. That wasn’t good enough for you, so you went and put that script in there, started the particle effect, and nuked the script so it wouldn’t leave a trace knowing that you could just claim I had joined the group and put it in and then left the group. Sorry, hate to break it to yah, wont work. I can’t upload the stupid texture to even have done such a thing. You claim I kept joining a group which is completely false, I really have no idea who you where having issues with on that, but it was deffinately not me.

    Perhaps you should take yer petty attempt at lies and deception elsewhere, because this is getting really old. You simply keep tacking on new things every time you up and run into something else that gets shot down. You have no evidence, no standing, nothing. The closest you have is someone ELSE telling me that if I was going to purchase a sim, that I should pick up Satyr. Someone else, someone else. Come on Prok, say it with me a few times and maybe you will catch on. Someone else said Satyr, not me. You made false claims based on your assumptions, not evidence, assumptions. There is a HUGE difference here regardless if you care to look or not. You have been nothing but vulgar, childish, illogical, and quite frankly, you act like a spoiled little girl. You throw a huge tantrum whenever I point out the truth, as if your curse words and sobs stories or any of it really acts as anything but what they are, vulgar words and sob stories. They don’t earn you a shoulder, they don’t make your claims any more true, they don’t transform your opinion into facts. Your opinions are still baseless afterwards as they where before.

    Give it up already, you where wrong, you made a mistake, you have no clue what you are talking about, and you certainly have no evidence. Worse, there is a higher probability that you are the one likely griefing yer own tenants to try and get other people banned. You had prior knowledge, prior abilities, motivation, and intent. What is worse, I dobt anyone who has read that will even flinch about it. You have shown, beyond a shadow of a dobt, that you are capable of that sort of malicious behavior. It is completely thinkable that you would do something so horrible in the name of this riteous jihad you are on. So give it up already, you are damning yourself more then anyone else. Give it up and realize that you wrongly accused someone w/out provocation, with out cause, and with out evidence. That you likely have done it in the past as well. And no, your oija board does not count as evidence, it is no more applicable then your tacit assumptions. You have no evidence what so ever.

    Remember, in the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Or do you not believe in the American Way?

  40. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1. I certainly do have authority to see the joins and departures from my own groups and yes, you are implicated here and the record shows it. To keep spouting hysterically implying something untoward or illicit on my part is at issue, or that suddenly, you had an all-encompassing need to study the group tools by invading *my* group through membership (your own groups were not enough??), is hardly credible. Indeed, your windbaggage here is at such a velocity that I hardly need to respond.

    2. You indeed perched. Perching in SL is defined as flying above sealevel but below the 250 m mark.

    3. Once again, what Teeple said, and the record shows it, was that you must leave an area from which you were banned, and if Prokofy doesn’t want you there, you should go. Linden areas next to Prokofy are not defined as safe-for-griefing areas. Hanging around and taunting from Linden land isn’t on. You don’t get to word-parse that and salad it to death — Lindens make it clear. Your failure to grasp this clearness evidently led to you being “kicked” from SL, in LL parlance. Take it up with support@

    4. I do — and I don’t wish to hamper the Lindens in their investigation of offenses against the TOS by known griefers and their groups.

    5. Good smoke and mirrors job on the texture bullshit; but tub-girl is a script with particles that effect the picture texture.

    6. While the author of a script dropped into a group-editable prim, then quickly removed, can’t be detected as such, i.e. not within the object post-factum, other things *can* be tracked and *are*. Done all the time. That’s how they’re able to assemble the case to ban people.

    7. I had no trouble finding the sim in the list.

    8. Despite your inability to spell the name, you’re on the record in chat which you don’t dispute as wishing to buy Satyr. Strange, that. More than strange! And you continue to evade the question of why you had to “tag along” with Mikko not only into my sim once, but then on your own again, and also join my group. You can’t wriggle out of any of those things; all your protestations and faked-up alibis are absolutely paper-thin.

    8d) This is a preposterous fabrication of events and crazy hypotheses. The problem, as I explained then to Teeple, is that when you right-click on avatars to eject them sometimes, they simply don’t eject. You keep trying, and they don’t eject even when they are on land you own, and where you are the officer. This is a strange bug/exploit that has occurred on numerous occasions precisely with w-hat. Odd, that.

    I’ve also noted repeatedly that hovering around Linden land after you are banned is defiance of a ban, in spirit and in letter, and was interpreted as such by the Linden. Or do you think the Lindens are supposed to endlessly supply you with safe areas for griefing people?

    8e) Erm, I don’t see any punishment? I see a Linden kicking you for failure to comply, or for ’cause’ during an investigation. Suspects are detained, investigated, and released all the time *shrugs*.

    9) I’m not getting all this hash about the IRC channel here at all. “The IRC channel” is a reference to the specific SL-related channel, not all of IRC, duh. “Giggling in the IRC channel” is a kind of generic term to discribe the manner in which people like you buddy up with your pals and pat each other on the back over your exploits. Now that your pals (your mains? to you as an alt?) are banned, they have to have somewhere to organize and plan their attacks. IRC channel is as good a place as any. The Herald provided ample depiction here of even a direct prim link between the IRC channel and Satyr. A marvel, that.

    So let’s do indeed rehash this:

    1. You have no prior relationship to Satyr, yet you wish to buy this used, flat, nothing sim because…why?
    2. You stalk me not once, but twice into my sim.
    3. You are banned from one parcel; move to another, are banned; move to Linden land and are caught in the act of doing this by an arriving Linden.
    4. You refuse to leave; the tub-girl script is flying within seconds, and you are then kicked for an hour.
    5. You are on record as joining my group.
    6. Other pieces of evidence are available about your activities.
    7. You are consorting with an obvious w-hatter in all the known recruitment/enabling groups — all of a sudden, all his group affiliations are scrubbed from his profile the next day.
    8. I didn’t put any script in any prims; the Lindens know full well I don’t possess this script — they can freely examine my records and do so. They know someone in this griefing group or faction is doing that.
    9. You remain a suspect in the case, whether as perpetrator, decoy, or enabler.

    I have not wrongfully accused you in any way, shape, or form. Your performance here has damned you and exposed you as a huffing phony.

    Your group and you remain discredited for harming people in SL — and making up stories to justify it, even of the most outrageous and despicable kind — like we’ve seen here from you, claiming that the victim in fact “did it to himself”. Oldest trick in the book.

    Sept. 19: Two steps forward, one step backward. Better fewer, but better!

  41. VP

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    Proko you lost. Go find me a good Russian love novel, and translate it for me, kay doll. Plastic says hi.

  42. Major Senior

    Oct 2nd, 2006

    1) You have permission to see who joins a group you where not group owner of or an officer of, and thus you had some kick power to kick someone from said group? Excuse me? Try again. You have no “proof”, or “evidence”, or anything else for that matter.

    2) Technically perching means to sit, not to fly. Again, your spelling is good, your understanding of words is very poor. If I was griefing, which I was not, then I would have broken a rule. But I was not griefing, or taunting, or anything else for that matter, so I had every right to be over Linden Land.

    3) I was not banned form Linden Land. And Teeple left me on Linden land. Teeple teleported out, while I was on Linden Land, never once telling me I had to leave Linden land. A point you continue to admit yet ignore at the same time.

    4) Yet again, more dribble drabble. Now you try to use the ToS instead of mysticism. Words wthat would have meaning had they been used in any real context involving a subject, but in this case, they are simply empty and meaningless.

    5) Did you actually type that and not notice that you actually refer to the need for the texture in order to point the particle at the texture name/key? Congradulations! That is the second time you have argued against yourself in as many posts.

    6) Then if you are innocent you shouldn’t be worried about the AR open against you for your false attempts to fabricate a grief attack against an innocent person in order to get them banned.

    7) Which sim list are you talking about? Can you still not read? Seriously, one wonders sometimes at your inability to comprehend words placed before you. There is a sim list? Can I pull up a list of all sims and go scrolling through them? The term “sim list” implies that there is, but I can’t find it in my UI. Then again, I am not good with the UI, my lack of experience in traveling around, grouping, and doing much in the way of seeing SL as a whole sort of creates a void where one would normally add that sort of learned experience.
    8) Uhm, hello? Talk about word chopping. Join group before hanging out with anyone, before Mikko, before you, before everything. Left group before everything as well. Now that that is out of the way, lets see, you mention this name .. Mikko. Was that who I was with? Cool, will have to go locate them and say hi. “don’t dispute wanting to buy Satyr”.. Actually, I never offered to buy it, or ever claimed I wanted to. Someone told me I should by a sim when I mentioned I was looking for one, and I could not find it in Search. So I could not see its location, oh well. Again though we come back to your inability to read my comment about not wanting land on the mainland. This in and of itself can easily be read as “if Satyr was on the mainland, I am not really interested”. Your inability to track large volume sets of data over time is slowly working against you. All of this HAS in fact been ponted out time and time again, you are simply thrashing at this point into obscurity.

    8d) When you compare someone banning innocent people w/out cause for no reason to any other possibility, you tend to find that the other possibilities are indeed possible, if not probable. I didn’t “fly” into another parcel. I was ejected into it by your parcel ban. The only thing I did was get bounced around by you like a ping pong ball until I landed in Linden Land, at which point I simply flew up to the parcel barrier. There was no attack on you except for a friendly greeting, there was nothing said by Teeple, and Teeple left w/out doing anything except telling me to leave people alone who want to be left alone. I didn’t talk to you after Teeple left, and I certainly wasn’t there long enough to have been labeled as stalking or griefing or anything else. The only logical conclusion given my innocents is that you fabricated evidence to get me banned because you where so irrate at your own behavior and chose to take it out on me.

    8e) If Teeple had wanted to ensure that there was no misunderstanding about their wording, they would not have teleported out before making the point clear. Bottom line, Teeple left, it was a done deal, that was not good enough for you, and you fabricated the rest.

    9) Yer digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole here. You are now trying to back pedal on your IRC channel comment, yet ignore the fact that you most certainly where the first to mention a large variety of things on this thread that where only available in IRC. A simple “Find in this page” will show anyone who is reading the damnig evidence against you. You can try to backpeddle all you want, but you are the one stalking people, you are the one being rude and vulgar, assaulting people with false claims and prejuidice remarks. You are the attacker. Up until recently I have strickly been on the defense. I decided to listen to the Abuse Repartment about it though and started AR’ing them everything in regards to the situation. I trully do wonder if you are innocent, I suppose we will find out soon enough if you are, and how well the Linden’s can investigate such events.

    A sim link to the outside world is childs play, I have 3 Markov Chains that exist in SL that sit around reciting random text that they construct running on servers outside of SL. A Poet, a Prophet, and a Gossip. All fun little Cogitors brains in jars.

    1) Yup, no prior knowledge of Satyr, couldn’t find it on a map, didn’t know its name ahead of time, and someone else mentioned it was a sim for sale. So I tried to find out where it was located. Bottom line. You black listed me because of this and ONLY this event. This was the start of your attack against me. I never ONCE said I wanted to buy the land, you said that. My crime was apparently being completely ignorant of Satyr’s past and looking it up to see where it was located to see if I might indeed want to buy it.

    2) I stalked you zero times in your sim. I was tagging along with someone else who said they wished to talk with you, I went along to sort of “get out and see the world”. I do that now and then, as has been covered. So we come back to this mythical first time you call stalking was me chatting with someone else who was waiting for you to come back from AFK. So apparently me talking with someone I just met is stalking. This second mythical time of “stalking” was when I came BACK to where you where afk to understand why you where throwing around these sort of accusations. Little did I know it was because you where a paranoid dillusional religious zealot. Lesson learned. So I stalked you zero times.

    3) I was “thrown” via the eject from one parcel into another, and then banned from that one into another. The act of ejecting me tossed me around the sim into free parcels. There was no “stalking” or “moving to a new parcel”. You played pin ball with my avatar until I settled on Linden Land. The only thing I was caught in the act of doing was saying “uhm, excuse me, you just banned me from your parcel”. So I was caught in the act of being shocked and polite. Amazing that.

    4) I never refused to leave. I never said much of anything, I was to busy trying to make heads or tails of your vulgar statements and claims against me and trying to weigh in the amount of venemous hate you where throwing at me. I barely said anything, sitting there in shock, trying to understand where all the claims where comming from. Teeple left, you where pissed that I was still flying there trying to decide what to do next, and you planted some stupid script and told Teeple I had done it and he banned me remotely for an hour.

    5) I am on the record for joining “a” group, I have no idea who’s, or what its name was. I also immidiately left it. I was never kicked, and I was only in it once, and it was WELL before I ever met you, or saw you, or talked to you. A point that makes the information void as useful in any context. Any claims that you kicked me from any group simply outline that either a) you are lieing b) you have a poor memory (which we have seen) and you where kicking someone else. In either case, the information is irrelivant as it only outlines I was not capable of putting anything in any object, since I was not a member of any group by which to do it.

    6) More mysticism. Classic, other evidence such as .. hmm .. lemmi think .. I am prone to sitting in my parcel on a PG sim for long durations of time .. coding? This is classic “Oh well .. yah, so you have proven that the rest of our baseless claims where in fact baseless, so now we are going to resort to made up mystical claims that we can’t say because we havn’t finished making them up.” Try again, your argument is nearly 100% eroded at this point.

    7) Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about? This that Mikko person? Classic, so what? Yah, me, Thrax Linden, Sabin Linden, tons of other INNOCENT PEOPLE besides myself hang out with w-hat people. Again, my association with w-hat stems from ‘lslint’. Try looking it up sometime, very useful tool if you are writing scripts in LSL. Chatting with someone is not a crime.
    8) You did it to try to frame me because Teeple refused to do what you wanted them to. You wanted me gone because you where certain I was in w-hat, which I have blatantly shown I am not. I agree that any such grief event happening at that particular time is most oddly coincidental, so much so that you are the only likely culprit. I seriously dobt someone else would have sat there with a Linden having just been there and done such an attack knowing they would have been banned as a result. The only logical conclusion is that you did it thinking you can get other people banned by such tactics.

    9) I remain innocent in the case, from day one I was innocent. The only one at this point that is suspect, the only person who had the knowledge, the motivation, the intent, and the opertunity to have done this that we have any evidence for is you prok. You are the only one capable of being a suspect in this. So until other “evidence” comes to light, you are the one the Linden’s should be focusing on. I am simply filing the AR’s about it with the information as they requested.

    My group? I started a group yes, a purely social group. Period. I am in one other as part of an NMC project, and I was rather amazed that no one except Thrax Linden had ever mentioned it. I found out today that it is invisible. Something else I wasn’t aware you could even do with groups. Learn something new every day.

    I never hurt anyone, I never harmed anyone. You have done both of those things. You are the attacker, the predetor. You are the one harming people, you are the one making up false stories to fit your dillusional assumptions. When your claims are wittled down to facts, my only crime was talking to someone I had recently met, and trying to locate land that they had mentioned to see where it was located relative to the rest of the grid. That is all you have to base your claims on, everything else was constructed by you.

    Yes, what you have done is an old trick. Which is why I have no dobt it was the best you could think up. You have already shown you are incapable of long-term thinking, complex logic problems, and you have no basic empathy circuit functioning. Not an intuitive thinker either, deffinately a judgemental though. You ever taken a Jung Myers psychological profile? I suspect I know what the results would be. Either way, your statement yet again digs you into a hole. You are worse at back tracking then you are at moving forward with false claims. Tossing out an “oldest trick in the book” phrase, heh, even using that phrase is unoriginal enough to outline that you are not capable of thinking in any original sense.

    Anyway, this only highlights another problem the Linden’s will need to watch out for I suppose. Griefers and you this “anti-griefer” who seems to feel it is okay to violate the rules so long as your “cause is just”. Just because you trully believe you are right, and you believe someone else is bad, does not give you the right to try to grief your tennants in order to get someone else banned. That is completely malicious, sick, and disgusting behavior on your part. People like you are a cancer upon society. Will you start doing more malicious things next to try to get whole sims you don’t like deleted? Maybe you just want to pick up some bit of property and want the owners banned so that the sim goes up for sale! What sort of sick twisted person are you to behave this way?

  43. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 3rd, 2006

    1. Um, are you still having trouble understanding that yes, when you join MY groups I can see who is joining and when, and kick you, also. BTW, you’re visible as being online and joined in other groups on open enrollment, too, who don’t elect to hide members.

    2. Birds fly. And they perch. You don’t need a branch to perch on in SL; there’s no gravity.

    3. Your word-salading here can’t obliviate the meaning, intent, and purpose of me, and a Linden, telling you to get gone, which includes misusing Linden land not as a thoroughfare but as a place to perch and harass.

    4. I didn’t tell Teeple any such thing. He investigated and made his own conclusions *shrugs*. Deal with it. Your story gets more and more wild with each re-telling.

    5. The record amply shows your joining, leaving, and being kicked from groups. I’m afraid that’s not something you can talk your way out of. Your memory may be poor, as you are “new” and “experimenting with group tools” and not sure how stuff works.

    6. Nothing mystical about the facts, and the server records.

    7. The association with W-Hat that Sabin and Thrax are indulging in is indeed disturbing! Thanks for re-confirming it. I’m sure we’ll see a stop put to this soon enough. Erm…still no comment on Mikko, his whereabouts, why he as in the sim, his groups, the removal of his groups the next day? Gah, this is getting to be like Mummia or whatever and that other guy with the gun we never hear the full story about.

    8. I don’t know you from Adam. I have no motivation to get people banned; I do report them when they attack me. Seeing someone joining my groups, coming to my land repeatedly, and seeing the tub girl script at the same time, I do my abuse reporting, logically.

    9. The Lindens know I’m not planting this script on my self or my tenants, that’s absurd. Your posturing and strutting and windbagging here only help to further damn you.

    Nice try with the Internet psycho-analysis — no sale.

    I’m not a griefer; I’m not a sicko. You are.

    Say, I’m done with the Crocodile Tears in Baku. I’ve laid out all the evidence, and you’ve exposed and damned yourself. Bye!

  44. Isometric Bedlam

    Oct 3rd, 2006

    I think the important thing to note here is that Prokofy actually has Children.

    Jesus christ.

  45. Major Senior

    Oct 3rd, 2006

    1) Logic flaw. I was never kicked. If you kicked someone, it was not me. Therefor it is natural to assume that any group I joined was not yours. I was never kicked. What groups are you looking at that have open enrollment? I am in 2 groups period. 1 Visible and Closed Enrollment, 1 invisible and closed enrollment as part of an NMC project. Have you so utterly confused yourself about who you are pointing claims at that you have completely failed to distinguish me from others? No wonder you think I joined some group, you prove yet again that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    2) Perch \Perch\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Perched} (p[~e]rcht); p. pr. & vb. n. {Perching}.] [F. percher. See {Perch} a pole.] To alight or settle, as a bird; to sit or roost.

    In short, “hover” is not “perch”. Stop making up some stupid claims about SL slang to cover your own failed attempt at a vocabulary.

    3) Teeple never said “get gone” he did not say “leave this area” he did not say “get off linden land”. These things where not said, and if they had been mystically implied, I somehow dobt Teeple would have left before I had. Since Teeple left, one must assume that that was not what Teeple ment when he said to leave people alone who do not wish ones company. The only game with words here is the one you are trying to construct, though fairly feebly.

    4) Teeple didn’t investigate, Teeple appeared, made an announcement, and then left. You made some claim after he left, which appears that you have fabricated, and Teeple reacted to it w/out investigation. Again, we have evidence that much time has passed, and no action was taken against me for your fabricated event by the Abuse Department. Or are you now implying that Teeple has access to information that the Abuse Department does not, and that Teeple was capable of investigating that information in less then a few seconds, comming to a conclusion, and taking action upon it? Again, your logic is trully dizzying.

    5) The record shows no such thing. Further more, this page shows that you failed to mention any such claims untill much later in the conversation. CTRL+F and look for yourself. Your only orignial claim against me was my looking up Satyr to see where it was on a map. Everything else you have added after the fact to try and shore up your ever failing argument.

    6) Yes, which is why I am still online, unbanned, and no further action has been, or will, be taken against me for your fabricated crime. This I will agree with, your allusions that there are “other evidence” that you have at your disposal on the other hand are mysticism and fabricated.

    7) Ahh, so you are judge and jury. You decide who is allowed to hang out with who and associate with who. Yes, quite humerous. You the ever model of respect and proper behavior, so long as one ignores all your other social issues. You know, the little things like paranoid, judgemental, quick to jump to false assumptions and act upon them, short memory, poor with logic. Please, you of all people have the least room for deciding who is allowed to associate with who.
    8) You don’t even seem to know who you are accusing anymore. You have repeatedly made false claims about which groups I am in, about kicking me from groups I never joined, about kicking me from groups period. You are right, you don’t know me from anyone, which is why it was so shocking that you would ban me for no reason, without provocation. You made an “assumption” and you acted on said “assumption” with no “evidence” and no “provocation”. You made false claims, and apparently fabricated a grief attack to try to shore up said false claims. You are a sick and twisted person.

    9) You planted it and you know it, they told me to file the AR on it with what information I have available and I have. If SecondLife is lucky, more people will file AR’s on you every time you show any form of indecency and intolerance to anyone for anything and work together to see social cancers like you removed from the grid completely. With any luck the Linden’s will decide that just dealing with the AR’s alone costs them more then you bring in and they will delete you for it. I suspect there will be one amazing grid party if that day ever comes.

    Yes, you are done, because you lost. You had no evidence, nothing but paranoid dillusions and tacit assumptions and blind finger pointing at innocent people. You told me that if I had been innocent I wouldn’t be arguing with you about my guilt. What sort of logic is this? If people ignore accusations it only enforces the accusations. Am I now Major Major from Catch-22? Try to use even a small fraction of the void between your ears for something other then blind dillusional accusations and realize that you did nothing here but drag on a very long argument which you can not win. All you managed to do was make it apparent that you are willing to stoop to any means necessary to see your wants fulfilled. Stalking, planting spies on people, fabricating evidence. You are just sick. I suspect anyone who associates with you will see this overtime and distance themselves when they recognize you for the plague you are.

    You trully are a very sad creature Prokofy. You blindly assume that you are on a mission of riteousness, trashing through the fields of the innocent in your holy jihad w/out bothering to care that you have trampled across those undeserved.. This behavior of yours will only cause you to become isolated and shut out by everyone, including those who tried to be your friend in Second Life. A lonely, secluded and desolate place, very much like I expect you created for yourself in your real life.

    I hope the crop you have sown is plentyful indeed.

  46. Feem Lomax

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I know that this is old news… but a few things to clear up.

    1) I do not believe I am a griefer. My disclosure of my “crimes” was tongue-in-cheek at best. If the actions described in my article.txt make me a griefer, I guess I can’t argue with you. But I do not go out of my way to bother people, create malicious or dangerous scripts, attack people with vengeful and angry tones, or intend to damage individuals or groups in any organized or disorganized manner.

    2) Boy, I sure seem like a whiner trying to get attention when that chat log comes out like that. I understand why someone would get that impression, reading it in that block. But what Pixeleen didn’t know is that ‘listen to me’ and the rest were commands to control the previous generation of IRC bot, allowing us to choose when our text was broadcast to SL. Easy misunderstanding to make and not one which requires anything but a friendly explanation.

    3) My alts. I’m not using alts to ‘get around’ a ban. All of my accounts were created with the same email addresses, names, physical addresses, and credit card information. They only banned Feem Lomax. Feem Lomax was the only account which saw any major activity after 2003. Again, not something that would be immediately clear to anyone who saw what was going on. Not something which I exactly gave you the opportunity to investigate, either, as I left pretty quickly after that.

    For what it’s worth, I haven’t read any of the ranting that went on after the article. Thought I’d throw that out there so that people could call me a bad person.

  47. Anonymous

    Dec 19th, 2006

    As to your comments about 4chan, there is already a /b/tard group on Second Life. Plans to ‘Invade’ fell by the wayside as members of the group found things they could do and enjoy besides Griefing. Now the group seems to exist only as a Social Club for /b/tards who Play the game, much like on Cybernations.

  48. Ninetails Inc.

    Jul 28th, 2008

    I understand why people dislike this Prokovy. I was banned from all his land before simply for flying on his land looking for rentals. A tenant there with an itchy trigger finger banned me for flying across the land. I went and told prokofy and he accused me of being an alt because I was new, and a griefer. I have even since tried to contact him to tell him this was a misunderstanding but his ass is wound so tight, he lives in his own world.
    I don’t grief because hell, I hang around on SL to chat with people… but I sure understand why people grief Prokofy now. It is not out of jealousy like he would like to believe in his deluaional world, it is because he (or she) is simply an annoying little shit who has it coming.
    If I ever were to take up griefing, Prok would be my first target for this reason.
    Do not let it go to your ego, as if I wanted to grief someone out of jelousy; it would be someone worth being jealous over such as Ansche Chung.
    Prok is just an ant, and I am convinced he loves this attention. He bans people to gain more griefers, not to get rid of them.
    Fucking drama whore.

  49. Cyanide Leviathan

    Jul 28th, 2008

    I, as part of the internet community, saLUEt these brave, fallen soldiers of lulz and creators of ingenious insanity.

  50. [...] Life. Of course, this is far from the first Linden Lab group ban – many of us remember the mass ban of Voted 5 on September 19, 2006 when Philip Linden claimed 60 avatars were suddenly and permanently booted [...]

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