The Register blasts C|Net’s Terdiman for being Linden Fluffer

by Urizenus Sklar on 19/10/06 at 4:28 pm


The Herald has long appreciated the fine work of Daniel Terdiman for Wired News and now C|Net (not least his reporting on the Alphaville elections and the Roomba Frogger game instantiation event), but today he has come under fire from Ashlee Vance at The Register. According to Vance, Terdiman’s recent “breathless” coverage of Second Life, and the subsequent installation of a C|Net headquarters in Second Life must be viewed with more than a little skepticism given that Terdiman is so close to Linden Boss Philip Rosedale that he listed Rosedale as a reference on his online resume (subsequently removed, but here is the archived version). Vance charges that Terdiman has fallen under the spell of Philip’s kool-aid, and has become, to put it in terms familiar to Herald readers, yet another fluffer bitch in Philip’s stable (TM). Quoting Vance:

But despite fixing some appearances, Terdiman continues to heap happy press on Second Life, and Rosedale in particular. Just hours after pulling Rosedale from his resume, Terdiman posted an interview with the CEO. …

Our hat goes off to Terdiman, who used to work in public relations. Not even a Second Life insider working at CNET in the guise of a reporter could likely have pulled off such a feat.

Say it ain’t so, Daniel! We still love you (even if you are a Linden Fluffer).

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