Washed up Emo Musician Drops F-Bomb on Fans in SL Visit

by Urizenus Sklar on 20/10/06 at 12:42 pm

video by Theage.com paparrazo, Stephen Hutcheon

Ben Folds, a washed up solo musician straddling the that rich musical territory somewhere between emo and John Denver, had a “virtual launch party” at Sony BMG’s Media Island, a beach head in the corporate invasion of Second Life. As the above video by Stephen Hutcheon shows, virtual release parties are not quite up there with Herald blowouts, which often involve doing lines off of Paris Hiltons chest, and jello shots out of Philip Rosedale’s navel. However, Ben did show his edginess ™ by telling a questioner to “fuck off”. The poor questioners crime? Asking why “Rent a Cop” was on the new album. Ben seemed to recognize that his F-bomb was a bad idea, recovered and said he included the song because it had 700 trumpets and that they cost him $1,500. WTF…they were paid $2 a piece?

But why Ben Folds? As an employee of MTV put it after the event “He needs SL more than SL needs him.” Ouch, can it get any more desperate than that?

9 Responses to “Washed up Emo Musician Drops F-Bomb on Fans in SL Visit”

  1. .jamie

    Oct 20th, 2006

    Ben Folds isn’t emo. Dashboard Confessional is emo.

    I understand the “Always Fairly Unbalanced” angle, however, this article seems to be taking a cheap shot at Ben Folds for no reason other than an attempt to be edgy.

    Ben Folds is a very talented musician. While his Second Life attempt may have been lackluster, his concerts are just the opposite. How many acts have sing-alongs where the artist teaches the audience how to sing a minor third?

    And, last I checked, Second Life is generally pretty open to all types of people saying all types of things. I doubt an “f-bomb” offended.

    Perhaps there was a more interesting angle that could have been pursued in this “story.” I suppose this was much simpler, though.

  2. HiroPendragon

    Oct 20th, 2006

    OMGWTFBBQ! The F-Bomb! I’ve never heard that in SL! There’s vulgar language in SL? Really? It’s not network TV or YouTube or terrestrial radio or newspapers? (i.e. any one of the dying media mediums?)

    Ok, end sarcasm. Seriously… you have naked pictures of avatars in the Herald regularly… why is a few f-bombs a big deal? Does the fact that Ben Folds is a celebrity make him any different?

    Of all the criticism that could have been made about the event, yours is the most off-target I’ve read so far. Sorry. That’s just how I see it. *shrug*

  3. Urizenus

    Oct 21st, 2006

    We love the F-bomb at the Herald. But we don’t say F-you to our readers. Not even you, Hiro!

  4. humdog

    Oct 21st, 2006

    humdog sits quietly, sharpening her pencil,
    and smiling.

  5. Artemis Fate

    Oct 21st, 2006

    Whoa Ben Folds was here? Damn I didn’t hear of that at all, I love Ben Folds.

  6. Urizenus

    Oct 21st, 2006

    well that is the other thing. They didn’t do a good job broadcasting the news of this, and as Zero Grace pointed out on his blog, they might have at least distributed the URL for this.

  7. Artemis Fate

    Oct 21st, 2006

    Yeah, I didn’t hear a thing. I would have gone had I known.

  8. TF

    Oct 22nd, 2006

    yeah I totally agree, alot of people compare Ben Folds to a modern day Billy Joel, and he does have alot of good songs.

    An attempt to revive or gain more popularity through SL was a stupid idea, but he definitley isnt a “Washed up Emo Musician”

  9. Dustin Linden

    Oct 25th, 2006

    I think I would enjoy having Ben Folds say “f-you” to me… I mean, who else can brag about that?

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