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By Prokofy Neva, Community Affairs Desk

This just in…seems that Baba really does suck.

In a chat log published at, Baba Yamamoto tells his chums in the channel back on November 10 that the creation and deployment of CopyBot was deliberate, planned and malicious.

The revelation confirmed what many including your faithful correspondent had been saying: “There was gleeful, malicious, hateful victory-dancing about wrecking the world people had so carefully made and constructed out of the “your world/your imagination” motif.”

Word on the grid is that Baba and his Bot-buddy Nimrod Yaffle are being frog-marched by the Lindens out the door — that even our liberal lib-lubbin’ Love-Machine loons have had enough.

This all awaits confirmation, but the log makes sobering reading — it’s more about the capacity to spread fear and panic through social software than it is about actually undermining people’s copyright through the technical means we all know are being used — and will be used in the future.

9 Responses to “BABA SUCKS!”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 16th, 2006

    BTW, an interesting tidbit about the “CW” listed in the libsl channel chat transcript: he is said to be an ESC employee.

  2. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 16th, 2006

    What do you mean marched out the door? I recieved a warning.

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Do you think it will end there, Nimrod? And what did the warning say? And are you still a member of libsecondlife?

  4. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Oh I forgot “I’m Baba” whatever Prok. The warning said: Dear Second Life Resident,

    Linden Lab has received one or more reports that you may be violating our Terms of Service by making unauthorized copies of other people’s content.

    Violation: Terms of Service — Permissions Abuse
    Circumventing the permissions system to obtain rights not intended by the creators of objects, scripts, textures, notecards, etc. is prohibited by the Second Life Terms of Service, Section 4.2. Anyone who does make infringing copies of content may have all of their accounts permanently banned from Second Life.

    This is a warning only, and no additional action is being taken at this time.

    For further information about this policy, please read our recent blog post regarding copybot and other attempts to make unauthorized duplicates at

    Thank you for your ongoing interest in Second Life.


  5. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 16th, 2006

    I think they did a blanket warning for all abuse reports with the word “copybot.” Ever Moopf got one.

  6. Kamilion Schnook

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Holy crap, I’m famous!

    Jeez, you people really don’t know IRC too well, do you. OR Sarcasm. (Note: That was sarcastic.)
    Just like most people are like on IRC. Like me. Now [Explicitive Deleted] my [Explicitive Deleted]!

    It’s been four hours now, and CopyBot still will not come out of the closet. Hundreds of onlookers here have gathered here in hopes that the celebrity will finally give in.
    Tom, it now appears that TestBot is also in the closet, and he refuses to come out. Here with more details once again, is SLeek.
    I was just standing here. CopyBot locked himself in the closet… Then TestBot come and now, TestBot in the closet too. Please CopyBot and TestBot come out the closet! But then I calm myself down, and I pull out my gun!

  7. Urizenus

    Nov 16th, 2006

    dang I figure that people with the time and disposition to hate on Hammie like that are deeply twisted. On the rest its hard to know how much is h4x0r irony and how much is h4x0r bravado and how much is evil h4x05 aesthetic (hey let’s tie tin cans to the dog’s tail), or even, at the end of the day, whether these guys can tell the difference anymore. Play the role too much and you become what you play. (That’s why we at the Herald are always nice to everyone!)

  8. goliamokuche

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Have you ever thought that if it wasn’t Baba it would be someone else, an EVIL one? And what do you think is better – to have open problem visible so that people are aware of it, or having open problem invisible and the whole population of SL to be unware of it? I guess there is the fundamental question – do you want to know the truth, or you prefer to get the impression that everything is perfect? Although the problem could be announced and handled better, my applauses to opensl team for their work. I guess, just most of the SL citizens are not “into” philosophy of openness and that causes fear. And, in RL no one guarantees that your invention won’t be copied by someone and sold to someone else. SL is not that far away of its social capabilities comparing to RL and problems of this nature ARE obviously natural.

  9. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 21st, 2006

    No, I don’t applaud people who are cynical assholes maliciously taking glee in others’ misfortunes and discomfort if not damage and destruction. Hell, no. And I don’t care if this happy little haxxor hijinx, that’s bullshit. I don’t call crashing the grid, and sending the tubgirl flying around a sim just robust, “boys will be boys” kind of pranking. It’s deeply maliciously and consistently evil, it causes a huge amount of damage.

    And I don’t caer if there is some perverse public service supposedly being done by having this concept “well, they are SOBs but OUR SOBS” at work — better to keep discovering and exploiting holes “in the family,” so to speak. Bullshit. It’s the same malicious Bolshevik bunch who are getting a huge high over constantly screwing people like this.

    Baba has a long trail of nasty, perverse, deliberate little and big hate and harassment actions.

    When was causing an uproar, he was cynically discounting everybody’s concerns and indignation and treating them like shit.

    Walker has Baba in the group 3pointD — Baba has consistently displayed nothing but contempt for people who are outside the programming clique. I can remember when he was at least an interesting intellectual interlocutor, even though he also covered for w-hat and v-5. That has been dropped of late and he is merely nakedly cynical about people and issues in SL and overly protective of these destructive assholes in libsecondlife.

    It was Baba Yamamoto who prevented another member of libsecondlife from being able to boot out the v-5 alts as they appeared, because they discredited the group. It was evidently he who took away the eject powers.

    It would be good to get a definitive statement about what is really happening in libsecondlife, founded by Eddy Stryker.

    Baba is still a member of it though ostensibly he was expelled?

    So is Kelly Linden, though the Lindens were supposedly recognizing the problems with this group?

    Christan Prior, despite the questions about ESC and its relatinoship — remains in this group.

    Walker Spaight is now a member too — as if to say “Fuck you, Prok, and your concerns”.

    Grid Surveryor, a v-5 alt and w-hat regular on a new alt who is following the same patterns of griefing me personally with IMs, joining the group to grief, dropping prims.

    No, nothing changed. If anything, they are reinforced in their cynicism and sense of immunity and impunity.

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