Banned CopyBot Girl GeForce Go’s Identity Revealed?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 15/11/06 at 3:06 pm

Is a former cornfield resident an alt for GeForce Go?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

nimrod Yaffle’s sister?

Reports at the Second Citizen web site forums indicate that CopyBot salesgirl GeForce Go may have had an alternate identity – the well known nimrod Yaffle.

These reports have raised some eyebrows since nimrod was originally one of the demonstrators of the CopyBot before its commercialization – I didn’t really believe that the CopyBot worked until nimrod cloned my avatar and several objects monday evening. In my conversations with both Mr. Yaffle and Ms. Go there was a common rhetorical thread that objects want to be free – because the Lindens have not secured the server.

The evidence presented in the Second Citizen forums consists of a series of screen shots from November 1 where GeForce Go posted to the Linden Answers forum, and an account named “Nimrod Yaffle” posted to the Second Citizen claiming that the GeForce Go alt was used because Nimrod’s account was suspended. [photos after the jump]

GeForce posts to the Linden Forums

Nimrod outs his alt

Followup posts at Second Citizen suggest that GeForce was not the creator of the CopyBot, but was instead acting as a reseller of the open source software for a 10% commission.

Metaverse historian will recall the Mr. Yaffle has in the past served time in the LL cornfield as part of a disciplinary action by Linden Lab – for reverse engineering portions of LL’s software to help him steal another player’s virtual property.

I contacted Mr. Yaffle earlier today to get his response to the claims made on the SC forums, and here is a transcript of the interview:

PM: hi nimrod!
NY: Hey Pix lol
PM: I’m reading second citizen where they claim GeForce Go is you alt
NY: >_>
NY: Lies
PM: what about the pictures of the screen shots?
NY: more lies!
NY: One sec
NY: Ok, refresh your browser
PM: ok
PM: and so the idea is the nimrod at second citizen is a different nimrod from you?
NY: If he says so
NY: it must be true
PM: I guess this is one of those things that will never be proven one way or the other
NY: :-P
PM: I’m trying to decide if there is a story here or not
NY: heh
NY: Not really, so many blogs and crap about it anywaays
NY: The real creator was banned actually
NY: well, the owner of the person selling it
PM: who was that?
NY: Hmm
NY: can’t say!
PM: lol
NY: His alt is still here
NY: well, first alt
PM: of course
PM: nobody ever really leaves
PM: they just get new alts
PM: so if I do run a story
PM: do you have anything you would want to say?
NY: :-/
NY: Hmm
NY: Just that there’s no way to confirm idenities!
PM: and about the copybot?
PM: anything to say there?
NY: No
NY: From forums and in SL
NY: the person SAYS they’re nimrod
NY: How would you know?
PM: no way to prove it
NY: Yeah
NY: I mean yeah
PM: it might be good to rn this jsut to make that point
NY: the sig is the same and such, but they could have copied the link from my SL forum sig
PM: so all these 3rd party forums just make that problem worse
PM: well, thanks for talking
NY: Np!
PM: I still can’t decide if this is a story or not
NY: [There goes what little reputation I had left!]
PM: I think second citizen already did that
NY: :-P
NY: Most don’t read SC

8 Responses to “Banned CopyBot Girl GeForce Go’s Identity Revealed?”

  1. urizenus

    Nov 15th, 2006

    Dang Pix, you and Prok are on this story like white on rice! I’m getting a sore finger from refreshing my browser so much.

  2. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 15th, 2006


  3. Random Writer

    Nov 15th, 2006

    Gotta love it.. Nimrod… your name is fitting!

  4. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 15th, 2006

    So is yours?

  5. Inigo Chamerberlin

    Nov 15th, 2006

    Interesting question: Why’s Nimrod still here?
    Answer: Because LL at least know where to find him. Permaban him, he’s back in 5 mins as an untraceable alt.

    Looks like LL have kind of painted themselves into a corner there, doesn’t it? It’s now ‘safer’ to keep someone alive, providing they have a verified account, than kill them off and loose track of them utterly.
    Yet another downside of unverified free accounts…

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 15th, 2006

    I’m recalling the interesting relationship between Mr. Yaffle and the Bush Guy, Lazarus.

    There was always plausible deniability, but then, odd, eh, that Bush Guy would have Nim’s signs up on his land; or Nim would have the Bush Guy’s texture and stuff.

    By making the Cornfield the humorous yuk yuk place that it is, with its Children of the Corn memes, rusty tractors, rows of ominous corn in the dark, and wierd 1950s bad-boy TV movies, the Lindens are letting us know that for “white collar crime” (as Torley once inimitably put it), they chuckle and put people in the funny Cornfield to let them know that they may be *this close* to getting an actual job at LL, instead of being on the AR list, but they need to polish their resume and polish their presentation a little more ; )

  7. nimrod yaffle

    Nov 15th, 2006

    I actually met “the bush guy” (who is still in-world (who was banned for “Posing a grid attack”)) in the cornfield.

  8. Nacon

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Oh for the love of god. Nimrod, you dumb wit. You already “hinted” out that it was you by using that >_> face when Prok asked. That is a DEAD give away. Of course it is you.

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