Ghost Hill – part 4

by Pixeleen Mistral on 03/11/06 at 2:16 pm

Fiend Ludwig’s final live report on location in Opelessence:

the moon is a harsh mistress

After much blind groping I found the release catch on that abomination of spring-steel and made my way a door leading outside. My gore-spackled research indicated that I would find conveyance to Fonzarelli through a mausoleum – Dead or alive? It didn’t say. So, merrily off to the cemetery I went, and sure enough, after unwittingly desecrating some number of tombstones, I discovered the crypt.

cryptic scene in the cemetary

And inside – what else but a spooky skull-lined passage and a hidden wharf; water boiling with man-eating (well, probably) sharks.

avatar eating sharks

That Fonzarelli kid sure stumbled into some freaky environs. My hope of seeing him intact was dimming, but I boarded the rickety punt and cast free the line. The ebbing tide pulled the small craft out of the chamber and tossed it along the shore of Ghost Hill – Ghost Hill SLurl. After floating aimlessly for a while I saw the flicker of a fire on shore. It as not a long swim and I was soon on dry land. The fire stood only a few yards away through the thicket, and I could make out a shadow across the flames. I pushed through scrub and there he was. Stephen Fonzarelli.

dead? alive? AFK?

I sat beside him for some time. Silent. Watching the fire. And you know, I am still not sure, for we never spoke; I am still not sure whether he was alive or dead.

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