Here Come the Virtual Tourists!

by Urizenus Sklar on 25/11/06 at 5:05 pm


Canadian newspaper The Hamilton Spectator has a nice article about Synthravels – the virtual world vacation/tour company run by our friend Mario Gerosa (Frank Koolhaus in SL) and others. Some of you will know Mario as Editor of Mondi Virtuali (he’s also Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, Italia). There is also some egg-headed pontification from Professor Ludlow: something to the effect that, well, its no worse than real life tour companies. My theory is that this is just Mario’s version of Payback. We’ve all been invading his country (Italy) with our cameras and walking shorts. Well, turnaround is fair play I suppose…

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  1. Blue Cassady

    Nov 27th, 2006


    I’m making a list of all places in SL. I’m currently on the letter B, and have been distributing it in-world. I hope to put it up on a website soon, with a kind of Zagat’s rating system.

    Don’t know where this fits into SL travel agents, but why hoard info… ?

    I’m also listing land that’s for sale as a find it.

    Blue Cassady

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