It could be worse. We could be in There.

by Urizenus Sklar on 30/11/06 at 1:00 am

I’ve posted this machinima rock video because (i) it involves griefers and (ii)…well if it involves griefers I don’t need another reason. Still I feel guilty because I’ve been to operas that were shorter, and the There avi’s are freakin’ hidgie, and well the video is… how can I put this…well…is it still wrong to say this if I spell the word g-h-e-y? Still I am reliably informed by that it won a film festival over at Still more evidence that There bites.

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  1. Howie Lament

    Nov 30th, 2006

    Yeah, There makes SL seem pretty advanced in comparison – but i gotta say that There does an incredible job on vehicle physics. Look at that car! It’s got independently dampened wheels and everything! And the fact that you can ragdoll people when you run them over is also way cool, oh what i’d pay to have that feature in SL :D

  2. Tomas Hausdorff

    Nov 30th, 2006

    If that video is indicative of the graphics in There, I’d say Second Life definitely has an edge. I particularly liked the way the guitars seemed to be fixtures stuck in mid air. The avatars seemed…well, I’ve never heard the word “hidgie” before, so I have no idea what that means, but they look defective or perhaps unfinished. Setting aside graphical shortcomings, if that was the winning entry than I’d say that Second Life’s machinima community is a couple of generations ahead.

    But I’m all for creativity, even if the platform isn’t quite up to snuff and the standard of work is still rather primitive. And presumably There has appealing features that its residents think outshine SL. I’m not moving, but if they are happy, uhm, there, then great for them.

  3. Nacon

    Nov 30th, 2006

    I have to admit that after trying out “there”… they had 3 better stuff than SL did. One of them is the vechicle without any doubt and their land/world is VASTLY HUGE! No silly sim crossing crap, you just drive drive and driiiivvvvee a long way. Last one is able to talk.

    Come on Linden… fix your problems first already, I can’t wait to see more new features.

  4. Torin Golding

    Nov 30th, 2006

    Ms. Hedwig got herself a new angry inch.

  5. There Film Festival announces winners… wait, they make machinima in There?

    Mark at sent along the news that the There Film Festival just announced the winners of their machinima contest. I was just meh about the winner, Wild Griefer, and most of the other entrants. But I really enjoyed the

  6. Jonas

    Nov 30th, 2006

    yes. it’s still wrong.

  7. so there.... lol

    Nov 30th, 2006

    There is so far superior on player and physics interaction, and “they’re” attitude towards “their” users.

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