Just Askin’: Write my story for me?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 02/11/06 at 6:35 pm

[Editor's note: the Herald occasionally reprints stories from other highly respected SL-oriented blogs publications that demand special attention for their depth of analysis and insightful comment. Enjoy!]

by Alaska Tallahassee – guest columnist from the Second Life Blingsider


I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I don’t really have any ideas and I’ve almost maxed out the number times I can speculate like this hoping that someone might comment or write my story for me. Our AOL Aimee says I have to post 3 times a day even if I don’t say anything, so maybe you have an idea of what I should say? It’s just so easy and tempting to not actually do any analysis and hope for the best, sometimes even merely on the basis of a clever article title.

Sooner or later, though, you try the same trick again and get the message that you’re at your limit. At what point do you admit you have a problem? I’ll level with you; I’m not clever enough to understand the entirety of this article. I wanted to bring this to light knowing that someone out there will understand this immediately, and that it might help illuminate or otherwise brighten a dank corner. However, I do get an inkling that the gist of the article seems to be that LL is taking steps in the right direction, so that fanboys and fangirls are created at acceptable rate. Am I right?

I’m never ashamed to ask for help and I need it; can someone enlighten me? Use small words and put in plain language what this article is saying, and what it means to all of us? I think I still have some land tier left over; it’s yours if you can spell it out for me! Is this enough verbal mulch to meet the Second Life Blingsider’s standards? Can you help me?

3 Responses to “Just Askin’: Write my story for me?”

  1. Urizenus

    Nov 2nd, 2006

    It took me a while to figure out this was a slam on a columnist for the feted Second Life Insider, and while I’m all for dissing the competition I’d rather go after Adam Reuters or Dan Terdiman or Hamlet Au. Those guys are successful and powerful and need a spanking now and then. But a writer for the Blingsider… I dunno, its sort of like shooting tame geese with a Browning automatic. On the other hand, this is the Herald way of making friends, so good job after all!

  2. Kaitlin Trojko

    Jun 18th, 2007

    Make it interesting.

  3. Kaitlin Trojko

    Jun 18th, 2007

    I want it to be interesting and exciting….you know what I mean.

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