Reminder – Take a Gorean to Lunch – Today!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 30/11/06 at 10:30 am

Second Life’s annual celebration of all things Gor celebrated in many ways

A well-loved tradition in Second Life is the annual “Take a Gorean to Lunch” day – where scores of residents break bread with Gorean Masters, slaves, free companions, warriors and physicians. Across the grid, citizens ponder gifts appropriate to the celebration – collars, leashes, and weapons being perpetual favorites.

While an occasional public execution or forced capture of a slave is certainly possible in Gor today, most residents observe this solemn occasion by discussing Gorean philosophy and culture – while others outside Gor celebrate by dancing in clubs, venturing up to a skybox for some private time, or playing tringo.

Now that NBC and its Christmas tree have taken up residence next to a Gorean enclave, we suggest that residents might also discuss the most appropriate collar for the media giant’s peacock logo to wear – should the media giant decide to beg the collar. Photoshop anyone?

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  1. urizenus

    Nov 30th, 2006

    I think we should have a contest with a prize for the best photoshopped image of a collared peacock — preferably next to a Gorean master.

    Let’s do it this way. Pix will be final judge. I will pony up a prize of 2,500 Linden Dollars to the winner. To submit your entry, just send it to Pix in the game. Deadline….hmmm what should the deadline be. Is there enough time to get this off during Gor Week?

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