Stupendous Ironic Bad Ass Race Too Close to Call

by Pixeleen Mistral on 19/11/06 at 7:07 am

W-Hats envious of new libsecondlife entries?

by Pixeleen Mistral, Sports desk

Isos_second_lifeOver the last week, competition heated up in one of the metaverse’s favorite spectator sports – the race to be the most stupendously ironic bad ass on the grid. A recent entry in the race may have jumped into the lead – by way of the infamous CopyBot and some trash-talking quotes from Mr. Baba Yamamoto reported at SLUniverse.

A measure of just how concerned some competitors are at these development is a lovely picture book I was given yesterday by another competitor – a goon associate (Undead Monstre) of Mr. Isometric Bedlam. Mr. Bedlam is known for general greifing such as appearing uninvited in SL bedrooms while avatars are slapping pixels – but he has been banned from the metaverse for some time now. His new book is called “My Second Life: A Novel of Words: a introspective from an introvert” – a copy of which I have left rezed in Sanchon sim next the Herald news vendor, boats, and landing pad. Between Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Bedlam, we can see similar strategies in the race to make a name – even a bad name – for oneself in the metaverse. Apparently the winning strategy in the SIBAR (Stupendous Ironic Bad Ass Race) is being both a supreme bad boy – and having the smarts to walk the line – or perhaps the right connections?

With all the attention given to Mr. Yamamoto’s quotes such as, “we should send a press release to all the SL news agencies with humorous h4×0r talk about all the shiz we can do with libSL to steal and cheat” and “i could care less at this point what assurances LL gave us”, and “now we’re gonna steal your shit haha and run away with it” is anyone surprised that the W-Hat/Something Awful/Satyr/Baku crowd is reaching out to influence the judges?

For those just catching up with the local sports scene, Mr. Yamamoto and some public spirited individuals thought that it would be good for Second Life if they distributed a tool to simplify object and texture theft from content creators. Predictably, content creators reacted negatively to this development. Pulling a screw-the-economy move is not really enough to get into the SIBAR running, however. It takes more – and Mr. Yamamoto found that extra something by publishing the incriminating chat logs at his web site here after they had been made public by SLUniverse. The judges score double for ironic comments – as Mr. Yamamoto is well aware.

Are Isometric Bedlam and Philip Linden best friends?

Evidently feeling a bit under-appreciated, associates of Mr. Bedlam felt it best to produce a scrapbook that highlights the now-banned Mr. Bedlam putting his arm on the shoulders of notable Lindens – including our leader Philip Linden and other public figures in SL such as Prokoy Neva and Aimee Weber. Reproduced here for your edification, the multi-page manga-style book seems to make the case that goons have friends – or at least acquaintances – among the Lindens. Ironic style points are certainly a goal of Mr. Bedlam based on the pithy comments to adorn the celebrity snapshots in his book.

Is Aimee Weber the only person left who thinks wings are cool?

The race is by no means over, and long time residents suggest it is ikely that more excitement awaits us all as the contestants vie to cyber SIBAR the grid.

20 Responses to “Stupendous Ironic Bad Ass Race Too Close to Call”

  1. Jordy

    Nov 19th, 2006

    Pixeleen we love you please never change

  2. Zombified Irwin

    Nov 19th, 2006

    I’ll never be as much of a stupendous ironic bad ass as Baba and you all know it.

    and here is some higher res links because I am a shameless self promoter and I think it loses something in the translation there.

    Eagerly awaiting resulting hatetrain.

  3. Isometric Bedlam

    Nov 19th, 2006

    ^^ That was me.


  4. Hiro Pendragon

    Nov 19th, 2006

    I was really flattered to be included with such big celebs in SL. :)

  5. Petey

    Nov 19th, 2006

    I vote for Tsu Goodliffe for everything.

  6. Schwartz Guillaume

    Nov 19th, 2006

    You’re just pissy because none of the non-baglady writers for the Herald were deemed important enough for the scrapbook.

  7. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 20th, 2006

    These griefers take pictures of themselves with you after stalking you, and then waiting for you to go AFK. They aren’t friends, but enemies, who have been seriously harassing me for months — and it’s the same bunch who crash the grid and spread the good. I guess I’m always amazed at the Herald’s light touch with these criminals.

  8. Isometric Bedlam

    Nov 20th, 2006

    Word salad /\/\

    For the record I have never crashed the grid and/or ‘spread the good’ (Whatever that means). My harassment of Prokofy boils down to that one time I went next to her and took a picture of myself as a joke, (I didn’t even know who she was at the time, only that she was well known) and the other time I went to Reuters and said “Hi” with a plastic duck handpuppet and told her not to take the internet so seriously.
    (The actual log of that exchange is on the Herald under “w-hats visit reuters” for anyone who’s interested in cross checking my claims too.)

    I think the reason the Herald takes a light touch with these things, is that unlike you Prok, they can appreciate the absurdity of the situation. Whether you like my sense of humour or not you can’t seriously be saying that some harmless silly antics like taking e-celebrity photographs and talking with virtual handpuppets amount to serious criminal actions.

    Besides, I don’t want to be your enemy Prok, can’t we be friends. :(

  9. Urizenus

    Nov 20th, 2006

    You never took *my* picture. Prick.

  10. Howie

    Nov 20th, 2006

    In 2006 a crack commando unit was banned from the grid by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a minimum security stockade to the Second Life underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the W-Team.

  11. urizenus

    Nov 20th, 2006

    I pity the fools.

  12. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 21st, 2006

    >Some harmless silly antics like taking e-celebrity photographs and talking with virtual handpuppets amount to serious criminal actions.

    Um, we all know that if that is ALL you did, you wouldn’t be banned now, hon. But you are. On that account. And subsequent alts. So obviously you’ve done other stuff you aren’t admitting or recognizing and expecting us to be chumps and simply imagine that you’ve been wrongfully banned — when that’s not the case. You are banned for cause.

    Stalking people, harassing them, putting your arm around them when AFK, that is the sort of thing that really does qualify as a TOS offense even with Linden liberals. But that wouldn’t be enough to get you banned permanently.

    *spreading the GOO is what was meant there.

  13. Isometric Bedlam

    Nov 21st, 2006

    >> Um, we all know that if that is ALL you did, you wouldn’t be banned now, hon. But you are. On that account. And subsequent alts. So obviously you’ve done other stuff you aren’t admitting or recognizing and expecting us to be chumps and simply imagine that you’ve been wrongfully banned — when that’s not the case. You are banned for cause.

    Uhh… You do of course remember the big stink when Voted 5 got banned? Accounts that had never so much as gotten a single abuse report or had not logged in for several months or more were banned. But of course you seem to think that they are all guilty by association.

    But that’s besides the point. I won’t defend my actions, because I was a cheeky asshole at times and what I did was debatable in terms of it violating the TOS. However, even you are saying this should not be grounds for a permaban.

    The Linden’s official reasoning of why I was banned was for selling a Power Ranger avatar, a violation of trademark, which I agree is a violation of the TOS. But was it permaban worthy? People do this all the time and Lindens look the other way. The fact of the matter was I was banned because I was an officer of Voted 5, and they wished to make an example of me as if it would spread a message. Several of the Lindens even confirmed this for me when I asked them.

    I am not preaching that I was wrongfully banned. I am over the fact that I lost months of creations and real money I had earned through building and playing Second Life. I DO however resent having my personal details turned over to federal agencies and being treated like a criminal just because I associate myself with a bunch of people from a particular website, with no solid proof against those claims.

  14. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 21st, 2006

    >Accounts that had never so much as gotten a single abuse report or had not logged in for several months or more were banned. association.

    Oh? And you know that…how? You have god-like powers you’ve hacked and reverse-engineered to see the inner workings of LL?

    And since you were guilty of event griefing and harassment such as what you did coming and putting your avatar on me and taking pictures and verbally harassing while I was AFK and back present, I think it’s quite likely that you racked up a lot of ARs besides a Power Rangers outfit.

    No word-salad, no Eddie Haskell, NO SALE.

    Lindens ban people for CAUSE. These hippie liberals waited a year to ban your sorry asses despite having ample ARs sent in repeatedly.

    As for “guilt by association,” I call it something different: group accountability.

    when libsecondlife and v-5 have dozens of people constantly event-griefing, harassing, bothering, dropping prims, etc. etc. and then they are also tied to grid crashing, I don’;t see why we owe them some kind of “innocent until proven guilty” *when they refuse to disassociate themselves from these antics*.

    After dozens of people, their alts, and their alts’ alts keep perpetrating the same kind of offenses, it’s a fairly safe bet that you can speak of “a group”. They all sing as one choir from the same choir sheet when you catch them in the IRC or on their own channel in libsecondlife.

    There’s PLENTY of solid proof that you and others that are going around bleating about unfair banning. You’re forgetting that all your whoop-ups and hootenannies and victory-dancies go on tape to the Lindens, they hear and see all. Freak, unsettling, but if you are repeatedly bad, well you can’t blame them for botting you out and continue to expect us to buy this bullshit.

    The crocodile tears in Baku and Satyr don’t fool anybody anymore.We’re at the point now that we can safely determine what this group is — a hardened, networked, planned, and malicious group that perpetrates acts over and over against Second Life and engages in constant denial and effort to distract from its bad deeds.

  15. Howie

    Nov 21st, 2006

    Yes, and by the same reasoning all muslims are evil worthless human beings because sometimes a militant islamist blows someone up.

    Normally i wouldn’t use such a stupid exaggerated comparison, but i bet you think playing harmless pranks on people is SL is worse than killing people in the real world anyway.

  16. Isometric Bedlam

    Nov 21st, 2006

    I’m not going to bother arguing with you because it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that you’re simply insane. You completely missed my point, I never complained about myself being unfairly banned, I admitted to being a cheeky asshole that pretty much made it a point to push the envelope as far as I could just to see what happened. They banned me as an example, and have told me as much.

    My problem is the fact that myself, and 60 other residents, are being blamed (with alleged criminal charges) for the actions of 2 people who were the ones crashing the grid, without any evidence to the contrary. I know this because they were infact once members of Voted 5, but were not in collusion with us and were excommunicated from the group by yours truly when they went on a spree of taking advantage of shared to group objects. I attempted to share these details with Linden Labs, but as usual got no response

    And for all your ‘Group accountability’ nonsense, there were 300+ residents in Voted 5. Do you expect me and the other officers to keep tabs on every one of these residents and make sure they’re doing the right thing? Of course not. Both V5 and w-hat were free to join, all you needed to do was provide proof of a Somethingawful account. Griefing was discouraged for the most part,
    and if anything got out of hand members were ejected from the group. (This of course depends on your definition of griefing, as we enjoyed being cheeky with mild pranks, as well building as controversial builds. I won’t deny this.)

    But this is all old hat and plenty of other goons have gone over this ground a million times and I just wanted to give my side of the story. However you’re too stubborn to listen to reason and will instead pass it off as word salad.

    I can now see why people love to argue with you Prok,
    It’s like you note down everything wrong that’s happened in Second Life and attribute it to a single person or group, then continue to tally these up one on top of each, pulling connections out of thin air and creating outright lies to justify your argument. You then spin this giant katamari of spite filled words and half cocked theories and crush every blog, forum and poor person willing to listen to it within your path.

    Now you’re saying libsecondlife and V5 are in cahoots in some mass orchestrated scam to build Copybot? I love you Prok. Please don’t ever change.

  17. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 22nd, 2006

    There aren’t only 2 grid crashers, there are more, clearly, and more grey-goo spreaders. The Lindens — of all people — don’t ban people merely for being in a group.

    They ban them for concrete actions. Of which there were plenty. I know because I abuse-reported them, as did others.

    I don’t have to spin a single thread, it’s you who are engaged in spinning the Big Lie. Yes, 300 people DO need to be watched when hundreds of alts have come and gone and all of them have been involved in griefing, and very clearly documented griefing, and not by me, by many others, and of course verified by Lindens.

    Nobody should be buying the Bolshevik myth perpetrated by w-hat and Arahan Claveau and others that this group is somehow a victim of “guilty by association”.

    Instead, they’ve been called to account, and the world is better for it.

  18. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 22nd, 2006

    >Now you’re saying libsecondlife and V5 are in cahoots in some mass orchestrated scam to build Copybot? I love you Prok. Please don’t ever change.

    LOL you gotta love how these word-salad men chop up the tomatoes.

    CopyBot was deployed by v-5 — and if in fact there is only Baba or Eddy or the libsecondlifers who claim they are NOT v-5 doing this — then the collusion was intense, and they took opensourced stuff knowingly and with collusion by Libsl to menace and harass and scare the world.

    Libsecondlife and v-5 — separated at birth? or joined at the hip. You decide. The relationship is as close as your own jugular vein.

  19. Lupus Delacroix

    Nov 22nd, 2006

    I worked at burgerking as a part time after work job while in the military. Does this mean burger king invaded iraq?

  20. Schwartz Guillaume

    Nov 22nd, 2006

    I could “prove” that you’re in collusion with Angel Fluffy or Baba Yamamoto or Magnum Serpentine or whoever else you want through the same sort of “six degrees of group-membership bitchery + wild accusations” game.

    Just because you don’t get along with a variety of different people doesn’t mean that they’re in a massive Anti-Baglady Illuminati scheming and plotting to ruin your virtual playtime dollhouse revue.

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