Christmas Grid Attack

by prokofy on 26/12/06 at 12:13 am


By Prokofy Neva, Grief-Watch Dept.

Thousands of red Santa-capped green penises rained down on Second Life in the closing hours of Christmas Day on the grid, sending many residents into a panic to try to return the self-replicating objects before they displaced builds — and crashing SL entirely for others.

The grid-wide spam attack was unleashed by a new alt called llMakeExplosion Toll with an object entitled “Christmas Present”. The name was not fully visible on the object as creator and owner but the full name was later found on the avatar profile with the single description, “llGrief(TRUE);”)

Penising is the typical M.O. of W-Hat and its offshoot groups. The last such attack was just last week — in that case with pink penises — on CNET’s interview with Anshe.



In an apparently related action, Partyhats Loll, another W-hat new griefing alt, spammed people with perverse “Helpful Griefing Rant” notecards saying

“One of the most important issues in Second Life is griefing. Names such as Plastic Duck, Cubey Terra, and Pathfinder Linden are infamous for causing disruption and chaos on the grid. Skilled griefers can even take down sims using a single malicious object. Some griefers infiltrate cultures, becoming authority figures for people who have no clue as to their hostile intentions,” etc. etc

Of course, Cubey Terra, a long-time prominent creator in SL, along with Pathfinder Linden, are falsely portrayed on this spam card as “griefers” by the author.

UPDATE 9:45 PM SLT: Only one Linden appears to be online and Live Help (now known as Help Request) does not appear to be answering. Support is closed for Christmas. I’ve crashed twice trying to clear away the yuletide cocks but they’ve subsided a bit and I see that llMakeExplosion Toll is now gone from the People List. The objects remain all over where people don’t have autoreturn on, and they make a kind of wierd cackling sound. The grid is still up.

The grid remains up, though individuals have reported crashing. The attack is under control. The Lindens now appear to have the ability to remove objects in one fell swoop by name, as we saw them disappear instantly on multiple sims before our eyes.

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  1. Hiro Pendragon

    Dec 26th, 2006

    This is what happens when SL and Virtual World blogs think it’s grande to post video of Anshe being griefed by flying penises. Gee, what a shocker that they took this as encouragement to do it again in order to get more media.

    Here’s an investigative report I’d love to see the Herald cover: why one or two particular w-Hats have never had a permaban.

  2. Alex

    Dec 26th, 2006


  3. Goonygoon

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Did they finally kick you off that blog, Prokofy Neva?

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Hiro, we didn’t cover the Anshe attack precisely because it fuels more attacks when they can count on that attention. It seemed important to cover this one as a public service because people are always confused when a grid-wide attack is happening — is it just their sim? or 10 sims? is it under control? etc. Sometimes it is hard to get information. It’s not always about covering griefers to fuel them; it’s about providing information and commentary. It seems it’s now well under control. Mick Linden just put out a message saying a few regions are still with scripts disabled but they’re working on it.

    Partyhats Loll is a proud member of libsecondlife, btw, and has been for awhile.

    Here’s the quotation from Cory Linden that he has on his profile:

    “[14:57] Cory Linden: Question about what LL is doing about griefer alts… well, we are continuing to roll improvements to the group, land, and estate tools plus we are continue to build in better system-wide responses to large scale griefing. Identity is clearly not a solved problem on the web, so community and local control seems the only scalable solution.
    [14:57] chmarr Walcott shouts: greifer alts can EASILY be solved by IP# bannings
    [14:58] SunShine Kukulcan shouts: USE MAC ADDRESS”

    As for the issue of “why one or two particular w-Hats have never had a permaban,” I think one of the ways they can persist is that people like you who style themselves as leaders and developers never name names and never persuade your peer groups to disassociate with W-hat publicly and thoroughly.

    There’s only so much a journalist can investigate about something like this when there are peer groups and possibly even Lindens backing them, tacitly or explicitly.

  5. SunShine Kukulcan

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Well will you look at that!! I get quoted in some asshat/clown libSl’ers profile AND I get a mention in SL Herald! WOOT for me!

    Bet I STILL can’t get onto their land-thanks to a ban by the President of the Asshat/Clowns Union in libSL, Baba.


  6. Walker Spaight

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Best thing about this article? The new coinage, “penising”. Excellent.

  7. Inigo Chamerberlin

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Er, what makes you think the self replicating objects were penises? My personal and limited experience of them doesn’t include things that look anything like the pictures.
    Then again I suppose your experience of male appendages may be a little different to mine…

  8. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Um, they *are* penises? Look at them. Also, none other them that uber-reputable OTHER newspaper, the Blingsider, called them penises:

    “They’re hollow green penises, with jaunty Santa-style stocking caps.”

    Inigo, I have to point out that because you’ve been criticized in a debate with me on another thread, you evidently now carry a grudge, and you’ll see every single post through the lens of your baggage. That makes you do something silly like a) deny these are penises when everybody who saw them knew they were penises and b) take a swipe at me on some gender thing which is just plain abusive. Don’t do that. It clouds your reason, and you were right in your first post to criticize the FIC’s inability to recognize something now from their own little circle. Stay with that revelation, and don’t let them change the lens on you.

  9. Urizenus

    Dec 26th, 2006

    I think Inigo was making a joke. I know that mine looks like that sometimes. But then I get a shot and everything is back to normal.

  10. Inigo Chamerberlin

    Dec 26th, 2006

    Right, right…

  11. humanoid

    Dec 27th, 2006

    I thought they were watermelons or Christmas-themed burritos when I first saw them. But I never saw them up close. They were sailing through the air like Patty Wagstaff on a caffiene high.

  12. urizenus

    Dec 27th, 2006

    >Christmas-themed burritos


  13. Sadako Shikami

    Dec 27th, 2006

    “penising” … i love it!

    *peers closely at pics of pickle-like penii* hmph. no balls.

  14. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Yeah, “no balls” is exactly the way to describe people who do stuff like this anonymously — they are cowards.

  15. Ares Artizar

    Dec 28th, 2006

  16. Padijun Loll

    Dec 28th, 2006

    SLH: a paranoid cat lady’s vehicle for her personal war on w-hat

  17. Stovich

    Jun 25th, 2008


    “Anonymously”? “Cowards”?

    That, I believe, is a Slashdot term. I blame the GNAA.

  18. Witness X

    Jun 25th, 2008

    I love how Prok classifies one of the best loved and most honorable people in SL – Cubey Terra – as an SL terrorist – along with Pathfinder Linden.

    Talk about being unclear on the concept.

  19. Lord Kamina

    Jun 25th, 2008

    Good job reviving an ancient article fuckwit.

  20. Darien Caldwell

    Jun 25th, 2008

    obviously your reading comprehension is lacking. He is quoting from a notecard where a griefer says that. Look one sentence below where Prok clearly states “Of course, Cubey Terra, a long-time prominent creator in SL, along with Pathfinder Linden, are falsely portrayed on this spam card as “griefers” by the author.”

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