No Hard Feelings? Herald Wishes Big Things in New Year for All We Pissed Off

by Urizenus Sklar on 31/12/06 at 4:52 pm


Here’s new years wishes to all we pissed off,
We hope you’ll enjoy our dick in a box.

We’re really sorry for all we offended,
Let’s start the year with fences mended.

So …

To Philip and Cory and Robin and Cathrine,
To Cris and Lordfly and Mr. Pendragon

To Sibley and Giff and Flipper too
To Katt and Phoenix and the folks at M2

To Blingsiders, Tater and Aimee with wing
To Edeman, Moo, and Mr. Ming

To the Avatards all, including Ikarus
We really hope you aren’t that sick of us

And to Furries and bots and ageplay fanatics
To goons and Hats and virtual meth addicts

To gangsters and ho’s and casino campers
To mentors and noobs and live help in pampers

To Nike and Nissan and the folks at Crayon
Ogilvy, Reuben, and the Isle of Scion

To Reuters and C|Net, Adam and Dan
Honest to gosh we’re you’re number one fan

To Lindens Babbage and Bub and Blue
Cat and Char and Daniel and Cube

Donovan, Doug, Eric and Ian
Ginsu and Fritz and Guy and Ethan

Jeska, Jesse, Jill, and Taco
Ken, and Kona, Zee, and Monroe

Path and Phoenix we love them too
Even more than we love the grey goo

And yes we know this poem doth suck,
Did you really expect us to give a fuck?

Happy New Year!

Oh and here’s a nice tune to go with it!

4 Responses to “No Hard Feelings? Herald Wishes Big Things in New Year for All We Pissed Off”

  1. Baba

    Dec 31st, 2006

    What about me?! Do you still hate me?

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 31st, 2006

    Only in SL, could you get a song that works with the words “campers” *and* “pampers” hehe.

    Kenny Linden is gone from the People list. I do miss Kenny. Kenny , wherever you are, I hope you’re in a better place, dude.

    Given all the opportunities for rhyming “box” and “Prok’s” I’m amazed I’m not in the list *cough*.

  3. urizenus

    Jan 1st, 2007

    Well, thanks to the miracle of blogging, we can keep adding to this…

    And to the missing Lindens we no longer see
    From T-bone and David to Kenny and Lee

    (Im still working on Baba and Prok)

  4. Cocoanut Koala

    Jan 2nd, 2007

    Hey, Uri . . . it’s been a long time now, and I just want to say – thank god for the SLH.

    And thank you for providing it.


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