Paparazzi Release Snaps from Herald 3rd Birthday Debauche.

by Urizenus Sklar on 01/12/06 at 8:24 pm

Machinima mama Moo Money tugs on her blunt and stands guard over the Herald Meth Lab. Just one of the candid shots the Herald paparazzi got at our third birthday bash in October.

Yes yes I know it was *months* ago, and in the age of hypervents and instapoof virtual architecture that sort of delay is just so Web 2.0 stale of us. But those paparazzi drove a hard bargain, and we finally scratched together enough Simoleans to pay the little rats. Still, it was worth it to give our dedicated readers a peak into how the Uber Inner Core of Second Life — the shake and bakers of the metaverse if you will — live and play. How do they live and play? Hard baby. Hard.

More below the fold. Enjoy.

The infamous virtual erotica publisher Marilyn Murphy, who brings Herald Readers their weekly dose of Post Six Girl/Boy/Bot

Black Library‘s Ace Albion shows off her superb prison tats.

Artemis Fate is all dressed up and ready to track down some Gorean masters and make them her simpering sissy bitches. Me first!

Coconut Koala from Coco’s Cottages seems a bit too prim and proper for this crowd. But we welcome all lifestyles at the Herald!

Destroy Television and her girlfriend, Herald Editrix Pixeleen Mistral.

Electric Sheep Company‘s Hank Hoodoo!

Jeremy Neuman of (is it Penguin Books) thinks this world is 3.D, nyuk.

The machinima kidz, Pierce Portocarero of Ideal World and the afore mentioned Moo Money with blunt.

Even Philip Linden showed up! And Pix is soooo far up his ass. (bet he loves it.)

Simon Lameth of (one of) the Second Life Times with Novo Ordus Imperialis griefing victim Areth Gall.

Spin Martin (a.k.a. Eric Rice of Hipcast) and Zero Grace (a.k.a. Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture) try so hard to look chill.

Torrid Midnight. You know…the podcast…the voice…

Spin Martin checks out his reflection on Uri’s dome. What a vain mofo.

Herald Publisher and web 3pointD blogger Walker Spaight with Christiano Midnight of SLUniverse.

Builder extraordinaire Yadni Monde appears!

The Herald Pink Elephant.

Ubergriefer Plastic Duck makes an appearance.

Black Library‘s Tasrill Sieyes is freaking falling apart!

Uri being a poser.

Uri still posing; biosatanic Herald stringer Sami Suavage looking bored with Uri.

Walker Spaight and Ace Albion

The Infamous Prokofy Neva and Glitchy Gumshoe (aka MTV’s Eric Gruber)

4 Responses to “Paparazzi Release Snaps from Herald 3rd Birthday Debauche.”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 1st, 2006

    I guess you missed the 29 Sept issue of InfoNut which had even better, with the headline “Uri Sells Meth Lab!”

  2. moo Money

    Dec 2nd, 2006

    Ahhh blunts and meth. Good times.

  3. Robo Phillip

    Dec 2nd, 2006

    Aww what. No pictures of when Robophilip and Grid Surveyor showed up to party and Prokofy got all in a huff and demanded that we leave, and when she found out that we were invited she threw a hissyfit and said “Well I’m not staying at a party that supports these griefers” and teleported out.

    Because that was funny.

  4. Urizenus

    Dec 2nd, 2006

    That must have happened after I left. What’s a Herald birthday party without griefers? The Herald was built on a foundation of griefing, drama, and profanity. Take that away, and we would be just another metaverse newspaper. Except interesting.

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