100 Position SL Sex Bed – in 70’s Porn Plaid!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 03/01/07 at 10:30 am

Does plaid indicate Scotchguard anti-stain treatment?

By Pixeleen Mistral – Interior Decorating Consultant

inspecting the box spring’s workmanship – or a hawt new position?

The IMs were flying today with rumors of a 100 position sex bed for Second Life – and concerns about Gideon Television’s heath should he attempt probe too deeply into this story. With Gideon apparently still indisposed after his most recent in depth investigative reporting work and an un-met burning need-to-know causing some metaverse residents to shift uneasily in their seats – it was time that something be done. Reporting – we’ve heard of it at the Herald. Plus I can probably expense this purchase if I write about it.

I eventually tracked down a supplier for the bed with Kama Sutra-like promises of variety at BB’s outlet in Tritonis. But then things get complicated – there are several version of the sex bed – bronze (L$4600), silver ($5600), gold (L$7000), and platinum models promising 32, 42, 50, and 100 animations respectively.

buy in bulk and save!

A sort of volume discount applies to the platinum 100 animation bed which is priced at L$12000. A fellow shopper pointed out that the platinum would be money well spent for an escort, which raises the question – would you really want anything less than platinum? Perhaps this sort of thing indicates that metaverse escort services will become a capitol-intensive business – expensive accessories may be one way for high priced call girls to fight competition from the Unverified masses.

The bed has an elaborate series of menus that appear when you click on it – hopefully clicking through several menus to find just the right kink does not dampen one’s passion during those special private times. I found I could add even more variety by not turning off my animation override before hopping on the sex balls – so for those that enjoy the “head under the bed crossed leg position” pictured can probably achieve 200 variations by leaving their animation override on.

Close inspection of the plaid bedspread suggests that is was designed to hide stains as well as evoke a certain retro 70s porn style. I just hope Gideon doesn’t hurt himself with one of these things.

Scotchguard anti-stain treamment?

12 Responses to “100 Position SL Sex Bed – in 70’s Porn Plaid!”

  1. secret admirer

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    I settle gently into the soft folds of particle stained plaid, one hand gently caressing the velvety corrugated inner thigh of Prok as my other hand deftly enters the edge of her voluminous bridget jones pantaloonies that protect the prize so long sought after by all of us at the sheep farm…the feted inner cOHMYGODIWAKEUPSLAMMINGBOLTUPRIGHTSMASHINGMYHEADAGAINSTTHEBUNKSWEATINGOVER ANIGHTMAREVISIONFROMHELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHH

  2. Hiro Pendragon

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    100? Dang, that’s high. While not necessarily used for sex-animations, I’ve tested PoseCubes up to 50+ poses (the actual number depends on the length of names of animations and such). I’ve had them out for almost two years. I suppose if I stripped out some features (pun unintended) I could get them up to 100.

    I’ve been waiting for Linden Lab to fix a particular sit bug that is on the “known bugs” queue, that will let me rip out about 75% of my code, and put in more features and certainly should allow 100+ anims. Ah, it will be nice when they fix that bug – that’s been out since 1.5.

  3. Urizenus Sklar

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    I think if you are going to have 100 poses you should do it right and go to 365 poses — one for every day of the year, like the sex positions book. Or alternatively, someone should work out all the poses in the Kama Sutra or Koka Shastra. some of those are impossible to work out from the illustrations in books, and having a 3D representation could be handy.

    But I appreciate the 70′s porno plaid stylings. I wouldn’t change that, except maybe for a plastic sheets option.

  4. Bedevere

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    I have been able to add poses from other balls to beds, so I am not sure what the big deal is. I suspect that any resourceful person could essentilly merge this many animations into a cheaper bed.

    But I guess to have them pre loaded….means you can get down to the business of making vintage machina porn right away!

  5. Frederic Prevost

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    I have tried these right after they introduced more than few months ago. (Is this new? Am I mistaken?)

    Some of the animation looks hotter when used with Man vs Man Avatar sex.
    At the same time, some Animations are the exactly the same from next one, just positioned on the bed, side of the bed, or positioned on the floor. A bit felt like I was cheated.

    Since I own both bed and rug version of magnum 44, in addtion to couple other “vanilla version” ” threesome only version”with upgrade boxes, I did not feel the need to expand to the platinum edition. (Not to mention various brands of pose balls versions strewned all over the place… )

    I would have love to see the comparison over this and new comer “Deviant” which is recommanded by myself and many other *experts*. Deviant sells base box which you may add *any* animations, along with tastefully designed dungeon furnitures and yes, bed.

    while, start up noob escorts might go for these, purely because of the least trouble to personalize the animations , many veteran Sl customer won’t be impressed with 100 animations of av sex with *mute clicker escorts*…

    At the end, the skills of escorts/partner really counts.
    (and gideon’s report did not even mention those skill levels… tsk, tsk)

  6. marilyn murphy

    Jan 4th, 2007

    that bed has been for sale for a long long time.
    there are a few more versions of it out for sale also, by associated creators.
    i have heard from those that actually indulge in this sort of play, that people tend to find 6 to 10 favorite poses and pretty much go with that. perhaps it continues to sell just so the mertz’s can point at the joneses and claim their bed is bigger.

  7. Jonas Pierterson

    Jan 4th, 2007

    I’m happy with my 50 mag. Doesn’t have as many cuddles as I would like but I have it coupled with a bed that does.

  8. Sadako Shikami

    Jan 5th, 2007

    not new news, but fun news :) actually, the most fun part of the Platinum is trying out all of the positions, right in the middle of the store … the “show beds” are fully functional. Gold is all you really need, and if you count “swap” you get 100 anims with Gold in any case.

    Neva Naughty’s wares are catching up to Strokerz in popularity, i believe, because she packs them into at least 10 different pieces of furniture (although it gets a little cramped on the swinging hammocks). her rugs are my favorite, and come in quite a few porn-flick fabrics.

    DevPose is the best if you want kink. no one has a better “chained down with my legs up over my head” yoga-style pose, IMO.

    Bits n Bobs poseballs rule, however. they are the BEST. EVER. if they come out with a few more, i’ll have enough to script my own rockin’ sex bed, complete with a trail of hot foreplay spots leading up to it.

    just a slut who knows ;)

  9. Samantha Poindexter

    Jan 12th, 2007

    Yeah. The SexGen Platinum’s been around for awhile… it’s probably overkill for the private consumer with specific tastes, but it’s useful if you’re in the business of providing erotic services. Also, well-made. Frederic is absolutely right in noting that the typing is far more important than the animations, but it’s also nice to have visual aids.

    (In my case, I’ve never used the BDSM menu, but I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the cuddle, boy/girl, and girl/girl sections — and I even have a few additional poses I’d like to see in those. Your mileage is likely to vary, and Strokerz does sell individual components, too.)

  10. Anonymous

    Jul 9th, 2007

    this is shit

  11. Joxter Hax

    May 15th, 2008

    Quantity over quality? Outrageous prices for pure junk. the stuff from Luna Animations is much better.

  12. Smashing Sommerstein

    Sep 5th, 2008

    “Welcome to Smashing, a new kind of sexy fun! Sex should be fun, right? That’s what we thought, so we created Smashing. Check it out: our animations are carefully designed to make you more sensual, they’re fluid and silky, not harsh, herky-jerky, robot-moves.

    We’ve created the best animations imaginable so that you can share your creamiest fantasies and love with everyone. Liberate your inhibitions and let’s throw out all those gloomy, grimy animations that pollute Second Life.

    Have a look around, try us on for size – you’ll get the most alluring animations possible. We’ve kept the price low but when you start your sashay the impact will be volcanic. Turn those around you into your slobbering slaves.


    Smashing, it’s true love.”

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