Extortion! Brutality! Ageplay! Goreans!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 12/01/07 at 2:45 am

Mafia extortion price lists revealed

-by sparrowhawk perhaps

[Gorean administrator Charles Tiramisu reveals mafia-style extortion attempts against Gorean cities along with price lists from alleged extortionists - services cost up to L$ 40,000/month -- nearly $200 USD. Admin Tiramisu also discuses extreme brutality, slave exports, women, and ageplay concerns in an exclusive interview with the Herald. -the editrix]

Admin_1Sparrowhawk Perhaps: I am sitting here today with Charles Tiramisu, the Administrator for the Gorean islands of Tancred’s Landing and Tancred’s West. Many thanks to You, Admin for taking time out of Your busy day to be with us today.

Charles Tiramisu: My Pleasure

SP: I wonder if You might begin by telling us a little bit about Tancred’s?

CT: Aye, Tancreds Landing, and Tancreds West, are all one big area spread out over two SIMS in SL Gor. They are situated along the Vosk River, and a part of the Vosk League

SP: I see.

CT: It is a peaceful township, known for their trade and their tradeships along the Vosk

SP: Does Tancred’s have any particular exports or trade — Tyros, for example is known for cherries, I believe…

CT: We are known for our Slaves and their exquisite training

SP: good exports, then — smiles

CT: aye

SP: In SL, among Gorean roleplayers, there appears to be a rather large spectrum — all the way from the people who shall we say are delicate, to the book purists, to the goth-goreans. Where do you place Tancred’s in that spectrum?

CT: We keep to the books as closely as we can, with some leeway in the RP, but there are also some lines we do not cross, nor allow, as they are VERY specific in the books.

Women with submachine guns not welcome

SP: Could You give an example of a line You would advise Your city not to cross?

CT: Women Armed, with weapons that the books SPECIFICALLY call out as not possible, such as, the books describe a female of Gor, fully grown, to have the strength of a 12 year old earth boy — Not able to handle the massive swords, and spears of the full grown Gorean Male — And many women come into Gor, and arm themselves to the hilt as such

SP: so if I understand You correctly, You would look away from some panthers armed with submachine guns and the like?

CT: Technology is not allowed, period, High Tech weapons are an instant ban as a griefer, and it is outlined quite well in the Laws and sim guidelines

SP: Yes, I just wanted You to clarify that for readers not familiar with Gorean culture.

CT: I see

Charles Tiramisu

Extreme violence and brutality

SP: I have been told by sources who refuse to be named, that there is increasing incidence of what we might call sadistic behavior in Gor — such as cutting of genitals, and carving initials, etc. Are You able to say if You have seen any such things?

CT: There has been an ever increasing of “Who can be the most Brutal” — I have seen Panthers that have had there fingers cut off, names carved, etc, and likewise Panthers that cut off men’s parts as well

SP: I know of one incident personally where a Man of my acquaintance had initials carved in His chest by a panther.

CT: That is something I am correcting in Tancreds, as that will not be tolerated nor allowed, there are some things that were done, such as if a Panther were caught, she was shorn of her hair, then branded and usually sold. Those that would learn more of True Panther and Warrior’s behaviors should read “The Hunters of Gor”

SPk: So Your position would be that what we would call maiming, for lack of a better word, is not within the Gorean charter as written by Norman

CT: The only true maiming was done by the Torturers in the Plains, the Tuchuks to be specific, and that was only to acquire knowledge, not for some sick fantasy/fun thing. And that was not for the purpose to dismember

SP: that’s good to know. I have noticed in the last year or so, an increase of people coming into Gor from a very violent game called Sociolotron. Have You heard of this game?

CT: No I have not

SP: Sociolotron, or Socio, as the players call it, is a very violent game that features extremely violent sexual RP. Someone of my acquaintance even described to me

CT: Rape and such?

SP: an action He had done, of hanging an enemy from the ceiling and ass fucking him with a sword until he died.

CT: That is not Gorean, and if I EVER catch wind of it in either of the Sims I am in charge of, that person will be processed properly, i.e. brought before the High Council, and if found guilty, removed from the city, burned to ashes, and their bodies never to be revived by the Priest Kings — which means out of character, an Estate Ban by the sim owner.

SP: So You would take a very strong position on such acts.

CT: Aye, extremely

SP: I have, since I heard of that act, and noticing the numbers of Socio people in Gor, wondered if the increasing violence in Gor might be connected with that group. I make no allegations, I just wonder.

Mafias and extortion

SP: I have also been told by another source, that the SL Mafia is making inroads into SL Gor. Have you heard of this?

CT: I have seen those calling themselves of Gor doing things Mafia style in nature, such as letter to the Admins/Owners that border on extortion

SP: Do they ask fees, like protection money, or if not, what is the form of the demand?

CT: They actually gave a “Price” list of their fees and what they entail

SP: Have You or Your Lands been approached personally?

CT: I have, by two different Avatars, not sure if they were one and the same person with all the ALTs running around

SP: And a demand was made on You? You need not reveal the exact demand if You don’t want, but You have first hand knowledge.

CT: I will go into that magical realm called “Inventory” and give you a copy to peruse, and you can make your own assessment

SP: thank You.Does the Gorean Council, which I believe is the association of all Gorean sims, do they know of this?

CT: pulls a scroll from “Inventory” and passes it to you

CT: gave you Price Detail, Merc Battery, FH Fort Haskins, Mercenaries..

Merc Battery Prices
City Protection Service.

24/7 On Call Protection.

4 free jobs a month. Any job you need a Mercenary to do where we have to go somewhere or do something out of the ordinary. of course we will always go to the sim to Guard/Kill/Capture/Defend etc.

Priceing: 20k per 30 day period. that works out to a fraction less than 667 a day. You Will recieve a signed reciept and contract.

(IN addition we will not take on work that goes against anyone in your city.)
Unlimited Mercenary Work.

This package lets you give a unlimited amount of Mercenary work for a 30 day period, you need us to do something you let us know and we will get it done no questions ask, as much as you need done, professionally, Validly, and mostly, with no drama.

Priceing: 49.8k per 30 day period that works out to 1660 a day. You will recieve a signed reciept and contract.

ALL THESE CONTRACTS START WITH A 7 DAY PROBATIONARY PERIOD. DURING THIS 7 DAYS EITHER PARTIES MAY PULL OUT FOR ANY REASON THEY SEE FIT. If this is to happen both Parties will sit down and discuss a reasonable cut off that will be compared to the amount of work the client has already had us do.

CT: I am not a part of the Gorean Council as it stands — But they have been notified I do believe from other sources

SP: I see. This document You have given me is quite disturbing — would You give consent for its publication?

CT: I have no problems with it, none at all

SP: thank You, Admin. The document suggests that You were being asked for approximately 49,000 linden a month?

CT: I was approached by another as well, and given a “Price” list as well

SP: Were the prices similar to these?

CT: 30K for one type of care, 40K for the more detailed Care. The other was from a single person — Not RP money, but Lindens, which transfers to Real Money

CT: gave you Auron’s Prices.

- Auron’s prices
As you know Auron Mercier is a hard core assassin that Role Plays directly from the books. When he is paid for his job, he asks that his mask is allowed to stay on, and that he will not steal slaves for no matter what price. Keep in mind Auron is a excellent fighter.

Defending a city till the fight is over 5000L
Defending a single man till danger is up. 3400L
Assassinating a person 4000L

SP: yes. 49 thousand lindens is a chunk of real US dollars — it is what, 200 dollars?

CT: Not sure the actual, but it is high

SP: I just checked — its approximately 185 US dollars.

CT: Around 4 bucks a K

SP: that’s a significant chunk of change — Do You know if anyone has complied with these demands?

CT: I had heard that Tyros for one had, and I think Thentis, but I cannot actually confirm this as I tend to my own City’s needs. But I will say this, the one group, once shown to the Owner of the sim, placed them on an estate ban as she felt it was Mafia style Extortion

SP: it sounds like that took some courage — now Tyros is led by Alexandar Vargas and Stephaniee Marquez? and who leads Thentis?

CT: Faith Stormwind last I saw, but then again, a lot of Drama there from my inside sources, and that will remain there, I do not wish to draw any more attention to any sore wounds that are there

Is Gor a Cult?

SP: Could You state Your position on an idea floating around, that Gor is a cult, like a religious cult? There is an essay floating around: The Problem of Gor, speaking to that and I would like to hear a Gorean’s opinion of the idea.

CT: Not so much as a cult as that of a philosophy

SP: would You say more?

CT: Gor, is an imaginary world written by John Norman and as such the RP factors, and some Lifestylers, have taken the books and created SL Gor that you see today

SP: but people are not brainwashed, as the essay alleges, or forced into behavior? All activities are consensual, is that true?

CT: There is a variety of placements, positions, and such for one to become involved in, From Free to Slave, from Warrior to Scribe, many castes and many duties across the spectrum

SP: and all participation is voluntary?

CT: Most are, however, there is always that element that takes thing to an extreme, as there are anywhere

SP: Is there anything You’d like to say to our readers, that You’d like them to know, that I haven’t asked?

CT: Aye, I do have a few words for those out there that show an interest in Gor, and maybe something to clear things up a tad bit — Gor is a fantasy world, taken from Sci-Fi Fantasy books written by John Norman And like anything, you do have extremists that take things above and beyond what is either implied, or stated

CT: You also have what is termed “Lifestylers” that have taken Gor to be a RL thing, and have real life slaves and such in their personal Homes. I am neither an advocate, nor an opponent of such, to each their own, as long as it is as you said earlier, consensual

SP: thank You for saying that, Admin.

CT: The line that has been crossed is when these people take things over the edge, and they get SL to become RL, and meet, such as a Master that has a SL slave actually gets to meet them And from that, the girl/boy, decides that they do not want to be around that individual, and tries to leave, and winds up being brutalized and raped — Not SL, not virtual, but Real-time

SP: yes. people take it different ways,

CT: I have no patience, nor ANY tolerance for that.

SP: so You play Your game strictly inside SL. You are not what is called a “Lifestylers”

CT: I am Gorean only online, in RL, I am a happily married man and the father of a 5 year old boy

SP: Yes. But we do know there are some Masters in SL who list RL slaves in their profiles. And i have read of some who go so far as to register their slaves with a RL online slave registry service.

CT: aye, and again, many I know that RL slave is actually their RL wife. I have seen those, they are cute

SP: But that is all personal preference. And consensual

CT: Exactly, the same goes for places such as the “Crack Den” where illicit “Virtual” drugs are sold, Sex fantasies, such as rape, are played out– Those places in my mind should be abolished, as they portray illegal behaviors, and egg on RL mentalities to those who cannot differentiate between the two

SP: You are a strong Man, Admin, and it would seem that the faith of Your people in You is well-placed.

AgePlay in Gor

CT: Another sickening thing I have seen cropping up around Gor is the Ageplay mess

SP: For those who don’t know, let’s tell them what ageplay is.

CT: That is where one party, plays the adult, and has the need to parent a minor, played by another adult, but it becomes a “Parenting” in a sexual way

SP: so it is a kind of pedophilia?

CT: I would thinks so, as it is their Game per se. An acted out variety, yes. One person plays the child, the other the adult, and in SL, and the child avatars, it becomes more sickeningly able to portray the [sexual] parts more closely. Having a RL child, I find this extremely disturbing

SP: i think it would be especially disturbing to the father of a young child, yes.

CT: And, there was just a case recently not to far from my RL home where someone practicing Ageplay was not satisfied, and took it to another level, and raped and killed a 10 year old girl

SP: that is horrifying.

CT: Now, let that happen to my child, and yes, Gor will come to life I have no tolerance for the unwarranted and unjust ANYTHING where children are concerned, especially after sitting for three weeks on a Federal Jury on a child molester that had sex with over 90 kids, each having to come before the stand and testify, some having been only 3 when it started. So, I have strong feeling about that

SP: and completely understandably so. i meant to ask — with regards to the rate cards — do the Lindens know?

CT: I would thinks so, as it is their Game per se

CT: I had said that I welcome all to Gor, those that have an honest will to learn what it is about, and as for Griefers, I will gladly escort them off, and for those that have a deep rooted desire I will do what I can to make sure their experience is one of enjoyment, either through my own experiences, or arranging some form of Mentoring. That is all I have for now, and any that wish I will gladly answer their questions, they need only contact me.

SP: Thank You, Admin, it’s a pleasure to speak with You today. Smiles.

27 Responses to “Extortion! Brutality! Ageplay! Goreans!”

  1. Pointing Out

    Jan 12th, 2007

    So, if Gor rejects all technology, why do they use SL?


  2. sparrowhawk perhaps

    Jan 12th, 2007

    from the Sociolotron website (http://www.sociolotron.amerabyte.com):

    “…This game has a lot of mechanics, that would be considered mean at best in other games. You can be permanently eliminated. You can be put away into prison for some weeks! You can even be forced into prostitution or drug abuse. These points are made very clear from the beginning. That’s why it’s an adult game! If somebody does one or all of the things to you, it’s no reason to complain to a game master…”

    “…A torture action is best be performed on a character in bondage although this is no requirement. When the pain level reaches a certain value there is a chance, that the tortured character confesses to a crime that he committed and for which a regular investigation may be difficult or lengthy (see Justice) so that you can use this evidence now. This is the easier, the higher the sado skill of the torturer is, On the other hand, a high maso value of the victim makes thismore difficult. These two skills can therefore be very important when it comes to information gathering which in turn can be very important in gaining political influence (see Government) or personal power.”

    “…Crazy enough, this is something that happens from time to time even in regular role-playing games. Characters offer cyber sex in exchange for game credits, gold points or whatever the game currency is. In Sociolotron SM prostitution is part of the game world, just as it is in reality. And just like in reality there are areas where prostitution is legal and those where it is illegal…

    …On the other hand there must be a downside to these advantages (as most things in Sociolotron SM have a good and a bad side) and that is the fact that a prostitute at higher levels often can’t withstand a deal. While a character with a low prostitution skill can decide whether she (or he we don’t discriminate here) wants the prostitute dialog to be brought up, she can not prevent that on a higher level if the customer has a dominant personality. This may lead to quite unpleasant situation if this happens in public. Also she can probably not prevent a deal which would bring her under partial control of the customer which can be potentially dangerous. And of course, prostitutes are among the first targets of Inquisition Demons on the hunt for Soul Points…….”

  3. Jonas_Pierterson

    Jan 12th, 2007

    Armor also, aside from certian pieces made for gladiatoral style matches (cesti, maybe a studded coat, etc) with mostly shields and hides, were not present in the books. When I see a SL Gorean wearing full plate, I laugh.

  4. Artemis Fate

    Jan 12th, 2007

    “Women Armed, with weapons that the books SPECIFICALLY call out as not possible, such as, the books describe a female of Gor, fully grown, to have the strength of a 12 year old earth boy — Not able to handle the massive swords, and spears of the full grown Gorean Male — And many women come into Gor, and arm themselves to the hilt as such”

    I don’t think I quite understand how Tarl Cabot can come from earth and suddenly have the strength of 5 men because of the different gravitational pull, yet a woman like Elizabeth comes from earth and she has, as you put it, an equivalent strength to that of a 12 year old boy? And furthermore, putting it into terms of those born on gor, how a woman in general is compared casually to the strength of that of a 12 year old boy, especially in terms of women who live an extremely hard life in the woods on their own, compared to men who live in a cushy city with slaves to do most of the hard work for them. If anything, the men have the strength (and mental capabilities) of 12 year old boys, and shouldn’t be lugging around giant swords.

    Or is gorean gravity sexist as well?

  5. Heartun Breaker

    Jan 12th, 2007

    “Interview”? I don’t think so. More like “Loving Tribute.”

    Come on Sparrowhawk Perhaps, all that “You” crap has got to go for you to be even a bit impartial.

    After all, this isn’t a column — for entertainment — like mine… this article purports to be an actual interview.

    Show a little self respect or get a column and embrace your inner whore.

  6. sparrowhawk perhaps

    Jan 12th, 2007

    i believe it is considered polite to respect the ettiquette and customs of other cultures, no?

  7. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 12th, 2007

    I don’t get into Gor arguments ALL that much, just because no one interprets the books the way it’s directly written (it’s a buffet… pick and choose, and NO ONE lives strictly book style), but Artemis… that was funny.


  8. urizenus

    Jan 12th, 2007

    Heartun, Hawk was doing the interview in Gorean character. If you’re going to do it that way, then it’s gonna follow the usual excessively deferential Gorean protocols.

  9. Inigo Chamerberlin

    Jan 13th, 2007

    There are two things I like about SL Gor. The quality of most of their builds/landscaping. And the politeness of the inhabitants – or as Uri puts it ‘the usual excessively deferential Gorean protocols’.

    The rest of it I can cheerfully leave, but I’d like to see more ‘deferential protocols’, Gorean or otherwise, in SL.

    Sadly it doesn’t work that way and I find myself forced to briefly adopt standards I dislike in response to other’s behaviour and attitudes on occasion – the alternative being to be walked all over.

    ‘Excessive’ though Uri? What’s excessive about a reasonable degree of politeness? Or would you prefer SL to descend completely into the Griefer/Script-Kiddie and Urban Moron modes of behaviour that seem on the rise of late?

  10. Heartun Breaker

    Jan 13th, 2007

    Suck my ass Sparrowhawk and Uzi… you didn’t get a review of YOUR column in the online version of USA Today, like I did.


  11. Urizenus

    Jan 13th, 2007

    Don’t tease us, Heartun, cuz you know we would, USA Today or no USA Today!

  12. Dave

    Jan 15th, 2007

    Tarl had 5 times the strenght of men cause of gravity? chuckles…..((The gravity on Gor is SLIGHTLY less, the reason that was stated because the people that were brought there felt they were on a different planet. There were no super human feats due to less gravity)

    chuckles, its so funny to read people that know nothing about Gor or what its about making commmnets on the articles on Gor. I dont think I have read a negative comment on Gor that made any scense so far out of all these articels I dont care if you dont like Gor but try to make a true point on why you dont like it and your commments will be repected.

  13. Dave

    Jan 15th, 2007

    one last thing

    women are phycically weaker then men. Sorry its true, lets see a female boxer for example fight a male boxer for example, women dont even compete with men in golf and other non phicaly games, face it men and women are different, if that crushes your ego, oh well get over it. Look at the past and even the middle east where women are covered head to toe and owned by men. Men have hearms ect ect. If you want to deny all that, fine deny it, but its reality. The reason you have rights in the west is that men fought and bleed on the battle fields to give you them rights. If you cant handle reality, then so be it. what you label sexist is from your culture point of view…but belive it or not there are other cultures then yours, the belive that is the way it should be, and yes even the women. I will leave you with this last thought and point of fact

    There are more women on Gor rp, then men

  14. Artemis Fate

    Jan 15th, 2007

    “women are phycically weaker then men. Sorry its true, lets see a female boxer for example fight a male boxer for example”

    I recognize that women are generally physically weaker than men, that men’s maximum muscle mass is larger than women’s so if both bodybuild their entire life, a man will be stronger, however, that doesn’t mean that women are complete weaklings with, “the strength of 12 year old boys”, nor does it mean that ALL men are stronger than women, since if a woman strength trains and a man doesn’t, the man won’t just be naturally stronger. Also, there’s more to boxing than just strength, speed and agility make a difference, Muhammed Ali will tell you that.

    “The reason you have rights in the west is that men fought and bleed on the battle fields to give you them rights. If you cant handle reality”

    Uh, wow, I don’t know where you’re getting that from, but no battles were fought for women’s rights on the battlefield. Women’s rights started after WWII when Women were working for the war effort and making the war possible for the men to fight, after that they didn’t want to stop working when the men came home. These men, the same ones you’d claim were fighting for the rights, were the ones greatly trying to suppress them over the years as it developed into a full-blown Women’s rights movement. Every bit of freedom for women in america was earned by Women activists and protesting, it wasn’t something men fought and died for over in wars. Certainly our wars now deal with women’s rights, but only AFTER we obtained women’s rights at the homefront, and now women are helping in the military defending that cause.

    “what you label sexist is from your culture point of view…but belive it or not there are other cultures then yours, the belive that is the way it should be, and yes even the women.”

    Sexism is sexism no matter where you put it, just like racism is racism no matter where you put it. All the difference is is if the culture recognizes itself as sexist or racist.

    Gor, however, is not a culture as much as Star Trek or Star Wars is, so if you want to run around claiming Gor a culture and to “respect your cultural beliefs” then you need to start respecting the Jedi and the klingon, lest you disturb their culture, and how ever many thousands of fan groups that develop into fanatics for the subject.

  15. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 15th, 2007

    Dave, I just HAVE to be the stick in the mud:

    “”"”women are phycically weaker then men. Sorry its true, lets see a female boxer for example fight a male boxer for example, women dont even compete with men in golf and other non phicaly games,”"”"

    Not entirely, women’s physical make up is inherently different woman to woman, than it is man to man. A woman can easily take a physicality of a man, if her body make up allows her to. Now a man’s physical make up rarely changes male to male as the scale of female to female does. Also, female boxers have often taken on male boxers and won, in the directly same weight class. Not to mention, women DO compete in men’s golf, but you don’t hear about it on the PGA. Michelle Wie for example outshot MANY MANY men in trying out for a PGA tournament (she’s mostly choked however, it’s not a lack of technique, but a lack of experience and seasoning because she’s so young). There have also been instances where a female has played college hockey with the men (in colleges that didn’t have a woman’s team) and have outshot, outskated and outscored the men, all the while taking the checks into the boards.

    “”"face it men and women are different, if that crushes your ego, oh well get over it.”"”"

    If you knew your facts and what you said made sense, then I’d get over it.

    “”"”Look at the past and even the middle east where women are covered head to toe and owned by men. Men have hearms ect ect. If you want to deny all that, fine deny it, but its reality.”"”"

    Your reality is skewed. Men FORCED women into these roles in the middle East. In actuality there is quite a bit of historical evidence that women were revered, before men’s heads got in the way and started killing women who didn’t obey. Many don’t live this way out of fear of death (and let’s face it, a woman *could* kill a man if she wanted), but thanks to the patriarchal society, there aren’t enough women in those situations to stage an uprising even if they wanted to. Women used to be held in the highest regards as miracle makers (for giving birth), woman was once regarded as what the Earth was, women used to be considered clerics with a healing touch, women used to be warriors and have in some cases fought alongside with men in battle, however thier station was higher than male and as such felt no need to war. Women also used to be given the sole rights to each other for when the male was away were allowed to sexually and emotionally please each other while the man could never touch another female. Men fought wars in the names of female God’s as well. So if you REALLY want to get information, I suggest you study a time BEFORE drastic religious fanaticism. BTW, you do know that several suicide bombers that were trained and have hit Iraqi markets are female right?

    “”"”The reason you have rights in the west is that men fought and bleed on the battle fields to give you them rights. If you cant handle reality, then so be it. what you label sexist is from your culture point of view…but belive it or not there are other cultures then yours, the belive that is the way it should be, and yes even the women. I will leave you with this last thought and point of fact”"”"

    Uh no. Men bled on the battle field in America for thier own rights and the rights of everyone. White women were granted equal rights in 1921. Check your histories… there was no war going on. Women started rallying for themselves in peaceful ways and gained thier own rights. I don’t doubt there are cultures that the women believe the men are superior, but not historically, only by tyranny and horribly and loosely translated/interpreted texts. However, many of these women were forced into this way of thinking by sheer brutality on the weakest of females of the bunch slowly crunching through the numbers. In some cultures the men outnumber the woman 400 to 1. Many of these women live this way out of FEAR, not by willingness. Majority of women who truly and strongly believe in being inferior slaves that deserve to be beaten, were taught this way from birth by thier father’s (traditionally the mother’s have no say in the upbringing of children). It’s a cycle. And honestly, when you ask most of these women what they’d like, away from male presence, they don’t want to live this way.

    “”"”There are more women on Gor rp, then men”"”"

    Only by online sorts. Many of the ‘real’ Gorean people who don’t just RP but live this way in everyday life find that many more men play women than vice versa, which to me indicates they want to submit. In fact there are quite a large set of libraries of historical data that show men worshipped and celebrated each and every woman and it was thier destiny to submit to a woman, and it was a privilage for a woman to choose him as a lifemate. Ironically, we are slowly starting to see a shift in civilized areas of females being in charge. And more often than not, if you take away the male ego machismo that’s engrained in men (such as boys don’t cry, boys control thier women, etc.) the women have control and don’t even realize it. It could be making a honey do list and it gets done, it could be the female raises the children, it could be the female pays all the bills and controls finances… but there’s quite a bit of interesting new studies out there which seemingly back historical evidence of the female being superior in heart, mind, body and soul to a man and therefore, wouldn’t need such vulgar prowess and brutality of war to acheive even better results.

    I’m not talking 19th century Europe, I’m talking in the large histories over the world.

  16. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 15th, 2007

    Forgot to mention:

    Some scientists argue that women are better hand to hand combat fighters because thier brain’s allow for quicker identification of weaknesses, and while not having as much brawn in a match, can outduel the man based on enhanced perception.

    Sorta like that old saying: Men think in straight lines, women think in circles.

  17. Rosa

    Jan 15th, 2007

    Disproves all men are stronger than women : http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/smackdown.html
    In the REAL world at least.

  18. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 16th, 2007

    lol, Too funny Rosa.

  19. Artemis Fate

    Jan 16th, 2007

    Well I don’t think Dave is coming back.

  20. Alex Fitzsimmons

    Jan 18th, 2007

    Uhh …

    I guess put me down for a spot somewhere between Dave’s “men are strictly superior to women” and Seola’s “women are strictly superior to men” positions. ;)

    I’m more interested in what it means to be a slave and why one is or isn’t one, and in the demonstrated (especially inner) strength of individuals certain, than in any kind of battle of the sexes.

    The article was interesting, though. I didn’t learn a lot that I didn’t already know, but the part about mafia groups attempting extortion was a news item for me.

  21. Alex Fitzsimmons

    Jan 18th, 2007

    Or “of certain individuals,” even. That’s what I get for trying to post at such an odd hour. ;p

  22. Char

    Feb 21st, 2007

    I think this is very wrong of them to mention thentis like that and Faith stormwind without asking her about what was said He had no rights to speak of what he has no clue about and to top that off I would like to say What sim in SL gor doesnt have drama. Too single out 2 sims like that and state peoples names without them knowing is really wrong and think that there should be some apologies on this writers part.
    Very disappointed in Charles for making these statements and shows what kind of character you are for making these points without the true facts.

  23. Nan

    Jul 24th, 2007

    Women vs. men in real life- MOST men are stronger than MOST women. There are always exceptions to every rule. And many (but by no means all)women are naturally submissive; I believe this is a biological holdover from caveman days, when women and their children needed to be protected by men to survive. But it shouldn’t matter to people WHAT the real life balance of power is. SL is a game, not reality. Trying to take a created fantasy world and make it real is neither possible nor wise, in my opinion.

  24. Sakkara Quamar

    Oct 8th, 2007

    Tarl is heavily trained by the warrior caste in the first book to an unbelivable level of fitness and strength, he gets his ass kicked for missing a bullseye by a milimeter, and if he messed up in his training he would have been slain by his traiining partners.

    As for Elisabeth or Vella as she became known, she was trained to be one thing and one thing alone, that of a slave girl.

    Women on Gor werent trained as fighters, not even the panthers or Talunas, though they did capture many a man, even Tarl, thanks to drugged wine and traps in the forests.

  25. BeBe Pink

    Oct 25th, 2007

    I find it funny that comments were made about my sim and this person doesn’t know the first thing about it. Nice. You don’t want people judging you and your gorean role play, but yet you pass judgement on other’s role play and insult women. Whatever. Thanks for mentioning the Crack Den though, gave me some free publicity.

  26. Charles Tiramisu

    Dec 8th, 2007

    Well, I do not apologize for naming names such as Faith, nor any other SIMs, as I visited the Crack Den, and where is it now? SL has dissolved many of places such as that one due to the moral and legal standing points, similar to the removal of casinos for legal reasons. Faith and I are good friends and she has no objections to what was said. Unlike many, I am not afraid to speak my mind. And for Gor, Gor is a man’s world, so yes, it is very sexist to say the least. If you study Gor, read the books, John Norman makes that very clear multiple times. Everything is swayed to the ability of the men and the woman at their feet. Even Swena, whom was an Outlaw, was captured as part of some Mercs, collared, then MArlenus freed her, then told them to “hamstring the Outlaw” dealing with a female tht took up a weapon, a bow, against free men. Gor is not for wmoen’s libbers. Many of the persons I have seen here that have made their comments, I have checked on, some are Gor in their own lil fashion, but some have no clue what Gor is in that they have only read reviews of Gor and not the actual books. I back everything I said in that article, and unless someone can bring proof to the contrary, my words stand.

  27. Nadir Taov

    Jan 8th, 2008

    Your argument is quite hypocritical – I find no difference in Gor vs. Forced Fantasies. Both are genres of role-playing (defined: In roleplaying, participants adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds …) There’s nothing more to it than that.

    You claim that places like the crack den encourages illegal behavior, while in Gor fantasies, sexism is encouraged and kind of mentality ok because it’s a “man’s” concept? Also, you say that those who participate in Gor better differentiate between SL and RL? These are very biased comments which, in my personal experience with Goreans in SL, is absolutely not true.

    And as for where the “Crack Den” is … please do a search for it again :) It has actually EXPANDED over 4 sims and sustains a very large community of people who respect one another and understand the concept of “role-play”. http://thecrackden.com

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