Haifeng Chu – Post 6 Grrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 26/01/07 at 8:10 am

[Editor’s note: Haifeng Chu - our latest Post 6 Grrrl - shows off some of the most amazing one-of-a-kind tattoos I have seen in SL. I’m sure our readers will want to examine this work of art very carefully. Haifeng was photographed by another one-of-a-kind SL national treasure - Marilyn Murphy, the photographer/visionary behind Players, SL’s in-world erotica magazine.]


“You are a true exotic in a sea of sameness.”-Shawn Harker, Amateur Photographer Who Refuses To Go Professional But Should Anyway. :P

Hello there! I am Haifeng Chu, owner of wicked Garden Market and Gravity Fails Free Sex Club. Stop by sometime, won’t you?

Now that the shameless plug is out of the way, more about me.

As you can see, I’m a Han Chinese female. There are not many of us here on SL yet. I think this is part of the reason people think I’m so exotic. I try hard to look exotic because I’m rather ordinary in RL. But then a lot of us look average there, right? *chuckles*


Do you like my tattoos? They are the only set of Chinese tattoos on SL that I know of. All the other Asian designs are Japanese(but still very nice). They were custom made by my good friend Raritie Darling. Look her up if you need custom work. She also sells at my shop.

I’m not just a pretty SL woman though. I build a lot. I script a little. I’m also trying to learn how to do animations well. I love being photographed…especially by designers who give me free outfits. ;)


Upcoming Projects: A line of roman style baths with a lighting system lus animated poses and building a club for Mr. Lyden Marikh.

See you around SL! :D


19 Responses to “Haifeng Chu – Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. Colette

    Jan 26th, 2007

    WTF is this website’s obsession with sleeze?

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 26th, 2007

    Haifeng Chu is hardly ‘sleeze’; she is fine art : )

  3. marilyn murphy

    Jan 26th, 2007

    thats as broad a definition for sleeze as you could possibly apply. that’s a real stretch.

  4. Haifeng Chu

    Jan 26th, 2007

    “WTF is this website’s obsession with sleeze?”-Colette

    This site tries to cover all aspects of SL. The sex, cybersex, and beyond tag is just one of the aspects I’ve seen to this site, Colette. Nobody forces people to read this section.

    and besides, if you want to see real sleaze, go visit Hard Alley sometime. :P

    “Haifeng Chu is hardly ‘sleeze’; she is fine art : )”-Prokofy Neva

    Thank you, Prokofy. Hehe. I think we should all try to achieve a certain individualistic and visually interesting look for our avatars. It’s fun. :D

  5. Seola Sassoon

    Jan 27th, 2007

    That is some awesome body art!!! Love the jewelry too! Did you do those or did you purchase them?

  6. Haifeng Chu

    Jan 27th, 2007

    No, Seola. My friend Raritie Darling made the tattoos for me. She also sells at my shop.

  7. Only Me

    Jan 27th, 2007

    Why do so many SL-users have no taste ?

  8. marilyn murphy

    Jan 27th, 2007

    only me:

    actually i agree with you, colettes comment shows no taste whatsoever.

  9. Patrice Cournoyer

    Jan 27th, 2007

    I think Haifeng looks totally hot, and fabulous.. not sleezy, at all!

  10. Seola Sassoon

    Jan 27th, 2007

    Haifeng, I meant the jewelry. Who did those?

    (I love silver/platinum jewelry in SL, so I’m always piqued at that!)

  11. Haifeng Chu

    Jan 27th, 2007

    Hehe. Sorry, Seola. My mistake.

    The jewelry was part of the Shiva in Red outfit available at Solange. The butterly tassels were from the Butterfly in Red outfit, also from Solange.

    “I think Haifeng looks totally hot, and fabulous.. not sleezy, at all!”-Patrice Cournoyer

    Thank you, Patrice! *hugs*

  12. Doug

    Jan 28th, 2007

    No, have to agree with original poster, the “naked girl articles” are not only sexist but make the paper look like it’s written by, and meant for, people whose age would require them to be in the teen grid, rather than a place I’d look for quality source of information about SL.

    My comment has nothing to do with the particular avatar in question.

    By the way, this website is also down about 80% of the time I try to access it. Combination = me going elsewhere for my SL new fix, I’m sure y’all won’t miss me.

  13. Seola Sassoon

    Jan 29th, 2007

    I guess you’ve never seen a playboy then huh?

    You do realize there are some very good articles in Playboy next to those naked women? Not to mention some fantastic interviews with celebs on real stuff (as oppose to the ‘see my new movie, I’m the greatest ever and my director was so great!’).

    As for website being down, never is for me, so it’s probably some sort of corrupt file, maybe in cookies, maybe in your ISP and the way it accesses the Herald.

  14. Alex Fitzsimmons

    Jan 30th, 2007

    “Blah blah blah …” – Colette and Doug

    Yes, you’re right. Sex and the beauty of the body is awful and terrible and evil. We should have more guns and war and violence, because that’s what’s really great in the world. Also, women should have no right to express themselves as sexual beings. In fact, we should probably cover every inch of ourselves, leaving only the eyes exposed. Then the world will be just right, don’t you think? *rolls eyes*

    You look beautiful, Haifeng. I love the unusual look! Please disregard the morons.

    Interesting to see Prokofy prove to be one of the ones who’s showing class this time.

  15. Haifeng Chu

    Jan 31st, 2007

    Hehe. Thanks, Alex. :)

  16. JD Carter

    Feb 3rd, 2007

    It nice to see such a beautikful and exotic Chinese woman in SL. There aren’t enough of you in the grid. Don’t leave Haifeng. From a RL foreigner living in China who is also in SL.

  17. Zmajrir

    Jun 3rd, 2007

  18. Zmajrir

    Jun 3rd, 2007

  19. Liamm DaMan

    May 17th, 2009

    Awsome art cudos

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