American Idol for MMO Developers

by Pixeleen Mistral on 26/02/07 at 7:39 pm

by Onder Skall, courtesy of Second Life Games

ProjecttopsecretTo all Second Life designers and developers looking for a chance at breaking into the gaming industry – this is it. David Perry (Earthworm Jim, Enter the Matrix) has teamed up with Acclaim for a one-of-a-kind project. They are building a new MMO with a full development team and are looking for contributions for design, ideas, art, animation, and audio. In return you will get a major MMO credit on your resume, experience, and a chance at the big prize.

What is the big prize, you ask? One lucky gamer will be selected to be the new Director of this major, fully-funded MMO, and David Perry will be their Executive Producer. Sign ups at the website will only be available for the next short while, and then the entire project will move into secrecy until completion. They call it “Project: Top Secret”.

A contest like this is especially appealing to Second Life residents who have been creating content for years without major public recognition. Now the opportunity has come to show their genius, and many will leap at the chance. I have no doubt that the winner of this competition will not come from WoW or Everquest, where creativity is tightly controlled, but from the glorious wilds of SL.

Those registering today receive a message saying to expect an email within two weeks, and are then directed towards Acclaim’s other games to play “for free”. You have to hand it to them: if nothing else it’s a pretty effective marketing ploy. Still, one has to wonder what form this “American Idol for gamers” will take.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for details.

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  1. Nacon

    Feb 26th, 2007

    *GASPS* David Perry?! *GASPS AGAIN!*

    Read what it says in Acclaim’s history page about the company…

    “Acclaim Games is a new company but we are fortunate to have acquired a great brand with a rich history. Below, you will find lots of really great information on why Acclaim in its previous life was a great Company. We want to bring back the Acclaim brand in all of its glory, please try our games and you will understand why the best for the Acclaim brand is yet to come.”

    Acclaim is an old school that was long lost dead… killed in a bankruptcy, it was an sad days for old school player like me. :/

    But then, an idiot, former Activision executive, Howard Marks brought the name. It’s like ripping a face from a dead person and wears it as a mask.

    So.. of course they would do something outrageous like that since they got nothing else to lose while they’re not doing so well to begin with. What David really saying is that he ran out of creative ideas. I heard a scream of desperation at the end of that page.

    The question is… it is really worth to get Acclaim of 2007 in your resume?
    Not if you had Acclaim back in the early 90′s or had any other project you may have done.

    Bend over, fake Acclaim… you’re a dead company in my eyes.

    *flips two cents*

  2. Onder Skall

    Feb 27th, 2007

    Ah stop being so religious about it. There’s money and fame to be had; the rest are details.

    Having said that, yeah, if it stops being fun for one second I’m gone.

  3. Zmajree

    Jun 3rd, 2007

  4. Zmajree

    Jun 3rd, 2007

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