Governor Linden Turns Her Back on Us

by prokofy on 24/02/07 at 10:46 pm


By Prokofy Neva, Missing Lindens Desk.

The Governor is gone….

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  1. nimrod yaffle

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Who was your tip on this one, prok? ;)

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Pixeleen mentioned it to me. Why, did she get a tip from Nimrod Linden again?

  3. nimrod yaffle

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Har har :-P

  4. Seola Sassoon

    Feb 25th, 2007

    So who owns all that land now?

  5. Khamon

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Haney Linden hasn’t been a Linden for years and still owns land in Taber. I believe the system never collects land ownership garbage by having sims compare their parcel owners with existing account names in the database. That’s something that will eventually be fixed in the sim code.

    We were having a lot of database issues yesterday. Have you asked a Linden if the account is truly deleted? Perhaps we’re emerging from the Age of Insane Anonymity into a time that people admit who they are in the interest of building a real world.

  6. Kerian Bunin

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Lindens can remove themselves from find if they so choose.

  7. Just a thought

    Feb 25th, 2007

    1.) Lindens – and residents – can removes themselves from search by selecting a specific option in the preferences which allows only your friends to see your name in the search.

    2.) Certain lindens – and residents – are going to want to be left alone eventually.

    3.) Who. The. Fuck. Cares.

  8. urizenus

    Feb 25th, 2007

    JAT, not everyone is as heartless as you. Some of us weep for the Lindens that have gone missing and left this virtual garden of eden, making it a notch or two shy of paradise by their absence. We can only pray that this is indeed a database issue or perhaps a vacation for the good Governor, who as you may recall was also H-A-W-T!

  9. Just a thought

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Uzi – I’m one of those people that looks at things like this and says: “It’s about time they took a vacation” or “It’s about time they left”, and I’ll tell you why: The Lindens do NOT deserve the bull shit they get on a day to day basis. They have two – technically three – choices …. They can ignore/tell off the people bitching at them for every little mishap, they can hide/go on vacation/leave or they can start banning each and every ungrateful little twit that decides to botch about even the most minor of issues.

    Personally I’d end up doing all three – first telling people off, then banning them before finally saying “fuck it” and leaving.

    Oh – and ever since the last update where they allowed everyone to yank their names from the search – certain Lindens have not appeared in the list: governor Linden being one of them.

  10. Nacon

    Feb 25th, 2007

    Duh… of course they can remove themselves from search, doesn’t mean they ARE gone.

    And of course… just like what “Just a thought” said, who cares?!
    Governor Linden is not even a person, just bunch of Lindens jumping on that account, does land business/issue and what not.

    Also, too many people seriously thought Governor Linden is an actual Governor of SL, IMing bunch of bunch of crap non sense about bug/hackers/greifers/assholes/database/network/protesters/and so on… UP deep in Governor’s poor weak fragile ass (IM windows). In case you haven’t noticed… SL has passed more than 4 MILLIONS of idiots signed up, with over a million since the last 60 days.

    Philip Linden is yer gay king, not the sexy puppet.

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