Magic Alley Re-Opens Soon

by Pixeleen Mistral on 20/02/07 at 1:18 pm

March 1 opening scheduled – exclusive photos!

by Curious Rousselot, Wizard Affairs desk

Magical pet store under construction

Soon we hope to witness to the re-opening of the Harry Potter role playing sim by group leader Harry Prefect and his team of builders. Harry and company have been working diligently since the closing of Magic Alley on February 1st. Darcy Rutledge generously donated some real estate for the new Wizards Alley and the hardworking team has been diligently building ever since.

On February 1st the Magic Alley sim was closed by the owner, Petra Carpenter, because the stress and cost of maintaining the sim had gotten to be too much for her. Although the closing came as a shock to some, a core group of people that helped her build the sim were aware of the stress she was under. They all agreed to take over the project and let Petra take a well-earned rest. Since that time, Harry and his team have been working to restore the role playing environment in an alternate location.

magic alley map

On February 17th, the members of the Hogwarts Reborn group received welcome news in the form of a group announcement stating that the new Wizard Alley would be re-opened on March 1st. The contents of that exciting note-card follow:

“Hi fellow Harry Potter fans!!! Work on the new sim continues and is on track for a public opening of March 1st. Its all looking as good if not better than our old Magic Alley. *lifts his teary eyes to the heavens. If anyone wants to rent a shop on the new Wizard Alley this is the to reserve one. There are few left. And the open air market vendor tents are renting out fast as well! Here is a notecard with rental information from Darcy Rutledge. Feel free to IM Darcy Rutledge with any rental questions.”
partly finished train

This comes as fantastic news to many of the group members who have been trying to organize events themselves to alleviate boredom and attend much missed classes. I’m certain everyone is looking forward to the opening.

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  1. Khamon

    Feb 20th, 2007

    Is the new location on a PI or on the Mainland?

  2. Chr0nic

    Feb 20th, 2007


  3. Khamon

    Feb 21st, 2007

    Thanks Chronic; joined the group but can’t get there. Mainly I was wondering if they were accepting Mainland tier donations.

  4. Hannibal prinz

    Dec 6th, 2007

    search “Harry” ingame and find Harry Potter island ( its an Island,what i donated for fans), or im me ingame….
    Nice greetings hannibal Prinz

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