Kaylia Burgess – Post 6 Grrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 09/03/07 at 11:26 pm

[Editrix’s note: Kaylia Burgess shows off her skills with the avatar shape editor this week, and to highlight Kaylia’s achievement we have my favorite SL photographer and artist - Marilyn Murphy - the photographer/visionary behind Players, SL’s in-world erotica magazine. After seeing how Kaylia can beautify the pages of the Herald, I’m sure our readers will want to see more of her in-world and in-person.]



My name is Kaylia, I am 26 years old and thrilled to be this week’s Post Sixx Grrl!

I first came to Second Life around Christmas time last year. I had no idea how much fun I would have, or of all the many wonderful people I would meet. My favourite part of SL is spending time with so many great people from all over the world.. I just love to cuddle on the beach! I also very much enjoy helping people to perfect their Avatar.

When I first got to SL Orientation Island, I discovered the Avatar Shape Editor. At first it was tricky to get things to look right, but after awhile I started to get the hang of it. I decided to model my SL Avatar on my RL body because I was so familiar with my own shape.

Now designing avatar’s is one of the wonderous joys that I have in SL. I find it challenging and exciting to design unique looks. I never use the same shape twice so that each person that I help has their own special look.. I designed my own shape and the shapes of most of my friends. I just love to work on my appearance and to help other people with theirs!


It is the greatest feeling to be able to help others. I like to think that I can help people’s avatars better reflect their RL characters. I guess it is no surprise that my SL persona reflects much of my RL. I love fashion, makeovers, and just getting to know those I am close with. And in SL, I can wear a bikini and and lay on the beach all year round!


I have met so many special people in such a short time that I wonder what the future will hold for me here, but be sure that I will be working hard to do my part to beautify our Second Life. Thanks so so much to Marilyn Murphy and the SL Herald for giving me this opportunity to share how grateful I am, and how much I love you all!

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  1. Pookie

    Mar 13th, 2007

    How are my comments callus and self serving? Self serving implies i’m getting something from a deal. there’s no deal here. You said yourself you like the constructive criticism Kaylia, so what’s wrong with mine? You look generic, i think that’s something you could work on. You’re just looking for people to stroke your pixel ego, you don’t really want to hear from anyone who doesn’t think you’re the best thing that hit sl since furry dongs.

  2. Jimbo

    Mar 13th, 2007

    Pookie’s right, there’s no reason to post as several people when it’s really just you over and over again supporting your own argument.

    You go Pookie! Don’t let them silence you!

  3. Jamal

    Mar 13th, 2007

    Jimbo’s right, you can trundle out as many fake people as you like to post here.

    I think Pookie is the best person in SL, I have never met a more sincere, helpful person. He helped me with my avatar when I looked a bit similar to everyone else and I’ll never forget his kindness. I can’t believe you’re being so hard on the poor guy when all he wanted to do is offer was his opinion and point out some obvious flaws. He also showed me how to attach my unmentionables.

    So whatever they say about you Pookie, don’t let it get to you. We love you Pookie!

  4. chris Llanfair

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Kaylia, you have one of the best looking avatars I’ve ever seen on Secondlife. That first picture was amazing, I’ve confirmed that it is a standard SL snapshot and can hardly believe the realistic quality of it. That is the single most beautiful snapshot of an SL woman that I have ever seen!

    I think some people who have commented on the appearance of short arms base it mainly on the third photo but maybe also the second, where perspective and lighting in the pictures give an impression of short arms that I can see is wrong based on the first picture (the right arm there is clearly normal). I do agree that many avatars in SL have arms that are too short. As you yourself say, when arms are held relaxed at the sides, the fingertips should reach to mid-thigh, as you say yours do. I have told many other SL residents when it has seemed to me that their arms are not long enough, because it is distracting when the arms are 5 inches too short.

    You have a lovely avatar, and from knowing you, you have also got a most lovely personality. You are an intelligent woman with a great future ahead of you. Keep up the good work on perfecting your skills in avatar design!



  5. FreiaLouise

    Mar 14th, 2007


    I dont want to offend you, but – come on, now it gets really absurd… :-)

    I am quite sure that at least Kaylia, me and Chris are three different persons. But… maybe you’re right, Pookie. Maybe Kaylia and Chris are the same and there is one, single mentally ill extraordinarily good-looking but confusingly female guy (what you assumed earlier) behind both, jumping from keyboard to keyboard while talking to me, to be sure to get all of my admiration and attention? Come down to earth, dude.

    Criticizing is ok, Pookie. When I really try to find some of the few arguments and opinions among all the allegations and dispensable polemics within your thread I must say that you are right in some points. Yes, SL is full of stereotypes. I also look stereotypical – maybe not the tits, but the rest more or less does. But you are addressing the wrong by blaming one single person so harsh. That’s why I wrote before: SL tells us a lot about ourselves as RL-society. Also about our weaknesses.
    But it is not one individual person to judge because of that.

    Open a critical thread “sterotypical beauty in SL” somewhere and I’d be glad to discuss that with you – in a fair manner.

    Greetz, Louise

  6. Stradar Miles

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Hey Good Damn!!! got a body like a goddest mmmmmm mmmmmm alex lindman was right bout u yum lookin good baby keep up the good work sweet cheeks =))

  7. Gavin

    Mar 14th, 2007

    I have realy enjoyed both this girl’s pics and those of the other post 6 girls. I have never commented before, but I think that it is patently silly that there can be negativity over what is obviously a beautiful avatar in one pose out of three that maybe did not come out as well. Obviously that is a problem with the pose, and not the girl.

  8. Darien Colasanti

    Mar 14th, 2007

    This is Crazy
    1 we are discussing arms because of what 1..perhaps you are trying to copy what everyone in sl is going after and you want a piece
    2 you are trying to make SL avi’s as close to rl as you possibly can ??
    3 you have nothing else better to do than downgrade a avi.
    I have met Kay in Sl, she is a wonderfull person, this is her first pose in the 6.
    I think constructive critism is good, but slander just puts a mirror in your own face.
    Dont seem to bad to me.
    I hope to see her again.

  9. DarbyCrash

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Hoots and Hoots to this young lady. She seems like a very nice girl in these posts. Makes you wonder why some of you people have been so needlessly critical

  10. Ava Fleming

    Mar 14th, 2007

    All I gotta say Kaylia…is way to go!!! You look HOT…and anyone that causes this much ruccus in Secondlife Herald, is definetly drawing in the readers. I remember the day when I got cut up too, but it just proves, that your gorgeous, so much so …it makes others want to put you down. I have to tell the readers…I have seen Kaylia’s RL pics, and she could be the next Anna Nicole (skinny version) and her avie is almost as beautiful as the RL her. So to all of you who want to put her down…you lose, not only is she gorgeous here but also in RL and more than that…she has heart. The Herald needs more ground breaking models like her! I am soo glad I met her and she belongs to my Post 6 group. We are a elite few and I am proud enough to call her my SL sister! Keep your head high hun…they are doing you a favor here making Herald history with your posts. I think your gonna out do mine :) !!! Any of you want to meet me or my sis…IM us in game…you can see what kind of people we really are, and feel free to check out my RL pics to! IM me …I’ll give a peek ;) Congrats Kaylia!

  11. Jolie May

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Thing is Pook you seen to just make a habit of coming onto the P6G postings and slating them….if you’re that upset about them just ignore the issues.
    I actually would love to see how close to RL pookies AV is…

  12. Jolie May

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Oh and my 2 cents I think Kaylia looks great!!
    And yes every Avatar IS unique, uless you have gone around checking all these girls sliders to make sure they’re exactly the same you can’t claim they are.

  13. Nyra Oh

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Kaylia Burgess is beautiful, no questions about that! she’s a very very veRY nice woman :) and when I first started here ( Which wasn’t that long ago) she helped me with my avatar and ever since I’ve been getting compliments about how good I look because of her :) hugs kaylia* Thanks again :)

  14. Sweet

    Mar 14th, 2007

    This girl is beautiful inside out, let me remind you she is just a pixel and im sorry but any girl in sl that looks like you can put a plate on her ass is not sexy, its the personality that captures what people look for if your judging just her outside then your only using sl just for sex obviously because you are definatly not truely seeing the person she is behind this character. Kaylia girl be proud of what you have created and taken the time to do, because all that matters is that your happy and satisfied with it.

  15. Alyssa

    Mar 14th, 2007

    I think you look wonderful. :) You are one of the nicest people I have met – keep up the good work :) ) Huggles!

  16. Allison Ersetu

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Kaylia, you are a beautiful girl. Opinions may vary, as they naturally do, but mine is that you look very nice.

  17. Nada

    Mar 14th, 2007

    Her breasts are out of proportion to the rest of her body.

  18. marilyn murphy

    Mar 15th, 2007

    hey!! just a darn minute. sheesh i go away for a couple days and come back to find this topic has veered off my crappy photography and is now discussing kays good/bad avatar.
    lets get back on track and discuss my crappy photography. jeepers, you people have the shortest attention span. it’s worse than mine!

  19. Roger

    Mar 15th, 2007

    I am not a regular reader of the SL Herald, but my attention was drwan here by this controversy surrounding Kaylia, her avatar, and these photographs. In my opinion Kaylia has one of the most uniquely beautiful looks in SL. I think that anybody who has ever met her would agree. I am also of the opinion that she is one of the most outgoing and sweet personalities in here. In fact, she did my girlfriend’s look entirely herself, and in my opinion, that is her best work. That notwithstanding, I am dismayed when I see such petty and inconsequential people as Pookie taking a platform like this and using it to tear apart others. Makes you wonder, if he is always so critical, why Pookie comes back here at all. I am sure that there is some misogynistic venue out there that would tolerate him… or maybe not. Kaylia, keep it up, girl, you look fantastic.

  20. Chase

    Mar 15th, 2007

    Hey Kaylia! Its great to see you have made Post 6 Grrrl. I always thought you had the best avi in SL. To all those with negative comments, know this: These are great and wonderful pictures, but no picture could really do this girl justice. Really nice effort Marilyn, you captured a lovely avi in some very good poses, but how do you capture a pic of someone’s heart?

  21. Jake

    Mar 15th, 2007

    While one wonders how on earth some of the posters could be so vicious, it is obvious that Kaylia has created a rather fetching avatar, to say the least. That first picture-WOW. The last one is just a tad off the mark, but it seems to be an obvious result of the pose’s limitations, rather than a comment on the photography, which is always excellent in these write-ups. All in all, thank you SLH and Marilyn, and not least, Kaylia, for sharing these with us all. The best to you all.

  22. Danny

    Mar 15th, 2007

    I have been looking at these shoots for years. Anyone who doesn’t understand that our current SL has limitations, as far as the ability to make people look real, must notbe paying attention. Her arms are too short? BS! I have met her. Her proportions are quite near perfect. Ava was right, there are those that will try to knock down anthing or anyone they see going up. Kaylia, stay on the high road. Judging from the posts, you have handled this entire event with aplomb. It is obvious that you are a classy girl, which is diametrically opposed to the status of those who would knock you down.

  23. Allex Lindman

    Mar 15th, 2007

    I think that it is nice that some of the grousing and sniping seems to have died down here, and that so many of Kaylia’s SL friends have shown up to post and show their support of and love for Kaylia. As effective and well-read as this site is, it is still somewhat disconcerting that these girls so routinely get hammered for just trying to make SL a prettier and more attractive place. As someone who spends as much time there as I can, I appreciate that. And what of Marilyn Murphy? As I look back at her body of work on SLH Post 6, I am struck by the consistent improvement and refinement of technology and technique that appears to perpetually push the quality of her product forward. Thanks Marilyn, for doing this each week. Thank you, Kaylia, for sharing your lovely avatar, as well as some of your lovely personality in your posts, with us all.

  24. Animetia Bellman

    Mar 15th, 2007

    As someone who was a former post sixx girl, I can definitely feel for you with all the negativity being bantered back and forth. My suggestion is just to ignore it. These are coming from people that have nothing better to do than sit on a website all day and take meaningless stabs at how a fictional avatar in a computer program is not 100% anatomically correct. You are beautiful girl, keep your chin up and concentrate on the positive and throw the rest into the trash from whence they came. :)

  25. Ashen

    Mar 24th, 2007

    OMG! This post 6 thing has gone to her head! I was at a friend’s house and she found over 100 prims that Kaylia had left on her land. After returning them, since they were all unlinked, my friend IM’d Kaylia to let her know there were still a bunch more on the neighboring land.

    Kaylia tp’d over, said Hi, then told my friend her skin “needs help”. My friend has one of the most beautiful avis I’ve seen in SL. It got COLD from that point. I looked at Kaylia’s skin and noticed her temples have sharp edges. Ick! Needless to say we left. Kaylia never did clean up her prim litter. What an arogant skank!

  26. Kaylia Burgess

    Mar 24th, 2007

    “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” ~ Proverbs.

    Its amasing how when people are lifted up for their good example, those with malicious intent come seemingly out of the woodwork.

    Facts are twisted, things are taken greatly out of context; even the most wonderful of people are for a moment presented as scoundals and scoundrals for an instant appear to be noble. But the deception never lasts…

    Ashen, Im not sure what you thought you saw.. But you are most seriously in error!


  27. Tavasha Martynov

    Mar 24th, 2007

    Kaylia hun you look wonderful, and are easily one of the sweetest peeps I’ve met so far in SL! Don’t let anyone bring you down, they’re entitled to their opinions, and remember there’s no accounting for poor taste! ^_^ There’s no way to make everyone love you, especially anonymous onlookers, just remember that the ones who DO love you are the majority, and this series of comments is just proof of that. :) *hugs*

    As someone who’s embarking on a SL business in shape design, I think that generic is the LAST word to describe Kaylia’s avi. Posting here trying to bring someone down shows a marked lack of class. Constructive criticism is one thing, and anyone who reads this can tell those comments weren’t made to help Kaylia. As many others have said, that reflects much more on the posters than on her.

  28. AvaWank Dailey

    Apr 23rd, 2007

    I feel that i must comment on this subject.
    I got to know kaylia and the lady behind her, she is one of the most beautiful people i have met and if people disagree with me they better not speak.
    Anyway this is a computer generated world and you can do a hell of a lot worse than getting Kaylia to help with your look.
    Thats is all i’ve got to say about that…

    Kaylia honey… keep up the good work xxx

  29. alex

    May 20th, 2007

    RL Screenshot or it isn’t real

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