SL Nude Mod – Virtual Strip Search for the Metaverse

by Pixeleen Mistral on 05/03/07 at 4:48 pm

Any resident can be a metaverse TSA security screener

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Sl_nudeFor those who feel the need to examine other residents without their clothes – or their permission – a metaverse virtual strip search is now available. According to the secondtoys production description and the SLexhange page:

SL Nude Mod is an addon for Second Life that hides clothing layers on avatars. The changes are only visible to the person running the modification and do not have any permanent affect on appearances. This is accomplished by running a special proxy on your computer that modifies information coming from Second Life, so your client thinks they are not wearing any clothing textures.

Apparently this mod allows anyone to view avatars in the raw – without waiting for a Post 6 Grrrl photoshoot in the Herald. At L$3500 – or about $13 USD – we suspect there may be some willing buyers. However – the maker has an important caveat:

WARNING: While you do have the right to modify any incoming data to your computer, it may not be within the Terms of Service of Second Life to take pictures of nude avatars and post them, or abuse this addon in any way. As always you are responsible for your own actions both in-world and out; use common sense.

We take this to mean it is fine to look in private – but maybe hold off on publishing the photos.

This all seems a bit like the x-ray backscatter devices being installed in some RL airports and prisons – and scholarly real life journals such as USA Today have expressed privacy concerns. Could similar privacy issues apply to avatars in Second Life?

Of course, in RL only TSA employees and prison guards have access to the x-ray vision equipment – but In the metaverse anyone can be a TSA security screener. This may make a certain amount of sense – anyone can fly at anytime in the metaverse and pre-flight security screenings in SL have been notoriously lax – perhaps we need all the strip search screening we can get?

The metaverse just keeps getting better!

19 Responses to “SL Nude Mod – Virtual Strip Search for the Metaverse”

  1. Just A Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    I have two inches of water crushing my defenseless brain!

  2. Just A Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    It’s been trapped in my overly large skull since birth!

  3. Just a Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    :Yawn: Isn’t it a pity when someone that really and truly hasn’t gotten out of that High School mentality phase of their life decides to make false posts using someone else’s pseudonym?

    In any event …. I do not see this ‘mod’ being used properly anytime in the near future.

  4. Morgana Fillion

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just ask where they bought their skin, and go look at the giant naked posters on the walls of the store?

  5. Just A Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    What are you talking about? I have a capitol A in my name! We’re different people!

  6. Just a Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Try again kid – semantics don’t work. are you done? Yes? No?

    Frankly it doesn’t matter. Want to get your jollies pretending to be someone else and posting such nonsense? go ahead bucko!

  7. Nacon

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Hahahaha… *takes a deep breath* HAHAHAHA!

    Meaning that anyone use this “mod” (hack) can’t do the following tasks…

    1: Pick up a girl/guy on a date and end it with cyber-sex.
    2: Stalking on a girl/guy changing their clothes while asset server is overloaded.
    3: Pump up the draw distance up and watch stripper joint from distance.
    4: Take a walk in a skin store.
    5: Buy a demo skin and try them on yourself, naked for your own pleasure.
    6: Find a retard and pay them to strip for cheap.
    7: Play a strip poker game with friends.
    8: Role play in a RPG sim that you’re raping someone. (wtf?)
    9: Go peeping toms on one of those cyber-sex sims where people fuck each other everyday.
    10: Doesn’t have the gut to be on Mature/Main Grid (if you’re stuck on Teen Grid).
    11: Have a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life.
    12: Have a wife/husand in real life.
    13: Google on nude pictures.
    14: Get a porn tape from rental place.
    15: Knows the difference between “you are an idiot”, “you are a retard”, and “you are a pervert”.

    Seriously… it’s a dumb mod since “The Sims” had nude patch back in the old days. (a little too late)

  8. Urizenus

    Mar 5th, 2007

    This is an interesting issue. Remember when Taco Rubio got in trouble for his upskirt museum? Well, this comes to the same thing, except that it saves you the trouble of snaking your camera view around. You run the mod and *boom*, you have x-ray vision. Better than that. You just make the clothing invisible.

    The interesting question will be this: what happens when people start using this on RL celebrities and taking snaps? Will we get naked pics of John Edwards? Suzanne Vega? *gasp* Philip Linden?

    And the *real* question: will the Herald publish them?

  9. Baba

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Naked pictures of fake people! SCANDALOUS!

  10. Must have of 2007

    Mar 5th, 2007

    I dare the herald to get a nude shot of philip linden or any other linden for that matter and post that shit on here – that would be awesome and a good laugh. i bet philly has a lil prim dick. and you know some of those female lindens are really hermphadites. this will end the mystery once and for all. do it herald peeps do it!

  11. Just A Thought

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Just a Though, are you serious, child?

  12. Pixeleen Mistral

    Mar 5th, 2007

    We ran a photo of naked Dustin Linden last year – see

  13. Artemis Fate

    Mar 5th, 2007

    Luckily I had, in my infinite wisdom, long before this hack came out, developed a counterplan: Not to give a shit if people see my virtual body naked.

  14. Curious Rousselot

    Mar 5th, 2007

    I see a new product coming really soon…

    Skin with undies in the texture.

    Which gives me another idea…

    How much would you pay for a Victoria’s Secret model skin photoshopped right out of the magazine?

  15. dandellion Kimban

    Mar 5th, 2007

    …. And don’t forget that some of our very intimate body parts (especially girl’s, who I presume will be usual targets of this invention) are just textured underwear. So, with striping them naked, you are going to shave them as well.

  16. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 5th, 2007

    All these comments, and not a one that mentions the bottom-line issue:

    This is an invasion of privacy.

    If we are to believe that Second Life is a viable online “community” and not a “game” or griefer board… then personal privacy to an extent comes with that. People buy entire islands just for privacy. People build security (useless of course) around their homes to maintain a semblance of privacy. And this device is a direct, intentional, absolute invasion of that privacy.

    Now there is no doubt that some people with no sense whatsoever of ethics or modesty or respect for others will think this item is hilarious. Truthfully– there is probably little or nothing that can be done about it. That doesn’t mean the sociopaths are right– nor does it make this item funny. It’s an invasion of privacy.

  17. MMODIG

    Mar 6th, 2007

    Second Life adds peeping toms to its repertoire.

    Nude patches are so 90s, now its all about (NSFW) xray vision!
    SL Nude Mod is an addon for Second Life that hides clothing layers on avatars. The changes are only visible to the person running the modification and do not have any permanen…

  18. Nacon

    Mar 6th, 2007

    Artemis said: “Luckily I had, in my infinite wisdom, long before this hack came out, developed a counterplan: Not to give a shit if people see my virtual body naked.”

    That… or you could just have your clothes textured directly on your skin, no clothes layers at all. That was my counterplan, but I only thought of that in case if I selected “Detach all clothes” in menu pie by mistakes….. LONG before this retarded hack came out.

    BUT here’s the real question… will Herald post a nude pic of Pixeleen, Uriz and Wayfinder to save themselves being invaded and mocked from someone else?

  19. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 6th, 2007

    I think Nacon has just hit on an effective solution to this device:

    He can walk around SL and wait for people to use it on him. The resultant nausea should cause them to permanently delete the thing from their system. XD

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