Spring Fabulous Fashion Forecast

by Pixeleen Mistral on 31/03/07 at 2:48 pm

by Tenshi Vielle, Fabulous Fashionista

I was reading a RL magazine the other day (that shall remain nameless!)… (shocker, right? I was reading a RL magazine? gah!) … and anyway, it contained an article covering the new trends this coming spring/summer. Their picks?

Polka dots!
Blacks AND whites!

In other words? “We don’t know what the fuck is going on. Honestly. Just pick whatever you like and run with it.” Seems to me the person writing didn’t have a real handle on what they were covering.

So what’s hot and upcoming in SECOND Life?

I’ve noticed the Trashy Trend evolving, and that whole “Business! BUSINESS! BUSINESS!!!” trend went out as fast as it came in… it was really amazing how fast that came and went. If you were unlucky enough to NOT have released your items between the 48 hours of whirlwind business trend, you’re SOL. Sorry guys.

Casual wear in SL seems to be going for that “favorite pair of jeans” worn look. The trick with this is to turn it up a notch from Goodwill Store clothing to Couture clothing by wearing a nice piece of jewelry with your faded bits. Remember Coco Chanel’s saving tip: Always take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house to avoid looking overdone!

Jeans: Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard. Tank: Punch Drunk by Iris Seale. Jacket: Sueded Set by Fabala Snakeankle. Locket by Polyester Partridge. Pumps by Shiny Things; Skin by Lovey’s Boutique in Chai, and hair by Hairapy.

Metallics are also increasing in SL as designers learn the texturing technique.

Dress by Oh What A Neat Boutique. Freebie alert! Found outside the shop.

You will find that huge, full prim skirts in general a fading star. Sure, it was cool to have long flexi bits jammed up my arse for a while, but… after your first two crashes of wearing a prim-full formal, one gets tired so many prims and their interaction with your graphics card and processor. Please take note, however, that prims have gone from the formalwear and made it to the cuff scene. You will find them on sleeves and your favorite pair of jeans. They just add that little bit of detailed dimension necessary without becoming overwhelming.

Tiny detailed prims are quickly becoming the rage. Adding more details to things increases the visual value immensely. You will see a lot of hair combs and detailed jewelry coming up this season.

Jeans by Fashionably Dead. Shirt by Punch Drunk, Jacket by Fabala Snakeankle.

Awesome owl necklace by Elka Lehane of Boing Fromage.

Blending men’s clothing with this tiny, detailed, girlie jewlery is a perfect way to get a feminine feel with comfort. Also, tack a pair of pumps below your jeans. It’s just cute that way.

Suit and necklace by Paper Couture, Summer 2007.

Let’s recap:

-Faded casual wear accented with awesome jewelry.
-Metallics – the shinier, the better. Do not mistake this for LATEX. LATEX IS BAD. Unless you’re Catwoman.
-Prims are converting from the skirt scene to other areas of the body: sleeves and cuffs are an example.
-Excellent jewelry (NO BLING!) can make or break an outfit.
-Men’s clothes with girlie details – throw on a pair of jeans with pumps underneath, put on an unbuttoned men’s shirt. Ultimate in sexy.

The fashion forecast calls for hot weather, people.

5 Responses to “Spring Fabulous Fashion Forecast”

  1. Cocoanut Koala

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Nice little piece.

    And Coco Channel was so right about taking off one piece of jewelry. That advice goes doubly for short women or short avatars.

    I would add to your recap a growing focus on detailed, well-made shoes. Another well-worn fashion adage to heed is the shoes make or break the outfit. Because of that, nearly all fashion power is IN the shoes.

    That translates into SL, too. A finely detailed pair of shoes from Shiny Things can make you feel like a million bucks, whatever else you are wearing! I think SL consumers are becoming more attuned to shoes and demanding more of them.

    And there is a strong and steady demand for cute and casual NON-slutty outfits. I like Little Rebel for that. Whether it’s suits, dresses, pants outfits, jeans, or any other need, there will be selections there that have style without the slut factor, and even the revealing numbers do so with panache.

    Detail abounds, too, at 1-800-Betties, where prim cuffs and collars are an essential element of the vintage style clothing. And her exquisite vintage shoes are just as at home paired with contemporary fashion.


  2. Nacon

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Don’t forget to take off your MultiGadget off before snapshots.
    (where’s my vomit pills?)

  3. Blogger Ethics Conference Organizer

    Apr 1st, 2007

    Shouldn’t you have a disclaimer indicating that one of the predicted ‘hot’ items is created by a friend and partner of yours?

  4. Iris Seale

    Apr 1st, 2007

    Tenshi doesn’t have to promote my brand and I’m flattered that she thinks my tank tops (or anything from my tiny little store!) would be hot this spring.

  5. Tenshi Vielle

    Apr 1st, 2007

    My MG is like my snuggly. I never take it off. NOT EVEN DURING SEX.

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