Tavasha Martynov – Post 6 Grrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 30/03/07 at 11:32 pm

[Editrix’s note: Tavasha Martynov is our newest Post 6 Grrrl - and the winner of the Post 6 Grrrl pageant. I’m going to have to get over to the Elbow Room more often now - the bartenders have certainly improved - and with fast learners like Tavasha joining SL, the metaverse is more lovely than ever. Big hugs to Marilyn Murphy - visionary, photographer, and publisher of Players - SL’s in-world erotica magazine.]


Hi there! I just recently arrived in SL about two weeks ago, and am just amazed at everything here! People tell me I’m learning fast, but I see something new every few minutes that looks really interesting and fun and I want to try, but there’s just not enough time!! It can be very daunting at first, especially because I have such a wide range of interests! I am into all sorts of things, I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping here! I’m a total and unashamed sci-fi fantasy geek, the wealth of cute outfits here is just staggering! I love the cars and motorcycles, all the dresses, shoes, skins, just… I love it all! lol

I work at the Elbow Room as a bartender, I love hanging out there and dancing with my friends, they’re a wonderful group of people! To be frank, I’m happy to say that seems to be the case with everyone I bump into, I really love that the inhabitants of SL so far are a kind, mature bunch! I love just wandering and meeting people! Just like RL, I’m ending up with friends in alllllll kinds of social circles, I love that there is something for EVERYONE here. It just blows me away!


I’ve always been creative, and I’ve enjoyed how SL lets me express that, I had a blast buying my house and customizing it, and I’ve recently started working on a shop to sell my body shapes and bikini designs. It’s really tough to learn, but after all that work, wearing a finished product is really rewarding!

To me, SL is truly somewhere that peoples’ environment is shaped by them, and not the other way around. I can just do my best to have fun and hope that SL is better for having me. My guiding star is just to do my best to be kind to everyone I meet, and the rest usually takes care of itself! If you see me around, please say hi! The only way I’d possibly be mean if I was in the zone while shopping or something! LOL


And just to break the mold, this is going at the end. Ha! :P I’d like to put my sincere thanks to Marilyn and the Herald for choosing me as this week’s Post Sixx Girl! It has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way, Kaylia was kind enough to take me to her beauty shop and help me pick out eye and hair colors (which I definitely recommend doing, it was a GREAT help!), I was truly fortunate to wander into the pageant looking for something fun to do!

14 Responses to “Tavasha Martynov – Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. Taco

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Hi Tav!

  2. Rosa

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Oh, that first image is certainly captivating. :) Love the smoldering eyeshadow, firey hair, really make her green eyes pop out. And it’s cool to see another girl that likes various facets of SL. scifi/fantasy geeks <3

  3. Vikki Foden

    Mar 31st, 2007

    YAY Tavasha!, good luck with the shop and keep it sexy!

    hi :)

  4. Fenix Cordeaux

    Mar 31st, 2007

    This lady has come a long way in her few weeks she has been on sl! And she is pure sweetness guys with the perfect bit of sassyness! Im happy to call her my friend.

  5. Cyphre

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Yay! Nice looking spread there Tav ;)

    Definitely the fastest learner I’ve seen… surprisingly good at making a shape in such a short period… <_<

  6. whateva

    Mar 31st, 2007

    yet another rail thin no ass no tits avatar, i just don’t get the person who decides all these post six girls are that good looking? they all seem to have the same shape and all have the same damn biography “oh i luv shopping oh i luv hair oh i luv working at the club” BORING!

  7. marilyn murphy

    Mar 31st, 2007


    thin?? this girl is thin??

    you skip the dragon girl and the guys and land on and berate any girl who passes as human as common and boring.

    you are just looking to hurt the human avatar women. strange, but that in itself gets boring. move along.

  8. Shay Savon

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Just to defend all the Post 6 Grrrl’s out there, and Tav… that is quite the assumption… How does she-or many of the other girls featured have no as or tits? In fact many do have a little meat on thier bones, but this is SL not RL, everyone wants to look like thier version of the perfect person here … thiers, so let them. And shopping and clubs are great… so stick to it….

  9. Giuliani Rossini

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Awesome article! :) Congrats on the prize, well earned.

  10. Tarl Kenorland

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Tav: Your pictures are awesome! Post 6 really knows how to pick em. Yes the 1st picture is the best and the rest are fantastic too. Cudo’s to both the model and the photographer. Best yet, is that you are as beautiful a person on the inside, as you are on the outside. Kisses and hugs girl. Tarl

  11. sinnamon Splash

    Mar 31st, 2007

    Hey Tav!

    Awesome spread and huge congrats! Tav is a new friend to me but fast becoming a good one :) She’s vivacious and so much fun to be around. She’ll brighten anyone’s sl day she happens to meet.

    Happens to love shopping myself :)

  12. chris Llanfair

    Apr 1st, 2007

    hi Tavasha, those are amazingly HOT pictures. That flame appearing below you in the third photo picks up the color of your hair perfectly and that’s a really neat effect. I love the perfection of your expressions too, like in the first photo, I’d have sworn that was retouched in photoshop but no they tell me it’s a standard sl snapshot!!! amazing…keep up the good work. You are learning really fast!!!

  13. Boggle Berger

    Apr 1st, 2007

    Ignore Whateva he/she says same sort of thing about every post six girl/man. Did to me last week. They havnt even got the intelligence or imagination to change what they say!!!
    You look amazing for one so young.
    Well done!!!

  14. Remedy Ritter

    Apr 1st, 2007

    Rail thin and no tits!!?? OMG
    Tav is filled out sooo nicely and for a change has curves and hips and a hinnie!! I for one am soooo tired of the no curved, too tall, no bummed girl that SL is flooded with. Tav is a welcome and lovely change

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