Alliance Navy Training – Prepared for the Worst

by Pixeleen Mistral on 17/04/07 at 10:30 pm

by Omega Groshomme, war correspondent

the woofer

“Altittude 100,speed 85,coming in under fire” the pilot shouts – I am on the drop ship of the Alliance Navy being flown into “the woofer” AN’s newest sim and HQ, a hot LZ, to meet Admiral Herbst and oversee his soldiers and training. The pilot doing his best to level out before hitting the deck and keep his horizon – tracer fire coming in from the N/NE striking the ship and wounding 1 AN soldier provide cover fire.

Everything slows down as I wait for the land under my feet – I look around to see a wasteland of bunkers and concrete buildings on both sides, projectiles flying to either side. It feels like a life time before we touch down. Struts on the deck and soldiers rushing the wounded and myself inside under heavy escort. Through 2 blast doors we run until they close, we are safe from fire but can hear the event unfold above us – the snap of bullets and the clap of grenades – the cry of the wounded. Enemy fire soon dies down and all is calm, AN on patrol back and forth through the bunkers and Raptors strafe building to building. We return topside to get air and enjoy what daylight was left.

Line formation

Jim Herbst: Recruits and Cadets! Line formation!
Jim Herbst: Form up on Munro.
Jim Herbst: Ellison, Foyston, form up with the other cadets
Jim Herbst: Recruits, which of you has finished orientation?
Few soldiers need to catch up while others are dismissed and put on gaurd duty…

Jim Herbst: alright, rest of you can be on your merry way if you wish, but if you want to come, feel free to.

After a quick debrief Admiral Herbst hands the formation off to Alliance Marine NCO Architect Jarrico who will be leading the recruit orientation.

Architect Jarrico: All cadets, remove your weapons and other non essentials
Jim Herbst: Jarrico, take the ones who are coming down to the Auditorium for orientation.
Jim Herbst t: Ludd, escort the Reporter there.
Architect Jarrico: All cadets that are doing orientation, please follow me
Mazer Ludd: Will do, sir.
Mazer Ludd: Follow me please.

Off we all go, in line formation to the orientation room – I’m under heavy escort not that I am complaining after the helo ride. Couple turns here and there and here we are, out the small corridor a big stage in front with seating all behind. All AN are ordered to be seated and are handed field manuals – yes i assumed myself we would see DI’s in the faces of the potential and the muzzle flash on the shooting range with the smell of sulfur – but have to start small.


The orientation covers basics of chain of command, rank, orders, KOS, and rules of engagement — with a test at the end. About an hour goes by while I am snapping pictures and shooting the shit in the corridor with Engineer Ludd, Admiral Herbst and Meia Cosmos – then it happens – at first I thought it was only small arms fire but then — the clap of explosions above us, shaking the walls and dirt falling from the cracks of the ceiling.

All AN soldiers run out to begin engaging a couple members of SL commandos and Army SL (not to be confused with SL Army). I am covered and placed behind a formation of rocks. Its quiet for a minute or two and then fire erupts again. 2 men on parachutes come in opening fire and the horizon lights up with tracer rounds from both sides. Squad of opposing soldiers armed with m16′s and grenades begin a small guerilla assault against a front line of AN soldiers and marines.

Meia Cosmos in action

Meia Cosmos – a marine for the AN – is closest to me on the rocks. She has a tripod mounted 50 caliber anti light armour gun cocked and locked. A soldier tries to advance out of a small building and across a road to a concrete bunker and she opens up (tat tat tat tat). The soldier – what’s left of him – lays lifeless. When we think its going to calm a small humvee come from a ditch with the top gun blazing towards up, Meia opens up but it isn’t enough. Out of the clouds a small wedged shaped ship known to the AN as the Raptor, strafes the humvee putting it into retirement.

All soldiers are put onto patrols and some on post. I proceed below decks to the office of ANM Junior DI Architect Jarrico.

Omega Groshomme: Wow,ty,was getting crazy out there…
Architect Jarrico: Our enemies never seem to hold up for us, even when we were holding a large meeting with several other combat groups concerning a form of the SALT-talks
Omega Groshomme: Well seeing your groups organisation and frontline fighting,i actually feel safer myself…
Architect Jarrico: Yes, we put all of our cadets through a rigorous series of training programs, one of which you had seen earlier, and is considered one of the easier sections of training. I personally teach most of the combat-critical lessons with both classroom professionalism, and hands-on experience. In order for every marine cadet to pass training, they must go face-to-face with with a squad of full-fledged Marines in a combat scenario, such as search and destroy or search and rescue. In each of these scenarios, one cadet has to take charge and lead the others against the Full Marines while completing a series of objectives. We have had …many… dropouts because of the length and/or difficulty of the training.
Omega Groshomme: Wow,i must say i am highly impressed,and especially with what i saw outside,which is still going on
Architect Jarrico: Considering the multitude of our enemies, it is really expected, here in the AN. I mean, if not for the brilliantly placed bunkers and cover, in addition to our extensive training, we would be thoroughly beaten nearly everytime, only because of the danger of being overrun. Our rules are very restrictive when it comes to Rules Of Engagment. We do not av-fly under any circumstances and attempt to make the playing field as fair as possible for the opposing force, whenever they attack. Sure, every once in a while, someone jumps the gun and tries to camp the telehub, but they are quickly reprimanded, and pulled back.
Omega Groshomme: Well that has surely been proved today. When soldiers are engaged in combat what would your job be at that time?
Architect Jarrico: I would usually be coordinating defenses from the bunker under the flight line, since that bunker offer an excellent range of sight, although lag would sometimes prevent me from actually engaging whomever is attacking. Since I am usually the highest ranked marine on the battlefield at anytime, I would also be responsible for the mistakes of those under my command. After most attacks, we usually debrief marines down the hall from this office, and go over ways to improve defensive efficiency.
Omega Groshomme: Its good to see a group,knowing what their doing. Many say the mercz are better trained,whats your response?
Architect Jarrico: I personally have not watched any of their training sessions, but I acknowledge that they have a training program nearly on par with ours from what I have seen in combat, but I cannot really make a statement with any foundation.
Omega Groshomme: Ah is see,well i do thank you for you time and do hope to see more of you and the training soon.
Architect Jarrico: Thank you, I do thank you for stopping by.


I go to the mess hall and grab a bite to eat. I ask Admiral Herbst where the training was originated and who is most involved. The answer: ANMD Combat Eng. Mazar Ludd.
I catch up with Eng. Ludd near the blast doors to go outside and convince him to give me a few moments of his time before heading out on patrol.

Omega Groshomme: So i hear your the father to the AN training program?
Mazer Ludd: Yes, the first military training program in SL.
Mazer Ludd: Back from while the AN was still in the sandboxes.
Omega Groshomme: Wow,what does your training include?
Mazer Ludd: We needed a way to weed out who was good and who was bad before they joined the real group. We started with an application form, but that still gave us some bad apples. So while I was reading a book called “the war with earth” I thought, let’s add a second part where they get taught everything they need before they actually become a real soldier.
Mazer Ludd: We started this out with an orientation like the one you were in, several classroom lectures, and a written test.
Mazer Ludd: Soon, we realized that you need to give cadets field experience, so we phased out the classroom (except the orientation) and moved them to the field
Mazer Ludd: After the orientation stage, they choose which division they want specific training for.
Mazer Ludd: Marines, Fleet, or Pilots
Mazer Ludd: Each division has it’s own specific training phases and stages, which you can get more info from a DI on.
Omega Groshomme: This orientation is a great idea,as well your methods of training.
Mazer Ludd: We’ve had well over a year and a half to refine our methods
Omega Groshomme: But with war coming we must ask,what are you doing to prepare these men and women for battle?
Mazer Ludd: Well, I’ve never really sat in on fleet and AD training, but I know a little bit about modern MD training
Mazer Ludd: First we start with basic maneuvers
Mazer Ludd: How to utilize cover, weave between bunkers and buildings
Mazer Ludd: then we move to the Tarzan course where they put their movement skills to the test.
Mazer Ludd: After that we move up to more advanced stuff like assaulting a fixed position
Mazer Ludd: But the real icing on the cake is the final exam. Always my favorite. It’s the Cadets’ first real taste of combat against the MD volunteers.
Mazer Ludd: The final has gone through a few evolutions, but the basic premise is the same: assault a fixed position controlled by AN Marines
Mazer Ludd: sometimes we throw a plane or two in.
Mazer Ludd We currently insert them via paradrop or hike
Mazer Ludd: We used to do all kinds of things such as orbital drop insertions, I loved those.
Omega Groshomme: Very impressive. Thanks you for your time and answers,i hope to catch you later on in the training.
Mazer Ludd: No problem.

So far the group Alliance Navy is doing a great job training their troops. From the paper to the pavement the AN is preparing for the worst in the war with the Merczateers. We will be checking back with the AN soon so keep a look out.

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  1. Avil Creeggan

    Apr 17th, 2007


  2. Alenzia Epsilon

    Apr 17th, 2007

    Excellent article, Mr. Groshomme – I just had a few minor corrections.

    1. The planes you saw were not Raptors – those have been phased out for at least 9 months. Those were Razors, and Katars, and possibly a Talon. They are all similarly shaped.

    2. Mazer Ludd’s rank is actually First Sergeant, not Engineer – though he does take on engineering projects within the group, most people’s rank is not named in their group title, as there are many ranks.

    Alenzia Epsilon
    Talon Sergeant (E-5)
    Fleet Division

  3. urizenus

    Apr 17th, 2007

    Good war coverage Omega. Same goes for Curious. Its fun to watch this story unfold.

  4. Phantom

    Apr 17th, 2007

    *eats drama with a spoon* good stuff. but I really don’t see any drama really coming from this story, unless someone starts shit.

  5. harlequin salome

    Apr 17th, 2007

    I must admit, all the coverage we’re getting recently is a big humbling. I’m waiting for when I get accused of being FIC.

    Or Cadet Prokvy Neva. *snicker* Then truely shall we herald in the end of days.

  6. Ethan Schuman

    Apr 18th, 2007

    While not the AN’s biggest fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the article. It was very well written. Props on your headline, cadets.

  7. Kristian Kit

    Apr 18th, 2007

    it is nice to read about the way cadets are trained. I can explain a bit about how we train mercz mladshiy. It is very similar as the Cadet training. We use a 5 day program wich includes several subjects. This was the reason for several dropouts. A lot of recruits want to have all the training as soon as possible and promote quick. That is a had thing for them because if you do training 1,2 and you miss 3 you have to wait another week to pick up the trail. Our training includes saluting, rules, field pratice, shooting ranges, hint&tips, knowledge of the combat area’s.
    You can choose from 3 different sections. Engineers, infantery and AD. Engineers include people that like to build but don’t really like the fighting aspect of the mercz. Infantery is the bulk of the force and the strongest section of mercz at the moment. They do ground combat en then we have the air division. Well they have the honor to fly in our A-BATs. At the moment is pilot a seperate side training because our A-Bats are under construction.

    So AN and Mercz are not that different as it comes to recruit training

  8. Bruno Ziskey

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Indeed, Sparta has similiar training techniques, and we make sure each and every spartan personnel knows how to fight before they are allowedto join a division. Adding on that is our monthly, someimes weekly, review wargames in which we divide our forces in half and give them each goals to achieve in order to beat the other half. This way, nobody gets rusty.

    Bruno Ziskey

  9. Mr. Groshomme, what you’ve outlined for the most part is not the Cadet training, but Recruit orientation. You should get in touch with some of the officers in Fleet, Air Division, and the Marines and see if you can sit in on a Cadet Training Session. You’ll be in for quite a surprise at the level of effort we put into our cadets. Other than that, you did a great job on the article. Glad to see something other than bad publicity coming out of the media for us.

    Thrace Vega
    First Sergeant E-9
    AN Fleet Division

  10. Bruno Ziskey

    Apr 18th, 2007

    And no sign of profoky…curiouser and curiouser.

  11. Judge Hocho

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Indeed. In order to fully comprehend the breadth of training required for cadets, you would perhaps need to embed yourself in each of the three divisions for a modicum period of time. Such was alluded to by Command First Sgt. Ludd with regard to MD’s final exam for cadet school.

    I am certain the various training commands would accommodate you in that endeavor — to a certain degree.

    It had been considered prior to the woofer build, to place an embedded reporter in an office in the Woofer tower itself. If one of you brave souls desires this, I am sure that too can be arranged.


    Judge Hocho, Lt. Col., AN AD Wing Commander

  12. Luca Vasilopita

    Apr 18th, 2007

    First of all let me begin by saying this was an amazing article to read, the inclusion of demi roleplay deviation was something that made it different from the usual conflict articles.

    Secondly, I’m sorry I was unavailable at the time to give you a more in depth example of how the ANMD operates its training programme. Maybe in the future you would care to arrange a follow up article and I can assist you with a few documents and live examples.

    Thirdly, As stated by quite a few posters before myself, this does really only brush upon the training program for the ANMD in particular, but nothing at all of the AD or FD. In the case of the MD there are 3 independent units each consisting of;
    - A set of roughly 3-6 hands on lessons, one modular examination for each unit
    - One theory examination for each unit

    Following this, there is a final examination which has both aspects of live fire, FIBUA and room clearance techniques, and vehicle operation.

    This process takes roughly 2-3 weeks, the remaining successful cadets are given a debriefing and summary cross section. This is seen as a final method of testing to see if the cadet is up to the job of GD (General Duties) within the ANMD.

    Following training and passing out into the ANMD there are a number of specialisations that each and every marine can apply to train for.

    O-1 Lt. Luca Vasilopita, 2ic AN Marine Division

  13. Inuyasha Deere

    Apr 18th, 2007

    I am a bit perplexed here. Is the AN-Mercz war not over? I was informed the war ended for both sides to rebuild their arsenal, and also because AN did not belong to Moscow.

  14. Ethan Schuman

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Inuyasha, don’t bring up MOSCOW here. The AN got themselves a well-deserved piece of good publicity. Let them enjoy it without verbal warfare breaking out in the comments section.

    Honestly… I’d personally greatly enjoy reading a follow up article.

  15. Phantom

    Apr 18th, 2007

    No Inuyasha, the Mercz war is far from over, but the Mercz have called time out, and trying to change the rules of the game with MOSCOW, but if the Mercz do go to a non LL combat system like they want, the “war” will be over because the AN will most likely not us that system. Both sides will think they won because the AN will believe they won because the Mercz had to change the rules Combat systems to win, while the Mercz will believe they won because the AN can’t fight them with out changing the combat systems.

    so no as of right now the Mercz and the AN aren’t at war while the other sieges the others base hoping to drive the other into boredom for being killed. but as far as a war of words, that have the deadliest effects in second life.

    so right now The Mercz and the AN are in a cold war of a type.

  16. Tavasha_Martynov

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Wow! That article was a great, read! War never looked so fun ^_^

  17. Proteus Hand

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Phantom, how did you get so smart?

  18. Phantom

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Proteus, I wouldn’t call my self smart, maybe a smart ass.

    and if you really asking, I’ve always been kind of this way. I’ve been blessed with good reasoning skills, and watching more educational shows growing up then cartoons helped I think

  19. Architect Jarrico

    Apr 18th, 2007

    I am very indebted to Omega Grishomme for writing such an excellent and somewhat revealing article about the Alliance Navy, even though it did only skim the top of the Alliance Navy Training program. I would like to perhaps show a bit more detail next time Mr Grishomme comes around looking for a story, if I am around, of course!

    On a side note, Phantom, I do believe you are one of the more insightfull people I have met in SecondLife.

    Also, since I will be unable to log into secondlife to post this in group chat, I figured that my following statement will be suitable for posting here, as it seems to be popular with Alliance Navy personell.

    I will be able to log back into SL on the 27th of April, and will prolly stop by the Mercz base to see how it is coming along, although, truth be told, I will prolly be shot while I chat with some of the more friendly mercz that compose the lower ranks.
    Good news is that I am quickly running out of paperwork to finish, and will soon be free readily throughout the rest of the year! Right now am working out with my CO to be in the clear fully by the 22 of May.

  20. Anonymous

    Apr 18th, 2007

    Christ, why don’t you go play battlefield 2 instead?

  21. Because we find this more entertaining. You cannot create your own weapons in Battlefield 2 for online play. There are no starships, there is no plot, there is no one enemy, and most of all, there is no camaraderie. In Second Life, the people I fight besides are not just people logging on to kill some things before work, nay, they are my friends. In BF2 and the like, you play a game with whoever happens to be online at the time. Here, it’s always the same people that have your back. That means more to me than snide remarks from people who think they’re better than us.

    Thrace Vega
    First Sergeant E-9
    AN Fleet Division

  22. Bruno Ziskey

    Apr 19th, 2007

    I hope to see you soon then Architect. Yes, SL gaming is so much better than BF2142, with one difference-LAG.

  23. Ares Artizar

    Apr 21st, 2007

    Hah, the AN still thinks it’s superior to any other group, just because its ben around longer and is bigger than other military group. I can only hope that the Mercz get themselves a navy soon to help their own airforce so they can wipe the AN from the Grid onse and for al! The AN still thinks that it has to prowl the Grid, wiping out griefers wherever they see them. But wat about the people who get in the way, innosent bystanders? Thye get hurt too when military forces fight, and this is no exception. I have to say that despite the AN brainwashin Bruno Ziskey into making Sparta an ally with the Allance Navy, Sparta has some of the best trained people in it, althou they should be attacking the AN and not bowing down to them. Perhaps I should join the Merczateers, they seem to be the litle guy in ths, being beat down by the AN every time the Mercz get it into ther hads that they should be able to govern themself. I am gad that the Mercz rebeled aganst the AN, this shows that the AN should not be allowed to control others on the grid. Bruno, I am going to ask you once and only once, allow me back into Sparta and I can help you conker the AN and bring peace to Second Life. Things like the SLSALT show how the AN really does want to control the people in second life.

    Ares Artizar
    Ex-Spartan Leader, nightmar of teh Alliance Navy

  24. Phantom

    Apr 22nd, 2007

    all I have to say is “learn how to spell noob”

  25. Phantom

    Apr 22nd, 2007

    The only control the AN ever gets is out of respect, if you don’t have any respect of the AN, good for you, but if you think that the AN is brain washing people with there words by them selfs your and idiot, if you think that they could service for 3 years on there own with out having some truth then your a fucking idiot with no help. the fact that the AN has been around for so long means that just he fact they are as powerful as they claim to be, and they only get there power from there toys is a mistake, it’s the amount of work they have to do to even come close to what they should be that get them any respect.

    to all the people who think they can destroy the AN by them selfs, with out any help are fucking helpless, because you can’t even dent there mental strength let alone there physical(game terms) I’ve been drinking so if anything doesn’t make sense I’m sorry, and I may repost to fix what I have side.

  26. phantom

    Apr 22nd, 2007

    god help me, I’m the only one left awake and some what together, yes I know I’m still very very drunk, but out of a house hold full of drunk people I’m the last one up, and trust me when I say I’m normally not the best drinker of them all.

  27. Bruno Ziskey

    Apr 22nd, 2007

    Thank you Phantom for saying pretty much everything I wanted to say to Ares, except for one thing:
    Ares, don’t EVER make Sparta look bad the way you just did by even mentioning it. Go ahead, join Mercz, I don’t care, but stop spreading your ridiculous lies about the AN around, you’re just as bad as Griffin Yeats. I am ashamed that you were even in Sparta at one time, and you have no idea how happy I am that you’re gone for good. Go conspire with the feds or something, Ares, and get a fuckin dictionary. If I EVER see you on an AN base, I will personally cut you down.

  28. SqueezeOne Pow

    May 3rd, 2007

    “If I EVER see you on an AN base, I will personally cut you down.”

    …uh, free trip to your home location?

    I swear, this is the biggest waste of potential I’ve ever seen. Have you guys ever thought of making your own continents to protect with shops and rental housing for “civilians” to live in so you actually have something worth protecting? Like a Caledon with a military?

    As it is, the only object of this game you guys set up is to attack each other then talk shit because you can’t agree on the rules. Occupying Tethys isn’t hard until your teammates get bored of just patrolling a corny build with bad lag. I’m sure the same is true of ANY group’s base. Not much of a payoff if you ask me…but I might be harder to entertain.

    The current setup reminds me of when I was in 2nd grade with my friends and we decided to play GI Joes vs Star Wars because we didn’t have enough of one or the other to have a war. Then my friend’s sister wanted to play and we had a giant Barbie in the middle of the battle.

    All this really is is controlled griefing. It’s not even good roleplay because you kids take it personal half the time!

    Also, a combat system would be a good idea for this situation because it levels the playing field so you have to resort to actual tactics and strategy instead of phantom bullets and artillery when you’re getting destroyed.

    I’d love the idea of an actually uniform, structured, honorable military vs. military situation, but unfortunately SL’s combat system coupled with too many egos in the pool make that impossible at this point.

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