Sheep Warned After Violation of Dreamland Community Covenant

by prokofy on 10/04/07 at 2:35 am

By Prokofy Neva, Corporate Watch

Anshe Chung, owner of Anshe Chung Studios (ACS), creators of Dreamland, a popular Second Life residential and commercial region with more than 500 islands, has written to the leadership of the Electric Sheep Company regarding violation of her company’s covenant.

Anshe Chung announced to the Herald this evening that she is banning the avatar Grid Shepherd throughout the entire continent of Dreamland for covenant violations.

The Sheep have enabled their searchbot “Grid Shepherd” to roam all of Second Life freely. The ACS covenant applies to visitors as well as residents.

A search of “Anshe Chung” as owner of objects, as well as a search of some individual Dreamland tenants reveals that their items for sale — intentionally or not — are in the database at

“ACS will have to step in to enforce Dreamland resident’s rights after violation by the ESC,” Anshe told the Herald.

“Anshe has explicitly forbid them [ESC] to enter Dreamland with robots again, such as CopyBot or the spy data gatherer of their search thing. [This] is not secret,” the Business Girl added.

Anshe, who is Second Life’s first real-estate millionairess, and has been featured on the cover of Business Week.

158 Responses to “Sheep Warned After Violation of Dreamland Community Covenant”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 14th, 2007

    >I don’t know if you ever bothered to read the little question mark pop up next to the publish to web button, but it’s functions are entirely different from what you think (or hope) they are. “Selecting the publish on the web option allows us to publish your name, image, and ‘about’ text on the Second Life Website.”

    Uh–YUH I did. DER.

    Um, I realize it’s a mental stretch for you Artemis, but try to grasp what’s being said here.

    Currently, these buttons are pretty nigh useless. that’s because the search on their website they connect up to is uber sucky. They can’t seem to realize that they need to make it just like the ingame search, with the proximity issue solved. I type “Ravenglass Rentals” and I get kasha. They need to fix the Boolean thing. And not sure why they haven’t. Perhaps it’s a dbase load.

    But WHEN they do, it will be great. AND then your checking off or not will pay off. You will be in it if you check; if you do NOT want to be “published to the website” then you won’t be. And that’s a heluva big difference than the Sheep Scrape which does not ask, takes, and publishes, and forces you to opt-out.

    In fact, I suspect the Lindens aren’t “done” with this or are distracted or something. They just haven’t focused on it. WHEN they do, and if they hook their website up to some grown-up place like’s servers that will work better, then walla, we will have a better, community-driven search.

  2. Pathetic

    Apr 15th, 2007

    The Chunk is at it again!

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 15th, 2007

    Pablo, we’ve been over all this. Read all the threads. You can’t have sex with a Google page. End of story.

    You’ve got it completely wrong about Anshe Chung, because you’re just on tekkie default hate mode. Anshe Chung already has covenants in Dreamland that *already* forbid the use of any device to spy on people. It’s very clearly stated right on the land now, the covenant is something you not just get in a notecard, but on the actual land menu. Everybody there knows it is enforced, even for visitors. And so it was. Anshe hardly has to go consult with every person who *already* agreed to these terms when they rented.

    There’s no need to put CAPCHA crap on every parcel. There’s a need to put a lid on Grid Shepherd. Why should every parcel have to change what it is doing. The Sheep, who are still human beings, need to change what THEY are doing. They need to have an opt-in search, not an opt-out search.

  4. Reality

    Apr 16th, 2007

    Prokofy, I will be taking no advice from someone that actually thinks that name given to a bunch of pixels gives out as far as reputation and credibility is concerned.

    Do not respond in the future if all you can do is spew the same tired, mindless, slack jawed drivel.

    You understand nothing as to the way the internet – of which Second Life is a part – works. You seem to think there is a difference between an AI and a person. Guess what? The only difference is that an AI does the work faster. Yes, some AI programs are bad – a search AI however is not one of them.

    There are standards that must be met – eventually you’ll be seeing the use of code lists within objects, lists the AI must be programmed to read. If they do not do this, then you have a case.

    You have trounced nothing Prokofy – nothing/ Your argument amounts to a matter that has never been resolved: Human vs. AI – If this information had been collected by a single person (possible but hard to do) or a large number of people … you still would have had the exact same issue with it. Drop the act. It does not matter who or what has collected the information at all.

    Oh – and by the by, you seem to continue attempting to justify this as an “invasion of Privacy” … Kindly try that again when you are capable of uploading your entire consciousness to the Internet and to Second Life.

    As to your recent response to another commenter: You cannot have sex with anyone in Second Life either – An Avatar is about as real as the text flowing in a messaging program such as YIM, MSN, AIM/AOL … all of them. When you have a better grasp on what is real and what is not, then and only then will you be able to make an argument concerning an opt-in SL search.

    Until then you are nothing more than a truly pathetic person, pretending to understand the internet. As if that was not bad enough you have the audacity to call anyone anonymous … Put up (post with a real name, not the tag for your pixels) or shut up.

    When you do …. I will post my name.

  5. Artemis Fate

    Apr 16th, 2007

    “Anshe Chung already has covenants in Dreamland that *already* forbid the use of any device to spy on people.”

    Eyes are banned from Ansheland. All people entering Ansheland must turn off their monitors.

    “When you do …. I will post my name.”

    That was bad ass.

  6. Verisillius

    Apr 18th, 2007

    As the author of “Gay, Bejeweled Nazi Bikers of Gor”, every now and then I Google the title to see what response it brings, and this led me here.

    I’m glad to see people are enjoying its manly modalities.


  7. Artemis Fate

    Apr 18th, 2007

    “As the author of “Gay, Bejeweled Nazi Bikers of Gor”, every now and then I Google the title to see what response it brings, and this led me here.

    I’m glad to see people are enjoying its manly modalities.


    No shit o_o I thought that story was hilariously brilliant.

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